Great Seducer Episodes 17-18

Great Seducer Episode 17

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) and Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) enjoy their day trip to the countryside. Shi Hyun asks for one “forgive anything” from Tae Hee. She grants this. He offers her infinite “forgive anything”. She asks if he’s thinking about his father. He brushes the question aside. They experiment day drinking rice wine. They miss the last subway home. They find a room for rent. Shi Hyun hesitates to enter the room. Sheepishly he admits he wants to sleep with her. Tae Hee shyly admits the same.  They initially are rigid in the room but eventually relax, holding each other and falling asleep. The next morning, Shi Hyun procures breakfast. They enjoy the day together, eating, shopping, etc. Tae Hee pulls away from a close car and shares two years ago a hit and run driver struck her while walking on a lonely dark country road. She ended up in a ditch of water. She lost function in her legs for a while. She’s always assumed the driver never gave her a second thought. Shi Hyun remembers Soo Ji’s mother telling him his mother was a hit and run driver. Back in Seoul, Tae Hee makes ramen at her place. Shi Hyun finds the DNA test showing his father isn’t his bio-dad. Tae Hee is surprised he found it on the floor. Shi Hyun leaves the apartment upset. Tae Hee crosses the hall and apologizes to Shi Hyun. She asks him to open the door. Shi Hyun can’t deny her and opens the door.

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) and Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) eat at his eatery. Soo Ji wonders where Shi Hyun is. He isn’t answering her texts. She calls Ko Kyung Joo for Tae Hee’s whereabouts. Kyung Joo states Tae Hee is on a class assignment. Soo Ji leaves. Kyung Joo is relieved with Se Joo guesses Tae Hee and Shi Hyun are back together. They agree Soo Ji might not be happy with the news.

Se Joo finds Soo Ji at their hangout spot. He asks her to play a song for him. Overcome with feelings, he kisses Soo Ji in the middle of the piece. Stunned, she stands, stares and rushes out.

Se Joo gets drunk at his house, berating himself for his clumsy actions.

Soo Ji can’t believe Se Joo’s actions. She assumes he’s paying her back for the impromptu kiss she gave him. Will she ever see him as a love interest?

Summary – No adults! I did not miss them.

Great Seducer Episode 18

Shi Hyun grapples with the “knowledge” that his mother was Tae Hee’s hit and run driver. He visits his mother’s grave. He wishes he could have made it work with Tae Hee.

Soo Ji tells her mother to pick up her pride and walk away from Shi Hyun’s father. Her mother won’t. Soo Ji declares she won’t stop either.

Soo Ji reminds Shi Hyun that she knows the woman his father is seeing behind her mother’s back. IF he breaks it off with Tae Hee, she’ll tell him. Se Joo watches them and tries to stop them but to no avail.

Tae Hee’s mother tells Shi Hyun’s father she knows he’s getting married to another woman. She chides herself for being fooled by him three times. First, he got married behind her back. Second, he didn’t come to her after his divorce. And third, he’s going to marry another woman. Shi Hyun’s father asks if he can see her, just for a little while before he marries. He explains he needs this woman even though he doesn’t love her. Tae Hee’s mother refuses the request and says this time she’s leaving him. She walks away.

Tae Hee takes her with her appearance. She’s meeting Shi Hyun and his friends, Soo Ji and Se Joo. She and Kyung Joo arrive. Shi Hyun is cold towards her. He tells her they are different people. Tae Hee tells him not to pretend to be a bad person. Shi Hyun scoffs and says he is a bad person. Tae Hee stands, stares, and asks if he’s come to dislike her.

Summary –  Shi Hyun is ready to end it with Tae Hee.

My Thoughts

Tae Hee appears to be student in the hit and run accident. Did Soo Ji’s mother frame Shi Hyun’s mother? Shi Hyun has assumed his mother hit Tae Hee. He’s decided he’ll have to end things with Tae Hee before she hates him for the truth. This show loves to see-saw between fun and angst.

Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) enjoyed the sweet moments of pure love but then did an about face. Shi Hyun was enjoyable to watch when he was a man in love. He told Tae Hee he loved her. He meant it. But the “sins” of his mother changed everything. He decided that breaking up was best. Preparing to do it in front of an audience was insensitive. But he knew that.

Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) was surprised by the passionate kiss from Se Joo. She fled. Was she really upset by the bold move? Does she really believe he kissed her as payback for her impromptu kiss? Later,  Soo Ji enjoyed watching Shi Hyun prepare to crush Tae Hee. She can be a mean girl.

Lee Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) swooped and kissed Soo Ji.  When will guys stop with the swooping first kiss? Slow and steady is the way to begin. I like Se Joo. He needs to calm down and try again. Will he follow Soo Ji’s edict that it is friendship only between them? It was sad seeing the fun loving Se Joo deflate when Soo Ji rejected his advances.

Eun Tae Hee (Joy) heard the three little words from Shi Hyun.  She was happy to hear his declaration of love. She relished their time together. Little did she know it was a flash in time. When Shi Hyun pulled away from her, he meant it. He is poised to break up publicly. Tae Hee senses she doesn’t want to play the game he’s playing. Will she flee or let him say what he intends?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. My episode ranking chart is below.
The third song of the OST is a pretty ballad “I Should’ve First” by SEVENTEEN’s DK with
Lyrics (link):

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21 comments on “Great Seducer Episodes 17-18
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Seok Woo ✌️❌ was incredibly selfish to ask Young Won ⚱️ to continue to see him after she discovered that was the “other” woman. Good for Young Won ⚱️ for letting him know she would NOT be trivialized. Why does he need Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️? You made your choice doodah 💩, live with it.

    I 💖💟💗 that Soo Ji 👸🐝 was shocked by Se Joo’s 🕶️👨 kiss 💋. Clearly Soo Ji 👸🐝 was more affected by the kiss 💋 than she wanted to let on based on her dream about Se Joo 🕶️👨. I suppose loose ends of the plot would wrapped up too easily for Soo Ji 👸🐝 to fall in love 💕 with Se Joo 🕶️👨.

    I was glad to see Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 seemed to feel remorseful towards Tae Hee 🏺 in regards to the bet. I wish he would have followed Young Won’s ⚱️ advice and just told Tae Hee 🏺 the truth. It seems that Asian guilt about Mi Ri’s 👩‍⚕️ LIE about his mother 😷 being the perpetrator of Tae Hee’s 🏺 accident threw a 🐒🔧 in the works.

    Given that Soo Ji 👸🐝 and Shi Hyun’s 🕺🌹 bet was called off, the remorse he feels about his mother potentially injuring Tae Hee 🏺 and the wager being the impetus for starting Shi Hee’s 🕺🏺relationship, WHY did Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 assemble the trio and Kyung Joo 🤩? I think Tae Hee looked STUNNING in the burgundy dress with the necklace from Shi Hyun that belonged to his mom 😷. While Se Joo 🕶️👨 appeared to be quiet and dispassionate, a quiet Soo Ji 👸🐝 seemed practically gleeful at the possibilities of the outcome of the gathering. I agree with KJT that Soo Ji 👸🐝 IS A MEAN GIRL❗ More than that Soo Ji 👸🐝 is a Schadenfreudian; what a pitiful existence❗ Is Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 trying to make his breakup with Tae Hee 🏺 as painful as possible, so he NEVER has to divulge that his mom 😷 was the hit and run driver? I DESPISE Mi Ri 👩‍⚕️ for perpetrating that lie to deflect from her own guilt on Shi Hyun’s mom 😷 and Soo Ji 👸🐝 for making sure ONLY her wishes/ demands are satisfied❗ This miserable mother 👩‍⚕️ and daughter 👸🐝 deserve each other.


    • I 💖💟💗 that Soo Ji 👸🐝 was shocked by Se Joo’s 🕶👨 kiss 💋. Clearly Soo Ji 👸🐝 was more affected by the kiss 💋 than she wanted to let on based on her dream about Se Joo 🕶👨.
      Even though Se Joo wants her, if he got her, could he handle the real Soo Ji?

      I think Tae Hee looked STUNNING in the burgundy dress with the necklace from Shi Hyun that belonged to his mom 😷.
      Between that dress (which she did look terrific in) and that khaki skirt, could her hem length been any shorter?


    • Beez says:

      Thans for the Google opportunity, JT – “Schadenfreudian”. But that’s an apt descriptor for Shi joo.

      Shin Hyun is a coward in my book. I understand his reasons for breaking up with her, but to do it in front of others sucks. I Don’t care what his logic is that it will make her hate him; outs also inconsiderate of her pride and dignity, not to mention feelings.

      I hope Tae Hee has enough sense to tell him when he swings back her way in the future “nope. Not unless you can admit you like me in front of your friends”. She should have realized long ago that he’s a totally different person to her when his friends are around. And not in a normal way that men are less expressive or less cuddly in front of their friends, but he treats her coldly and with disdain whenever they’re not alone.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur Beez, a public acknowledgement 📣 is in order for Tae Hee 🏺 to build any kind of trust in Shi Hyun 🕺🌹 down the road. Trust is difficult to earn once it has been broken.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Jang Hyuk has a new drama “Greasy Melo” coming soon. According to Drama Beans it will be May:


    • Thanks JT! The title leaves something to be desired.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Ha ha ha true, but the description sounds interesting + Jang Hyuk = entertaining 👁️🍬

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        New update, it looks like Hyukie’s new drama has been renamed “Wok of Love”. It is a much better title and is supposed to start May 7th.

        Lee Joon Gi has a new one starting May 12th called “Lawless Lawyer”

        Ironic that both of these leading men will be playing former gangsters in their new dramas.

        I’m looking forward to some potentially good dramas to replace the ones that are winding up.

        KJT, I know you will likely recap Wok of Love…what about Lawless Lawyer?


        • Both actors are in my cadre of cuties so I plan to blog both. May do my thoughts for LJG drama. We’ll see. Appreciate the info!


          • Beez says:

            It’s feast or famine these days for Kdramas. Although I’m not sure if it’s just me not knowing what’s coming down the pike what with Kocowa causing Viki & DramaFever not to get as many Korean shows as they once did. Add to that whatever’s going on over at Dramabreans where info is scare nowadays.


            • Jane Tilly says:

              I look at a website that simply has a brief description of the drama, a list of actors, writers and PDs. They don’t have any news articles but on their main page feature upcoming dramas with the most recent on top. I read through the descriptions and list of main characters to decide what I’m interested in. Beez, I’ll text you a link.


              • Beez says:

                Thanks, JT😍


              • Beez says:

                Wow. You know what we were talking about how a person’s (or actors’ character’s) personality can affect how attractive they are or not?

                I just looked up the actress playing Shi joo and did you guys realize she played the sweet maid Wol-Yi in The Merchant?

                Not that Shi joo is not pretty, of course, we know she’s pretty but her ways make her so unattractive. But I remember rooting for Wol Yi and being afraid for her and thinking she was so very pretty (inside & out) and wanting Jang Hyuk’s merchant to become smitten with her.


                • Jane Tilly says:

                  True dat❗ When actors and actresses seem so different from part to partbit tells me they are good at their craft.


              • Soompi had an article “Wok of Love” will be a romantic comedy about Dan Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won), Seo Poong (2PM’s Junho), and Doo Chil Sung (Jang Hyuk). Seo Poong is a top chef who goes from leading a renowned restaurant to working in a dingy neighborhood joint, while Doo Chil Sung is a loan shark recently released from prison and Dan Sae Woo is the daughter of a chaebol family whose life changes after tasting a bowl of jajangmyun [black bean paste noodles] at a local restaurant.

                The article had a tesaser video which I won’t watch but you may be interested in:


  3. Table122000 says:

    I liked the sweet moments between TH & SH this episode. It’s been interesting to see how this writer is interpreting the moments of the novel in the drama. I think this ep. is where we see the “surrender” of Mme. Tourvel (aka Joy), in that TH & SH spend the night together at the inn.
    I would have liked to see TH initiate that goodnight kiss to SH just because I think it would have better illustrated her complete surrender to him and thus have been more in line with the novel,and make the cruel breakup scene a little deeper. I did like that TH wrote “I love you” on SH palm-that was a nice touch by the writer.


    • I liked the sweet moments between TH & SH this episode
      I’ve bought into their love. It is a first for both of them and the emotions are strong because of that. Initially I thought I might find it sickly sweet, but it has worked for me.💑


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