Hwayugi Episode 20 Recap (Final)

Hwayugi Episode 20 Recap (Final)

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) lays on a wood table with the elder and his throng of heavenly assistants in a circle staring at him. Hwi Chul’s voiceover details Oh Gong’s trouble making past rewarded by the heavens to rank of deity.

We see Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) telling Assistant Lee’s children and the boy saved in an earlier episode the story of Oh Gong. Poor Oh Gong is listless and lonely. Hwi Chul tells the children that Oh Gong didn’t care about humans before. But now he’s miserable and alone. Oh Gong asks the children if they’d like to meet Oh Gong. He puts them in an elevator and sends them to Oh Gong. He hopes they can perk Oh Gong up and get him to leave his house.

The children walk through Oh Gong’s garden. Oh Gong appears and tells them to leave. The eldest says Hwi Chul sent them. Oh Gong has a flashback of Sam Jung and clutches his heart. The eldest child is concerned. Oh Gong wonders if they’ve met. The child hasn’t met him. Hwi Chul’s voiceover states that fighting the dragon shattered Oh Gong’s mind.

Hwi Chul tells the elder that Oh Gong doesn’t remember Sam Jung and he won’t remove the bracelet which crushes his heart when memories surface. Hwi Chul muses that the bracelet saved Oh Gong’s heart when his body was injured fighting the dragon. The elder is surprised the bracelet didn’t disappear when Sam Jung died. Hwi Chul points out many things haven’t gone according to the heavens plans. The elder recalls’ Sam Jung single wish that Oh Gong be kept away from the dragon. Hwi Chul states Sam Jung being killed by the evil sword thwarted the death bell’s fate that Sam Jung or Oh Gong would kill each other. The elder claims he’s thinking about calling Sam Jung to remove the bracelet. That gets Hwi Chul’s attention. The elder’s plan is to bring Sam Jung from the underworld for one day so she can remove the bracelet.

Oh Gong drinks and has a partial memory of Sam Jung. He clutches his heart in pain. He hears someone calling his name. He goes outside to investigate. Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) is there on the bridge they stood on in the opening episodes of this series. Oh Gong doesn’t recognize her. She spies the bracelet on his wrist. He asks they know each other. Sam Jung tells him she knows him and put the bracelet on his wrist originally. She will remove it. Oh Gong stares at her.

Hwi Chul states that because Oh Gong wore the bracelet by his choice, Sam Jung won’t be able to remove it. Assistant Ma asks why Hwi Chul didn’t tell the elder this detail. Hwi Chul retorts that the elder wouldn’t have brought Sam Jung back to earth if he knew. Hwi Chul knows Oh Gong won’t recognize Sam Jung due to his memory issues. Hwi Chul declare the order of events must be Sam Jung helping Oh Gong defeat his memory issues so he can realize he can remove the bracelet himself and do so.

Sam Jung reaches for the bracelet but Oh Gong stops her. He asks why everyone wants him to rid himself of the bracelet. Sam Jung says that she loved him in the past. She asks if he believes her. Oh Gong searches his memories.

Assistant Ma wonders if Sam Jung will be able to help Oh Gong. PK (Lee Hong Ki) and Nyeo Dae Sik (Oh Gong’s brother) attest to Oh Gong’s state. General Frost wonders if things will improve if Oh Gong remembers everything. Alice appear wanting to know what happened during her memory blackout. PK explains that they were briefly involved but it didn’t work out. Alice shows him a picture on her cell phone and asks when this was taken. PK recalls the Jade Dragon getting drunk and he and Bu Ja helping her. PK realizes he’s the only one in the picture that is still alive.

Hanging with the homeless Asanyeo wonders if her powers vanished when Sam Jung died. She knows her body continues to rot but she is unable to die. Asanyeo spies a newspaper article headline about Mr. Kang. She recalls Oh Gong stating they were friends long ago. She wishes she could be burned.

Mr. Kang declares that Oh Gong was the cause of his issues. He staggers to the coffin. He order his assistant to get rid of it. Mr. Kang drinks alone. He passes out. When he wakes he’s tied up and in the coffin. He freaks out but his mouth is gagged. The assistant orders the coffin be thrown into the middle of the ocean.

The elder praises Sam Jung’s sacrifice which saved the world. Hwi Chul hopes the next dragon is gold and good. The elder declares Sam Jung must remove the bracelet.

Sam Jung tells Oh Gong she put the bracelet on him and kept him by her side. She reaches for the bracelet but he pushes her hand away. Oh Gong can’t believe the bracelet controlled him. Sam Jung declares she activated the bracelet. Oh Gong wants to know how. He dares her to reactivate the bracelet. Sam Jung hesitates then kisses him. Oh Gong has a flashback to Sam Jung kissing him in the past. He clutches his heart. Sam Jung is concerned. He orders her to leave. She can’t stand seeing him hurting. She tells him she can prove what she claims. She asks him to come with her.

Sam Jung waits on the bridge hoping Oh Gong agrees to come out. She recalls the elder giving her a necklace to facilitate this one-day visit.

Oh Gong has another memory of Sam Jung. He clutches his heart.

Hwi Chul is surprised to see a coat on the bull statue when he returns home. He hopes it belongs to Oh Gong. He’s right. Oh Gong exits his room. Hwi Chul is happy to see him. Oh Gong asks if he’s the one that sent the spirit to remove his bracelet. He shares the she told him to exit his house. Hwi Chul states that spirit is more than Oh Gong imagines. Oh Gong wants details. Hwi Chul takes his hand and tells him once he remembers the bracelet can be removed.

Sun Mi looks around her deserted office. She hears Assistant Lee in the outside office. She hides when he enters. He stares at her old yellow umbrella. Sun Mi walks towards him and accidently knocks over a bottle of water. She appears. He pretends to faint then whacks himself on the head hard enough to render himself unconscious. When he wakes Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma are there. Assistant Lee cries when he discusses Sun Mi’s sudden loss. Hwi Chul says he is there to handle Sun Mi’s estate. He informs Assistant Lee that Sun Mi bequeathed the real estate company to him. Assistant Ma produces a contract to transfer the company to Assistant Lee. He’s shocked. Hwi Chul tells Assistant Ma that Sun Mi wants him to cry tears of joy at his daughter’s wedding. Assistant Lee sobs. Sun Mi watches and smiles.

I love Hwi Chul’s coat!

Outside Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma wonder if Oh Gong and Sun Mi are together. Flower petals swarm around them. Hwi Chul wonders if Bu Ja was reincarnated as a flower.

Oh Gong looks around Sun Mi’s apartment. He has flashes of memories. He doesn’t clutch his heart when me remembers her. He turns and Sun Mi is there. He tells her he believes her now. Sun Mi says she only has 1 day. Oh Gong looks at her necklace and wonders why she’s only allotted a single day. She makes a move to remove the bracelet. Oh Gong stops her. They have a day together. He wants to use it. He asks where they should eat. Sun Mi takes him an eatery and lies that he liked spicy food. He tries the spicy food and isn’t impressed but he likes spending time with Sun Mi. She decides they should spend the day together. Oh Gong wonders if he liked her as she claimed. He pats his heart.

I’m starting to have hope. Why didn’t the memories of her hurt Oh Gong?

Hwi Chul stops by the magic shop. The grandson (his son but Hwi Chul doesn’t know this) is there but his grandmother isn’t. They banter. Hwi Chul claims not to like the informal manner the young man uses. They discover they both like mushroom porridge from a particular eatery. Hwi Chul agrees to the grandson’s suggestion they have a chat room. He hands over his phone to Hwi Chul to exchange numbers. Hwi Chul sees the falling stars wallpaper on the phone. The grandson states he took the photo one night when his grandmother told him to respect the falling stars. That gets Hwi Chul’s attention. He says the night the stars fell coincided with the fate of a woman he knew. The grandson sees the flower petals on the back of Hwi Chul’s phone and comments he saw the flower petals swarming too. It dawns on Hwi Chul. He stares at the young man. He asks what his name is. Hong Hae Ah is the response. Hwi Chul leans closer to the boy his heart wondering if this boy is his long-lost son.

Nice scene. I felt Hwi Chul’s longing that his guess was true.

Hwi Chul stares at the portrait of his long-lost lady love. He wonders if the boy is his son. He recalls the elder saying his son would become a target of the heavens if Hwi Chul ever found him.

Asanyeo ends up in PK’s dressing room. He covers her as others recoil from the stench. He tells Asanyeo he did that to protect Bu Ja’s memory. He’s surprised to see Asanyeo’s level of decay. She asks for energy beads. She asks him to burn her. She admits she doesn’t have the strength to eat since Sam Jung died.

Outside, Asanyeo asks to be burn. She assures him Bu Ja is gone and only her evil spirit remains in the body. PK produces the blue flame. Asanyeo speaks Bu Ja’s final words “I liked you”. She grabs PK’s hand and puts the blue flame on herself. She burns and disappears. PK cries.

The elder wonders if Sam Jung will remove the bracelet before the day is done. Assistant Ma wonders if Sam Jung will learns the truth. Hwi Chul believes Sam Jung will understand that Oh Gong loved her if only Oh Gong’s memories would return. The elder wants details. Hwi Chul refuses stating the elder’s zipped lips kept important things from him. Hwi Chul asks if his lady love was reincarnated as a flower. The elder confirms this. Hwi Chul shares that Oh Gong removed the bracelet in the past and can again if his memories are restored.

Sun Mi explains the bulk of their relationship was based on catching evil spirits. Oh Gong isn’t impressed. Then he remembers catching evil spirits with her. He grabs his head. He admits this is the first clear of memories. Sun Mi says he always protected her. She asks if he believes she’s the bracelet’s owner. He does but he’s not ready to have it removed. If he remembered everything, would there be embarrassing moments? Sun Mi smiles and shares she a hung a star in the sky for him. Oh Gong remembers the moment. He remembers more moments filled with their love. He grabs his heart. Sun Mi asks if he remembers. He demands to know if their relationship was one-sided or mutual. She doesn’t answer. Oh Gong snaps his fingers. Stars fall into Sun Mi’s lap. He says that he liked her and put the star in the sky for her.

Sun Mi assures him that his feelings were manufactured and manipulated by the bracelet. Once the bracelet is gone, his pain will disappear. Oh Gong offers his wrist and tells her to remove the bracelet. She tries but can’t remove it. Oh Gong pulls his wrist away. Sun Mi is shocked and doesn’t understand why she can’t remove the bracelet. She put it on him. She can take it off him. Oh Gong doesn’t believe his pain will disappear once the bracelet is removed. Sun Mi admits she is unsure about that too. She never knew his true feelings, she only knew his feelings influenced by the bracelet. She doesn’t know if it is real pain or manufactured pain. Irked, Oh Gong can’t believe she came to him without knowing all. Sun Mi assures him she acted in good faith. Oh Gong says it doesn’t matter because she can’t remove it. Sun Mi touches the necklace that allows her to be there. Oh Gong wishes her well and disappears. She can’t understand why she couldn’t remove the bracelet.

Oh Gong angrily tells Hwi Chul that Sun Mi couldn’t remove the bracelet. Hwi Chul says that only when his memories are knitted together, the bracelet can be removed. Oh Gong remembers feeling sorry for Assistant Ma and liking Assistant Ma but the pain isn’t ending. Hwi Chul is clear, because Sun Mi died, Oh Gong will never be pain free. He declares that is the memory he must unearth. He encourages Oh Gong to continue exploring so he can remove the bracelet.

Hwi Chul is retrained, tactful, and thoughtful. Who knew Hwi Chul had that in him?

When he returns home, Oh Gong remembers the sword and the white heron. He remembers Sun Mi’s dying words and her belief that the bracelet would be removed and any pain at her death and false love he felt would be gone. He remembers holding her lifeless body. He cries and calls her name.

PK tells General Frost knowing the Bu Ja liked him, makes him happy even though he’s sad. PK comments that Sam Jung will return to the underworld never knowing that Oh Gong loves her. General Frost admits that he froze the power of the bracelet once and Sam Jung heard Oh Gong’s true feelings.

Sun Mi stands at the lock. She turns and finds Oh Gong there. She’s happy to see him. He says her name. She’s surprised. He remembers her last words to him and her belief that the bracelet forced false feelings. Oh Gong admits he hid the truth from her. Oh Gong removes the bracelet. It disappears. She stares at him in shock. Oh Gong tells her to ask him anything.

Sun Mi asks if she’s pretty. Oh Gong confirms this.

Yes! Awk! Tears!

Tears fell their eyes. Oh Gong says he loves her. Sun Mi hear the words. He hugs her. She hugs him. She cries. She tells him she loves him. She tells him she must leave. She feels terrible leaving him behind. Oh Gong tells her he has something for her. He touches his head to her. One of Sun Mi’s eyes glow red. Oh Gong says that she has one of his fiery eyes. He promises to find her, no matter what. His eye will allow him to recognize her. He implores her to remember his name. Tears stream down her face.

She promises to wait for him. He promises to find her. She knows he’ll come when she calls for him. He promises they will meet again. Her necklace glows. Sun Mi says she must leave. Tenderly he touches her face. Tears fall from their eyes. He tells her to go. She disappears. Oh Gong cries the pain over love cut short but not destroyed.

That’s the scene I was waiting for. Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo delivered.

With Sun Mi’s yellow umbrella in hand, Assistant Lee looks over a property with spirits. He can’t see them. The spirits are thrilled they won’t have to move.

Assistant Lee ends up at General Frost’s bar. General Frost says Assistant Lee was able to find the bar because of the yellow umbrella. Assistant Lee says it was his late boss’s umbrella. He says she was a special lady. He remembers several successful famous people would visit. The flashback includes Hwi Chul, Assistant Ma, Dae Sik, PK and the Jade Dragon. But Assistant Lee could never forget the man that loved her. General Frost suggests that everyone that visited her were demons while Sun Mi was the only human. That scares Assistant Lee.

Hwi Chul and Oh Gong stand at the valley where the black dragon rose. Oh Gong says the evil spirits will gather again here. Hwi Chul’s big idea is to build a hotel, have the guests attract the evil spirits, and then he’ll make deity points quickly. Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul that this scheme is better than sucking human energy. They both chuckle. Oh Gong admits standing here with Hwi Chul feels good. Hwi Chul admits that Oh Gong makes his world brighter. Oh Gong wonders how Hwi Chul will fare when he leaves. Hwi Chul is surprised. Oh Gong says someone is waiting for him and he must go. Hwi Chul agrees that Oh Gong follow his path. Hwi Chul will continue on his personal path for the sake of his child. Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul they will meet again. They look across the valley and into the future that is front of them in companionable silence.

It happened! Bromance that was equal and genuine.

Assistant Ma tracks Hwi Chul’s son who chuckles at his son’s exploits.

Hwi Chul shows up and his son sighs that he must have better things to do than hassle him for selling trinkets. Hwi Chul states he’s going to build a hotel. He tells him to ask his grandmother if he can work for him. Hwi Chul offers to buy him lunch. They negotiate on the porridge type. Hwi Chul asks who he takes after. His son says his grandmother says he takes after his father. Hwi Chul says his father must have been handsome. His son doesn’t think so. They scratch their back in the identical manner.

Lovely moment.

Hwi Chul returns home sees Oh Gong’s statue is missing. Dae Sik confirms that Oh Gong left. Hwi Chul guesses it must have been far for Oh Gong to take his statue. Dae Sik states Oh Gong is going to the underworld to retrieve Sun Mi. That shocks Hwi Chul. He guesses that Oh Gong will cause chaos in the underworld. He laughs. He loves it! He yells that Oh Gong should go for it!

Oh Gong drives down the road and smiles. He thinks “I will always come for you and protect you. Because I love you.” He puts on his cool dude sunglasses and drives into the sunset, knowing he’s going to get the girl.
My Thoughts

Love and bromance won. The episode focused on Oh Gong’s scattered memories and his depression over Sam Jung’s loss. He didn’t remember her or know why he was depressed so the heavenly realm gave Sam Jung a “get out of jail” card for one day. It worked. Oh Gong’s memories returned and they pledged their love. Hwi Chul was a true friend and supported Oh Gong’s path. I’m not going to quibble that the episode wasted time to get to the ending I wanted.

Do you feel short changed that final reunion of our couple was off screen? I don’t. This series centered on Lee Seung Gi and the charismatic spoiled to genuine Oh Gong. Everyone else was secondary. The final scene with Oh Gong worked for me.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) remembered his love and was able to remove the bracelet. The Hong sisters tied Oh Gong finding his way back to Sun Mi and releasing himself from the bracelet to love. The reunion scene at the lock was a wonderful full circle moment. I expected that scene. But Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Seung Gi made it magic. The flashback of their “greatest hits” of love that jarred Oh Gong’s memory was perfect. Their tears as they basked in the fleeting moments of shared love was wonderful. Their certainty that they would reunite in the future was absolute.

Lee Seung Gi had a difficult role because Oh Gong’s feelings were doubted as genuine. As the series progressed we the viewers could clearly see his love for Sun Mi. She didn’t know Oh Gong truly loved her, but we did. Lee Seung Gi was the star of this series. He bore the weight well.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) finally learned that Oh Gong truly loved her. Sun Mi was called back by the heavenly realm for one last mission; remove the bracelet from Oh Gong to get him back to working order. From start to finish the heavenly realm was consistently selfish, uncaring users. But Sun Mi didn’t back down from Oh Gong’s brush offs. She kept going and successfully jogged his memory. Her shock when she couldn’t remove the bracelet was well played. Her joy when Oh Gong revealed his love was genuine was perfect. Oh Yeon Seo was the human heart to our couple when they initially came together. She felt the feelings until we realized Oh Gong did care. I’m a bit surprised that she didn’t really know his love was genuine. She must have dreamed it was true but didn’t dare to fully embrace it. I enjoyed this couple. Oh Yeon Seo did her part to make them special.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) demonstrated the true meaning of love. Hwi Chul and Oh Gong finally achieved a “Goblin-like” bromance moment. Hwi Chul was supportive of the process Oh Gong went through. He wasn’t raging that Oh Gong needed to hurry things up. He was a true friend. It was gratifying to see. Hwi Chul also realized who his son was and kept quiet so the heavenly realm wouldn’t kill his son. I enjoyed their father and son scenes together. This was Hwi Chul’s best episode.

Supporting characters contribute. Mr. Kang was trapped in the coffin and presumably thrown into the sea. That was fitting. Asanyeo died using PK’s blue flame. That was fitting. General Frost tended his sister’s bar and was a friend to Assistant Lee. That was fitting. Assistant Ma watched over Hwi Chul’s son with discretion. That was fitting. Assistant Lee inherited the business. That was fitting. Dae Sik was a supportive brother from start to finish.
How did I do on my wish list for the final episode of this series?
* Sam Jung comes back to life. She and Oh Gong get their happily ever after. Granted. I stated if this happened I would be satisfied. It did happen. I am satisfied.
* Hwi Chul realizes who his son is and is reunited with his long-lost lady love. Partially granted. Hwi Chul realized who his son was and kept him safe while building a relationship with him. I am satisfied.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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6 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 20 Recap (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I have SO MUCH to say about this enjoyable series that I’m going to drop it in pieces:

    HAN JOO 🐓 & HIS BROOD🐣🐤🐥 – Hwi Chul 🐂 was up to his old antics of recruiting human children and bribing them to do his job. I thought it was great that Han Joo’s kids and the boy he adopted (❓) were the recruits. I thought the actor playing the “adopted” boy looked like the “mini me” of actor Kim Sung Oh, who played Han Joo; could they be father and son❓

    I 💗💟💖 Sun Mi 🌂 for looking out for her colleague Han Joo by giving the real estate business to him. KJT I LOVED 💕 Hwi Chul’s 🐂 large scale houndstooth coat as well; such an improvement over large scale regular plaid coats we seen over the last couple of years in Kdramaland.

    Too bad fraidy cat Han Joo didn’t have the instinct or ability to see ghosts 👻, even with the talisman umbrella 🌂. Well, he probably would have fainted or peed his pants 😱 if he saw a ghost 👻. I enjoyed his final scene with the Winter 🌬️ General.

    Kim Sung Oh is a fantastic character actor and I 💖-ed his contribution to the comedy and human element of this drama.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    JUSTICE FOR ALL – I found it interesting that the villains were human and demon. Just as I reality at times even characters that we liked had villainous actions. This is about the clear-cut villains:

    Color 🖍️ me 🎊surprised🎉 Kang Dae Sung 💩 wasn’t charged with Sun Mi’s 🌂 murder. We knew he got away with murdering Se Ra, AKA Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 and had not been held accountable for the murders he requested Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 commit. How fitting that the EVIL Kang Dae Sung 💩 was done in by his equally wicked compatriots AND in the manner he planned to eliminate Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀. JUSTICE SERVED, albeit outside of the law.

    In the end Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 was punished by comprehending that she was evil and suffered knowing she was NOT loved like Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 was loved (evidence by Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 being at peace sleeping by Bu Ja’s mom and being jealous of the affection for Bu Ja) and by existing as a stinking, rotting zombie; not being able to live or die. Despite the terrible things Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 did, she was in the body of Se Ra AKA Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 and in the end I was glad PK 🐷 had compassion for Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 and burned her. I was touched when Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 relayed Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 last words to PK 🐷. Out of respect for our sweet 🍭 Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 not deserving to have her body inhabited by Ah Sa Nyeo’s 🌹 evil spirit, JUSTICE was SATISFIED, even though I wished for a happier ending for Bu Ja.

    But, hey “didn’t Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 live a luxurious life for a zombie❓” – Son Oh Gong


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    FALLEN COMRADES ACCOLADE – I teared up when Alice nee Jade Dragon 🐙 showed PK 🐷 the selfie 🤳 the Summer 🔆 Fairy, Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀, Jade Dragon 🐙 and PK 🐷. It was nice to see the Winter 🌬️ General survived and was back to being his compassionate self. It was a heart 💓♨️ warming homage of the fallen characters.

    HONG HAE AH, I AM YOUR FATHER – The peddlar’s ‘grandson’ or should I say, Hwi Chul’s 🐂 son, Hong Hae Ah 🎮 revealed himself to Hwi Chul 🐂, unbeknownst to himself with the picture of the falling stars 🌠 which were actually the punishments Hwi Chul 🐂 took for his lady love. Did anyone else find it odd that Hwi Chul 🐂 spent the first half of the series mourning his lady love (with a mention of HER child dying), but nary a peep about losing THEIR mutual child 🎮 until much later in the series❓⁉️ Was the fact that Hwi Chul was the child’s father an afterthought❓⁉️

    Hae Ah 🎮 relating his ‘grandma’s’ admonition to honor the stars 🌠 in addition to the two liking pine mushroom🌲🍄 porridge, and both of them 🐂 🎮 noticing the cherry blossoms 🌸 (SIDE 🎵: lady love being born as a flower 🌸 is a mighty short lifespan) reiterated Hae Ah’s 🎮 parentage to Hwi Chul 🐂. I loved their 🐂 🎮 final scene together walking away with identical mannerisms; like father, like son.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    STINKIN’ GGG – Hmm, Oh Gong’s 🐒 softened heart 💓 is what kept him alive. I find it puzzling that the Elder 🐔, who is from the Heavenly Realm, didn’t understand the strength of the power of love 💗. Why was the Heavenly Realm so anxious to have the mischievious monkey, Son Oh Gong 🐒 return to them❓ Oh Gong 🐒 was staying out of trouble moping around Seuramdong. If that is the impetus for the Heavenly realm to reunite Sun Mi 🌂 and Oh Gong 🐒 … that works for me.

    BROMANCE … AT LAST – I laughed out loud when Hwi Chul 🐂 initially refused to tell the Elder 🐔 how Sun Mi 🌂 would be able to hear Oh Gong’s 🐒 sincerity, since the Elder 🐔 had withheld many things (such as his son’s existence) from him.

    I’m glad Hwi Chul 🐂 bromantically withheld Oh Gong 🐒 wearing the GGG of his own volition, which enabled the Elder 🐔 to bring back Sun Mi ‘s🌂 spirit 👻 to remove the GGG. It bugged 🐜🐛🐞 me that Oh Gong 🐒 called Sun Mi 🌂 a minor evil spirit; how about simply “minor spirit”❓⁉️. What could be evil about the human who sacrificed herself to save the world 🌏❓⁉️.

    It was refreshing to see Hwi Chul step up like a bro this episode to help Oh Gong 🐒 put back that shattered pieces of his mind as the stubborn bull 🐂 was retrained, tactful, and thoughtful. As KJT said “Who knew Hwi Chul 🐂 had that in him?” We FINALLY got the genuine bromance 💙 we’ve been waiting for throughout the series.


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    A LOVE FOR ALL TIME … TO BE CONTINUED – Color 🖍️ Sun Mi 🌂 🎊surprised🎉 that she could NOT remove the GGG. Thankfully before it was too late, Son Oh Gong 🐒 got his memories back and let Sun Mi 🌂 know that he genuinely loved 💕 her even without the GGG. It was BEAUTIFUL, but bittersweet moment as her departure was imminent. Color 🖍️ ME 🎊surprised🎉 that Oh Gong 🐒 gave Sun Mi 🌂 one of his golden-gaze fiery eyes🔥👁️. Ultimately the golden-gaze fiery eyes🔥👁️ was much better than a passionate farewell 💋, as now Oh Gong 🐒 will be able to recognize and find Sun Mi 🌂. Although a passionate farewell 💋 would have been nice, I was VERY SATISFIED with being left with the hope of Oh Mi 🐒🌂 reuniting one day.

    The selfish monkey 🐒 came a long way throughout the series‼️. Eventually Oh Gong 🐒 was able to willingly fulfill his promise to protect Sun Mi 🌂. Our OTP 🐒🌂 developed a genuine 💗 to last the ages.

    The Hong sisters and PD did not disappoint. The lead actors were superb, while the whole ensemble (although the Heavenly Realm was oddly, selfishly demanding) and OST contributed to the production❗ Hwayugi has landed in my top five favorites … now top 6.


    • Although a passionate farewell 💋 would have been nice, I was VERY SATISFIED with being left with the hope of Oh Mi 🐒🌂 reuniting one day….Our OTP 🐒🌂 developed a genuine 💗 to last the ages.
      Glad the ending worked for you too. I enjoyed this couple and their path to love.

      The selfish monkey 🐒 came a long way throughout the series‼
      From selfish cad to self-less protector, I never tire of that kind of transformation.

      The Hong sisters and PD did not disappoint. The lead actors were superb, while the whole ensemble (although the Heavenly Realm was oddly, selfishly demanding) and OST contributed to the production
      I wasn’t as wild on the writing because of the unlikable selfish demons that dominated for the majority of the show. It evolved but their treated of Sun Mi rankled me. This was a good OST! 🎵 I’m pleased you enjoyed Hwayugi!


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