Mystery Queen 2 Episode 13

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 13

Driving back to Seoul, coffee shop owner and Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) discuss love. She wonders if she’s ever been in love. She thinks of Detective Ha.

Cue intro…

Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) tells Profiler Woo that all the security cameras were removed in the area he was at the shooting range. Profiler Woo recalls Mr. Kim points the shotgun at him while he pointed his handgun in return.

Detective Ha apologizes to Seol Ok for deserting her at the rest area. He explains Profiler Woo was meeting Mr. Kim and he followed. That gets Seol Ok’s interest. Detective Ha says Profiler Woo is tightlipped about the matter. Seol Ok encourage Detective Ha to cook and drink with Profiler Woo to loosen him up. Seol Ok comments that the stalkers aren’t around anymore. Little do they know a man we’ve seen before is watching them.

At the police station, Team Lead Gye isn’t excited to see Seol Ok just as he arrives. She pesters him until he agrees to discuss the case of the missing husband. Seol Ok suggests the man that took the heavy suitcase in the early morning hours wasn’t the missing man but his murderer. When she suggests the body was in the suitcase, Team Lead Gye counters he found the suitcase but there were no bloodstains. Seol Ok wants the man’s office searched again. She wants Mr. Hwang (forensics officer) to identify fingerprints.

Seol Ok approaches Mr. Hwang. He’s not interested until she flashes the science magazine where he’s the cover story. Unable to resist, he invites Seol Ok into his inner sanctum. When Seol Ok asks if Mr. Hwang can identify blood stains from years ago, he’s not excited. Kim Kyung Mi (Kim Hyun Sook) and Seol Ok play Mr. Hwang like a fiddle and he decides to help. Both women give each other a knowing smile.

Well played ladies, well played!

Corporal Kong Han Min and Chief Shin’s daughter are concerned when they see Profiler Woo using a crutch while Detective Ha is dismissive. When Detective Ha learns Seol Ok is with Mr. Hwang, he races from the room.

Detective Ha finds Kyung Mi, Seol Ok and Mr. Hwang together. He’s not as effusive when Mr. Hwang shows him the science magazine. He is impressed that Kyung Mi and Seol Ok got Mr. Hwang to help.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a bloodstain in the office. However, Seol Ok notices a different shade of cement on the wall. They break through the cement and retrieve a box containing some bloody knife and stained work clothes.

The battering jealous husband walks out of the police station a free man. Detective Ha ends that when he arrests him for murdering the missing man. During Detective Ha’s interrogation, he admits to finding the suitcase in the office and hiding the contents behind the concrete afraid he would be arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Seol Ok realizes he’s not the murderer. She tells Detective Ha that he’s not the murderer but wonders where the body is.

Profiler Woo reviews the mall footage and sees the coffee shop owner. Stunned he wonders if she’s Mr. Kim.

The coffee shop owner is startled when her workers reminds her she was the one that put Detective Ha’s ring in the cake. Flashback to the coffee shop owner staring at the ring in the box, then taking the ring out of the box. What happened next to the ring isn’t revealed. Later she let the worker go with a bonus.

Profiler Woo wonders if the coffee shop owner is Mr. Kim OR if Mr. Kim is a man masquerading as a woman. He calls the police station to get inform on the coffee shop owner.

Seol Ok visits with the coffee shop owner. She notices Detective Ha watching TV. Seol Ok confides Detective Ha likes the play “the Waiting Room” about a person that loves a room. Seol Ok hasn’t seen the play. The coffee shop owner admits the play made her cry. Seol Ok gives Detective Ha a single ticket to the play.

Detective Ha learns that the coffee shop lady is the head of the law firm’s foundation. He sees pictures of her and Detective Ha’s brother. Profiler Woo visits Detective Ha’s brother. Profiler Woo analyzes him. He asks about the coffee shop lady. Detective Ha’s brother states they first met when he was a judge. Profiler Woo realizes Detective Ha’s brother has personal feelings for her. After the meeting Profiler Woo believes that Detective Ha’s brother’s law firm is Secretary Kim’s target. Conversely Detective Ha’s brother orders information on Detective Ha’s brother be gathered.

Detective Ha watches the play alone.

The coffee shop owner puts Detective Ha’s ring on. She murmurs this wasn’t part of the plan.

Detective Ha, Seol Ok, and Kyung Mi arrive at the wife of the missing man’s house. The house she has never left. The daughter doesn’t like Seol Ok’s accusation that her missing father is in the house. Seol Ok leads them to the room where the man died. She says he’s buried underneath the floor. She has Kyung Mi get a machine out to measure the density of the earth under the floor. Kyung Mi declares she’s found something.

Profiler Woo reads the information on the coffee shop owner. She was in an accident in 2003. Since then she’s had many plastic surgeries. Profiler Woo meets with her former roommate. She describes the coffee shop owner as unchanging.

The missing man’s body is found. The daughter can’t believe her mother killed her father then lived and slept in the house. The woman says she couldn’t let her husband abandon his family for another woman. She stabbed him dead as he tried to leave. She buried him. She put the excess dirt and rocks in the suitcase. The police lead her away.

During interrogation Detective Ha asks the wife how killing was better than letting him leave for another woman. She asks if he could understand waiting for someone all day long. Detective Ha flashes back to telling Seol Ok that he couldn’t not wait for the missing love of his life. She knew her husband was drawn to another. She hated that he got books for the other woman. She hated that he met the other woman. His death was better than waiting for him to return. She doesn’t care she’ll spend her life in prison because her house was a prison. She does feel remorse for the pain of her daughter. Chief Shin’s daughter watches and tells Seol Ok that love can make you do crazy things.

Detective Ha thanks Seol Ok for the ticket to the play. Seol Ok declares she needs to make love uncomplicated and love the person in front of her. Detective Ha stares into her eyes and asks who is in front of her. Seol Ok scampers away.

Manager Jo can’t believe Seol Ok talked the police officers into cleaning their own space. He sends Seol Ok to make coffee. All the officers ping her for advice while she makes coffee.

Profiler Woo finds the station room empty except for Detective Ha. Profiler Woo isn’t happy that he learned about Detective Ha’s activities from another unit. Manager Jo pings them for an update on the trench coat pervert. Detective Ha declares he’ll arrest everyone wearing a trench coat and storms out of the office.

Detective Ha interviews folks on the street about the trench coat pervert. Corporal Kong Han Min takes his daughter to say hi to Detective Ha before walking her to school. He implores them to find the trench coat pervert.

Profiler Woo interviews the worker the coffee shop owner fired. She notes the boss had an obsession with cake. She remembers going to Japan to visit and finding a duplicate cake in a store. Profiler Woo wonders where the first coffee shop is. He visits the fourth coffee shop. He finds the play posters. He recalls Seo Hyun Soo acted in that play 17 years ago. Profiler Woo realizes that she’s Seo Hyun Soo.

The coffee shop owner visits the actress that performs the play. She gives her a cake and says she’ll play the part that evening.

She acts the play. Detective Ha enters and sits in the audience. She flashes back to the hospital, her injury, recovering and telling herself she’ll live as an empty shell. She stares at Detective Ha and says the line “I love you. Take care”. The play ends.

Detective Ha stares as the curtain falls. He goes backstage to find the actress. Her dressing room is empty. Detective Ha utters Seo Hyun Soo.

My Thoughts

The answer I thought I knew, was wrong. That’s to my liking. Writer Lee’s solution was the suitcase contained the rocks that the wife dug up to bury the husband she killed so he wouldn’t leave her for another woman. Writer Lee continues to cross populate this series of episodes with snippets of the overarching mysteries of this series – Who is Mr. Kim? What’s with Seo Hyun Soo? Who is the coffee shop owner? Is the trench coat stalker benign or dangerous? What is Profiler Woo investigating? What happened to the ring Detective Ha planned to give Seol Ok?

Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) believes Seo Hyun Soo was the actress. Everything seems to point to that being true. The coffee shop owner likes him. She’s jealous of Seol Ok. She has had extensive plastic surgery. She took the ring Detective Ha intended for Seol Ok. There was “the moment” when Detective Ha suggested that Seol Ok look at who was in front of her when she claimed she’d fall in love with the person right in front of her. If Detective Ha can’t get over Seo Hyun Soo AND she’s alive, can he ever move into a real relationship with Seol Ok?

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) solved the missing man case. Seol Ok realized the wife killed and buried her husband in the house. She didn’t understand the wife’s rationalization to kill her husband rather than lose him. That makes sense. Seol Ok let go of her bad marriage and divorced. I had to chuckle when she had the ear of all the officers in the station.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The seventh song returns to a ballad with “Want You Hate You” by Zia. Frankly, I’m surprised by the prolific OST. The 1st season only had five vocal songs:



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22 comments on “Mystery Queen 2 Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was laughing my butt off too when Seol Ok 🔎 “had the ear of all the officers in the station”, INCLUDING Criminal Department Chief Jo, who was all ears❗

    I think there is more than one pervert or trench coat wearer. There is at least one benign flasher and the trench coat killer; it is unclear if the trench coat killer is actually a pervert or just wearing the uniform. Is the man who was watching Wan-Ok 🕵🔎, while they were walking, the trench coat killer or a pervert❓⁉️. I’m leaning towards killer…

    How about that, the culprit in the missing person case turned murder 🔪 turned out to be the wife framing the “other woman’s” abusive husband. Well, that daughter opened a can of worms 🐛🐛🐛. What a wedding present 🎁❗

    OMO Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 being Seo Hyun Soo is the answer to so many open ambiguous things:
    🔸FCL’s 🍰 obsession with Wan Seung 🕵️‍; they were likely each other’s first love💕.
    🔸 Obsession with Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ was the stimulus for the theft of Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ ring 💍, which was intended for Seol Ok; I think FCL 🍰 is under the delusion she is entitled to Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ ring 💍.
    🔸 FCL’s 🍰 being jealous of Seol Ok 🔎 and attempt to convince Seol Ok 🔎 that her 🔎 relationship with Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ was only friendship; FCL 🍰 only recognizes obsession as what she calls love. FCL 🍰 is trying to brush Seol Ok 🔎 off of the object of her obsession, Wan Seung 🕵️‍.
    🔸 FCL 🍰 being mesmerized by the ring 💍 given to her by Ji Seung 💼, which belonged to the Ha brothers’ mother. I may be wrong, but I suspect FCL 🍰 is under the delusion that receiving that ring 💍 is equivalent to getting the seal of approval from Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ deceased mother. I pity the smitten 😍 Ji Seung 💼, who is merely a means to an end for FCL 🍰.
    🔸 Revenge is FCL’s 🍰 impetus for targeting Ha and Jeong law firm. Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ father was the culprit who separated the lovers 💕, so FCL 🍰 is either trying to destroy OR take it over Ha and Jeong law firm.
    🔸Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 IS Secretary Kim❗ Inspector Woo 🤓 is investigating her in conjunction with protecting Chief Shin, the details about the chief are still murky. Was the chief in cahoots with Wan Seung’s father in making her “go away”, thus making him a target of her revenge❓⁉️

    Is Ji Seung 💼 is simply a pawn for FCL 🍰, who will be collateral damage, or did he play a part of the lovers separation, which would make him a another target❓⁉️

    The OST selection was profoundly for Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ including a phrase “you are only living in your past love”. I think his unresolved feelings for Seo Hyun Soo has kept him from giving his 💓 to Seol Ok. I don’t he will reunite with Seo Hyun Soo, as she is a different person than who he fell in love 💕 with … and I’m NOT talking about names or plastic surgery.
    🔹Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 is obsessed with Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ and getting revenge against his father for separating the lovers💕. The problem with being obsessed with 👁️ for an 👁️ or tooth 😬 for a tooth vengeance is the outcome of becoming blind 🕶️ and toothless 😶 or becoming as evil as the person who wronged you in the first place…if I recall Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ is not fond of his father’s actions and he will NOT like FCL’s 🍰 actions.
    🔹Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ may not like what his father did, which possibly went as far as trying to kill Seo Hyun Soo, but the former Ha and Jeong CEO is still his father.
    🔹Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ seems to love his brother and won’t take kindly to seeing him used, even if Ji Seung 💼 played a role in the separation, such as something like unwittingly ratting out the lovers 💕.
    🔹It seems FCL 🍰 is likely responsible for the deaths of the other Seo Hyun Soo impersonators. Have there been other victims❓ I think this will be a deal breaker for Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️.
    🔹Was FCL 🍰 the person who encouraged the young arsonist earlier in the series (Beez thought it was a woman); if so, this is another deal breaker.

    I think Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ recognized the actress as Seo Hyun Soo, but doesn’t realize she is the Fancy Cake Lady 🍰. Once Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ comes to that realization, he may struggle with his feelings, but when faced with her evil actions will not be able to reconcile the differences between the Seo Hyun Soo he was in love with and the manipulative evil doer we know as the Fancy Cake Lady 🍰.


    • OMO Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 being Seo Hyun Soo is the answer to so many open ambiguous things:
      🔸FCL’s 🍰 obsession with Wan Seung 🕵…was the stimulus for the theft of Wan Seung’s 🕵‍ ring 💍…and…being jealous of Seol Ok 🔎 and….FCL 🍰 being mesmerized by the ring 💍 given to her by Ji Seung 💼, which belonged to the Ha brothers’ mother. … Revenge is FCL’s 🍰 impetus for targeting Ha and Jeong law firm. Wan Seung’s 🕵‍ father was the culprit who separated the lovers 💕, so FCL 🍰 is either trying to destroy OR take it over Ha and Jeong law firm.

      Yes, she finally is revealed to be an impact character not just an a woman the liked Detective Ha from afar.

      The OST selection was profoundly for Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ including a phrase “you are only living in your past love”. I think his unresolved feelings for Seo Hyun Soo has kept him from giving his 💓 to Seol Ok.
      Agreed. I’ve enjoyed this OST more expected.

      I think Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ recognized the actress as Seo Hyun Soo, but doesn’t realize she is the Fancy Cake Lady 🍰.
      Yes, I think he intuited the connection. Will he ferret out the truth?


  2. Beez says:

    @JT – remind me again of Fancy Cake Lady’s evil doings? Honestly I can’t remember why they’re looking for Secretary Kim (if that’s who she is). I know that Fancy Cake Lady blackmailed that politician by showing his wife the compromising bedroom pics (although I think I’ve got that wrong too) but wasn’t that to help our Mystery Duo on their case in some way? I know she’s on the deeper gray side of the spectrum but I don’t know for sure what she’s done that’s downright bad or evil?(although I sense she is conniving something but what have we actually seen her do that has caused harm or is a crime?)

    Let me comment on what I do remember – the little ding bat who placed the call for Fancy Cake Lady. If sunshine asked me to make a call like that (no matter how much they’re paying), I would keep walking and then call the police cause they’re obviously up to no good. Secondly, for Fancy Cake Lady to leave the phone with the girl saying “throw it away” was sloppy writing again. I could go for that if it was a lesser dumb street criminal, but they’ve established Fancy Cake Lady as shrewd (although I can’t remember who she had the girl call or why) *sigh*

    And why are they looking for Secretary Kim?

    (It’s a sign that my M.S. is flaring up but if you’ll remind me of just tiny buts, I’ll instantly remember. Sorry.)


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I simply do not recall the impetus for targeting Secretary Kim other than the Secretary seems to be an evil mastermind. There seems to be two factions that are watching over Chief Shin (is the Chief a bad guy or a good guy?) in hopes of catching Secretary Kim: 1) Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ retired police hyung – remember he planted a listening device in the chief’s office and asked Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ to cozy up to the chief which has comically had the opposite effect, causing the chief to run 🏃‍♂️ the opposite direction. 2) Inspector Woo 🤓 seems to be motivated by protecting Chief Shin, who is apparently a target of Secretary Kim.

      While these parties seem to be on opposite sides, Inspector Woo 🤓 doesn’t strike me as a bad guy but neither does Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ retired police hyung. The motivation to catch Secretary Kim has been ambiguous as well as who is right and who is wrong in the circumstances. Only 3 episodes left to clean up the mess.

      Fancy Cake Lady’s 🍰 bad deeds:
      🔸BLACKMAILING others was certainly wrong and I got the feeling that was not an isolated incident, that doing political favors is part of her usual business.
      🔸 Putting others in MORTAL JEOPARDY. Looks like Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 hired the Seo Hyun Soo impersonators, so besides using them (which I’m sure they compensated; Beez, I’m with you on walking AWAY from someone who asks me to deliver messages), at the very least she exposed the impersonators to mortal danger as someone has been looking to eliminate Seo Hyun Soo or possibly HIRED CONTRACT KILLERS to eliminate the impersonators, who could be potential witnesses. Inspector Woo 🤓 has found 2 victims so far, are there more❓⁉️
      🔸SHOT INSPECTOR WOO. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but it also looks like Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 shot Inspector Woo 🤓, although we did not see her face or bullet wound, she was definitely in the vicinity at the right time.
      🔸 ENCOURAGED AN ADOLESCENT ARSONIST who ended up burning his friend’s mother in an earlier episode. Beez, you were the one who thought that the arsonist that encouraged him was a woman.

      Seo Hyun Soo AKA Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 was likely terrorized to the point of mortal Jeopardy when Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ father was trying to separate the lovers 💕 and would be in mortal danger if her true identity we known, as evidenced by the corpses of the Seo Hyun Soo impersonators, provided FCL 🍰 wasn’t their murderer. Being terrorized does not justify wrong doing on the victim’s part, especially when innocents become collateral damage.


      • Beez says:

        Thanks, JT. And you just confirmed it’s not all my faulty memory or tendency to fall asleep that makes this a jumbled mess.

        This show’s editing is criminal! It jumps all over the place. I hope this is someone’s idea of creative editing, just done badly because otherwise they’ve got the worst case of ADD that no one else on the production team seems to notice!


        • This show’s editing is criminal! It jumps all over the place. I hope this is someone’s idea of creative editing, just done badly because otherwise they’ve got the worst case of ADD that no one else on the production team seems to notice!
          I agree that the editing does NOT help the show’s continuity or flow when watching. I just finished watching the next episode and I grouped progress on two stories that the editor cut between TOO many times.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I rewatched the arson episodes and must retract my statement FCL 🍰 encouraging the adolescent arsonist. Upon review of the school fire 🔥 it was the man who was arrested for most of the fires NOT FCL 🍰. My apologies Fancy Cake Lady 🍰.

      I also saw a clip that explained Wan Seung’s 🕵️‍ interest in Secretary Kim; he believes Secretary Kim had something to do with Seo Hyun Soo’s death. That throws a 🐒🔧 in the works … how could Seo Hyun Soo be secretary Kim if secretary Kim is responsible for Seo Hyun Soo’s death❓⁉️. Hmm just when I thought the pieces were coming together ✳️GROWLS IN IRRITATION✳️


  3. Beez says:

    But who threw the rock in the school window and winked at the little boy that ran to the window and looked out? I thought for sure that was FCL. Or at least a woman?

    And if that’s resolved then why was Inspector Woo still reviewing the evidence many episodes later? That’s why I thought there was still a mastermind (the person in the mask doing video broadcasts) out there.


    • Beez says:

      Nevermind. I was wrong about the winking arsonist being a woman. It was definitely a male. Don’t know why I thought it was a woman.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I think Inspector Woo 🤓 was after Secretary Kim and therefore was looking into the arsonist who killed the Seo Hyun Soo impersonator(s); was the second Seo Hyun Soo burned too? There have been so many plotlines unrelated to our main characters, that I feel like a puppy trying to dig up my bone … SQUIRREL 🐿️❗ … and I get distracted from the main objective to chase a squirrel.


    • The multiple SHSs hurts my head🤦. I do enjoy Profiler Woo’s intensity.


      • Beez says:

        And if I’m not mistaken, they’ve STILL never said exactly what happened to SHS in the first place since Season 1. I understand and I’m okay that there’s mystery of why she’s still alive and has imposters but they never revealed WHY she was “killed” (although I think they did tell us who “killed” her in Season 1) in the first place. And why was Det. Ha there to carry her into the hospital because he wasn’t old enough to be a cop yet.

        JT, or anyone, who watched Season 1, please do tell. If this season was better, I wouldn’t mind re-watching S1, but it’s making me so mad because it’s RUINING ANY CHANCES OF OTHER GOOD SHOWS TO GET A SECOND SEASON!


        • Jane Tilly says:

          I 💖 Inspector Woo 🤓 and his intensity❗

          The original SHS was injured, taken to the hospital by Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️, who found her. She disappeared from the hospital 🏥. During season 1 Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ FINALLY determined (after 17 years) SHS was dead and setup a sting 🐝 to find out where she was buried. That was when the culprit, dirty cop (the one who was strangled in flashback earlier this season), lead Wan Seung’s father to the grave ⚰️ site, where they collected DNA to determine if the deceased was SHS. Wan Seung’s father was caught red-handed with the DNA sample at the grave ⚰️ site, which is why he was incarcerated at the beginning of season 2.

          The DNA was inconclusive in confirming the corpse as the original SHS. But didn’t Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ have further testing done a couple of episodes ago that determined the corpse WAS SHS❓⁉️. Was the DNA test manipulated by FCL 🍰 aka SHS or possibly Secretary Kim❓⁉️

          I have to mention that I 💗💟💖 how Seol Ok 🔎 and Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ have Mr Hwang’s 🔬 number and EXPERTLY PLAYED to his vanity to get what they wanted. WELL PLAYED LADIES, WELL PLAYED❗


          • Beez says:

            Thanks for the mini cap of S1, JT.

            Why would having a DNA sample at the gravesite be cause for arresting Ha Pops? And why was Ha Pops interest in SHS (a teenager)? Was he involved in her “death”? In her life?


    • Beez says:

      LOL! Exactly. But count me in as the zany squirrel trying to dig for the nut (plot), sensing there’s a dog in the area and running willy nilly in all directions.

      I just caught up with our other show, Tempted/Seducer, while it’s getting horrible ratings and has lots of plots to follow as well – and it cuts away to back flashes, etc. – it’s not erratic and jarring or WTF’ery (neck twisting doubletakes of “how did we get back here out of the blue?”-ness) going on like this show. You can really tell there’s no plan to the editing at all. It feels like “let’s cut everything up and hope everyone’s so confused that they don’t realize the plot is weak. (Plot? There’s a plot?)


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    My understanding was that Pops did not want his son being with Seo Hyun Soo. I suppose Pops took drastic measures when the duo did not take the gentler hints (terrorizing her) to break up. You know how controlling parents can be in Kdramaland.

    Well, the body was neither enbalmed nor interred in a cemetary, but found in an unmarked grave WITHOUT a casket 🚫⚰️ in the woods 🌲 looks a bit sinister. Pops was implicated (possibly ordered?) in her death, although it was the dirty cop (who was later strangled in prison) who did the deed. Basically Pops knowing where the body was buried in the woods was not a good reflection on him, which is why he served time (a pretty short incarceration in my book).

    Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ suspects Secretary Kim had a hand in the disappearance/death of Seo Hyun Soo. I think this is VERY likely❗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      Thanks so much, JT. What would I do without you?!😍


      • Jane Tilly says:

        You are welcome, I’m glad the trivial 411 in my brain is helpful to someone 😋.

        I’m mystified 🤔😮 as to how inconsistent season 2 has been compared to season 1, especially since it is the same writer. ✳️SIGHS DEFEATEDLY✳️

        I think a little more flashback 📸 about SHS’s shallow woodland grave and the reason for Papa Ha’s incarceration 🚔 might have been a good reminder to those who saw season 1 and informative to those who started with season 2.

        I’m just saying …


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