Mystery Queen 2 Episode 10

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 10

The woman that identified herself as Seo Hyun runs away from a man. She texts Profiler Woo for help.  to meet her. She tries to make a call. The man finds her. He reaches for her and she screams. The man calls the Secretary (same man that is trying to bring down the law firm?) and asks if he should depose of her like before. Profiler Woo calls her. The man accepts the phone call but doesn’t speak. Profiler Woo knows something is terribly wrong.

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) and Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) can’t remember what happened to the ring. They return to the coffee shop hoping to jog their memory. The flower lady is working. Seol Ok asks her if Detective Ha gave her a ring. She confirms Detective Ha gave her a ring. Detective Ha is shocked. Seol Ok’s look says “I told you so.”

Cue intro…

At the police station, Manager Jo waylays Team Lead Gye for feedback on the latest revision of his novel. Team Lead Gye claims it is wonderful and no edits need to be made. Desperate for honest feedback Manager Jo turns to forensics officer Mr. Hwang. He’s upset to learn the Mr. Hwang used the printed pages of his novel for anything but reading material. Team Lead Gye hears all about it.

The flower lady says Detective Ha gave her the ring and asked that she hide it in the cake for Seol Ok. She assumed he was going to propose. Detective Ha denies that. The flower lady doesn’t know what happened to the ring. She guesses it was thrown away. Outside the cake shop Seol Ok and Detective Ha bicker about the lost ring.

At the police station, Seol Ok gives Detective Ha her application for the administration position. She spies Profiler Woo enter the station. He explains he was transferred. He asks if Detective Ha found her at the study housing. Detective Ha denies it but Seol Ok confirms it. Profiler Woo declares Detective Ha is a simple man to figure out. Seol Ok explains she’s applying for the administrative assistant position. Seol Ok chides Detective Ha for not telling her that he’s working with Profiler Woo.

Chief Shin’s daughter warns Profiler Woo that Mr. Hwang is difficult to deal with. They give each other a secret handshake much to her surprise. She can’t believe they are the same age. Mr. Hwang orders her to get them tea. Profiler Woo asks how many shoes he has in his database. Mr. Hwang grabs Profiler Woo’s shoes, thrilled to see a kind not in his database. Mr. Hwang tells Profiler Woo that he’s training a new profiler, Kim Kyung Mi (Kim Hyun Sook), that might have the necessary smarts and humor to learn from him. Profiler Woo says he only has team member (Detective Ha) with one other candidate that applied (Chief Shin’s daughter).

Detective Ha hands Seol Ok’s application over to his friend. He spies Mr. Kang and asks why he’s there. Mr. Kang declares he’s there to see Chief Shin. Detective Ha turns away from Chief Shin who beacons Mr. Kang to follow.

Seol Ok doesn’t believe the ring was thrown away. She remembers the flower lady wearing it. She asks Kyung Mi to search her memory for details of that evening. She recalls them arguing in front of the house about the cake. Detective Ha encouraged Seol Ok to throw up the ring. Detective Ha assumes Seol Ok stole the ring. She screams that he’s a player. Seol Ok declares that Detective Ha trying to make her throw up the ring proves the ring wasn’t thrown away. Seol Ok declares she couldn’t have eaten the ring without knowing it. Seol Ok recalls seeing the flower lady wearing the ring that night. Kyung Mi declares if that is true, Detective Ha gave the ring to the flower lady.

The police officer interrupts the male bonding between Mr. Kang and Chief Shin. She gives him the administration position to approve. Mr. Kang offers his pen. Chief Shin signs the position without studying it closely.

Profiler Woo visits his autopsy buddy whenever a new burned body is found.

Seol Ok is pleased to get the administration position. She tells Kyung Mi they’ll be like two peas in a pod once again. Seol Ok skips up the stairs to call Detective Ha with the good news.

Detective Ha is pleased to hear Seol Ok’s news. As he pulls into the parking lot at his brother’s office building the cake shop lady is in front of him. She manages to avoid being spotted. Detective Ha asks his brother if they can celebrate his release with a meal. His brother says he’s got someone waiting for him in his office. They agree to get together another day.

Detective Ha’s brother gives the coffee shop lady the papers to sign to assume control of the foundation. She signs them without reading them. They knew each other when he was a judge. They head out to have lunch together.

A nurse provides an x-ray match to Profiler Woo. He declares he’s meeting Seo Hyun again. He visits the woman’s apartment. He frightens her roommate when she finds Profiler Woo in her apartment. Profiler Woo informs her that her roommate is dead.

Mr. Kang brings Detective Ha to his state of the art surveillance office. We see that Mr. Kang planted a listening device in Chief Shin’s office. They listen to Chief Shin agree to meet Secretary Kim on Thursday. Mr. Kang says that Detective Ha will have to determine what Thursday the meeting will be. Mr. Kang chides Detective Ha to use his charm to ingratiate himself with Chief Shin. Detective Ha declares they’ll be best friends.

The roommate is distraught that her roommate was strangled then burned. She hands over her roommates’ cell phone. She says her roommate was stalked. Profiler Woo listens to the voice recording on the phone. He murmurs that two women identified as Seo Hyun have died.

Seol Ok and Detective Ha walk the neighborhood. They hear screams from two women. The run to the to screams and learn the man that tried to attack them ran away. Detective Ha gives chase but loses him. Later the man stalks another woman. She screams. He covers her mouth and grabs her.

Seol Ok arrives at the police station for her first day on the job in good spirits. Detective Ha greets her. They are both happy campers.

Chief Shin’s daughter complains to her father that Mr. Hwang is mean to her. His advises she avoid Mr. Hwang. She admits she transferred to unit 2 because she wants to work with Profiler Woo. Chief Shin warns her to be careful. A man touches her on the bus. She flashes back to a man grabbing her when she was young. Her attacker on the bus smiles.

At the police station, Chief Shin’s daughter is listless. Manager Jo is started to see Seol Ok in the station. He can’t believe she works there. He can’t believe Chief Shin signed off on her being hired.

Team Lead Gye notices Chief Shin’s daughter is not her normal self. He can’t believe Chief Shin signed off on her being hired. Seol Ok sees Chief Shin’s daughter searching about sexual harassment and asks her why. Chief Shin’s daughter is surprised Seol Ok knows about being sexually assaulted. That gets Team Lead Gye and Corporal Kong Han Min’s attention. When they hear the details – it happened on a bus and she didn’t see the man – they state finding the man will be difficult. She implores them to do their job even if the odds aren’t good. Team Lead Gye directs Seol Ok to go to her desk and attend to her duties. Chief Shin’s daughter leaves upset.

Manager Jo asks why Seol Ok is at the police station. He tells her to remove her from the premises. He’s shocked to learn that he signed off on Seol Ok’s employment application. He tells Manager Jo to fire her. Manager Jo states they cannot because of the 6-month contract. Chief Shin yells that Manager Jo needs to be creative. Manager Jo assures him he’ll handle it.

Chief Shin’s daughter declares she’ll find her assailant. She admits it reminds her of what happened to her years ago. Seol Ok is supportive. Chief Shin is ashamed that she was fearful not forceful. Seol Ok offers to help. Detective Ha overhears. Detective Ha suggests they lure the assailant who is addicted to assault.

Detective Ha asks Chief Shin’s daughter to give her father the hangover drink and note. She reads the note. Detective Ha asks Chief Shin to give him another chance to be a positive member of his team.

Chief Shin and Manager Jo stare at Detective Ha’s note and try to decipher the real intent of the note. Chief Shin worries. Manager Jo suggests the hangover drink is a bribe. They look at it like it is a bomb.  Manager Jo tells Chief Shin to lay low. Chief Shin yells that Manager Jo needs to swamp Detective Ha with work.

The coffee shop owner returns to her apartment. She sighs as she sinks into a comfy chair. Later she heads to the bathroom to washup. She sips wine in her bathtub. She ignores a phone call from Detective Ha’s brother.  She listens to a recording of Profiler Woo discussing Seo Hyun. She’s envious of the woman.

My Thoughts

This episode was a step in the right direction. It was centered back in the police station with the support characters we’ve watched for 10 episodes. Writer Lee provided more details on the ring and Seo Hyun Soo. Didn’t you love the comradery between Mr. Hwang and Profiler Woo?  Weren’t you intrigued when the coffee shop lady tried to hide her visit to Detective Ha’s brother? Didn’t you enjoy the level of humor?

Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) learned he put the ring in a slice of cake but what happened to it after that is unknown.  Detective Ha was darling as he facilitated (along with Mr. Kwang) Seol Ok’s hiring by the distracted Chief Shin.

Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) doesn’t think she swallowed the ring. Her friendship with Kyung Mi continues to provide comic relief. While I applaud her desire to catch the perpetrator on the bus, it won’t be easy. Detective Ha’s idea of setting a trap is a good one.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Mystery Queen 2 Episode 10
  1. Beez says:

    I’ll try to stick with the good this time:
    I lovvvved the interaction between Crazy Forensic Dude and Profiler Woo. lol It was genius not to have Profiler Woo break his stoic character even though he responded to Crazy Forensics like they were old friends. I loved it!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yup, it feels like the drama is back on track.

    I 💗💟💖 the comradery between Inspector Woo 🤓 and Forensic Scientist Hwang 🔬❗. Color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 that they not only already knew each other, but could appreciate each other’s professional skills. I’ve been waiting for these two to share a scene; I thought they would be raucous fun of divas competing for the spotlight 🔦 … they may yet. These quirky individuals having mutual professional respect was unexpected, but delightful 👏❗. Inspector Woo’s 🤓 straight laced, conservative appearance and stilted, emotionless demeanor juxtaposed with Mr Hwang’s 🔬 eccentric appearance and erratic behavior tickles my funny bone. MORE PLEASE❗

    Did Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ finish her training? She seemed to return sooner than expected and received her assignment to train with the wacky Mr Hwang 🔬.

    I laughed 😆 when the chief signed Seol Ok’s 🔎 employment contract 📝 without noticing he was hiring the one person person who he wanted to bar from the precinct. Why is the Chief so set on keeping Seol Ok 🔎 away from the precinct❓⁉️

    The writer must be reading our comments about requesting more compelling cases as the new sexual assault case involved officer Shin, who is a known, likeable person. Will Chief Shin’s heart be softened when Seol Ok 🔎 and Wan Seung 🕵️‍♂️ catch his daughter’s culprit❓⁉️


    • Inspector Woo’s 🤓 straight laced, conservative appearance and stilted, emotionless demeanor juxtaposed with Mr Hwang’s 🔬 eccentric appearance and erratic behavior tickles my funny bone.
      Breathe of fresh air, that’s what these two are.

      Did Kyung Mi 👮‍♀️ finish her training?
      I wondered the same.

      I enjoyed this episode.It’s about time.


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