Money Flower Episode 20

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episode 20

As I watch the final 4 episodes, my recaps will be more detailed from notes I jotted while watching.

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) tells her husband Boo Cheon that if he won’t grant her a divorce, then she’ll sue him for one.

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) tells Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) and Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook)he can fast track Boo Cheon’s ascension to Chairman by changing the medical company Boo Cheon owns into a holding company. A holding company is a parent corporation that owns enough voting stock in another company to control its policies and management.

Pil Joo’s right hand man, Yong Goo is bashed in the head, knocked out before men ransack the secret command post.

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) reviews the evidence that Pil Joo had in the secret command post. He’s not happy when Pil Joo calls Assistant Woo and reports he’s got copies of the evidence stashed.

Assistant Woo can’t believe Pil Joo’s bold tactic with Chairman Jang. Pil Joo replies that Chairman Jang doesn’t know how to revise a decision, but he’s going to make him do just that.

Pil Joo brings evidence to his grandfather, Chairman Jang. Realizing he’s met his match at this point, Chairman Jang calls the bank and authorizes loans for Pil Joo to buy stock. In return, Pil Joo promises to stop Chairman Jang’s path to prison for business misconduct. Chairman Jang retorts that only legitimate Jang children can be Chairman, clearly indicating his eldest but illegitimate grandson Pil Joo will never be Chairman.

Pil Joo visits Yong Goo in the hospital. Yong Goo admits he’s dedicated his life to Pil Joo because of the kindness he showed him years ago. Pil Joo promises that he’ll take it from here. He states his revenge quest will wrap up soon.

Nice moment. Pil Joo must appreciate Yong Goo’s unwavering focused support.

Boo Cheon tells his rival cousin Yeo Cheon that he won’t stop the holding company plan because he’ll be the true power of the company when it goes through.

The bank calls Chairman Jang’s son and Yeo Cheon’s father Sung Man about the loan that Chairman Jang authorized. SM speculates to Mal Ran that Pil Joo may be trying to purchase the company. He warns that Pil Joo will betray her. Mal Ran laughs in his face. He warns her to watch out for Pil Joo.

Taking the direct approach, Mal Ran asks Pil Joo about the loan. He confirms his purchasing the company for Boo Cheon. Mal Ran warns him that betrayal will bring a painful price. She smiles confident that Pil Joo got the message. Pil Joo says nothing.

I liked it when Mal Ran tried to read Pil Joo’s eyes before the warning. Her heart can’t believe he’d betray her but her brain wouldn’t dismiss it.

Mo Hyun tells Mal Ran she’s getting a divorce because she found out her marriage was arranged for money and power. Mo Hyun wants half of Boo Cheon’s assets he’s acquired since their marriage. Mal Ran refuses. She surprises Mo Hyun when she asks if Mo Hyun is planning on a romance with Pil Joo. Mo Hyun reminds her she knows Boo Cheon’s birth secret.

Good confrontation. Mo Hyun didn’t waver in that encounter.

Chairman Jang admits to himself that he’s afraid on Pil Joo’s long-standing grudge against him.

Mal Ran is thrilled when the holding company is approved. She’s stoked that her son will finally become chairman. She reminds Pil Joo that she asked him to help make this happen on the first day he came to her years ago.

Chauffeur Oh, Boo Cheon’s bio dad, is proud of what his son has achieved. Mal Ran asks him to retire to help protect the birth secret. He agrees. The next morning, he bids Boo Cheon adieu.

You’ve got to wonder if Boo Cheon already knows who his bio dad is.

Mal Ran drives Chauffeur Oh to the departure point. She gives him a letter and a thermos of coffee. She wishes him a good journey to China. She tells him to be happy for their son. Chauffeur Oh counters he wants her happiness too. He leaves. She sobs.

First, is the coffee poisoned? Second, I can see Mal Ran’s sadness that she is losing her long standing support of Boo Cheon’s father.

Chauffeur Oh starts to compose a text to his son. He opens the thermos of coffee. He sees two men staring at him. One man displays a knife and motions for him to drink the coffee. Knowing the coffee is poisoned, Chauffeur Oh drinks it. He clutches his heart and finishes the text to his son. He dies.

Mal Ran is a scorpion. But Chauffeur Oh knew this and loved her anyhow.

Boo Cheon reads the text from Chauffeur Oh. He tells Pil Joo it is time to go the ceremony. Boo Cheon enters the auditorium where his family and press gather to anoint him Chairman. Pil Joo watches it unfold.

The paramedics remove the letter from Chauffeur Oh’s jacket.

Is it a suicide letter?

Boo Cheon pledges to be a great Chairman.

Mo Hyun meets with her father’s former manager. She declares she’s going into politics to be the politician her father was until he succumbed to lure of money. She plans to reveal the dirt on the foundation Mal Ran runs to make a name for herself.

That surprises me. Good next step for Mo Hyun. I didn’t know what she’d do next. Mo Hyun won’t go quietly.

The secretary secretly swaps the pen from Mal Ran’s desk and stores it in a book in Pil Joo’s office.

We knew the pen would come into play.

Boo Cheon thanks Pil Joo for his help in obtaining the one position that Pil Joo could never have. Pil Joo claims to be happy for him.

Not liking Boo Cheon much anymore.

Boo Cheon learns Chauffeur Oh has died from Pil Joo and left a suicide note. Boo Cheon doesn’t want his mother to learn of this. He cries alone in his office.

He knew that Chauffeur Oh was his bio dad!

Pil Joo takes the pen from the book. It has a flash drive hidden in it. On the flash drive is a recording of Boo Cheon telling his mother that he knows he has two fathers, but doesn’t know who his bio dad is. Mal Ran feigns ignorance. Boo Cheon promises to never discuss it again. Mal Ran warns him not to discuss this again.

Pil Joo takes the recording to Chairman Jang. He tells his grandfather to listen to the recording when he’s alone. He leaves.

Looking ridiculously handsome in a tuxedo, Pil Joo meets Mal Ran for a private celebration.

Chairman Jang plays the recording. He’s shocked at what he hears.

Pil Joo and Mal Ran sip champagne. Mal Ran can’t wait to hear the good news he wants to share with her. Pil Joo gently holds Mal Ran and whispers in her ear that the eldest Jang grandson is alive…and it is him! Mal Ran stares at him in total shock.

My Thoughts

The shocked look on Mal Ran’s face was worth the wait. Superb episode! I love it when Pil Joo is able to cope with everything while advancing this fascinating chess game forward.

Boo Cheon achieved the Chairman position. He managed to be more civil to Pil Joo but still enjoyed taunting Pil Joo that he now had the one thing that Pil Joo could never achieve. Dude, you keep poking the bear. I can’t wait for the downfall! As we’ve wondered, Boo Cheon did realize that Chauffeur Oh was his bio dad.

Mo Hyun decision to become a politician surprised and pleased me. Mo Hyun may have walked away from Pil Joo, but she won’t fade away. Atta girl for telling her mother-in-law that she wants big bucks in the divorce. Mo Hyun reminded Mal Ran that she knows Boo Cheon’s birth secret. Atta girl for deciding to become the kind of politician her father once was. Atta girl for planning to expose Mal Ran’s financial shenanigans with the foundation to make a name for herself.

Pil Joo outmaneuvered his Grandfather. Last episode Chairman Jang got the better of Pil Joo, but the tables were turned this episode. I loved the bigger message when Pil Joo declared that Chairman Jang had to learn to reverse decisions. Wanna bet he wants Chairman Jang to give him the title of Chairman? Didn’t you love it when Chairman Jang realized that the new Chairman of his company wasn’t even a Jang? Side note, Jang Hyuk looked yummy in his tuxedo. The big reveal with Mal Ran didn’t disappoint. We’ve waited 20 episodes. Pil Joo became the scorpion when he revealed his identity to Mal Ran. I LOVED IT!

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.


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15 comments on “Money Flower Episode 20
  1. Drama Fan says:

    It was indeed an excellent episode. Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook’s chemistry on the reveal scene is off the charts! It was very satisfying.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    For a brief moment I ALMOST felt sorry for Scabs ✋, sending off her most loyal and trusted minion, not to mention her baby daddy … UNTIL we saw that she planned his death, sending minions to ensure he died … what a piece of work 💩. Chauffeur Oh knew he was being eliminated and drank the Kool aid, okay it was probably tea. It made me wonder what Scabs ✋ REALLY had planned for Pil Joo, once he accomplished his task of making Baby Boo 🍼 chairman. I briefly felt bad for Baby Boo 🍼 when he cried over his bio dad’s death.

    OH, YESSSS‼ Pil Joo delivering the news of his birth secret 🤐 to Scabs ✋ was AWESOME‼. The other shoe will drop when the Ol’Git 👴 confronts her about Baby Boo’s 🍼 paternity.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. humbledaisy1 says:

    I absolutely loved the ending where they showed Mal Ran and Pil Joo dressing up for the evening. Both had such a hungry look of anticipation. Scabs (now, I’ll have to call her that, too! HA!) was positive she was going to have some “all my dreams accomplished” sexy time and Pil Joo was bringing out the “dressing up for some head chopping revenge” look. I wondered later if he would have actually started the sexing her up phase and THEN told her, would that have been better? But then, I thought, he’s probably saving those congratulatory FUs for someone he actually cares about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be fair she looked lovely. But he looked fabulous.
      I wondered if he was going to engage physically too. She must have thought the same. Then she got the well deserved sucker punch🥊. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Looking forward to the remaining episodes!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I started calling Mal Ran “Scabby. 🖐 Hand” and leave it to Beez to shorten the name to “Scabs”.

        Lee Mi Soon is BEAUTIFUL and has aged VERY WELL‼ Scabs look VERY LOVELY; too bad things didn’t turn out the way she planned…NOT‼. Looking forward to seeing her full reaction and then again when the Ol’Git 👴 confronts her about Baby Boo’s 🍼 paternity.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Beez says:

    I tried to wait for the recaps but I got so far ahead that I took notes sitting the last 4 episodes. My running self -dialogue:

    What happened to Pil joo promising to represent Mo hyun in the divorce?

    I thought young Pil joo meeting Baby boo was all staged and planned but it wasn’t.

    Pil joo’s sidekick – “changed me when i soiled my underwear”. So much love. I NEED backstory on these two NOW!

    BB F word
    if Scabs wasn’t evil, the snowball response would be great

    Scabs looks at JH with $ signs of love in her eyes. 😆

    “now I feel more free” after she threatened him. Sad sick soul.

    Someone here mentioned before the perfect casting of the younger actors looking like their older counterparts. Cheuffeur-daddy had the same face shape as Baby Boo. And the look on his face when he got a message to go see Scabs was of “I’m in love but in dread”. lol

    He should be honored Scabs made him coffee with her own two little scabby hands. Probably never done it before so it probably tastes like crap. Or if he’s lucky, there’s no arsenic in it!

    Oh snap! She really arsenic-ked him!

    Mo hyun’s talking to the wrong man. Pil joo can just give her the documents/proof she wants of those financial documents.

    Baby Boo – sincere tears for a long-time friend? Or did he know that was his bio father?


    • Sorry I’ve been slow on the recaps. I wouldn’t wait for me either!

      What happened to Pil joo promising to represent Mo hyun in the divorce?
      Pil Joo recommended the right lawyer to represent Mo Hyun. He kept his promise as much as he could. It would have been too messy and time consuming if Pil Joo had personally represented her.

      Pil joo’s sidekick…So much love. I NEED backstory on these two NOW!
      I don’t recall the episode we saw Pil Joo save Yong Goo from thugs, but there was a flashback of that moment.

      Oh snap! She really arsenic-ked him!
      Yep, and she provided the thugs to make sure he drank the poisoned brew. ☕

      Mo hyun’s talking to the wrong man. Pil joo can just give her the documents/proof she wants of those financial documents.
      Good point.

      Baby Boo – sincere tears for a long-time friend? Or did he know that was his bio father?
      I believe Boo Cheon knew Mr. Oh was his bio-dad.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I’m not sure that Mo Hyun has filed for divorce yet. That being said, I concur with KJT that Pil Joo representing her would be messy.

      Scabs ✋ already deserved to be sad and lonely, but since she cruelly eliminated Baby Boo’s 🍼 bio dad, she deserves to receive her son’s wrath 😡😤.

      I also believe Baby Boo 🍼 knew that the chauffeur was his bio dad, episode 19 had hints of Baby Boo 🍼 being aware of the identity of his bio dad. I hope he resents Scabs for his deception; will the Ol’Git 👴 go ballistic over Baby Boo’s 🍼 birth secret or will the Ol’Git conceal it to keep Pi Joo from getting his hands on Cheong Ah.


  5. prettysup says:

    The sexy champagne scene at the end of ep 20 is my favourite. But I will wait for you to finish the whole series before commenting more.


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