Mystery Queen 2 Episode 11

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 11

A woman talking on the phone walks the alley a night. She spies a man in a trench coat. She tells her friend she might have spotted a pervert. She makes a turn. She thinks she’s in the clear. She’s wrong. The man grabs her.

Cue intro…

Coffee shop owner plucks a red dress from her closet. She murmurs “he is a man with ambition”. Wearing the red dress and armed with a cake box, she knocks on a door.

At the police station, Profiler Woo enters Chief Shin’s office and scans it for bugs. He finds the listening device Mr. Kang planted. Chief Shin’s eyes widen in surprise. Profiler Woo ask why Chief Shin didn’t tell him he met with Mr. Kim. Chief Shin notes Mr. Kim is dangerous. Chief Shin admits he’s never actually seen Mr. Kim. He relays how random people have given him a cell phone for his communications with Mr. Kim. He notes recently Mr. Kim’s voice has been a woman’s voice. Speak of the devil, Chief Shin’s phone rings. Profiler Woo listens to the woman’s voice about the next place and time for their meeting.

We see coffee shop owner deliberately leave her cell phone in the hands of the shopper she just had make the phone call. She tells the woman to throw it away.

Profiler Woo says he’ll take the next meeting with Mr. Kim. He tells Chief Shin they are on the same boat. He demands that Chief Shin tell him what he did to get in Mr. Kim’s clutches. Chief Shin says he turned a blind eye to an investigation. Chief Shin only wants to retire without scandal and not affect his rookie daughter. Profiler Woo promises to help but his goal is to capture Mr. Kim.

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) is surprised to learn her potential landlord could be Profiler Woo. He’s horrified and tries to talk her out of it. Seol Ok pleads saying she needs a place to live. She promises her cooking will surprise him. She stares at him. Profiler Woo caves. Seol Ok calls Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) and tells him she found him a place and he has to move it today.

OMG! Detective Ha and Profiler Woo living together AND working together. How can Seol Ok sign a lease for Detective Ha?

Profiler Woo frets about the situation. The doorbell rings. The moving guys show up. Detective Ha walks in. Profiler Woo asks why he’s there. Detective Ha can’t believe it. Unfortunately for Profiler Woo, Detective Ha snores and the walls are thin.

Another lawyer leaves the law firm. Detective Ha’s brother realizes he’ll have to restructure the company. Coffee shop owner arrives with a snack. She sees the resignation letter on the next. Detective Ha’s brother admits the 15 lawyers working an acquisition have recently quit. She asks to see the lawyer’s names.

Profiler Woo is bleary the next morning. Detective Ha is chipper.

At the police station, Seol Ok is thrilled to see them walk in together sure their living situation is a win-win. Detective Ha grumbles there is only one bathroom. Seol Ok is dismayed when Manager Jo asks her to make coffee for a meeting. She says her duties are to be involved with police work. Manager Jo demands to know who told her that. Detective Ha slides down in his chair. Manager Jo glares. Seol Ok assures Manager Jo she’ll make the coffee.

Mr. Hwang asks his new trainee, Kim Kyung Mi (Kim Hyun Sook) to make him tea. He rewards her with a bad joke. She dutifully laughs.

The station meeting is embarrassing for Kyung Mi when Mr. Hwang shines a black light flashlight on her face to reveal a pattern he got her to unknowingly put on her face. When Seol Ok serves coffee she asks what is wrong with Kyung Mi’s face. Team Lead Gye tells Mr. Hwang to stop. Everyone laughs.

After the meeting Team Lead Gye shares that Mr. Hwang did a similar thing to him when he first arrived.

That was kind of Team Lead Gye.

Seol Ok cheers Kyung Mi up. They decide a drink is in order.

Girl power can get you through the tough times.

While they drink, Kyung Mi admits being Mr. Hwang’s trainee is tough. They spy Chief Shin’s daughter and invite her to join. They discuss the assailant that touched Chief Shin’s daughter’s backside on the bus. Kyung Mi gets an inspiring idea on how to catch him.

Will it involve the black light that Mr. Hwang used?

Chief Shin’s daughter, Kyung Mi, and Seol Ok ride the bus hoping to catch the assailant. When he gets on and touches Chief Shin’s daughter she initially freezes but after getting an encouraging look from Seol Ok, strides to the front of the bus and declares an assailant is on the bus. In flashback we see our trio painted their skirts with the special paint. When the assailant exits, his hands reveal the truth. He tries to run. Chief Shin’s daughter trips him and cuffs him.

LOVE IT! Now that’s girl power!

Seol Ok and Manager Jo have a difficult time discerning which of the 3 new police academy arrivals is the famous rapper. One of the arrivals recognize Seol Ok and is thrilled to see her. Manager Jo picks the wrong guy. This means Chief Shin ends up washing the wrong guy’s feet. You guessed it, the was the arrival that recognized Seol Ok that was the famous rapper.

Profiler Woo and Detective Ha aren’t excited when Manager Jo assigns them the role of catching similar assailants to the bus assailant. Detective Ha is just as rude to Profiler Woo as he was to Team Lead Gye. Profiler Woo reminds him he is the superior.

The famous rapper asks Seol Ok for her autograph. She recalls her fan club that has two members. The rapper admits he’s one of them. He asks Seol Ok to help his manager’s fiancée to find her long missing father. Seol Ok asks Profiler Woo for help. He assigns Detective Ha to do so. Detective Ha gets a call and warns Seol Ok not to get in trouble while he responds to the call.

Detective Ha is surprised to learn that Profiler Woo is also looking for the woman Seo Hyun Soo when the calling officer mentions this.  She relates that Profiler Woo told her Seo Hyun Soo isn’t a single person. Detective Ha offers to take Profiler Woo the evidence she has for him.

Detective Ha views the video which shows the woman from behind. Detective Ha wonders what is going on. He watches Profiler Woo leave the apartment after getting a phone call. He searches Profiler Woo’s room. He sees the note that Profiler Woo is going to the theatres to meet Seo Hyun Soo’s staff.

Detective Ha follows Profiler Woo to the theatre. Profiler Woo learns that a woman requested someone to record a message declaring they were Seo Hyun Soo. Profiler Woo is surprised to find Detective Ha waiting for him outside the theatre. Detective Ha asks if he’s looking for the Seo Hyun Soo who died 17 years ago. Profiler Woo retorts he looks for suspects not victims. Detective Ha follows Profiler Woo as he leaves. The coffee shop owner exits the theatre.

The next morning Seol Ok and Detective Ha arrive where the long missing father last lived. The wife is convinced her husband will return. The daughter lets them pursue her father’s belongings. A neighbor claims she saw the man leave early with a large suitcase. Seol Ok asks if she could clearly see the man. They talk to other people. They return to the police station to review the case file. They learn Team Lead Gye was the officer in charge of the case which was a treated as a potential murder. They stare at Team Lead Gye as he walks down the hallway.

Seol Ok meets her two-member fan club. Her former fellow student tries to call the formerly falsely accused student to meet them. She doesn’t answer her phone.

Lying in a field is the unconscious or dead formerly falsely accused student. Her cell phone rings next to her. The man that brought her stares at her. He walks through the field away from the woman. Is she dead?

My Thoughts

This episode was the second good one in a row. Writer Lee is on a roll! It stayed centered in the police station with the support characters we are vested in. The humor was overt. The girl power was refreshing. If the victim is the formerly falsely accused student, I’m going to care more about that than I did grumpy grandpa. Doesn’t coffee shop lady continue to intrigue? Is she the mysterious Mr. Kim?

Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) was rude to Profiler Woo.  Detective Ha’s rudeness to Team Lead Gye seemed justified (tit for tat), but I like Profiler Woo. While living with Profiler Woo was a forced plot point, it did tip Detective Ha that Profiler Woo is investigating Seo Hyun Soo.

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) joined forces with Kyung Mi and Chief Shin’s daughter to catch the bus assailant. I loved their plan. I loved seeing Chief Shin’s daughter take her first steps declaring herself a police officer and catching her first criminal. I had to laugh when Seol Ok learned that Detective Ha lied to her about her duties.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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13 comments on “Mystery Queen 2 Episode 11
  1. Beez says:

    Finally! Seol ok had normal clothes on! The anklet socks and granny dresses gave her a weird combination of trying too hard to look young (the socks) yet grandma-ish at the same time.

    With normal jeans/pants on, she looked like a young-ish ahjumma.


    • Finally! Seol ok had normal clothes on! …With normal jeans/pants on, she looked like a young-ish ahjumma.
      I hadn’t really noticed her fashion but like the idea of it improving as she evolves. When they’ve shown flashbacks from the first season, her hairstyle is more flattering this season.


      • Beez says:

        That’s true about her hairstyle. This actress always makes me think of Renee Zellweiger (sure I butchered her name) but before her eye surgery she looked older than she actually was. I liked Zellweger’s squinty look though as it set her apart. As to Seol ok, I think the shorter hair from Season 1 looks better because it avoids that “trying to look young” which always ages people even more. I always thought she looks too old for the rom-com agasshis she portrayed even a decade ago when she really was that age. I’m hope they have more roles in rom-coms for a bit more mature actresses as heroines.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Beez, I see your point about Seol Ok’s 🔎 hair, but I don’t think she is trying to look younger based on the hideous old lady outfits she has been wearing (which you pointed out!). I like Seol Ok’s 🔎 look better with longer hair, but I thought she looked fine with the shorter hair last season … I love the flashback’s to season 1, which authentic footage showing her shorter hair, it is so refreshing to have actual old footage, which looks so much better than most dramas, which have no choice, that use a wig with a different hairstyle for flashbacks.


          • Beez says:

            That’s true cause so many times the wigs are horrible! Or everyone has dyed their hair in the later episodes and it shouldn’t match the new color in the backflash. lol


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💖💟💗 the girl power used to catch the bus 🚌 pervert❗

    The way Seol Ok 🔎 was looking for an apartment was confusing, I thought … Wait! Isn’t it Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ who needs a place to live? I wonder how long this awkward living arrangement is going to last?

    I have seeing Ji Seung 💼 being seduced into complacency by Fancy Cake Lady 🍰. Ha & Jeong needs reorganizing, but Ji Seung 💼 won’t considering looking at the foundation. What has caused to many employees to quit? What is Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 REALLY after? This the Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 actually Secretary Kim or a minion?


    • Beez says:

      Fancy Cake Lady first strike me as anybody’s minion. If she is, I’d be very surprised. She seems like the brainy, lethal boss of whatever’s going on.

      My impression (guess) is she’s not evil for evil’s sake but has an ambition to rule the law firm (the world) or her very own revenge plan for some past injustice.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I can picture Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 as the mastermind, but I’m not sure if she really is. I think there have been scenes where she was taking direction over the phone…or was she giving it? Whether she is the mastermind or a minion, Fancy Cake Lady 🍰 is an antagonist; I hope she is NOT the mastermind and is not evil for evil’s sake … time will tell.


        • Beez says:

          Yup. I just hope Hyung Ha is not hurt and swept up in the process. He sure is enamored, giving his mother’s ring to Fancy Cake Lady already without even a proper kiss yet.


          • Jane Tilly says:

            Yup, Ji Seung 💼 had been seduced by the seemingly sweet 🍭 Fancy Cake Lady 🍰. I hate to see this nice guy being taken advantage of.

            The men in this family don’t exactly have a great track record for solidifying relationships by giving rings 💍. 😜


    • Good questions. Inquiring minds want to know.


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