Hwayugi Episode 16 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 16 Recap

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) tells the sleeping Oh Gong that she loves him. She will end his love. As she holds the bracelet, she stares at Oh Gong’s sleeping face. She recalls their history. She wants to set him free.

In Oh Gong’s dream…he walks a busy hospital corridor filled with distraught people and over taxed doctors and nurses. At the end of the corridor a woman holds a baby. She says this is the birth of Sam Jung and she will save people. She declares he will be Sam Jung’s guardian. She tells him to protect the child and never let go.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) wakes and feels Sun Mi tugging on the bracelet. He pulls his wrist free. Sun Mi declares she’ll set him free. Oh Gong retorts he doesn’t want that. Sun Mi offers him a chance to run away. She tries to remove the bracelet. He holds her wrists and tells her to stop.

Does Oh Gong know he couldn’t protect her without the bracelet enslaving him?

Dae Sik (Oh Gong’s brother) sees a white heron as he carries a tray of food to Oh Gong.

Oh Gong demands to know if removing the bracelet is Sun Mi’s way to protect him. She agrees. He calls her an idiot for agreeing to be trapped in the coffin to protect him. Sun Mi yells she is an idiot, for him. Some of Oh Gong’s precious bottles of alcohol explode. That gets their attention. Sun Mi is surprised she has the ability to do so. Oh Gong wonders if some of Asanyeo’s powers remained in her. Sun Mi states she remembers Asanyeo’s interactions with Oh Gong. She’s not pleased that he administered the sleeping drug to Asanyeo via a kiss. But her ire is for Asanyeo. Another glass breaks. Oh Gong is impressed. Sun Mi is pleased. He promises to keep is his guard up. She tells him not to die because of her. He teases her that she’s so cute, it kills him. Sun Mi flushes with pleasure. He takes her home.

Asanyeo wakes. She mutters she lost this time.

Sun Mi admits she knows that it was a death bell. She scared about their fate. She protected him as best he could. Oh Gong scoffs that Sun Mi has powers, including the ability to kill him.

Working the gardens, Dae Sik spies Oh Gong as he returns home. He admits he didn’t want to interrupt Oh Gong and Sun Mi with the food he’d prepared. He says he saw a white heron. Oh Gong recalls his dream. He tells Dae Sik he saw a baby Sam Jung. He doesn’t understand how this could be because Sun Mi became Sam Jung as the punishment for freeing him. They both hear a baby’s cry. They search and find a baby. Dae Sik believes the white heron left the baby.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) and Assistant Ma stare at the baby. Oh Gong reveals the baby was left by the white heron. Oh Gong disavows the baby is his. Hwi Chul declares he lost Asanyeo because of his weakened state. Oh Gong says he’ll catch her and leaves. Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma can’t believe he left the baby with them. Assistant Ma worries that Asanyeo will tell Oh Gong that Hwi Chul let her go on purpose. Until he knows if Asanyeo told him the truth about the status of the child he had with his ladylove, he’ll keep her alive. Assistant Ma doesn’t believe Asanyeo’s claims. Hwi Chul declares he can’t trust anyone, even Oh Gong while he ferrets out the truth. He stares at the darling baby and wonders if it is a trap. Then the baby smiles and Hwi Chul becomes putty in the baby’s tiny hands.

Cute baby!

Mr. Kang watches Asanyeo sleep. He wants her to wake so they can talk. She wakes. He wants to know all about her. She asks if she should handle the demon child next to him. Asanyeo says the child must get rid of those that know about Akiko.

A man tells Mr. Kang it would a negative impact to his campaign for president if the public found out his ancestors helped the Japanese occupiers. Mr. Kang bring the man to his house and shows him the coffin. The man examines the coffin.

Mr. Kang leaves the room and looks expectantly at Asanyeo. She enters the room. He hears the man scream. Mr. Kang returns and finds blood on the floor. Asanyeo leaves. Mr. Kang is pleased.

Dae Sik tells Oh Gong that Asanyeo likely went to her find her coffin which is held by Mr. Kang. Oh Gong recalls Asanyeo declaring she’ll call a dragon and crown a king. He wonders if Mr. Kang is the king she reference. Dae Sik is surprised to get a chat message from Bu Ja.

Assistant Ma watches Hwi Chul coo over the baby. They are both surprised to get the chat message. Asanyeo clarifies the message is from her. She asks for Oh Gong’s whereabouts. PK (Lee Hong Ki), the Jade Dragon and General Frost read the chat messages too.

Sun Mi is irked to read the chat message from Asanyeo. Assistant Lee asks if Oh Gong is connected to someone who makes phones. Realizing Assistant Lee is referring to Dae Sik, she confirms this. Assistant Lee is pumped that Sun Mi can walk in more elite circles. He notices her ring is gone. Sun Mi points to the heavens and states there is severe opposition to a marriage to Oh Gong.

Oh Gong meets Asanyeo. He wants her back in the coffin. She wants a date. When Oh Gong rejects that, she states she ate something dangerous when she in Sam Jung’s body. Oh Gong ticks off all the things she ate. He watched her. Changing tactics, Asanyeo promises not to hurt Sam Jung again. Sam Jung boasts once she’s in the coffin, she’ll be able to keep that promise. She boasts Hwi Chul let her go. Hwi Chul arrives and confirms that. Hwi Chul tells a shocked Oh Gong to let Asanyeo go for now. Oh Gong wants to kill her. Hwi Chul wants to use her. He promises to had her over when he’s done with her. Oh Gong agrees.

Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul that Asanyeo is lying to him. Hwi Chul believes the heavenly realm are the liars. He declares he must determine if his son lives. Oh Gong points out that Hwi Chul doesn’t know if his ladylove saved the child. Hwi Chul will order Asanyeo to confirm that point. Hwi Chul says if it was Oh Gong’s child, he’d feel the same.

PK takes Asanyeo to see Bu Ja’s unconscious mother. Asanyeo doesn’t want to enter the room. She tells PK she’s too weak and he needs to catch her humans to eat. He worries Bu Ja has become a monster.

Oh Gong asks how Hwi Chul came to meet Sun Mi. Hwi Chul shares that Sun Mi was well known before he sent her to Oh Gong. He notes that Jonathon is making a movie about Sun Mi’s life.

Oh Gong meets with Johnathon who share that a village was wiped out by a mystery disease. But woman gave birth to a healthy girl, Sun Mi, before she died. Oh Gong recalls his dream at realizes that Sun Mi is the baby. Jonathon notes that a doctor told him that after Sun Mi’s birth the disease ceased so she saved many. Oh Gong decides to visit the doctor.

Assistant Ma admires how good Hwi Chul is with the baby. Hwi Chul admits that Asanyeo could be lying about his child, but he has to know for certain what happened. Oh Gong strides in and see the hospital’s name stamped on the baby’s blanket. Oh Gong declares he’s taking the baby. Hwi Chul doesn’t want to say goodbye. He turns his back as Oh Gong leaves with the baby. Hwi Chul wonders how hard it was for his ladylove to lose their child. He vows the heavens will pay if the child is alive and they’ve lied.

The elder is happy to see Hwi Chul’s sight has returned. The elder says the woman who killed his ladylove’s child in her last reincarnation has been caught and will be punished. The elder boast that Hwi Chul’s ladylove will never suffer the loss of a child. Hwi Chul asks how their child died long again. Hwi Chul admits he caught a human to feed their child. He asks again how their child died. The elder tells Hwi Chul to focus on becoming a deity. He confirms the child is dead before disappearing. Hwi Chul believes the elder is lying.

The elder visits the magic shop. The grandson says his grandmother is out finding a sword.

At the bank, Sun Mi sees a future event for an elderly woman. She tells the bank teller the elderly woman was voice phished. A man tells the elderly woman not to send large amounts of money on her phone. Sun Mi is pleased this ability can help others.

Assistant Lee asks Oh Gong if the child is his. Oh Gong denies it. Assistant Lee asks if Sun Mi and Oh Gong broke up because of family opposition. Assistant Lee asks why Sun Mi doesn’t have the ring. Oh Gong says he’ll get it back. Oh Gong asks Assistant Lee to watch over the baby while he runs an errand.

Oh Gong visits the magic shop and extracts the ring from the censor. The grandson says his grandmother is out finding a sword. He says his grandmother began the search after the ill-fated jar broke. Oh Gong realizes Sun Mi saying she saw the world end in the ill-fated jar in this store. He knows the bracelet came from this store.

Hwi Chul tells Asanyeo to provide proof. She agrees to do so.

Sun Mi asks Oh Gong whose baby it is. Oh Gong denies it is his baby. He says he’s going to return the baby to the same clinic she was born in. Oh Gong says Sun Mi’s fate could have been determined before they met. Sun Mi shares that the village people thought she brought a bad omen. Oh Gong believes the visit will confirm or deny this.

Oh Gong brings Sun Mi to the clinic. She notes many villagers died in that clinic. They enter the clinic. Oh Gong recalls his dream. He sees the doctor from his dream. She thanks him for bringing the child back. Oh Gong hands the child to the doctor. She coos to the baby that though not ready to be born, the baby had to travel.

The doctor says she was here when Sun Mi was born. She says she’s the white heron. She tells Sun Mi that she knew her grandmother who loved Sun Mi very much. The doctor says Sun Mi isn’t a bad omen child. She remembers the disease that killed many villages. She recalls Sun Mi’s mother giving birth then dying. The doctor says Sun Mi’s blood stopped the disease. She calls her Sam Jung and the person that saved people. The doctor says her blood’s lotus scent developed after meeting Oh Gong. Sun Mi admits the doctor’s words have comforted her. The doctor predicts that Sun Mi will continue to save not harm in the future.

Sun Mi is relieved that Oh Gong was not the instigator of her fate. She believes she’ll become stronger with his knowledge. She says once that happens she’ll remove the bracelet. She tells him he can run if he wants but if he doesn’t want to, she’ll hold onto him tight. Oh Gong takes her hand. Sun Mi says her grandmother was right when she said her fairy would return to her.

The doctor watches them and murmurs that Oh Gong must be curious about many things.

When Sun Mi returns to work, Assistant Lee immediately notices her ring. Sun Mi is surprised to see it on her hand. Assistant Lee says he told Oh Gong to push through the opposition to their love and get her ring back. He leaves happy that Oh Gong listened to him. Sun Mi realizes Oh Gong slipped the ring on her finger when he took her hand.

Oh Gong returns to see the doctor. She’s not surprised. She says he’s Sam Jung’s guardian just as she was the previous Sam Jung’s guardian. Oh Gong says Sam Jung will appear before the world is in turmoil. The doctor declares that when the sword appears, Oh Gong will stab Sam Jung with it. She stabbed the previous Sam Jung with the same sword.

Wow, quite a bit was revealed in that short conversation.

Mr. Kang announces he’ll run for president.

The doctor tells Oh Gong that an evil spirit will appear. Sam Jung and the evil spirit must die by the that Oh Gong welds to stop the end of the world. Oh Gong realizes that’s why the death bell tolled. He asks why the doctor is telling him this. She asks him to help her die when he receives the sword. She says without her Sam Jung, life is too painful.

That’s a downer of a scenario.

Moody brooding by Sun Mi, Hwi Chul and Oh Gong.

Mr. Kang asks Asanyeo if she can call a dragon to crown a king. She says if he wants to be king, he must make a particular strong woman his. Mr. Kang looks forwarding to meeting the mystery women. Asanyeo asks if he’s caring for Bu Ja’s mother. He confirms it. Asanyeo says caring for the mother of the girl he killed is something a wicked king would do.

Asanyeo visit’s Bu Ja’s mother. She waits for PK and the Jade Dragon. She tells PK she saw Bu Ja’s mother. She thanks PK for pushing her to fulfill Bu Ja’s wish. She asks PK to help her meet with Sam Jung.

Sam Jung enters the building. PK warns her that meeting with Sam Jung is dangerous. She smiles and says she’s not the one meeting Sam Jung.

Mr. Kang waits for Sam Jung. He stares at her. She passes him. She recalls her end of the world dream. Hwi Chul, Assistant Ma and Oh Gong sees the skies darken. Sam Jung spins and looks at Mr. Kang. She starts to go after him but Oh Gong stops her.

The grandmother returns to the magic shop with the sword.

Hwi Chul tells Assistant Ma that the heavens must be up to something to make the skies darken like that. Hwi Chul has a plan to return himself to full strength. He’ll eat Sam Jung. Assistant Ma sputters that Oh Gong won’t let that happen. Hwi Chul counters they will remove the bracelet to break Oh Gong connection to Sam Jung.

Sun Mi tells Oh Gong that she saw the same vision today that she saw in the ill-fated jar. She shares she sees the future sometimes. Oh Gong tells her the doctor was the previous Sam Jung’s guardian. Oh Gong lies that they became deities and lived happily ever after. That makes Sun Mi happy. He takes her hand and promises they’ll become deities and live happily ever after. Sun Mi knows if fate separates them, the one left behind will be miserable. Oh Gong says they must prepare to win. He takes her hand and pledges to call her when he needs her.

I dislike when he lies to her. It makes her vulnerable when the truth is revealed. It doesn’t make sense that he said the previous Sam Jung and her guardian lived happily ever after, when the doctor is the previous guardian. I must be missing something.

The grandmother presents the sword to the elder.  He shows the sword to those gathered. He declares that Sam Jung’s sword is here. Oh Gong surprises him and snatches the sword. The elder declares it isn’t time for him to take the sword. He asks how Oh Gong knew about the sword. Oh Gong explains the white heron told him. The elder declares the sword cannot be destroyed. He charges Oh Gong with killing Sam Jung with the sword. He promises the bracelet will be removed so he can kill Sam Jung without pain. The elder guarantees all punishments against him are null and void. Sam Jung doesn’t believe him and disappears. The elder declares to his guests that the guardian has the sword. They all clap. The elder can’t help but wonder what Oh Gong will do with the sword now.

Oh Gong looks at the sword. The doctor appears. She asks for the sword so she can die. She notices his bracelet. She says the bracelet will help mitigate his pain. Oh Gong admits he is worried about the pain he’ll feel after the bracelet is removed. She holds out her hand for the sword. Sam Jung gives it to her.

The doctor points the sword, throws it in the air, and lets it stab her. She grimaces in pain. Then she smiles as she disappears. The sword remains. Sam Jung holds the sword.

The grandmother asks the elder if Sam Jung will be safe if the sword disappears. She worries Oh Gong won’t use the sword. The elder declares if Oh Gong doesn’t use the sword, he’ll risk his life.

Oh Gong pushes the sword deep into the earth in the garden. He declares the sword should never return.

My Thoughts

Oh Gong must kill Sam Jung to save the world. That’s a bummer. The reveal that the doctor was the former guardian left alone and miserable after killing the previous Sam Jung was a good plot point. It proved Sun Mi had the powers of Sam Jung from birth. We’d all noticed she had the power to see spirits prior to freeing Oh Gong. We scratched our heads at the statement she became Sam Jung after freeing Oh Gong. To true his word, Oh Gong allowed the guardian to kill herself with the sword she used to kill the previous Sam Jung. I found it interesting when Oh Gong admitted he was worried about the pain he’ll feel after the bracelet is gone. He loves Sam Jung. Once his heart can engage on its own, will his love and pain intensify?

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) is given the impossible task of killing the woman he loves.  He loves Sun Mi, the woman. But he must protect Sam Jung. Today he found out Sun Mi has been Sam Jung since birth. There isn’t any separation between Sun Mi and Sam Jung. Oh Gong lied to Sun Mi about the happily ever after for the previous Sam Jung. He lied about the death bell and that ripple effects of that lie landed Sun Mi in a coffin. Oh Gong doesn’t have full faith in Sun Mi’s ability to deal. Lying to her only weakens her. I feel for Sam Jung. He’s in a tough spot. He elected to bury the sword. Now he’s on his own. With the theme of sacrifice, how will he save Sam Jung and the world?

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) gained powers and confidence. I like her stronger. More please. She sensed Mr. Kang was evil and flashed back to the world ending. She was ready to remove the bracelet from Oh Gong but he won’t allow it. It’s good to see her ready to accept Oh Gong as is without the bracelet to control him. That a powerful stance to take.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) engaged with the cute baby but then decided to eat Sam Jung. Hwi Chul is selfish. He is loyal to himself. I get he wants to find out what happened to his child. But trusting Asanyeo isn’t smart. This character has flashes of supporting Oh Gong then he turns around and betrays him. This circular behavior makes it tough to fully embrace Hwi Chul.

Supporting characters contribute. Asanyeo when to Mr. Kang. He asked if she could make him king. She said he needed Sam Jung. It was nice she visited Bu Ja’s mother but there wasn’t any emotional impact in that moment. Bu Ja is fully suppressed.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 16 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Is the white heron the equivalent of a stork (delivering babies 👶) in Western culture❓.

    Why were Oh Gong 🐒 AND Sun Mi 🌂 told she became Sam Jung as a punishment for releasing the imprisoned Oh Gong 🐒❓⁉️. Is this part of the games played by the denizens of the heavenly realm❓

    I’m sick of the games that the heavenly realm seems to be playing whether it is with Oh Mi 🐒🌂 or Hwi Chul 🐂. I’m not totally convinced the heavenly realm has done what An Sa Nyeo 🌹 claims, but there is definitely some deception on Hwi Chul 🐂 and An Sa Nyeo’s 🌹 claims possible. I REALLY HATE that Hwi Chul 🐂 is considering devouring Sam Jung before there is any evidence, from a known deceiver (An Sa Nyeo 🌹). 😒 🙅‍♀️💖🚫. I agree with KJT Hwi Chul’s 🐂 “circular behavior makes it tough to fully embrace Hwi Chul.”. I WANT to like and trust Hwi Chul 🐂, but he has not earned my faith, his reliability is dubious.

    I was sickened 🤢 with the realization An Sa Nyeo 🌹 was consuming humans to strengthen Bu Ja’s 🚶‍♀️💀 zombie body – is anyone else wondering why she did NOT look the least bit unkempt after feasting, let alone not have a speck of blood on her❓⁉️. I have less hope 😯😮😒 for a happy ending for Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀. 😡🙎‍♀️😾

    Sun Mi 🌂 saw through Oh Gong’s 🐒 lie about living happily ever after after fulfilling the task of being Sam Jung; she clearly saw the loneliness that the white heron felt. I am NOT pleased with the supposed ‘fate’ that awaits Oh Mi 🐒🌂;it sounds like a lose-lose proposition.

    “Oh Gong [🐒] doesn’t have full faith in Sun Mi’s [🌂] ability to deal. Lying to her only weakens her … how will he [Oh Gong 🐒] save Sam Jung [🌂] and the world?” -KJT.
    I concur that Oh Gong 🐒 lacking confidence in Sun Mi’s 🌂 💪strength exacerbates the situation, this episode clearly showed she has some power, even if came from An Sa Nyeo 🌹. Wouldn’t these two (Oh Mi 🐒🌂) be more formidable at accomplishing the task at hand ✋ working together and trusting each other?


    • Is the white heron the equivalent of a stork (delivering babies 👶) in Western culture❓.
      I wondered the same thing.

      Why were Oh Gong 🐒 AND Sun Mi 🌂 told she became Sam Jung as a punishment for releasing the imprisoned Oh Gong 🐒❓⁉. Is this part of the games played by the denizens of the heavenly realm❓
      The heavenly realm isn’t anything to admire or emulate. They’ve been unfair to all the major characters in this series.

      I have less hope 😯😮😒 for a happy ending for Bu Ja 🚶‍♀️💀. 😡🙎‍♀️😾
      Agreed. Bu Ja is suppressed. Her mother is found. What’s left for her? Nail Mr. Kang for hit and run? She’s alive.

      I am NOT pleased with the supposed ‘fate’ that awaits Oh Mi 🐒🌂;it sounds like a lose-lose proposition.
      Is anyone’s fate in this series good? The show could be renamed “Fate Sucks”.

      Wouldn’t these two (Oh Mi 🐒🌂) be more formidable at accomplishing the task at hand ✋ working together and trusting each other?
      So true. Oh Gong can get out of his own way as protector to see that joining forces would help both of them. Sun Mi is 100% loyal to him unlike Hwi Chul. Oh Gong has put Sun Mi in a box and labeled it “woman I love and must protect from herself and others”.


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