Hwayugi Episode 18 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 18 Recap

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) offer to help Mr. Kang wants to climb to the top of the ladder. He asks Mr. Kang to gather those like him. Mr. Kang doesn’t believe the offer. Oh Gong assures Mr. Kang he’s serious. He states helping him will summon something he wants. Mr. Kang agrees to discuss the deal. Oh Gong avoids that declaring he’s got to go home and watch TV. He motions to Dae Sik (Oh Gong’s brother) who will listen to Mr. Kang’s terms. Oh Gong says he’ll call when he needs him. Insulted Mr. Kang shares his displeasure. Oh Gong tells him not to consider him a partner but a guide to power. Mr. Kang asks if Oh Gong is a god. Oh Gong chuckles claiming a god wouldn’t help him but a devil like him would.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) returns home to find Oh Gong watching TV. Oh Gong offers all his curated alcohol to Hwi Chul who is shocked by the offer. Oh Gong says he’s determined what Asanyeo will summon, a black dragon.

The elder tells the magic store owner (who brought the sword Oh Gong is to use to kill Sam Jung) that Oh Gong has found out that a black dragon will be summoned. The evil spirits are gathering in anticipation. The magic store owner declares if the black dragon picks an evil person as its master then Sam Jung’s vision of the end of the world will come true.

Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul that before Asanyeo calls forth the black dragon (who will choose Mr. Kang as its master), he’ll get rid of it. Hwi Chul warns that beating a dragon isn’t easy and Oh Gong could die trying. In the past, Hwi Chul failed to beat a dragon, instead retreating to safety. Hwi Chul suggests Oh Gong strengthen himself by using Sam Jung. Oh Gong isn’t interested. Hwi Chul grabs the bracelet and declares once it is gone, Oh Gong would be able to use Sam Jung. Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul to cut off his hand. Hwi Chul asks if Oh Gong hopes his feelings will remain after the bracelet is gone. Oh Gong confirms it. Hwi Chul aborts stating they don’t know if severing the hand would do any good, so why bother. Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul he’ll be living elsewhere for the time being. Hwi Chul tells him to fight the dragon well. Oh Gong hears Sun Mi call him.

Oh Gong finds Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) drinking. She tells him to put an item in the sky. He does so. She shows her power move a soup spoon. Then she admits that she wishes she could live in his house with him and drink all his alcohol. He says nothing. She admits she didn’t minds when he chased her to eat her. It was flattering to have a handsome man want to eat her. He says nothing. She admits that she enjoys his declarations of love. She admits she’ll be bereft when the bracelet is removed and he exits her life. She cries that she truly likes him. He says nothing.

Sun Mi sleeps it off in her bed.

Oh Gong thinks about what he must do.

Mr. Kang tells Asanyeo that someone power is backing him. He’s thrilled that he’ll be able to become the top power. He asks Asanyeo to tell him how she’ll summon the black dragon.

Asanyeo recalls Oh Gong declaring he’ll get rid of the dragon. Asanyeo doesn’t like that. Oh Gong declares the black dragon isn’t divine but evil. Asanyeo declares it won’t be a black dragon. Her past visions show a dragon swathed in golden light. She states good things happen. Oh Gong counters that now that Asanyeo is evil, she can only summon an evil dragon. He says she doesn’t even realize the evil spirits are gathering. He tells her that she didn’t find Mr. Kang, he drew her to him. Asanyeo doesn’t like knowing that what she imagined in the past won’t come to pass.

Asanyeo stares at Mr. Kang knowing he killed Bu Ja and that was why she was drawn to him. She’s forced to admit Oh Gong is correct.

Sun Mi arrives at the office to find that Assistant Lee has hangover soup waiting for her. He’s pleased to announce that Oh Gong sent it over. Sun Mi recalls all the times she and Oh Gong eat together. She cries knowing those days are done.

Hwi Chul misses Oh Gong. He tells Assistant Ma that maybe they should keep the monkey statue for esthetics. Ha!

Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma visit the magic shop. Hwi Chul asks if another bracelet is available.

Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma stare at the tiara which is the older model of the bracelet. Assistant Ma states that the tiara wearer must obey the person that put it on their head.  Hwi Chul wants to explore how to remove the bracelet. He offers to wear to test it out. Assistant Ma places it on his head. It activates (what no kiss?). He’s forced to do what Assistant Ma tells him to do. When he resists the pain is intense. He begs Assistant Ma to remove it. She does so. He admits it was more intense that he expected. He knows he couldn’t break free from it. Assistant Ma declares Oh Gong won’t be able to break free either, so death is his fate. Hwi Chul now places it on Assistant Ma’s head. It activates. She’s unable to resist obeying him. It falls off her head. She’s able to remove it. Hwi Chul declares it defective.

Asanyeo tells Oh Gong she needs Sam Jung to bring forth the dragon. Oh Gong refuses to involve Sam Jung, stating Asanyeo will have to do it solo. Asanyeo admits she likes their secret meetings. She knows that Oh Gong moved out of Hwi Chul’s house. He mocks her for liking him. Asanyeo counters that she’s dreamed of a partner to be there for her. Oh Gong counters that in her loneliness she chose him as her partner. Oh Gong declares it a bad choice. He won’t be there for her. Asanyeo tells herself she’s priestess not evil spirit.

Assistant Lee asks Sun Mi if she bought the land they discussed previously. He notes that Mr. Kang’s competition in the election recently died. Sun Mi decides she needs to meet with Mr. Kang.

When she sees him across the lobby, a vision of the valley where the black dragon will rise occurs. Asanyeo asks why she’s there. Sun Mi asks why Asanyeo chose to support Mr. Kang. Asanyeo retorts it is her choice. Sun Mi responds that she’s not asking Asanyeo but rather Bu Ja. Sun Mi sees her chest glow. Sun Mi hold her hand. She sees Mr. Kang kill Bu Ja in a car accident. Asanyeo wrenches her hand away. Sun Mi states the Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. Asanyeo is miffed that Sun Mi has taken her power to see visions. Sun Mi is angry that Asanyeo is helping the man that killed Bu Ja. Sun Mi declares she’s evil. Asanyeo declares she’s not evil. Mr. Kang walks over and asks Sun Mi if her car is fine. She confirms it. She asks Asanyeo where the valley is. The question surprises Asanyeo and Mr. Kang. Sun Mi assures Asanyeo she doesn’t need her help to find the valley. She walks away. Mr. Kang notes that Sun Mi seems to have more power than Asanyeo. She retorts they don’t need Sun Mi to accomplish their goals.

Outside, Sun Mi tries to gather herself. The magic shop owner asks if she’s okay. Sun Mi recognizes her from the bad omen jar vision. The magic shop owner tells Sun Mi that she’s starting to know things she must know. She tells Sun Mi that she must rid herself of what is precious to her. She says it won’t be easy but as Sam Jung she’ll be able to accomplish it.

Hwi Chul shows Oh Gong the tiara model. Oh Gong thanks Hwi Chul for getting the current model so he didn’t have to wear the tiara. Ha! Hwi Chul suggests removing the bracelet would reveal Oh Gong’s feelings for Sam Jung. Hwi Chul doesn’t want Oh Gong to sacrifice his life. He gives Oh Gong medicine procured by Assistant Ma and leaves.

Hwi Chul takes the tiara model back to the magic shop stating it is defective. The grandson claims the money is gone. He offers to prove it is functional but only if Hwi Chul removes it quickly. The grandson places it on his head. It activates.  Hwi Chul asks where the money is. The grandson lies and gets a jolt. He tells Hwi Chul where the money is. Hwi Chul removes the tiara and takes it with him. The grandson calls Hwi Chul “Ahjussi”. Hwi Chul says no one calls him that. The grandson shrugs. Hwi Chul allows it. They look at each other. Hwi Chul leaves. The grandson mutters he’s not 100% demon, he’s 50% deity.

We just found Hwi Chul’s son!

Asanyeo goes to Fairy Ha’s bar, now run by General Frost after his sister’s death. He’s not happy to see Asanyeo. She informs him she’s there to meet Oh Gong. General Frost states Oh Gong won’t come and he’ll relay the information. He gives Asanyeo a drink of water in a paper cup. She asks why she doesn’t get a glass. General Frost retorts that the glasses were precious to his sister and she’s not worthy.

Nice slam General Frost! You iced her but good!

General Frost reports to Oh Gong and Dae Sik that Asanyeo needs 3 three things to bring forth the dragon – a rock, a bell and a sword. Dae Sik reports that Mr. Kang will soon host an event that will reveal those that follow him.

Mr. Kang tells Asanyeo that her ritual will be the ending of his upcoming event. Asanyeo tells him humans won’t be able to see the dragon. Mr. Kang is bummed but agrees to erect the stone gate for the dragon to enter the world through. He’s shocked when his assistant informs him news reports are circulating about his grandfather who was a Japanese support during their occupation of Korea.

The reporters rush Mr. Kang when he arrives at work. He pushes through and doesn’t answer their questions. Mr. Kang wonders who is targeting him.

Dae Sik asks Oh Gong if Mr. Kang’s evil is revealed and people stop following him will the black dragon not emerge. Oh Gong believes he’ll be able to gather the three items and Mr. Kang’s followers will gather.

Mr. Kang’s supporters refute the accusation. He’s like Teflon and the scandal doesn’t stick.

Hwi Chul can’t believe that Mr. Kang escaped the scandal as he stares at the invitation to Mr. Kang’s event. Hwi Chul is about to try the tiara on the Jade Dragon when Sam Jung arrives. She asks if Oh Gong is working to expose Mr. Kang. Hwi Chul confirms this. Sam Jung declares that Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. That gets his attention. Sam Jung asks if Mr. Kang is the human the evil spirit will embody. Hwi Chul suggest she attend Mr. Kang’s event make her own judgment. Sam Jung looks at the invitation. Assistant Ma agrees to escort Sam Jung. The Jade Dragon points out that PK should be told that Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. Hwi Chul states that Oh Gong’s plans must not be ruined by an upset PK.

Asanyeo goes to visit her mother but the room is empty. She’s told the woman died. Asanyeo approaches the bed. She feels sadness. PK is there. He says Bu Ja’s mother died. He asks why she’s crying. He hugs Bu Ja.

Mr. Kang greets his followers. Oh Gong and Dae Sik watch him work the room. Oh Gong senses Sam Jung is there. Assistant Ma and Sam Jung greet Mr. Kang. Assistant Ma explains that Sam Jung is there in lieu of Hwi Chul. Assistant Ma steps away. Sam Jung stares at Mr. Kang. Assistant Ma tells Oh Gong that Sam Jung is looking for the evil spirit. Sam Jung asks about the valley. Oh Gong interrupts and says Dae Sik wants to speak with him. Mr. Kang walks away. Sam Jung explains she’s trying to find the valley from her vision. Sam Jung shocks Oh Gong when she reports that Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. Oh Gong murmurs that what the genesis of all of this. Oh Gong comes clean and states Mr. Kang is the evil human that the evil spirit will possess. He says the evil spirit will appear in the valley. Oh Gong declares he’s waiting until then and will catch the evil spirit.

Asanyeo tells PK that she wasn’t the one crying at the hospital. PK is kind to her. She doesn’t trust him. PK ask if she was a priestess. Asanyeo states in her former life she’d never consort with him. He jokes about his lowly status. She smiles.

Asanyeo shows PK the coffin. He asks her to protect Bu Ja’s body and become good. He doesn’t want Asanyeo destroyed. PK sympathizes at her betrayal that led her to become bad. He suggests she revert to being good. She appreciates his kindness.

Oh Gong confirms the evil spirit is powerful. Sam Jung notes that Hwi Chul said he had more power than Oh Gong. He scoffs. Oh Gong jokes that watching TV and following her was more fun that the spotlight. When an older man bumps Sam Jung Oh Gong snaps at him. Sam Jung warns him to watch his manners. When a rude woman interrupts and introduces her daughter to Oh Gong, he asks Sam Jung if he can be rude. Sam Jung approves. Oh Gong snaps at the woman who rushes away in anger taking her daughter with her. Oh Gong and Sam Jung smile.

I enjoyed that!

Oh Gong says that Sam Jung’s scent is stronger and she’s changing. Sam Jung shares that she met with the magic shop owner who said she must give up something precious to her. Sam Jung believes she’ll need to give up the love she feels for Oh Gong. She believes with loving him, she’ll be able to fulfill her destiny. Oh Gong agrees that if she loses her love for him, then when he does the same after the bracelet is removed, they’ll be the same. He asks that she dump her feelings in private, so he doesn’t have to see it. He admits it would be painful. He leaves. Sam Jung feels the pain watching him walk away from her.

She stares into the night sky. He recalls moments they shared. She vows to empty her heart.

Hwi Chul stares at the tiara and wonders why he couldn’t remove the tiara, the grandson couldn’t remove the tiara but Assistant Ma could. Assistant Ma returns from the event and reports that Oh Gong and Sam Jung spoke.  She confirms that Sam Jung doesn’t realize that Oh Gong is planning to sacrifice himself. Hwi Chul asks Assistant Ma to try the tiara one more time.

Oh Gong confronts the magic store owner about meeting with Sam Jung. She retorts that Sam Jung is a bowl that can take the evil spirit once she empties her feelings.  Oh Gong asks if she plans to break the bowl. She states that Sam Jung will decide if she wants to become a sacrifice. Oh Gong offers to take Sam Jung’s place and sacrifice himself. With a flash of insight, Oh Gong realizes that she put the bracelet on him. He asks who she is. She states he no longer needs the bracelet to be tied to Sam Jung. He stares at the bracelet.

Assistant Ma can remove the tiara. She suggests because she’s already obedient to Hwi Chul, the tiara isn’t necessary. Hwi Chul realizes that Oh Gong can remove the bracelet because he’s tied to Sam Jung.

Oh Gong asks if he can remove the bracelet. The magic shop owner confirms that the bracelet is no longer a restraint to him. She says he’s escape the bracelet’s power. Now he can change their fate. Yes!

Sam Jung stares at the night sky. Oh Gong watches her. He removes the bracelet. He stares at Sam Jung. He thinks she’s even more beautiful. Tears fill his eyes. The object Oh Gong put in the sky falls in Sam Jung’s lap. She looks around. She’s alone. She wonders what this means.

Hwi Chul declares Oh Gong can remove the bracelet. Oh Gong shows him he removed the bracelet.  Hwi Chul asks how he feels about Sam Jung. Oh Gong says his feelings did not disappear. He puts the bracelet back on. Hwi Chul sputters in shock. Oh Gong states he’s doing this for Sam Jung. He tells Hwi Chul he knows what the Sam Jung’s former protector decided to do. He flashes back to her willing death by the sword. He tells Hwi Chul once all the drama is done, he’ll take the bracelet off and prove to Sam Jung that his love is real. Hwi Chul asks where Oh Gong hid the sword. Hwi Chul guesses the sword is hidden at Oh Gong’s house. Oh Gong declares he beat the bracelet, he’ll beat the dragon.

The dragon appears in the lake.

PK tells the Jade Dragon and General Frost that maybe Asanyeo is turning into Bu Ja. General Frost warns him to be careful. The Jade Dragon tells PK that Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja. PK is shocked. General Frost can’t believe the Jade Dragon blurted this. PK recalls Asanyeo stating she chose Mr. Kang. He wonders why. He vows to kill Asanyeo and Mr. Kang.

Sam Jung brings the object and asks Oh Gong why it fell from the sky. Sam Jung is angry that he returned the object when he requested that she not dump her feelings in front of him. She throws the object at him and declares she’s going to dump her feeling in front of him. Oh Gong tells her to do it. She tells him she loves him. She says again and again. Oh Gong stares at her. She hugs him but he doesn’t respond. She kisses him. She tells him she loves him. He grabs her and kisses her with passion. They retire to the bedroom. They kiss passionately.

My Thoughts

Finally, our couple declares their love and we know it is real. I complained at the beginning of this series that having Oh Gong shackled to the bracelet and the “instant love” it generated cheated viewers from seeing them fall in love. Now we know they both love each other equally. We know they will both be willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. The drama should be renamed “Sacrifice”.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) beat the bracelet with love.  He loves Sun Mi, the woman. He didn’t say the words when Sun Mi declared her love but his actions did. Their kissing was good too. We finally got payoff. How long will their bliss last?

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) declares her love for Oh Gong and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Sun Mi’s strength is her love and faith in Oh Gong. She’s willing to share what she knows (e.g. Mr. Kang killed Bu Ja) forcing Oh Gong to reciprocate. He likes to not tell her stuff to protect her, which is annoying. But Sun Mi shares with him. Thank goodness.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) wasn’t a jerk and found his son. Hwi Chul doesn’t know he found his son, but we do. It’s refreshing seeing Hwi Chul be supportive of Oh Gong and not the selfish jerk he often is. I’ve longed for a Goblin-like bromance between these characters. But we’ve only seen flashes not a steady state. Hwi Chul is more of a fair-weather friend while Oh Gong is solid and strong. The other big news was the reveal that the grandson (I know it isn’t officially revealed, but you know and I know it) was Hwi Chul’s long-lost son. I like this. The grandson is cocky just like his father.

Supporting characters contribute. Asanyeo and Mr. Kang prepare for the ceremony. The Jade Dragon wins the “loose lips sink ships” award while PK when the “anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind” award. Shout out to General Frost for freezing out Asanyeo. We also got our first glimpse of the dragon.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

I’m in love with the ninth song of the OST, “Believe” by Mackelli:


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2 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 18 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It looks like I may have been right I last episode’s comments about the peddlar’s grandson being Hwi Chul’s 🐂 son ✳️PUFFING UP WITH PRIDE✳️; which I didn’t catch until the third time I watched this episode as captions we’re not complete earlier. It was interesting to learn more about how the GGG functioned. KJT, you asked why the tiara GGG didn’t need a kiss 💋 to activate. I think the difference was the new feature of Oh Gong’s 🐒 model wraps it’s tendrils around his heart 💓, producing the “instant love” to instill greater obedience. I think a kiss 😘 was necessary to engage the heart, whereas other GGGs engaged the mind. I concur that the “instant love” produced by the GGG “cheated viewers from seeing them [Oh Mi 🐒🌂] fall in love.”

    I was glad Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 death was revealed to Sun Mi 🌂. Our sweet 🍭 Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 is beloved by the whole demon gang, will Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀 be the catalyst for them to pull together to fight evil? Even Ah Sa Nyeo 🌹 was touched by the death of Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 mom and by the kindnesses given her for Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 sake. Is it too much to hope our sweet 🍭 Bu Ja could come out of this alive❓⁉️

    I’m VERY pleased Sun Mi 🌂 is not holding back the truth from Oh Gong 🐒 … now he just needs to reciprocate. It was AWESOME to see Oh Gong 🐒 recognize he loved Sun Mi🌂 even without the GGG. FINALLY we got a passionate 💋 payoff❕


    • I may have been right I last episode’s comments about the peddlar’s grandson being Hwi Chul’s 🐂 son ✳PUFFING UP WITH PRIDE✳
      You called that one correctly.

      Oh Gong’s 🐒 model wraps it’s tendrils around his heart 💓, producing the “instant love” to instill greater obedience. I think a kiss 😘 was necessary to engage the heart, whereas other GGGs engaged the mind.
      Your logic is sound.

      Is it too much to hope our sweet 🍭 Bu Ja could come out of this alive❓⁉
      Anything is possible.

      I’m VERY pleased Sun Mi 🌂 is not holding back the truth from Oh Gong 🐒 … now he just needs to reciprocate.
      Oh Gong can’t risk Sun Mi but doesn’t realize they’d be stronger as a team.

      It was AWESOME to see Oh Gong 🐒 recognize he loved Sun Mi🌂 even without the GGG. FINALLY we got a passionate 💋 payoff❕
      We hoped it would happen, and it finally did.


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