Money Flower Episode 22

Money Flower Episode 22

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) receives a copy of Boo Cheon’s revised will that donates everything to the company. Pil Joo declares the will is false. Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) tries to answers Pil Joo’s call but is cut off. Pil Joo’s right-hand man, Yong Goo, tells Pil Joo that Boo Cheon is near their office. Pil Joo arrives and sees the fire. Pil Joo rushes upstairs and bursts into the secret room. He sees Boo Cheon on the floor. He yells his name. Boo Cheon stares at him.

At the hospital Mal Ran watches her son sleep. Pil Joo is by her side when the doctor assures her that Boo Cheon’s life isn’t in danger and that Pil Joo saved his life. Yong Goo reports that Boo Cheon received a text from Pil Joo to meet at the office. Pil Joo states the text was lure. Boo Cheon’s sister thanks Pil Joo for saving Boo Cheon. Mal Ran realizes that Chairman Jang tried to kill Boo Cheon with the false text and fire. Mal Ran asks why he saved her son. Pil Joo states he doesn’t hate Boo Cheon. Instead he pities Boo Cheon for having a mother like her. Pil Joo states he never wanted to hurt Boo Cheon, only her. Pil Joo agrees that her sins put a target on Boo Cheon’s back. The assistant arrives. Mal Ran refuses to leave so no one will remove the oxygen mask from her son.

I’m loving Pil Joo’s clear communication with Mal Ran. Her actions created the situation. He doesn’t hate Boo Cheon. He pities his Boo Cheon losing in the mother lottery. Ouch!

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) receives the report that Pil Joo saved Boo Cheon the mission failed. He’s not happy.

Chairman Jang is brainwashed by pure-blood belief. I care for you but must kill you because you are illegitimate and running my company, which cannot be tolerated.

Yong Goo reports he found the arsonist. Yong Goo gives Pil Joo the cloned phone and confession video from the arsonist. He urges Pil Joo to stop this revenge quest. Yong Goo declares Chairman Jang will try and kill him just like he tried to kill Boo Cheon. Pil Joo refuses to stop. Not surprised, Yong Goo vows retribution if anything happens to Pil Joo.

Pil Joo shows Boo Cheon’s phone and the cloned phone to Chairman Jang. He states the plan to kill Boo Cheon and frame him for the murder has failed. He told Chairman Jang about Boo Cheon’s birth secret to gain his support for ousting Boo Cheon from the company. He declares Boo Cheon and Mal Ran are his. He warns Chairman Jang not to target Boo Cheon or Mal Ran again. Chairman Jang retorts that he has a stake in this because of the humiliation he and his dead son (Pil Joo’s father and Boo Cheon’s assumed father) felt. Unfazed by the selfish statement, Pil Joo tells Chairman Jang states his dead son was already killed (by Chairman Jang is the inference) and Boo Cheon would suffered the same fate. He tells Chairman Jang not to reinstate his son Sung Man or promote his grandson, Yeo Cheon, to chairman. Pil Joo says the press release should cite due to health reasons, Boo Cheon is temporarily stepping down as chairman. Pil Joo continues the press release should promote him to chairman with Chairman Jang’s full backing. Outraged, Chairman Jang says Pil Joo should beg him not order him. He retorts that an illegitimate Jang will not be chairman. Pil Joo counters that he won’t reveal his birth secret when he assumes the role. Pil Joo notes he is the best qualified candidate and Chairman Jang knows this too. Chairman Jang calls him greedy. Pil Joo counters that Boo Cheon’s murder attempt will be added to the list of illegal activities that can land Chairman Jang in jail. He tells Chairman Jang to contact him as soon as he’s decided who the next chairman will be.

Whenever Pil Joo has the upper hand, I’m in heaven. He nailed Chairman Jang. But allowing an illegitimate Jang to be chairman is sacrilege. Now we will see Chairman Jang’s priority, keeping himself out of jail or keeping an illegitimate Jang from being chairman.

As he sits in his apartment, Pil Joo recalls Chairman Jang’s words that Pil Joo is just like his father, putting money as the priority of his life. He smiles a wry smile.

Pil Joo visits Boo Cheon in the hospital. He lifts the oxygen mask up then replaces it. Pil Joo tells the sleeping Boo Cheon that it will be his turn to be a friend of the chairman. He says he won’t wait until Boo Cheon wakes.

Flashback…Pil Joo recalls a young Boo Cheon telling him not to devote himself to making him chairman. Boo Cheon reminds his friend that he wanted to study forests. He says his father wanted to do the same career but Chairman Jang refused to allow it. Boo Cheon admits he gave up his dream of becoming a pianist at his mother’s instance.

Good symmetry. Pil Joo and his father wanted to study the same subject, forestry. His father and Boo Cheon were both forced to give up their dreams for the company.

Pil Joo arrives at the family home of Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young). Her father has woken from his coma!

Mo Hyun tells Pil Joo she will recommend her father turn himself into the authorities to make a fresh start. She warns that this will reveal Pil Joo’s illegal actions. Pil Joo states he’ll return a recording from her father’s phone to her at the foundation.

Sung Man tells Yeo Cheon that they should have taken over the company years ago as the only pure-blood Jang men. He shrugs and says they’ll do it now. He chuckles that Mal Ran can be useful in the stock wars. Sung Man smiles in satisfaction that he has the upper hand in the 60/40 stock split that he and Mal Ran agreed to.

Enjoying making Mal Ran wait for him to arrive, Sung Man is all smiles. Mal Ran cuts to the chase and states that Sung Man must know that Boo Cheon is illegitimate. Sung Man doesn’t deny it. Mal Ran reminds Sung Man that she has the larger amount of stocks and therefore more power. She states if they follow the plan they agreed upon then she’ll honor the 60/40 stock split. She suggests that he invite her to the meeting with Chairman Jang to discuss Boo Cheon’s status as chairman.

Nice to see Mal Ran gain footing with Sung Man, the pure-blood Jang.

Pil Joo joins Chairman Jang and Assistant Woo in the chairman’s office. Sung Man, Yeo Cheon and Mal Ran enter. Chairman Jang asks why Mal Ran is there. Sung Man soothes that having Boo Cheon’s mother participate in the meeting is better. Assistant Woo reads Chairman Jang’s order which is exactly as Pil Joo specified. As expected, Sung Man and Mal Ran aren’t happy while Pil Joo is pleased. Mal Ran demands to be co-chairman. Chairman Jang does not like that. Pil Joo counters that the board of directors should make the choice. Chairman Jang is not happy but doesn’t disagree. Sung Man agrees. Assistant Woo concurs. Chairman Jang ends the meeting. Pil Joo looks at Mal Ran then leaves. She stares at her son’s nameplate on the desk. She cries.

It was satisfying to have Chairman Jang do exactly as Pil Joo ordered. Mal Ran’s move to be named co-chairman was a surprise. Obviously, Pil Joo believes he can manipulate the board of directors to get what he wants. Nope, I did not feel sorry for Mal Ran when she cried over Boo Cheon’s nameplate.

Mal Ran is surprised when Mo Hyun arrives in Boo Cheon’s hospital room. She’s stunned when Mo Hyun announces she and Boo Cheon are divorced as of today’s court order. Mo Hyun states Boo Cheon was going to tell her about the divorce once court order was signed. Mal Ran snaps that Mo Hyun probably has all the money she wants now. She orders her to leave. Mo Hyun wishes Boo Cheon well and leaves.

Nope, I did not feel sorry for Mal Ran when she heard about the divorce.

Mo Hyun recalls Boo Cheon’s plea for her not to divorce him.

When she arrives at the foundation, Pil Joo is there. He knows about the divorce being final. Mo Hyun asks what happened to Boo Cheon. Pil Joo demurs that Boo Cheon will tell her when he wakes. Mo Hyun wishes they’d all left the house together. Pil Joo gives her the flash drive of her father’ conversations with important people. Pil Joo states the conversations’ impact would be like a bombshell. Mo Hyun states that once the truth is known, Pil Joo’s actions will be revealed. Pil Joo doesn’t reply.

The results of the board of director’s meeting name Pil Joo and Sung Man as the two candidates to become chairman with the vote at a general stockholders’ meeting. Chairman Jang agrees with the board’s decision. Sung Man states by combining his shares and Mal Ran’s shares, the stockholders will side with him as chairman. Assistant Woo states the Pil Joo has a large block of shares. Sung Man and Mal Ran stare daggers at Pil Joo. Sung Man complains to his father that the loans he secured for Pil Joo created this situation. Pil Joo enjoys sharing that Mal Ran gave him significant shares in the management company. Sung Man can’t believe it. Pil Joo smiles. Everyone stares daggers at him. Chairman Jang admits that he and Mal Ran were manipulated by Pil Joo.

I could watch Pil Joo’s smug smile all day. Pil Joo doesn’t have the chairmanship sown up but he must have a game plan to tips the scales to his advantage.

Mal Ran hates knowing she gave Pil Joo an advantage. She is thrilled when she learns Boo Cheon has woken.

At the hospital room, Mal Ran weeps to see his smiling face. Boo Cheon asks about Pil Joo. That wipes the smile from Mal Ran’s face.

Pil Joo provides Chairman Jang a list of properties he gave to Boo Cheon when he became chairman. He tells Chairman Jang to take the properties back. Chairman Jang doesn’t want Boo Cheon’s birth secret revealed. Pil Joo states Mal Ran won’t want that too and will agree to give up the properties. They both learn Boo Cheon is awake.

Pil Joo arrives at the hospital to see Boo Cheon. He tells Mal Ran that Chairman Jang will sue for the properties to be returned. He advises her to give the properties back. Sick of Pil Joo besting her, she snaps at him. Pil Joo informs her once she and Boo Cheon leave, he’ll stop. Pil Joo knows that Mal Ran and Sung Man are plotting behind his back. Fed up, Mal Ran tells Pil Joo to visit Boo Cheon who asked for him.

Nope, I did not feel sorry for Mal Ran when she heard about the property loss.

Boo Cheon asks Pil Joo how it feels to know that informing Chairman Jang he was illegitimate set in motion an attempt to kill him. Pil Joo says it is all his mother’s fault. Boo Cheon hates knowing that Pil Joo used him as revenge against his mother. Pil Joo counters that his mother is the target, not him. He admits that if he can’t get revenge, then killing himself by drowning will allow him to be reunited with his father, mother, brother and biological father. Boo Cheon realizes that Pil Joo used him to get revenge on his mother. He demands to know why Pil Joo bothered to save his life. Boo Cheon loathes that Pil Joo saved him. Pil Joo counters that he didn’t save Boo Cheon for any other reason than to avoid being framed for his murder. Boo Cheon flinches at the cold hard truth.

Pil Joo was cool as a cucumber during the conversation that stripped any semblance friendship between them.

Mo Hyun sees the news report about the fight between Sung Man and Pil Joo for chairman.

The prosecutor tells Sung Man that his illegal dealings will put him in jail.

Assistant Woo reports to Chairman Jang that his son has been arrested. Chairman Jang barks for Pil Joo.

I’m LOVING every punch Pil Joo is giving the Jang family.

Pil Joo confirms that he gave the prosecution the evidence against his son. He advises Chairman Jang to hire a good attorney. Ha! Assistant Woo states with Sung Man eliminated, Pil Joo is the sole candidate to become chairman. Check! Chairman Jang stares at an impassive Pil Joo.

The general stockholders’ meeting to vote the next Chairman is underway. Yong Goo arrives.

Assistant Woo informs Chairman Jang the meeting is underway. He notes none of the Jang family is attending but electing to vote by proxy.

Mal Ran and Boo Cheon wait in his hospital room. She vows to stop Pil Joo.

Pil Joo waits in his office. Yong Goo texts him that he doesn’t have enough votes.

Pil Joo goes to Chairman Jang. He tells him to vote for him. Chairman Jang refuses. Pil Joo asks Assistant Woo to leave. He does. Pil Joo shows Chairman Jang the illegal bank accounts that hide $4B. Pil Joo promises to reveal this to the public if Chairman Jang doesn’t change his vote. Chairman Jang is fit to be tied.

You knew, I knew it, Pil Joo had a contingency plan.

Pil Joo invites Assistant Woo back into the office. Chairman Jang orders him to change his vote for Pil Joo. Assistant Woo leaves to make the change. Pil Joo bows to Chairman Jang. He leaves knowing victory will be his soon.

Pil Joo learns that he is the new chairman. He closes his eyes and relishes the moment.

Pil Joo strides along the outside of the Jang compound. He savors his victory and tears fill his eyes.

Pil Joo’s nameplate is put on the chairman’s desk. Pil Joo enters his new office. He stares at the nameplate. He sits in the chairman’s chair, his chair now. Assistant Woo brings a report. Pil Joo tells him to skip the ceremony announcing him as chairman. Pil Joo tells Assistant Woo that he just sent him an email with instructions he must follow to the letter. Assistant Woo check’s the email on his phone. He’s surprised to see a 10-year plan. He asks when Pil Joo put the plan together. Pil Joo smiles.

Pil Joo works late on his first day on the job.

Mo Hyun walks up the stairs to her parent’s home. She’s surprised to see the gate open.

Chairman Jang receives the call stating the men were sent to Mo Hyun’s family home.

The men break into Mo Hyun’s family home. They enter her father’s room. The bed is empty!

Chairman Jang receives the call stating Congressman Na is gone. He’s surprised.

Eun Sim rushes into the room and turns the TV on. Chairman Jang’s eyes widen in surprise.

Pil Joo watches the news report with Congressman Na saying he’s alive and will reveal all. Pil Joo’s eyes widen in surprise.
My Thoughts

Superb episode! Pil Joo landed blow after blow on the Jang family. He was relentless. I loved it! No one escaped Pil Joo’s blows. Mal Ran took multiple hits. My favorite was when Pil Joo announced her stock gift would help him become chairman. Boo Cheon realized that Pil Joo used him for 20 years for revenge. Sung Man was arrested for tax fraud. Chairman Jang was forced to vote Pil Joo as Chairman. I know it’s not over, but in a way if the series ended here, I’d be satisfied. Pil Joo is on top. I’m relishing this moment. Will it be short lived? Will Pil Joo’s dirty dealings bring him down too?

Pure-blood is a theme. We’ve seen Chairman Jang’s belief that only a pure-blood Jang should rule. In addition, as the patriarch of the family, Chairman Jang believes any move he makes to secure the weather, power, and status of the family is justified. I remember reading that South Korea’s repeated invasion and subjugation by more powerful neighbors has instilled pure-blood nationalism.

Boo Cheon survived the fire but still got burned. He thought Pil Joo was his friend. He realized Pil Joo used him to obtain revenge against him mother. Pil Joo coldly informed him he only saved his life to avoid being framed for murder. Boo Cheon’s divorce became final while he was in a coma. He watched Pil Joo become chairman and knew he wasn’t even the chairman’s friend.

Mo Hyun warned Pil Joo that his dirty dealings would be exposed. Mo Hyun once again warned Pil Joo that the illegal activities that he orchestrated would come to light. Her father’s surprise announcement could be the beginning of the that. While Mo Hyun still cares for Pil Joo that doesn’t stop her quest for revenge. Isn’t it fitting that Pil Joo get burned by someone else’s quest for revenge?

Pil Joo embodied “fortune favors the prepared”. Pil Joo had an answer and attack for everyone. It was wonderful to watch him best all his opponents. We know that Chairman Jang is the King of the chess board. I loved the moment when Pil Joo captured him and declared checkmate as he forced Chairman Jang to vote for him to be the new chairman. Two other moments stood out to me. First, Pil Joo’s declaration to Boo Cheon that if he didn’t succeed in his revenge quest, he’d take the other option and join his deceased family. The second moment was when tears filled Pil Joo’s eyes when he looked out to the night sky as the new chairman. Pil Joo is so controlled and analytical that the emotional part of him is rarely revealed. I relish those moments and Jang Hyuk’s mastery at subtly conveying the Pil Joo does have heart. Jang Hyuk was stunning this episode. His portrayal of Pil Joo was pure perfection.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

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23 comments on “Money Flower Episode 22
  1. Drama Fan says:

    KPJ also shed tears while recalling JBC’s dream of becoming a pianist. I think he saved JBC because he has affection for him, feels sorry for him and he also feels guilty for using him for his revenge. But given how JBC was upset that he saved him I guess acting like he doesn’t care for him is probably his way of dealing with the awkward situation. Also I think KPJ prefers the distance that can allow him to continue with his plans. He seems to have convinced himself he is a “bad guy” but we can see he has a heart. He did this “I don’t have feelings for you anymore” with NMH as well. Regarding NMH revenge in her case it could be called justice more than revenge. And yes its interesting he put her quest for justice before her feelings for him. I respect her for that.


    • I think KPJ prefers the distance that can allow him to continue with his plans. He seems to have convinced himself he is a “bad guy” but we can see he has a heart.
      Agreed that PJ has painted himself in that light.

      Regarding NMH revenge in her case it could be called justice more than revenge. And yes its interesting he put her quest for justice before her feelings for him. I respect her for that
      I respect PJ for supporting her quest and I respect MH for giving him a heads up. If there is no further romance, they are in a good place of mutual respect.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beez says:

    Before I read the recap or any comments,this was in my feed this morning:

    And all I can say is “thank goodness,he became an actor!”

    Can you imagine if he became successful as a rapper all the roles we wouldn’t have gotten to see him in? No Fated…? No Chuno?!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Plus the shelf life of a single is much shorter than an actor.


    • Lady G. says:

      That performance is so cool. He’s not too bad. He’s got decent moves too. I feel the same way about So Ji Sub, I’m glad he pursued acting further than the rap. LOL

      Another good recap and dissection of the episode. I feel like Drama fan, I know for sure the KPJ does care about BC like a brother, but there’s unfortunately so much bad blood between them. And while I’m craving for a romance to develop between MH and PJ, it’s late in the game and again, there’s all that bad blood there. The most to hope for is a deep mutual respect, possibly friendship.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pil Joo was too blunt with Boo Cheon that he was a means to revenge. I fear the shotgun will be utilized by Boo Cheon.
        I concur romance is no longer an option.
        Does Pil Joo have anything to live for now that he has achieved his revenge?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Drama Fan says:

          He was blunt but he has always been like that with him and we know its all lies. I believe that bad blood and all, the bromance and the romance will prevail in their future. I guess I’m just used to dysfunctional relationships everywhere 🤷‍♀️


          • Beez says:

            Yes,I agree. I loved the dysfunctional relationship between Pil joo and Baby Boo. They felt closest to me when they were physically fighting because that’s what real brothers do sometimes – fight and then it’s over. Nobody held a grudge. It’s not like when strangers fight and one of the opponents can’t accept he lost and hates the other after that, or must come back for revenge or one-upmanship. Baby Boo would accept that his “hyung” whupped his azz and they would return to whatever is going on in their lives until Baby Boo got pissed off enough again to throw a blow or Pill joo got pissed off enough to feel like he needs to teach him a lesson.

            I also liked how Baby Boo accepted Pil joo for what he he was – stoic. And Baby Boo would just keep talking at him even if he got no response – like a pesky little brother.

            And then the hero worship – like when Pil joo asked Baby Boo to leave the room while Pil joo dealt with The Weasel. Pil joo was so excited and dancing in the hall like “You finna get it nah! My big brother’s going to whup yo azz!” He had no doubt of the outcome of their encounter despite The Weasel out ranking Pil joo.

            I’m going to miss them so much but this is too dark and too long for me to sit through a re-watch.

            Liked by 2 people

    • Drama Fan says:

      Beez, but TJ is such old news! I recommend you search for JH parodying himself on SNL Korea and other shows. He says he doesn’t see TJ as a “dark past” lol cause he gets teased about it a lot, even by his fans. But he says he doesn’t regret this because it was an experiment and he did it and that was that. But he is totally a good sport and laughs along too. He knows he would never be able to sing (like his agency wished) so rapping (slowly 😄) was the only option.


      • Beez says:

        I’d seen little clips of the blonde haired TJ on old clips of JH being teased on a talk show and he’d go along with it and start to do the rap part of “Hey Girl” where he’s crouched over (so funny) but this is my first time seeing the entire music video with him DANCING and popping his hips like he’s Rain or something! lol

        Liked by 1 person

        • Drama Fan says:

          You probably also saw a little bit of him in Fated to love you. He was on the screen when Lee Gun sang (and rapped) at the karaoke 😊


          • Beez says:

            Yes! I saw that. I also watched the scene with the baby and the guy from g.o.d. recently on you tube and I meant to search for the clip of a young Hyuckie in their video. Something about the song being a tribute to moms?

            Liked by 1 person

            • Drama Fan says:

              Yes, the song is called To my mother (I think) and it was a success. Its iconic kpop from what I’ve heard. Not too familiar with kpop myself though.


  3. Beez says:

    Again my running thoughts while watching:
    So wonderfully complicated
    Pil joo lies out of love for Baby Boo by saying he only rescued him so he wouldn’t be framed.

    So strange that they all meet and speak civily (and work and live together) despite all the machinations and betrayals that they know each other are planning. They’re just lucky Pil joo is not a murderer like they are.

    Why doesn’t Baby Boo ask his mama why she would kill his half siblings (or anyone for that matter)?

    I love that Pil joo has two very separate reasons to protect Scabs and Baby Boo from Ol’ Git – the former is his revenge to take and he loves the latter.

    Show still tries to fake us out into thinking Pil joo’s capable of murder by playing ominous music as Pil joo lifts Baby Boo’s oxygen mask; but fool me once…

    Pil joo’s sidekick is at the shareholders meeting. By proxy for Pil joo? And why haven’t I heard his backstory with Pil joo. Is he the real Pil joo’s dosaeng? Or did Pil joo meet him in prison? Was sidekick sick since he mentioned Pil joo washing his soiled underwear? Or is that an (adult) indication of how hard life was in prison and what they went through together?

    Since Uncle has been rejected by board because of tax evasion charges, Ol’ Git would rather someone non-blood treated would run Cheong ah rather than his blood grandson who is more than capable AND, while it may not be for the same reason as Ol’ Git, puts Cheon ah first.

    “Isn’t it fitting that Pil Joo get burned by someone else’s quest for revenge?” kjta
    Wow. And yes. And he’s fine with it because 1) it’s the person that he loves and 2) he already accomplished what he set out to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why doesn’t Baby Boo ask his mama why she would kill his half siblings (or anyone for that matter)?
      He probably doesn’t want to confirm or hear her reasoning. It did take him time to bring up his birth secret.

      I love that Pil joo has two very separate reasons to protect Scabs and Baby Boo from Ol’ Git – the former is his revenge to take and he loves the latter.
      I’m a bit disappointed that Mal Ran HASN’T attacked her hand during these episodes. These are much bigger challenges yet her hand is unblemished. Dropped detail by the writer.

      Show still tries to fake us out into thinking Pil joo’s capable of murder…as Pil joo lifts Baby Boo’s oxygen mask; but fool me once…
      Ditto. Pil Joo uses different tactics and would never resort to murder because was used against his family.

      Ol’ Git would rather someone non-blood treated would run Cheong ah rather than his blood grandson who is more than capable AND, while it may not be for the same reason as Ol’ Git, puts Cheon ah first.
      Chairman Jang’s priorities seem to be self-preservation (avoid jail) and his legacy in the form of his company.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lady G. says:

        I was disturbed that Boo didn’t bring up anything to his mother about the murders and the fact that you know, they’re WRONG in any capacity. But lets think back, remember when he threatened his ex-gf with a big knife and stabbed the stuffing out of her pillow? Even if it’s only a threat, it’s possible he has that streak in him too. These rich moguls are not above murder to get exactly what they want. It’s like it’s a given in their world.

        I WAS SO WAITING for Mal Ran to rip her hand apart since they made such a deal of it in earlier episodes. Maybe because she no longer had her little pet Pil Joo to come running and bandage it she forced herself to stop. Too bad the writer dropped it. And PJ lifting the oxygen mask was such a fake-out, though I admit I did get a little stressed.


        • Beez says:

          @Lady G – yeah, that was pretty bad. But I still think Baby Boo has the most innocent spirit out of everybody, including Pil joo.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Drama Fan says:

            Innocent? Nah! I liked JBC as a complex character but I think we might be confusing foolishness with innocence here. He was very very selfish and did have a lack of self control that could easily lead him to murder. Being his mother’s son must’ve been hard but he did have a lot of privilege. He was so spoiled that he found it OK that Piljoo went to jail for him more than once. Being dense and lacking self awareness over his own capacity for “evil” did not make him innocent imo. PJ was definitely went through hell, could’ve easily been much more cruel with all these horrible people. And just the fact that he had a conscience and thought of himself as “damaged” and yet was more humane than them all makes me side with him much more. To me, the only “innocent” and righteous one here was NMH.


            • Beez says:

              @DF – Oh. I forgot about Mo Hyeon. I don’t want to ay she was bland is why I forgot about her but she left no full flavor for me to even give her a thought.

              Liked by 1 person

        • The hand thing🖐 is a detail but as you noted this is the time she should claw at her hand.
          I think Boo Cheon does have a cruel streak. Your cited example is perfect. I agree if his toys are taken away he will retaliate. Pil Joo better watch his back. Lots of folks want him dead and won’t be afraid to act on it.

          Liked by 2 people

          • Jane Tilly says:

            Ditto about Pil Joo watching out for his own safety, many are gunning for him. Will he be around Cheon Ah long enough to implement his plans? No matter what he does the Ol’Git 👴 will never accept him as family.

            I also agree with y’all that Scabs ✋ should be gouging her hand and maybe her eyes 👁️👁️ by now.

            Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        I was also expecting JMR to go cookoo on her own hand 😳


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