Hwayugi Episode 19 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 19 Recap

PK (Lee Hong Ki) tells the Jade Dragon and General Frost that maybe Asanyeo is turning into Bu Ja. General Frost warns him to be careful. The Jade Dragon tells PK that Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. PK is shocked. General Frost can’t believe the Jade Dragon blurted this. PK recalls Asanyeo stating she chose Mr. Kang. He wonders why. He vows to kill Asanyeo and Mr. Kang.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) and Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) on the bed. They kiss passionately. They make love. After, they stare into the night cuddled together. Sun Mi declares her love. Oh Gong says one day he’ll show her something that will make her very happy.

Tasteful scene that left no doubt that they took it to the next level.

PK drives fast intent on killing Mr. Kang, the man that killed Bu Ja.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) is not happy to learn from the Jade Dragon that PK plans to kill Mr. Kang. Hwi Chul worries that PK could be killed (because Hwi Chul turned off his powers) and that Oh Gong’s plans could be ruined.

PK barges into Mr. Kang’s study. PK demands to know if Mr. Kang knows Bu Ja. Hwi Chul appears and grabs PK. He explains that Bu Ja and PK worked closely at his entertainment company. Hwi Chul explains Asanyeo living at Mr. Kang’s house upsets PK. He asks what Mr. Kang’s relationship is with Asanyeo warning bad press could result. Mr. Kang states Asanyeo is a daughter of someone his foundation is sponsoring. Hwi Chul tells Mr. Kang that he and PK will leave him in peace. PK isn’t happy but cannot resist.

Asanyeo sees PK and Hwi Chul in hallway. PK tries to approach her, but Hwi Chul stops him. Hwi Chul tells Asanyeo to handle Mr. Kang as she sees fit. PK asks why she’s acting this way. He and Hwi Chul leave.

At Hwi Chul’s house, he rails at PK’s actions declaring turning off his powers has just been proven to be the right thing to do. He tells PK and the Jade Dragon to do as he says. PK can’t believe Asanyeo is allowed to live. Hwi Chul retorts she’ll die once Oh Gong handles the black dragon. Hwi Chul says Oh Gong is risking his life and may not survive.

We see the black dragon in the river.

Oh Gong makes to find Sun Mi watching him. She smiles. He smiles. They are both happy. Sun Mi suggests returning to the park where they ate cotton candy. She wants them to enjoy fun things together. Oh Gong knows he may not have much time and only smiles. Sun Mi suggests talking to the white heron about their next steps. She asks if she’ll need to summon the evil spirit in the valley so he can destroy it. Oh Gong suggests she talk to the white heron solo. He requests she take General Frost for protection. Sun Mi agrees. They cuddle and enjoy the sweet bliss of love. Realizing she’s late for work she dashes to get dressed. She promises to see him later. Oh Gong smiles.

It is satisfying to see them happy. Of course, Oh Gong is hiding his plans from her, but she’ll find out one way or the other.

Mr. Kang tells Asanyeo he’ll move her and the coffin to a new place to live. Asanyeo agrees. She tells Mr. Kang that PK was romantically interested in Bu Ja. Mr. Kang asks if Sun Mi brought Bu Ja back to life. Asanyeo snaps Sun Mi isn’t part of their plans. Mr. Kang says Sun Mi bothers him. He decides to meet her again.

Hwi Chul tells Oh Gong he stopped PK from doing damage. Hwi Chul won’t interfere in Oh Gong’s plans. He does wonder if Sam Jung will offer herself as a sacrifice or if she’ll run once she understands the situation. Oh Gong teases Hwi Chul that his caring is touching. Hwi Chul declares he won’t ruin his chance to become a deity and find his son because of Oh Gong. Hwi Chul asks what Oh Gong will use to slay the dragon. Oh Gong states General Frost is preparing the weapons which include the sword he’ll use.

Hwi Chul, loose lips sink ships. Didn’t you learn this already?

Dae Sik (Oh Gong’s brother) and General Frost show Asanyeo the weapons Oh Gong will utilize. They won’t let her take them.

Mr. Kang goes to Sun Mi’s office. She knows he’s not there to buy real estate. She asks if he’s there to see what kind of person she is. Mr. Kang wonders what she thinks of him. Sun Mi declares Mr. Kang loves power and doesn’t care if others die while he pursues his agenda. Mr. Kang asks if Sun Mi is voting for her. Ha! Sun Mi warns him not to underestimate his opponents. She declares she has a special ability and will use it. She tells him to leave. Mr. Kang grabs her roughly. Sun Mi sees the black dragon. Mr. Kang sees the black dragon because he’s touching her. He thanks her for the vision. He leaves.

Oh Gong asks General Frost to protect Sun Mi and stop her from interfering with his plans.

As Oh Gong requested Dae Sik tells Asanyeo they should perform the ritual. Mr. Kang wants the ritual performed sooner rather than later. He tells Asanyeo he saw the black dragon that Sun Mi saw. He’s excited that the dragon will allow him to rule the world. Asanyeo confirms this. Mr. Kang is thrilled and declares he’s the chosen one.

Sun Mi wonders if Oh Gong will kill the dragon after she summons it. She assures herself Oh Gong will survive just like the white heron did. General Frost appears to escort her. Assistant Lee brushes lint from her coat. She sees a vision of Assistant Lee crying at his daughter’s future wedding. She smiles. He assures her he’s a cool dad.

Oh Gong watches Sun Mi and General Frost leave. General Frost recalls Oh Gong’s direction to tell Sun Mi that he ran away should things go badly when he fights the dragon. Oh Gong direct General Frost to blame the bracelet. Sun Mi senses Oh Gong but he’ not there when she scans the horizon.

The elder offers Hwi Chul instant deity status if he finds the sword Oh Gong has hidden. Hwi Chul states he can’t betray Oh Gong. The elder counters that Hwi Chul will be helping Oh Gong succeed. Assistant Ma retorts that Hwi Chul would never break a promise. Hwi Chul stares at her and she realizes Hwi Chul values deity status over honor.

Hwi Chul goes to the magic shop and asks the grandson if they sell a metal detector (so he can find the sword). The grandson says the elder wanted the same thing. The grandson also says that PK came by for a lighter that would work even though he has no powers. Hwi Chul wonders if PK will burn Asanyeo.

PK stares at the lighter. He’s not happy when Asanyeo shows up. She tells him she’s not on Mr. Kang’s side she’s helping Oh Gong. PK knows this. He says he could kill her because he’s sure Bu Ja would hate what Asanyeo is doing with her body. Asanyeo declares Oh Gong is her protector. PK scoffs that Oh Gong only cares about protecting Sam Jung and is only using her. PK drops the magic lighter. Asanyeo can’t believe he plans to burn her. She reminds him she’s in Bu Ja’s body. PK counters that Bu Ja is gone. Asanyeo shows she can’t be burned. PK demands that Asanyeo leave Bu Ja’s body. Angrily Asanyeo yells she’s not evil. She throws the magic lighter on the floor. It starts to burn PK. Asanyeo walks away.

PK can’t keep a secret to save his life.

Asanyeo brushes by the Jade Dragon and declares she’ll act evil since everyone assumes she is.

The Jade Dragon finds PK burning. He tells her to get Hwi Chul. She offers to use her powers to put out the fire. She hugs him and declares she’ll die saving him. PK tries to stop her but he can’t. The Jade Dragon slumps in his arms. PK cries and apologizes. The Jade Dragon disappears leaving Alice’s body behind.

Yes, this series should be renamed “Sacrifice”.

Oh Gong and Dae Sik stare at the valley. Dae Sik asks if Oh Gong is summoning the black dragon today. Oh Gong confirms this. He declares he’ll have to kill the dragon before he enters the world through the gate they stand in front of. Oh Gong declares he’s staying put until the dragon comes. He admits he feels bad sending Sun Mi to meet with the white heron who is dead.

Sam Jung learns the white heron went far away. No one knows where she went. Sun Mi wonders if the white heron is starting a new life. General Frost states that is one possible explanation. Sun Mi wonders why the white heron looked sad when she and Oh Gong prepared to leave. Sun Mi states she wants to look for the white heron. General Frost agrees.

Asanyeo walks through a hallway of homeless people. The kills them all. She feels the power surge in her body. She declares she’ll live up to her evil branding. She will thwart Oh Gong and release the black dragon into the world.

Sun Mi has a flash of insight and grabs her head. She tells General Frost the white heron waited for something, met her and Oh Gong, got it, and now has left. Sun Mi realizes Oh Gong gave the white heron what she waited for. She sees that Oh Gong kept this from her. She tries to leave. General Frost tries to stop her. Sun Mi asks if Fairy Ha appreciated his efforts to protect her. Sun Mi points out she won’t be able to dissuade Oh Gong from his path, so she must walk hers. She wants to see the elder ASAP.

Sun Mi asks the elder to detail what Oh Gong has hidden from her.

Hwi Chul wants to dispense with Asanyeo. Assistant Ma reminds him that Oh Gong is counting on his help. The elder shows up and declares the heaven will deal with Asanyeo. He informs them that Sam Jung has made her choice and will move according to her wishes. The elder tells Hwi Chul to let Oh Gong know the heavens will handle Asanyeo. Hwi Chul says Oh Gong’s plan won’t be executed as he wished.

Asanyeo surprises Mr. Kang that it is time to leave for the valley. She declares he’s evil enough to become the dragon’s owner. Mr. Kang notices the blood on Asanyeo’s face. He murmurs she did what she had to do. He walks to his car. Asanyeo murmurs he may be the best match for an evil spirit. She’s shocked to see the elder and two assistants in front of her.

Oh Gong and Dae Sik wait at the valley. Dae Sik informs Oh Gong that the Jade Dragon is dead and PK is injured because of Asanyeo. Hwi Chul arrives and stares at the valley. He asks if the black dragon is there. Oh Gong says he needs Asanyeo to wake the black dragon so he can capture it. Hwi Chul states the elder and his heavenly cohorts will deal with Asanyeo. Oh Gong doesn’t like this news. Hwi Chul states he’s remaining neutral. Oh Gong understand that Hwi Chul doesn’t want to mess up his almost deity status. Hwi Chul suggests that Oh Gong could run away with Sam Jung. Oh Gong declares that isn’t the cool thing to do. He wants Sam Jung to know he didn’t take the easy way out. He wants her to know that he’s growing into a better guy. Hwi Chul points out that Sam Jung wants to look cool in Oh Gong’s eyes. Hwi Chul asks how Oh Gong would stop Sam Jung. Oh Gong says he can’t stop her that’s why he’s taking this preemptive strike. Hwi Chul tells Oh Gong to return to his house when this is done. He misses Oh Gong’s company. Oh Gong agrees to do so. Hwi Chul pats Oh Gong’s back and reiterates he must come home. Oh Gong tells Dae Sik he must visit the elder. He leaves Dae Sik to stand watch.

Oh Gong goes to the elder and asks why he’s disturbed the calling of the black dragon. The elder states that Asanyeo is the link between the black dragon and evil. Oh Gong states he’ll get rid of Asanyeo once she’s served her purpose. The elder promises to reinstate Oh Gong to the heavens if all goes well. That gets Oh Gong’s attention. He asks where Asanyeo is.

Asanyeo and Mr. Kang stand at the valley. The required items are ready. Asanyeo begins the process of calling the dragon.

The skies darken. Oh Gong asks what is going on. The elder states that Asanyeo is the only one that can call the dragon and she’s doing that right now. Oh Gong realizes he’s the one the elder wants to trap. A circle of heavenly realm assistants appears. Oh Gong stares at the elder in anger and frustration.

Asanyeo cuts her hand with the knife. The dragon opens its eyes. The skies darken. Asanyeo declares the dragon is awake and will enter through the gate to Mr. Kang. He smiles in anticipation. Asanyeo flashes back to the elder telling her to wake the dragon and the heavens will do the rest. She smiles and declares she’ll unleash the dragon into the world. The dragon stirs.

Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma feel the dragon stir.

Oh Gong demands to know what the elder’s plan is. It dawns on him. He asks if Sam Jung is the plan. The elder doesn’t deny it.

Sam Jung arrives and tells Asanyeo to stop. She and Mr. Kang turn to see Sam Jung and General Frost. Sam Jung declares the dragon can’t be released into the world. Mr. Kang orders Asanyeo to continue. General Frost knocks Asanyeo down. She disappears then General Frost disappears (not sure that was his choice to disappear).

The elder declares this is Sam Jung’s choice. Oh Gong yells he was going to handle it. The elder yells that only Sam Jung can do this. Oh Gong tries to disappear through the boundary but he cannot. The elder declares that Sam Jung ordered the heavens to keep him trapped while she fulfilled her destiny.

Sam Jung picks up the sword and points it at Mr. Kang. Sam Jung declares she will get rid of the dragon and Mr. Kang will be thwarted. They grapple of the sword. Mr. Kang runs the sword through Sam Jung. Blurt spurts from her mouth. Her blood calls the dragon. It rises. Sam Jung stares at Mr. Kang. He drops the sword. Sam Jung declares he just wrote the ticket to his own destruction. She doubles over in pain.

They hear the dragon. He burst from the lake and flies to them. Mr. Kang stares. The dragon readies himself to fly through the gate and into the world. Mr. Kang runs away. Sam Jung drops to her knees blood gushing from the wound.

Oh Gong screams his frustration breaking the boundary. He disappears.

The dragon comes flosser to Sam Jung. She can only watch it come to her knowing her life will end. Oh Gong appears, grabs the knife and points it at the dragon. Sam Jung watches him and then falls to the ground. Oh Gong seems to send rays to the dragon through the sword or gate. The dragon roars and is thrown back. Oh Gong is injured and blood spurts from his mouth. The dragon weakens and disappears. Oh Gong rushes to Sam Jung. He cradles her in his arms. He whisks them away.

The elder can’t believe that Sam Jung escaped. Hwi Chul appears. The elder asks if Hwi Chul aided Oh Gong. Hwi Chul confirms he gave him a boost of strength. Hwi Chul points out that Oh Gong had the right to make his own choice. He points out that Oh Gong defeated the dragon and disappeared with Sam Jung. The elder declares the dragon isn’t gone.

General Frost holds Asanyeo. She declares the dragon will come into the world. General Frost leaves her. He freezes the gate the dragon would pass through.

Oh Gong holds Sam Jung. He calls her name. She opens her eyes. She smiles and apologizes. She cries. She sees the dark skies. She tells him to go. Oh Gong doesn’t want to. Sam Jung orders him to go. Oh Gong cries. Sam Jung tells him to leave her and kill the dragon. She admits she was afraid his love would disappear but she’s made peach with it now. She assured by the bracelet. She puts her bloody hand on Oh Gong’s face. She tells him that without the bracelet she knows he won’t love her. She collapses and her hand goes limp. Oh Gong cries her name and cradles her lifeless body. He screams in pain.

Good scene. Know there was more to come in this epsiode hindered full on grief.

Hwi Chul senses Sam Jung’s death. The elder sighs that nothing can stop the dragon. Hwi Chul declares now that Sam Jung is dead, Oh Gong has a choice to make.

General Frost tries to keep the gate frozen and the dragon at bay.

Oh Gong touches Sam Jung’s face. He looks to the sky. He extracts the hidden sword from his garden. He stares at the blade. He hears the skies rumble.

Blood starts dripping down General Frost’s mouth. His power to freeze the gate ends and he falls to the ground.

Oh Gong appears sword in hand. He’s like a boss heading toward that dragon! He swings the sword and flames shoot at the dragon. IT roars in anger and approaches. Oh Gong’s bracelet and the sword work in tandem and shoot energy at the dragon. Oh Gong sees the dragon catch fire. He drops the sword. He falls to his knees. The dragon explodes. Oh Gong falls backward at the impact.

The elder declares the dragon is gone. Hwi Chul declares Oh Gong defeated the dragon.

Oh Gong opens his eyes to sunshine. He says the world is still there, but Sun Mi isn’t there. A tear rolls down his face. He closes his eyes. Awk! Tears!
My Thoughts

The battle was fought and the dragon was defeated. I’ll say it again…this drama should be renamed “Sacrifice”. This episode Sam Jung sacrificed herself to save Oh Gong and the world. She believed that when she died Oh Gong’s love for her would die, not knowing that the bracelet wasn’t what kept him tethered to her, love was. She ordered Oh Gong to defeat the dragon. Oh Gong didn’t have to do it but with Sam Jung dead, he couldn’t say no to her final wish. I believe Oh Gong would have saved the world without Sam Jung’s final wish.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) beat dragon with the sword and the bracelet that had the power of his love. The Hong sisters were smart to tie the bracelet into the climatic defeat of the dragon. We knew the power of love would come into play and the bracelet’s power added to the sword was the tangible proof of that. Lee Seung Gi looked ultra-manly striding to the dragon with a steely stare and determination. To think he’s doing all that to a blue or green screen. I believed his passionate determination to ensure Sam Jung’s death wasn’t fruitless.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) accepted her destiny and died saving the world. Sun Mi’s strength is her love and faith in Oh Gong. She was willing to die to save him and the world. She had faith that he would finish what she started. She wrongly assumed that his love would end when the bracelet’s powers ended with her death. Oh Gong told her he’d share something cool after this was all over. He meant to share that he loved her and the bracelet didn’t force him to love her. For this storyline, its better she didn’t know that she’d leave him in endless pain and longing. We ask the question, is Sam Jung permanently dead?

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) aided Oh Gong escape from the heavenly trap. Hwi Chul has been a fair-weather friend to Oh Gong but he came through in the clutch. He said he wouldn’t help Oh Gong. But he implored Oh Gong, his friend, to survive and return home. He felt it when Sam Jung died as her blood in his body sensed her departure from this earth.

Supporting characters contribute. Asanyeo and Mr. Kang were thwarted. Shout out to General Frost for freezing the gate as long as he could. The Jade Dragon sacrificed herself to save PK.

One more episode to go. What’s my wish list for the final episode of this series?
* Sam Jung comes back to life. She and Oh Gong get their happily ever after. If that happens I’m satisfied.
* Hwi Chul realizes who his son is and is reunited with his long-lost lady love. This would be the icing on the cake.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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5 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 19 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree with KJT that this series should be renamed “Sacrifice”. Sun Mi 🌂 and the Jade Dragon 🐙 sacrificed their lives and we potentially have other lovable characters who may have given their lives this episode: the Winter 🌬️ General and Oh Gong 🐒.

    Oh Gong 🐒 had a pained expression when Sun Mi 🌂 him they should cook a meal together at least once.

    I was annoyed Kang 💩 had the ability to see the dragon 🐉 through Sun Mi 🌂. I found his greedy, grasping, power-hungry expression frightening as he talked about owning the dragon 🐉.

    KJT was right PK 🐷 cannot keep a secret, he squealed to Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 again, undermining Oh Gong’s 🐒 plan by letting the evil priestess know Oh Gong’s 🐒 objective was protecting Sun Mi 🌂; she was delusional to think she was more important to him than Sun Mi 🌂.

    There was no longer any doubt about Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 being evil when she walked away from PK 🐷, who had been so kind to her, leaving him burning 🔥. I was touched by the Jade Dragon’s 🐙 sacrifice to save PK 🐷. I was saddened as the Jade Dragon 🐙 turned into bubbles and evaporated, it seemed much the way Koreans describe how the Little Mermaid disappeared.

    Sun Mi 🌂 went for the gusto when she played the dead sister 🔆 card to guilt the Winter 🌬️ General into taking her to the Elder 🐔. I simply cannot comprehend what the Heavenly Realm was trying to accomplish; they said they were going to confine Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹, but they let her go to call the black dragon 🐉 and then they use their powers to contain Oh Gong 🐒, while Sun Mi 🌂 is in mortal jeopardy instead if joining forces to eliminate the black dragon 🐉. It makes no sense 말도 안돼!

    I wondered if destroying the gate ⛩️ would contain the dragon 🐉; I think it would and then I remembered the Elder 🐔 saying if it was left alone, it would get bigger and 💪stronger, making it harder to defeat.

    Ironic that AFTER Sam Jung/Sun Mi 🌂 died that it was the power of the GGG that empowered Oh Gong 🐒 to defeat the black dragon 🐉. The Heavenly Realm seemed to be surprised Oh Gong 🐒 was able to defeat the black dragon 🐉; how can the Heavenly Realm, of all beings, underestimate the power of love❓⁉️. I 💖💟💗 that Hwi Chul 🐂 was actually loyal to Oh Gong 🐒 and help him . FINALLY some bromance 💙 when it really mattered.

    This was the episode we dreaded fatal sacrifices were made to protect humanity. I hope we will see some punishment for Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 and Kang 💩.

    I think this is the shortest wish 🍀 list I’ve seen KJT make, but I completely agree that reuniting Oh Mi 🐒🌂 and Hwi Chul 🐂 with his son and wife/lady love would make this series complete.


    • There was no longer any doubt about Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 being evil when she walked away from PK 🐷, who had been so kind to her, leaving him burning 🔥
      She fully embraced evil.

      I was saddened as the Jade Dragon 🐙 turned into bubbles and evaporated, it seemed much the way Koreans describe how the Little Mermaid disappeared
      I had the same mermaid reaction.

      Ironic that AFTER Sam Jung/Sun Mi 🌂 died that it was the power of the GGG that empowered Oh Gong 🐒 to defeat the black dragon 🐉. …how can the Heavenly Realm, of all beings, underestimate the power of love❓⁉…. Hwi Chul 🐂 was actually loyal to Oh Gong 🐒 and help him . FINALLY some bromance 💙 when it really mattered.
      I had to quibble that her death scene seemed short. I almost wish that the episode ended with her death. Not having seen the finale maybe I’ll feel differently after I see it. I was pleased that Hwi Chul offered his power to help Oh Gong. We’ve waited for the moment, it finally came.

      I think this is the shortest wish 🍀 list I’ve seen KJT make
      It is the shortest list I can remember too. If our couple isn’t reunited, then the series won’t satisfy me.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I just watched this episode again and found it ironic that while the Heavenly Realm spent their efforts to contain Oh Gong 🐒 (who was supposed to kill Sam Jung 🌂 once she contained the black dragon 🐉❓) many demons sacrificed their power or even themselves towards defeating the black dragon 🐉:
    🔸 Hwi Chul 🐂 loaned Oh Gong 🐒 his power to escape the Heavenly Realm ✨, which leads me to ask how much power do they have that a fallen god, Oh Gong 🐒, bolstered by a demon, Hwi Chul 🐂, could over power the Heavenly Realm❓⁉️ Did Hwi Chul 🐂 loan his power to defeat the black dragon 🐉❓⁉️ I hope so.
    🔸 Jade Dragon 🐉 sacrificed his life to put out the fire 🔥 consuming PK 🐷, who planned to eliminate Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 and burn Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 body
    🔸 The Winter 🌬️ General used his power to contain the black dragon 🐉. It is unknown if he survived.
    🔸 Oh Gong 🐒 not only lost his beloved Sun Mi 🌂, but exerted every bit of power, including the power of love 💖 of the GGG to defeat the black dragon 🐉. It is unknown if he survived.

    The Heavenly Realm ✨ that stood around doing nothing but holding back heros and fretting 😟 in this series is NOT what I believe Heaven✨ or it’s inhabitants to be like.

    Ironically, it was the demons 👿😈👿, who were selfish at times, that ultimately pulled through to defeat evil. I simply do NOT understand why the Heavenly Realm ✨ was NOT at the gate ⛩️ to join forces fight evil, especially when it was known that Sam Jung 🌂 died. What is this attitude “Sam Jung 🌂 is gone, I guess there is nothing that can be done”❓⁉️. I suspect that Oh Gong 🐒 may not have ended up severly injured or dead, if the Heavenly Realm ✨ had joined forces with him to defeat the black dragon 🐉. ✳️SIMMERING IN ♨️😠♨️ ANGER OVER THE HEAVENLY REALMS’ LACK OF ACTION✳️


    • many demons sacrificed their power or even themselves towards defeating the black dragon 🐉
      That is a comprehensive list. Blood was gushing from everyone’s mouths!

      What is this attitude “Sam Jung 🌂 is gone, I guess there is nothing that can be done”❓⁉. I suspect that Oh Gong 🐒 may not have ended up severly injured or dead, if the Heavenly Realm ✨ had joined forces with him to defeat the black dragon 🐉. ✳SIMMERING IN ♨😠♨ ANGER OVER THE HEAVENLY REALMS’ LACK OF ACTION✳
      The heavenly realm was fixated on Sam Jung’s fate of sacrifice did not see other possibilities. The heavenly realm in Water God was better than this bunch of losers.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur about the comparison of the Heavenly Realms ✨ in Hwayugi vs. Bride of the Water God and I wasn’t overly impressed with either, but those in the Heavenly Realm in Bride of the Water God weren’t quite as bad.

        Liked by 1 person

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