Great Seducer Episodes 23-24

Great Seducer Episode 23

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) and Eun Tae Hee (Joy) grow closer. Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) sees Tae Hee go into Shi Hyun’s apartment. She assumes they are living together. She asks Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) if he knew this. Se Joo was unaware.

Shi Hyun drives Tae Hee to school. They walk to class. Soo Ji spies them and brushes by without speaking. Under the trees, Shi Hyun holds out his hands but again the blossoms won’t fall in his hand. He doesn’t like this.

Se Joo returns Soo Ji’s car after service.

Shi Hyun’s father (not bio-Dad) goes to see Tae Hee’s mother one last time. Tae Hee’s mother isn’t warm. Shi Hyun’s father realizes they are really over without another chance of resuscitation. Shi Hyun’s father’s eyesight blurs and he runs into a telephone pole leaving the studio. Tae Hee’s mother calls the ambulance.

Shi Hyun, Soo Ji and her mother meet with Shi Hyun’s grandmother. She’s not impressed with Soo Ji and fawns over Shi Hyun. Her disdain for Soo Ji’s mother is obvious. She sends Soo Ji and Shi Hyun away so she can speak privately with Soo Ji’s mother. Soo Ji leaves her phone and records the conversation. Shi Hyun’s grandmother tells Soo Ji’s mother she KNOWS what she told Shi Hyun’s mother. That upsets Soo Ji’s mother.

Later in the bathroom, Soo Ji’s mother recalls telling Shi Hyun’s mother about her husband’s relationship with Tae Hee’s mother.

Soo Ji isn’t happy that Shi Hyun is happy in love and has limited time for her. He isn’t apologetgic. It is what it is.

The hospital tells Tae Hee’s mother a guardian or family member is required for treatment. When Shi Hyun goes to meet Tae Hee at her work, he gets a call from Tae Hee’s mother about his father’s accident. He tells Tae Hee his father has been hurt and he must go to him.

At the hospital Tae Hee’ mother apologizes to Shi Hyun. She declares she’ll live with a guilty heart knowing the pain she caused his mother. She leaves. Shi Hyun has a premonition and calls Tae Hee to make sure all is well. She assures him nothing is amiss. Shi Hyun drives his father back to Seoul.

Soo Ji visits Tae Hee at work. Tae Hee assures her that she doesn’t want to interfere in the special friendship between Soo Ji, Se Joo and Shi Hyun. Soo Ji bristles at that. Things get worse when Tae Hee states that Soo Ji’s love for Shi Hyun is now unrequited. Soo Ji asks Tae Hee if she knows that Shi Hyun’s father had a lover. Tae Hee confirms this. Soo Ji drops the bomb and asks if she knows that the lover is her mother.

Summary – Soo Ji and her mother both tattled about Tae Hee’s mother to Shi Hyun and his mother. They are two peas in a pod, though they are pursuing their own self-centered agendas.

Great Seducer Episode 24

Tae Hee reels from Soo Ji’s revelation that her mother is the other woman that Shi Hyun’s father had an affair with. She avoids Shi Hyun embarrassed and ashamed at her mother’s behavior and the pain it caused him and his mother.

Shi Hyun drives his father back to Seoul. His father isn’t upset with Shi Hyun for meeting with Tae Hee’s mother. Shi Hyun’s father recalls the doctor told him he had a tumor on his optic nerve. He calls Soo Ji’s mother for a physical.

Shi Hyun tries to find Tae Hee. He goes to the hideout and finds Soo Ji. He asks if Soo Ji told Tae Hee about her mother. Soo Ji confirms it. Shi Hyun is livid and declares their friendship is over. Soo Ji hears the door click and says goodbye.

Se Joo tells Soo Ji that he’ll support her like Shi Hyun never could. Soo Ji rebuffs his advance stating they should stay in the friend zone.

Upset Se Joo finds Shi Hyun and they have it out. Se Joo points out that Soo Ji isn’t the villain Shi Hyun makes out, she’s in pain too and trying to protect her mother. When Soo Ji’s loser ex-boyfriend taunts Shi Hyun and Se Joo, he’s decked by Shi Hyun.

Shi Hyun finds Tae Hee the next day. She says she can’t see him right now, it is too painful. Shi Hyun reminds her that she declared to him they could weather anything. Tae Hee smiles a sad smile and states she can’t cope with the pain she’s brought to him. She says they should break up. Shi Hyun tries to stop her but she walks away.

Summary –  Shi Hyun gets dumped.

My Thoughts

Our couple broke up. Tae Hee couldn’t handle the ramifications of her mother’s actions and the pain Shi Hyun suffered. She walked out of his life. Shi Hyun felt the pain of getting dumped. Frankly, he deserved to know that pain.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) lost Tae Hee and his two best friends. His priority was Tae so losing Soo Ji and Se Joo didn’t faze him. He was not happy with Soo Ji telling Tae Hee about his mother. She pointed out he instigated the bet for their marriage. Shi Hyun held out his hands multiple times but no blossoms fell into his outstretched hands. Is he doomed in love?

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) gutted Tae Hee with the truth about her mother. She felt the pain of Tae Hee’s assessment that she was sad because Shi Hyun didn’t love her back. She rejected Se Joo’s offer of more than friendship. She argued with Shi Hyun and watched him walk out of her life. She held out her hand but blossoms fell into her outstretched hands. Is she doomed in love?

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) tried get out of the “friend zone” with Soo Ji.  He pointed out he’s support her like she deserved. Soo Ji turned down his offer saying it was wise to stay only friends. In this instance, Soo Ji is right. Se Joo deserves more than Soo Ji. Se Joo tried to get Shi Hyun to see that Soo Ji wasn’t the wicked witch of the west. Shi Hyun didn’t care with Tae Hee consuming his thoughts.

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) dumped Shi Hyun.  She couldn’t handle the pain her mother caused Shi Hyun’s mother and Shi Hyun. She opted to reject Shi Hyun rather than try and work through the situation.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank these episodes as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.




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21 comments on “Great Seducer Episodes 23-24
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Good ol’ Seok Woo ✌️❌ stood up his fianceé 👩‍⚕️ yet again for a family dinner. Hmm should someone who is going blind 🕶️ be driving❓⁉️ Logic says NO❗ 🚫🚗 What now a brain tumor❓⁉️ I’m having a hard sympathizing with this vainglorious character ✌️❌.

    It was like adding insult 🗣️ to injury 🤕 when Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 figured out that Young Won ⚱️ is Tae Hee’s mom. Soo Ji 👸🐝 took delight in informing Tae Hee 🏺 that her mom was the person who had been having an affair with non-bio dad Seok Woo ✌️❌. WOW Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ submarined Shi Hyun’s parents, even while his mom 😷 was hospitalized. I’m glad the JK Chairwoman has a clue about her future daughter in-law 👩‍⚕️. Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ is a piece of work❗

    I say with my best, sarcastic, sing-songy voice: Oh, poor Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ is upset❗ KJT, you called it describing Soo Ji 👸🐝 and her mom “two peas in a pod” referring to Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ telling Shi Hyun’s mom 😷 about Young Won ⚱️.

    Yikes, if Tae Hee 🏺 can’t handle the fact that it was her mom ⚱️ that had the affair with Shi Hyun’s dad ✌️❌, will her scales of justice balance OR tip the other way when she finds out about the bet between Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 and Soo Ji 👸🐝. Shi-Hee🕺🏺just cannot seem to get a break. If the cherry blossom 🌸 petals eluding Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 are a harbinger for this relationship with Tae Hee 🏺, what does it mean that both Se Joo 🕶️👨 and Soo Ji 👸🐝 caught petals 🌸 … what’s up with that ❓⁉️ So far Soo Ji 👸🐝 has been rebuffing Se Joo 🕶️👨. I hope she continues, as I do NOT want there to be a Soo Joo👸👨❗ Run away Se Joo 🕶️👨, run 🏃‍♂️ away as fast as you can❗

    While I do pity Shi Hyun 🕺🌹, considering he cast aside his long term friends as he has changed since Tae Hee 🏺 came into his life, just to turnaround and be dumped by Tae Hee 🏺, I concur with KJT that it is about time Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 deservedly felt pain for his actions.


    • I’m having a hard sympathizing with this vainglorious character ✌❌.
      At least he’s toned down his harshness with Shi Hyun.

      I’m glad the JK Chairwoman has a clue about her future daughter in-law 👩‍⚕️.
      it is apparent Mi Ri has been scheming to win Seok Woo for a long time.

      While I do pity Shi Hyun 🕺🌹, considering he cast aside his long term friends as he has changed since Tae Hee 🏺 came into his life, just to turnaround and be dumped by Tae Hee 🏺,
      He had a taste of his own medicine and it was bitter.

      If the cherry blossom 🌸 petals eluding Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 are a harbinger for this relationship with Tae Hee 🏺, what does it mean that both Se Joo 🕶👨 and Soo Ji 👸🐝 caught petals 🌸 … what’s up with that
      I thought Shi Hyun and Soo Ji couldn’t catch petals indicating they were doomed never to have a long lasting love.


  2. Beez says:

    Those cherry blossom peyals were avoiding Shi hyun’s hands like the plague!

    I’m so proud of his securing Tae hee’s hand in front of Shi joo (although, that may have been the previous episode), but FINALLY!

    I think we all thought Mi ri had made a drunken mistake but the fact that everyone keeps commenting on how far away Tae Hee’s mom’s shop/house is, that means Mi ri was out there up to no good. It makes me wonder if she drunkenly on purpose hit Shi hyun’s mom’s car.

    I’m so glad they finally explained how Tae hee could’ve gotten hit on the same night (by Mi ri) as the night Mi ri hit Shi hyun’s mom.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 standing up to Soo Ji 👸🐝 cost him their friendship; I don’t see that as a lose for him.

      I concur Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ was up to no good, the night of the accident. Accidentally, on purpose sounds about right for Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad they finally explained how Tae hee could’ve gotten hit on the same night (by Mi ri) as the night Mi ri hit Shi hyun’s mom
      Agreed. Now we know that Tae Hee was trying to get help for the Shi Hyun’s injured mother who was lured to drive to the area by Soo Ji’s mother. Her long standing agenda has had far reaching effects.


  3. Table122000 says:

    This episode was a roller coaster ride as we got more information about what happened the night of the accident. I don’t understand what Mi Ri was trying to do when she told SH Mom about SW meeting Young Won? Was she just trying to rub it in her face? Interesting that the Grandmother knew about it. The breakup of TH and SH- didn’t TH just say in the last episode that they shouldn’t be bound by the parents mistakes? Now she is in exact position that SH was in before, so why is she feeling guilty and leaving? It’s a bit strange for me. Soo Ji continues to wow me with how she turns everything away from herself to others since the bet against TH was in fact HER idea which SH turned down at first and then agreed to when SHE insisted on it as proof of his devotion in the marriage scheme. She was too calm when SH broke off the friendship, so I think her mental state is fully going off the rails now.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Table 122000, you make a great point about Soo Ji 👸🐝 turning the tables on Shi Hyun 🕺🌹. I was thinking that both the marriage and the bet were her idea, but her 🐂💩 made me start to believe that maybe Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 was more of an instigator. Thanks for putting me back on track 🚋❗


      • Table122000 says:

        Yeah. Soo Ji is great at manpulating everybody, including the viewers! 🙂 Her selfishness is really showing now.


        • Table 122000 appreciate the reminder that Soo Ji is the instigator of the bet. Surely she will use this as a weapon one day.

          Are Soo Ji and her mother evil or self absorbed with the need to bend reality to suit their desires? I see daughter and mother as two peas in a pod.


          • Beez says:

            Yup.The only difference is once an adult, evil geniuses learn not to tell their evil plans to their friends so nobody knows how evil she really is. Which makes me wonder – how did Shin hyun’s Granny find out that Mo ri (Shi joo’s mom) instigated Shin hyun’s mother to hop in the car that night?

            And just typing that out made me realize – it’s no longer a suspicion in my mind that Mi ro hurt/killed Shi hyun’s mom on purpose because now I’m sure if it. Besides as we said before, that was a long way away from their town for Mi ro to coincidentally have been there, but how did she get there in time to hit mom and claim she was drunk? When did she have the time to get drunk and be there in time to hit Mon? Which we know she hit mom before mom had a chance to meet with Cheater-Pottery-Mom because Cheater-Pottery-Mom seemed surprised when Shin hyun told her that Mom was on her way to meet her the night she died. I don’t think the meeting with Cheater-Pottery Mom ever happened.


    • Beez says:

      “She was too calm when SH broke off the friendship, so I think her mental state is fully going off the rails now.” Table122000

      Yup *nodding my head*. Shi joo is a candidate for a strait jacket and a rubber room. Funny how people close to (or raised with) toxic people can’t see it until someone normal enters their orbit.


      • Table122000 says:

        Definitely. The girl needs psychiatric help for sure. (SJ Mom also) Her narcissism is really showing these episodes as she asks how SH can break it off with HER, never mind Se Joo is standing there right next to them. The Trio and especially the SJ/SH relationship is reminding me of a psychologist quote from a show I watched about a couple who went on a killing spree together. He mentioned that if these 2 people hadn’t met, the killing wouldn’t have happened. Separately, they were OK. But something happened when the 2 met each other to bring about this toxic change. He said if they had met other partners,then killings would not have happened. He felt that it was specifically the 2 of them-something about their relationship brought out the worst and it fed off of each other. I think this comment explains somewhat the toxic relationship of the Trio. Separately, they are OK, but together they push each other over the edge. We’ve definitely seen how SH is much kinder when he is not with the other 2.


        • Beez says:

          Interesting. I’ve always thought, when thinking about the atrocities man has done to man – what if, before Hitler rose to unquestioning power, his peers had just said “He’s insane” or “Dude! You’re crazy.”


        • Jane Tilly says:

          From now on I’m calling the gang of three the “toxic trio”. I’m glad to see Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 put a crack in the hegemonic hold Soo Ji 👸🐝 over the others❗ How much rejection will it take for Se Joo 🕶️👨 to break free❓⁉️


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