Would I Date Him? Hwayugi

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the leading man, Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi), from the series Hwayugi (aka A Korean Odyssey). I am a Lee Seung Gi fan. He was the reason I watched this series.

Our candidate: Oh Gong portrayed by Lee Seung Gi from the series Hwayugi.

Background. Oh Gong is a deity that begins the series under house arrest until young girl (Sun Mi) sets him free in exchange for his protection. Oh Gong breaks his promise and leaves her alone and undefended. Years later, Oh Gong and Sun Mi meet again. The powers that be convince Sun Mi that shackling Oh Gong with a bracelet that will force him to protect her is fair retribution. But the bracelet also creates “instant love” on Oh Gong, something neither of them are comfortable with. As Oh Gong and Sun Mi work together to eliminate evil spirits they grow closer and fall in love. However Sun Mi is never sure if Oh Gong truly loves her or if the bracelet is the source of his feelings. Oh Gong and Sun Mi make sacrifices to save each other (and the world) but a ripped apart by Sun Mi’s final sacrifice. A shattered Oh Gong must find a way to go on. The powers that be interfere again but this time the results blaze the path for our couple to be reunited.

Oh Gong went through an evolution from selfish to caring during the series. I’m assessing the “evolved” version of Oh Gong.

His pluses:
* Subjective – Flaunts authority, Flair for fashion (e.g. he rocked a full length fur coat)
* Absolute – Protective, Loving, Demonstrates friendship, Smartest character in the series

His minuses:
* Absolute – Argumentative, Messy
* Subjective – Selective about what/who he cares about

Is he my next date? 👍
If Oh Gong were ever emotionally available (Sun Mi has a lock on his heart), dating him would be an exciting adventure. I’ve never dated a deity, but I’d give it a try for Oh Gong.

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4 comments on “Would I Date Him? Hwayugi
  1. Lol I love this post. I think I would have to pass on Oh Gong. But I would definitely take the actor.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I think I would be game 🎲🎲 to date Oh Gong 🐒. He would not be long term relationship material unless he was into me. Why not roll the dice 🎲❓⁉️


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