Great Seducer Episodes 19-20

Great Seducer Episode 19

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) tells Eun Tae Hee (Joy) that he no longer likes her. Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young), Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae), and Ko Kyung Joo watch it happen. Tae Hee keeps her dignity cloak around herself and leaves. She cries as she walks down the stair. Shi Hyun drinks. Soo Ji takes him back to his place. She spies Tae Hee outside his apartment building. When Shi Hyun doesn’t want to go to his empty apartment, Soo Ji takes him to the trio’s hideout and puts him to bed. He admits that once the trio’s concern and support would have been enough but his heart wants more now. Soo Ji cries as she rides the elevator down knowing she no longer is the most important woman in Shi Hyun’s life.

Se Joo takes Kyung Joo home. He suggests a kiss tells another person volumes. He kisses her on the cheek. Dismayed she keeps her dignity cloak around herself until he leaves. She cries when she enters the house. The next day her mother calls Tae Hee. Her friend brings food and sympathy. Tae Hee agrees it is better to know and end a one-sided love.

Soo Ji gathers Shi Hyun and Se Joo at the trio’s hideout. She identifies the woman Shi Hyun’s father (not bio-dad) was seeing behind her mother’s back. She lies that she doesn’t know if the woman has any children. She suggests that Shi Hyun take something precious from the woman to make her pay. Disgusted Se Joo tells Soo Ji to stop planting hate in Shi Hyun’s heart. Shi Hyun gathers the material and says he’ll handle the matter.

Shi Hyun’s Grandmother tells Shi Hyun’s father and finance Soo Ji’s mother that if they overcome the business scandal she may provide copious stock as a reward. That gets their attention. Soo Ji’s mother tries to find out Shi Hyun’s father’s medical secret but doesn’t. She makes him promise to get a checkup. He agrees and promises to tell her if he ever gets sick.

Tae Hee’s mother visits her in the coffee shop she works out. She brings Tae Hee a gift which Tae Hee doesn’t reject but doesn’t look at either. Her mother shares she’s returning to her studio to concentrate on her work. She tells Tae Hee she’s not dating anyone and will focus on work.

Tae Hee spies Shi Hyun as she walks home. He watches her walk and gets upset at the chasm between them. Tae Hee gets home and vows to keep on living.

Summary – Breakups are depressing.

Great Seducer Episode 20

Soo Ji drops the bombshell to Shi Hyun’s father that she and Shi Hyun want to marry. She asks him to step aside and allow them to marry.

Shi Hyun’s father tells Soo Ji’s mother that he trusts her without or without a wedding ring. He asks her to take over the bio-group at his company. She’s not happy to learn that Soo Ji asked them not to marry. She intends to marry and calls her daughter.

Shi Hyun emails Tae Hee’s mother (he doesn’t realize who she is) and asks to meet. He wants to meet the woman his father has on the side.

Soo Ji’s mother proposes a tit for tat exchange with Park Hye Jung’s mother to help get the approval for a drug whose clinical trials aren’t going as well as needed for a medical release so Mrs. Park’s son doesn’t have to do his mandatory military stint.

Tae Hee and Shi Hyun are both miserable now that they’ve broken up. Tae Hee ends up drunk at Se Joo’s eatery. He calls Shi Hyun to come get Tae Hee. When Shi Hyun arrives, he offers to drive Tae Hee home but she can’t. She cries that she misses him and doesn’t understand why they broke up. Shi Hyun offers to piggyback her home. She wants him to let her lean into him.

Summary –  Soo Ji surprises the parents with a request to marry.

My Thoughts

Breakups are never fun. The only person that seemed to enjoy it was Soo Ji. Otherwise everyone was miserable. Tae Hee did a decent job of continuing to live but the rejection hurt. She loves Shi Hyun. He cut her off with a lame excuse. She can’t get over him. The pain is intense.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) cut Tae Hee out of his life. His public breakup was mean and his reasons were lame. He felt bad but he didn’t reverse his stance. In return he got the name of the woman that his father was seeing on the side. Wouldn’t you simply google this woman to learn her background which would reveal Tae Hee is her daughter?

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) asked Shi Hyun’s father to let them marry. She surprised all parties with this request. Shi Hyun doesn’t even know the request has been made. Is she doing this for herself or her mother?

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) could only watch the pain unfold and resonate.  He called Shi Hyun to escort Tae Hee home. He worried that Soo Ji would see the ex-lovers interactions and strike back.

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) got dumped with a flimsy excuse from Shi Hyun.  She got her heart crushed. When she visited the nursing home and balled her eyes out, I felt sorry for her. She tried to take the licking and keep on ticking but the first man she’s loved just dumped her. It is painful and fresh.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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21 comments on “Great Seducer Episodes 19-20
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I don’t like that Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 set up a public breakup with Tae Hee 🏺; while it was excessively cruel, I think he did it to keep Tae Hee 🏺 from asking questions AND to steel his own resolve … not that it excuses his bad behavior. When Soo Ji 👸🐝 saw Tae Hee 🏺 outside Shi Hyun’s 🕺🌹 apartment, I suspect Soo Ji 👸🐝 thought Tae Hee 🏺 came to talk to Shi Hyun 🕺🌹; I think Soo Ji 👸🐝 is clueless about Tae Hee 🏺 living nextdoor to her childhood “friend”.

    Poor little Kyung Joo 🤩 received a dose of reality (and hurt feelings ) when she realized Se Joo 🕶️👨 did NOT like her; at least she kept her dignity in front of Se Joo 🕶️👨 and will hopefully move on.

    Ohhh the irony of Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ being all about following the law when it came to denying the request from Hye Jung’s 🐰mom to get her son a military exemption, then she sought Seok Woo’s ✌️❌ medical records for her own personal reasons and made a deal with Hye Jung’s 🐰 mom when it was to her own benefit…✳️SHOUTING “HYPOCRITE”❗✳️.

    Seems like Soo Ji 👸🐝 is reaping the effects of her manipulations with Shi Hyun’s 🕺🌹 feelings changing; didn’t he already tell her she was only a friend? Especially after that interchange I was appalled Soo Ji 👸🐝 had the cojones to tell Seok Woo ✌️❌ that she and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 wanted to get married. What a surprise for the parents … and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹. ✳️TSK, TSKING …BADLY DONE SOO JI, BADLY DONE✳️

    Who is greedier: 1) Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️, the power hungry matriarch, whose strategem is to gain control of JK by marrying Seok Woo ✌️❌, regardless of their children marrying each other (which I understand in kdramaland is taboo, although Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ know that father and son are NOT biologically related and I’m pretty sure the youngsters’ marriage is NOT on Shi Hyun’s 🕺🌹 agenda) or 2) Soo Ji 👸🐝, the petulant prima donna, for manipulating her mom 👩‍⚕️, mom’s fiance ✌️❌, and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 to get what she wants (which is what? Shi Hyun 🕺🌹?) … or is it simply the desire to control others?


    • Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 set up a public breakup with Tae Hee 🏺…to keep Tae Hee 🏺 from asking questions AND to steel his own resolve … not that it excuses his bad behavior. When Soo Ji 👸🐝 saw Tae Hee 🏺 outside Shi Hyun’s 🕺🌹 apartment, I suspect Soo Ji 👸🐝 thought Tae Hee 🏺 came to talk to Shi Hyun 🕺🌹; I think Soo Ji 👸🐝 is clueless about Tae Hee 🏺 living next door to her childhood “friend”.
      Shi Hyun also did it publicly to satisfy Soo Ji’s demands to learn who his father was seeing on the side. For a second I wondered if Soo Ji would realize that Tae Hee lived in the building but agree that she thought Tae Hee was there to plead with Shi Hyun and whisked him away.

      Ohhh the irony of Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ being all about following the law…and made a deal with Hye Jung’s 🐰 mom when it was to her own benefit…✳SHOUTING “HYPOCRITE”❗✳.
      Soo Ji’s mother isn’t perceived as evil, but I wonder if she really is the evil driving force of the past. Did she frame Shi Hyun’s mother?

      I was appalled Soo Ji 👸🐝 had the cojones to tell Seok Woo ✌❌ that she and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 wanted to get married.
      That surprised me too. But Shi Hyun’s rejection at the hide out hurt her. She had to “get him back” and what better way than marriage? I shake my head at her selfish short sighted thought pattern.

      Who is greedier: 1) Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️, the power hungry matriarch, or 2) Soo Ji 👸🐝, the petulant prima donna
      The mother is greedier than the daughter, but we are talking a matter of degrees. Given the same power would Soo Ji do the same as her mother?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        At the very least Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ set up as Shi Hyun’s mom 😷 to him. If Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ didn’t cover up the auto accident then Seok Woo ✌️❌ did; guess is a drunk 🍸 Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ hit both Tae Hee 🏺 and Shi Hyun’s mom 😷. Despite Mi Ri’s 👩‍⚕️ greed and power grasp, I think the jury is still out on Mi Ri’s 👩‍⚕️ evilness; the outcome depends on her actions past and present which have yet to be revealed 🔮.

        Soo Ji 👸🐝 was short-sighted and loosing her grasp over Shi Hyun 🕺🌹. I’m not so sure that Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 is in a place where he will comply with her marriage 💒 demands. Then again since Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 threw away the woman he loves, Tae Hee 🏺, he may feel that he will never find happiness again and therefore comply with Soo Ji’s 👸🐝 demands.

        Quel horreur❗ ✳️SHUDDERS✳️ The thought of the petulant prima donna, Soo Ji 👸🐝, having the power Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ has is TERRIFYING 😨❗❗❗


  2. humbledaisy1 says:

    Some parts of this story made me wonder if this adaptation was written some time ago and then rewritten for today’s television. The amount of stuff that could have been looked up on the internet in today’s connected Korea is astounding. It felt very early 2000s!


  3. Beez says:

    I can just picture the middle-aged miserable married couple that Shin Hyun and Shi joo would make. Also Sejoo and Shi joo. Anybody actually paired with Shi joo.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Despite the boys being players, I wouldn’t wish Soo Ji’s 👸🐝 on either of them. Who could be happy with someone who has Schadenfreud❓⁉️


  4. Beez says:

    Does Mi Ri know that Shin hyun is not her Cheater Fiance’s bio child?

    I don’t understand Cheater Fiance’s timing in telling Shin Hyun about his paternity. If Grandma is so determined to leave everything to Shin Hyun, why doesn’t he tell her Shin Hyun is not her bio grandchild and have her change her will to leave everything to Cheater Fiance?

    And while Ceramic Mom ain’t worth a plug nickle as a parent, Cheater Fiance has done her so much (repeated) selfish wrong, that it’s ridiculous!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Seok Woo’s ✌️❌ Secretary, who is crushing 💕 on Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ told her about Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 not bring the cheater’s bio-son. I think once Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ grabs the brass ring (marries Seok Woo ✌️❌) she will spill the beans, which will displease her daughter 👸🐝, unless she is on the outs with her would-be fiancé.

      Ceramic mom (Young Won ⚱️) and especially non-bio dad, Seok Woo✌️❌, are candidates for worst parent of the decade, be Seok Woo ✌️❌ is clearly the winner (LOSER) of this prize. He might actually deserve Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️.


  5. Table122000 says:

    I felt for Kyung Joo this episode, but was a bit confused as to why Se Joo kissed her in the first place. At first, I thought he was affected by SH cruel breakup scene with TH, and so wanted to “let KJ down easy”, but then he looked shocked when KJ said the kiss made her realize she didn’t like him that way. (Which was of course, a lie)
    On the other hand, did not feel bad for Soo Ji at all. I think she does have feelings for Se Joo, but is refusing to acknowlege them or his obvious feelings for her. Instead, she seems determined to destroy both SH & TH relationship and SH & SJ relationship with her marriage request of father.
    This is following in mother Mi Ri footsteps as she is determined to marry SH Dad at all costs. Dad basically told her he’d just appoint her Pres. of JK Bio after merger, no marriage required. MR is having none of it as obsession with Dad is clearly first. MR definitely ran over TH, then crashed into SH Mom’s car and blamed everything on SH Mom. It’s still not clear to me exactly how SH Mom died since it looks like she was conscious after the crash. Secretary Yoon-how could you betray SH like that? Looks like he also help MR to cover up stuff the night of the accident.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Secretary Yoon easily betrayed Kwon father/non-bio son as he is crushing 💕 on Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️. Great observation Table122000 it hadn’t crossed my mind that Secretary Yoon might have been the one who covered up the accidents that injured Tae Hee 🏺 and killed Shi Hyun’s mom 😷. I assumed it was Seok Woo ✌️❌ who covered things up as he didn’t seem to be particularly heartbroken 🚫💔 over her death … I think you theory makes logical sense.

      I just don’t see Mi Ri’s 👩‍ appeal, I mean her appearance is fine, but I don’t particularly find her to be gorgeous or particularly feminine … BESIDES she is ALL ABOUT ambition … increasing power while she tries to appear to be generous and kind, but it seems to me like her actions are a means to an end. It is not uncommon for men to be intimated by ambitious women … what is her appeal to Secretary Yoon?

      Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ is pathetic in her pursuit of marrying Seok Woo ✌️❌ and his power. Like mother,like daughter, Soo Ji 👸🐝 is pathetic in her marriage pursuit of Shi Hyun 🕺🌹.


      • Beez says:

        @JT, I know your observations are about Mi ri, the character, and you’re right. But your bringing it up makes me want to say what I’ve been thinking about the actress – I saw her in some old sexy (not quite XXX) Korean movie (y’all know how the K movies are), and in the movie she looked much like she does in The Seducer. BUT if anyone saw her in Empress Ki as the Dowager Queen, she was absolutely gorgeous (and that was in the years in between so it’s not plastic surgery because she has morphed back into her looks from the years ago movie). It’s amazing how Hallyu/Hollywood and makeup pulls it off. smh


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Beez, I was hesitant to discuss Mi Ri’s 👩‍ appeal, but it had been bugging me. I find it interesting that while she can “clean up nicely” that the writer or PD chose to have her styled less than gorgeous. I don’t recall seeing this actress before, so I appreciate your insight.


          • Beez says:

            I tied to find you a picture of her looking beautiful as the Dowager Empress but all of the images that I could find are from when she started acting evil. These actors/ actresses never cease to amaze me with how their expressions can change their looks from character to character. She was benevolent in the first show and I kept trying to place her. I was surprised that she was the average girl from Sweet Sex & Love. But then as she felt the need to exert her power she wasn’t quite as beautiful.
            Here’s the best pic I can find of her


            • Jane Tilly says:

              Thanks for the image Beez, she does look beautiful. Sometimes a person’s personality has an impact on how they appear in our eyes. Just out of high school my best friend dated a guy who was pale white covered in freckles, had red frizzy hair, and was skinny and bowlegged. I just couldn’t see what she saw in him. As I got to know him, I discovered that he treated everyone around him like gold and over a relatively short period of time I found him to be attractive. Go figure!

              I’m reminded of “Shallow Hal” who saw everyone for their true personalities. Soo Ji is the one who has a GORGEOUS appearance, but an UGLY personality … why can’t Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 and Se Joo 🕶👨 have a little Shallow Hal syndrome? Hmm, they may not like how they look in the mirror … LOL!


    • Beez says:

      Now, I thought Sejoo’s little speech and kiss on the cheek of Kyung Joo was so perfect and kind. It released her (and him) from Shi joo’s cruel games. I’m just glad Kyung Joo was intelligent enough, and not blinded by her own one-sided love, that she recognized it as the out that it was to have her give up and retain her dignity. Unlike our other main couple’s heartless fiasco of a breakup. Also, despite Sejoo’s being in Shi joo’s snare and being deeply in love with her, he had the courage to risk her wrath and never fully cooperate in the game to hurt Kyung Joo (he never called her but met her each time because Shi joo dragged her along) and the kindness to end it before it went any further.

      As I’m writing this, let me just say that guys like Shin hyun are the worst: the guys who pester women who don’t want too bff with them until they win her over with faker words or fake sincerity and promises of things they know they won’t or can’t keep.

      And this is also why women don’t mind guys like Sejoo who make it clear they’re playboys because you either are the type who will “play” with them, getting what you want out of it and expecting no more. And women who don’t want to play just like him and smile that he’s a handsome rake. He’s aware of the price of causing someone heartache and he avoids women that will become attached.

      The Shi hyun type of guy is why women lose their minds and key cars. (Not condoning, just observing.)


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, excellent compare and contrast between players Se Joo 🕶️👨 and Shi Hyun 🕺🌹. I concur with your conclusion that Se Joo 🕶️👨 is the type of player that tries to minimalize collateral damage, while Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 either doesn’t care about collateral damage or tries to make the most damage of it…does he have Schadenfreud too❓

        Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 is an IDIOT to capitulate to Soo Ji’s 👸🐝 whims or what ifs (what if my mom injured Tae Hee 🏺?) rather than follow his 💓; he doesn’t deserve Tae Hee 🏺. There are nicer ways to breakup.


        • Beez says:

          I wouldn’t say “Schadenfreud” in Shin hyun’s case. He’s not quite the sicko that Shi joo is, IMO. Shi hyun is just that typical kind of “love ’em and leave ’em” and not caring about their feelings (as he was in the beginning, sending Shi joo to do his dirty work to brush them off for him). I don’t think he’s trying to purposely cause pain, he just carelessly didn’t care one way or the other. (I’m talking about his pre- Tae hee relationships.)


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