Hwayugi Episode 13 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 13 Recap

At Oh Gong’s house, the Asanyeo in Bu Ja’s body blows petals at him. His eyes go red with the petals. She smiles that her petals hit the mark. She tells him she can now manipulate him. She tells him to stay by her side forever and protect him.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) asks Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) what important work Oh Gong is doing. She asks if he’s with Bu Ja. Hwi Chul says Oh Gong isn’t with Bu Ja but the Asanyeo who possesses her body. He explains the tree disturbed the Asanyeo.

The Asanyeo claims to be a princess that can calls dragons and crown kings. But the king locked her up instead of marrying her. She needs someone she can trust. She removes the bracelet! She declares he belongs to her. Behind her Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) appears and says she’s dealt with Chil Gong, not Oh Gong.  Chil Gong and the bracelet disappear. Oh Gong says another woman is his master. The Asanyeo says she wants him and she’s powerful in a way that Sam Jung will never be. She explains she was locked in the coffin for 1000 years. She wants to get married to Oh Gong. He’s sympathetic to what she went through but he won’t allow her to talk badly about Sam Jung. He can’t stand that she’s in Bu Ja’s body either. He declares he’s going to put her back to sleep. The Asanyeo wonders if Sam Jung has eaten the food she provided. She declares just one bite will put Sam Jung in danger. She offers a petal that will counteract the food.

Oh Gong arrives to find that Sam Jung hasn’t eaten the food but Hwi Chul has. But there are no ill effects. Oh Gong realizes the Asanyeo tricked him.

Oh Gong explains that the Asanyeo wants to marry. Sam Jung suggests PK could be a potential partner because he is close to Bu Ja. Oh Gong suggests Hwi Chul marry her. Hwi Chul sputters his love belongs to a single woman. Oh Gong suggests his brother. Assistant Ma asks who the Asanyeo wants to marry. Hwi Chul gets her to take Sam Jung away. Hwi Chul asks if she wants Oh Gong. He confirms this. Hwi Chul suggests this could be good. He or Sam Jung must die due to the death bell. Oh Gong says either one of the dying is unfair. Hwi Chul claims the heavens arranged his fate.

The elder is surprised to see Oh Gong. Angry, Oh Gong splits his dining room table. Oh Gong stalks to the elder, holds out the death bell and demands to know who will die. Oh Gong is livid to realize he was shackled by the bracelet when the elder knew about the death fate. The elder counters that Sam Jung’s summons from heaven are important and a sacrifice must be made. Oh Gong scoffs that a death fate doesn’t exist. He leans close to the elder and declares while he’s alive Sam Jung will never die. He vaporizes the death bell. Oh Gong tells the elder to tell his heavenly buddies they’ll be the ones to sacrifice. He stalks away. The elder looks to the heavens and asks if they’ve made a mistake. Thunder and lightning are his answer.

Hwi Chul wonders if Oh Gong will realize the opportunity the Asanyeo provided him. Assistant Ma notes because Oh Gong is a former deity he can interfere with humans. She notices that Hwi Chul has been tense every since he saw his Na Chal Nyeo. Hwi Chul wants to end his love’s suffering. To do that, Oh Gong must marry the Asanyeo. He chuckles that he’s already talked to Sam Jung about this.

Oh Gong finds Sam Jung staring at the angry sky. Turns out she’s angry too. She doesn’t like the Asanyeo hitting on Hwi Chul. He calms her with a hug. She hugs him back and apologizes for helping the Asanyeo escape. Oh Gong scoffs that she should blame Hwi Chul for sending her there. Sam Jung worries that Hwi Chul will get hurt. Oh Gong hugs her tighter and states as long as they hold onto each other, everything will be fine.

Honest communication. I like it!

Mr. Kang and a man versed in ancient treasure discuss the coffin. The man declares that someone as powerful as a king put the spirit in the coffin.

The Asanyeo agrees to go for a drink with two men. They end up dead and she mutters mere humans won’t refuel her properly. She decides she must have Sam Jung. She decides Hwi Chul can help her because she knows his weakness.

Hwi Chul stares at the portrait of Na Chal Nyeo.

Sam Jung wonders why she doesn’t have strength like the Asanyeo. Oh Gong says her blood is strong. Sam Jung worries that Hwi Chul is upset about losing deity points. Oh Gong rolls his eyes. Sam Jung recalls Hwi Chul saying that Oh Gong marrying the Asanyeo will save Bu Ja and won’t affect Oh Gong because he loves only her. Sam Jung tells Oh Gong to marry the Asanyeo to ride themselves of her. Oh Gong suggests they get married. Sam Jung asks if it is possible. Oh Gong says it is possible if she wishes it. Sam Jung says if they do, he can’t ever leave her. Oh Gong offers his hand to seal the deal. Sam Jung won’t make a deal without thinking about it. Oh Gong suggests they go to bed. Sam Jung tells him to leave. Oh Gong wishes she’d be nice about it. Sam Jung gripes that letting him go is hard. Oh Gong wonders if she’s protecting him.

Hwi Chul watches Na Chal Nyeo sit at the bus stop where her child was kidnapped and killed. The Asanyeo appears. Hwi Chul stares at her. The Asanyeo smiles.

Hwi Chul asks why the Asanyeo was near his woman. She shows him a knife from Na Chal Nyeo’s pursue. Assistant Ma confirms that Na Chal Nyeo stabbed the girl that killed her daughter. Assistant Ma reports that girl is out of prison and Na Chal Nyeo has been stalking her. Hwi Chul doesn’t want Na Chal Nyeo to suffer. Assistant Ma stops him. The Asanyeo offers to help. Hwi Chul is willing to listen much to Assistant Ma’s dismay. The Asanyeo says her powers can help him.

Oh Gong’s brother finds Oh Gong in his conference room. Oh Gong asks him to find out all he can about the Asanyeo and Mr. Kang. Oh Gong worries that if the Asanyeo has the power she claims, she can make someone like Mr. Kang very powerful.

PK realizes that Bu Ja’s body is possessed. The Asanyeo introduces herself. PK promises to find Bu Ja’s family. The Asanyeo scoffs she doesn’t care. But when PK strides away, the Asanyeo feels her heart beating. She wonders if Bu Ja is still in the body.

Sam Jung is distracted thinking about Oh Gong’s offer to marry. Assistant Lee confirms he loves his wife. Sam Jung wonders if the ring could make two people love each other. She knows she’s really wondering if the bracelet is facilitating real love. Oh Gong surprises her when he appears, kisses her, and disappears. Assistant Lee declares once the object that creates love disappears, the love would disappear too. Oh Gong appears, shakes his head to disagree with Assistant Lee, kisses her and disappears.  Sam Jung is digging the kissing and disappearing. When Assistant Lee leaves the room, Oh Gong appears again. He kisses Sam Jung with passion.

Lee Seung Gi kisses have some heat! Oh Yeon, not as much. But clever hand placement hides some of her lack of participation.

The Asanyeo visits General Frost. He realizes this isn’t Bu Ja. She chides him for not recognizing her. General Frost realizes it is the Asanyeo. She reports his sister Fairy Ha gave her a lipstick. General Frost says his sister knows nothing about her. The Asanyeo reminds him she’s the one that allowed his sister’s extinguished soul to be rejuvenated by sharing his body. She says she can undo this. She orders him to find her censor or else.

Assistant Ma tells Oh Gong that Hwi Chul is susceptible to the Asanyeo because he’s desperate to help Na Chal Nyeo who he knows is in this time. She begs Oh Gong to stop Hwi Chul.

The elder warns Hwi Chul not to trust the Asanyeo. Hwi Chul counters that if Na Chal Nyeo can be helped, he’s willing. The elder reminds Hwi Chul that Na Chal Nyeo actions put her in this endless reincarnation and misery cycle. Angry, Hwi Chul splits the table. He declares he’ll pay for Na Chal Nyeo’s crime. He strides away. The elder tells the heavens he can’t stop Hwi Chul. The heavens thunder and lightning. The elder retorts they gave him bad tempered demons to deal with.

Hwi Chul watches Na Chal Nyeo.

The elder tells Sam Jung that Na Chal Nyeo stole human children’s souls to save her own child.

In flashback we see the elder sentence Na Chal Nyeo to banishment from heaven. We see Hwi Chul screaming in anguish when he finds out that Na Chal Nyeo is gone.

The elder reports that Na Chal Nyeo has 99 more reincarnations to suffer through. He asks her to stop Hwi Chul from doing something stupid.

Oh Gong sympathizes with Hwi Chul’s desire to stop Na Chal Nyeo’s pain. He tells Hwi Chul not to trust the Asanyeo. Hwi Chul counters that Oh Gong will kill the Asanyeo if needed. Hwi Chul recalls another deity destroyed his chance of reconciliation with the Asanyeo. Hwi Chul says that Oh Gong owes him. Oh Gong counters that Na Chal Nyeo was banished before he could do anything. Hwi Chul tells Oh Gong to help him. He suggests that Oh Gong would ask the same if that tables were reversed. Oh Gong says because of the bracelet, he has to do the same.

The Asanyeo orders a nightguard to grant access to a locked museum. He does so. The Asanyeo orders General Frost to retrieve the censor that will help her. He does so. General Frost asks if this censor was used to put his sister’s soul in him. The Asanyeo says she’ll use the censor to switch souls this time.  General Frost asks who she’ll switch souls with. The Asanyeo declares she’ll switch with Sam Jung. She declares that she must mix her blood with Sam Jung’s in the censor.

Oh Gong worries that Hwi Chul will die if he works with the Asanyeo. PK worries that Hwi Chul might die. Hwi Chul tells PK if he doesn’t return, his energy balls can be his to use to help Bu Ja. Oh Gong summons the Jade Dragon to bid Hwi Chul goodbye. Hwi Chul barks at her to leave. Hwi Chul tells Oh Gong he won’t die. Oh Gong declares there is one person that Hwi Chul must say goodbye to and disappears.

The Jade Dragon suggests that PK ride with her to work. PK reports he’s skipping work to find Bu Ja’s mother.

The Asanyeo visits Sam Jung and wonders how she was unable to tell she had possessed Bu Ja’s body. Sam Jung counters that the possession has stopped Bu Ja’s body rot. The Asanyeo suggests they switch their scents. Sam Jung refuses. Sam Jung reminds the Asanyeo that without her, she’d still be in the coffin.

Mr. Kang and the man versed in ancient treasure discuss the censor’s disappearance.  Mr. Kang’s assistance shows him the security footage of the woman that took the censor. Mr. Kang is surprised to see Bu Ja, the woman he killed but who came back to life.

PK reports to Bu Ja he’s found her mother. She pushes him away. But Bu Ja reaches out to him. PK hugs her. He tells her he’ll meet her mother solo this time. The Asanyeo isn’t happy that Bu Ja is still there.

The Asanyeo brings the censor to Hwi Chul. She claims he must provide Sam Jung’s blood so she can mix hers with it to give her sufficient power.

Hwi Chul visits Sam Jungian her office. He asks her to come with him.

Sam Jung sees Na Chal Nyeo and recognizes her from the painting in Hwi Chul’s study. She sees a demon behind Na Chal Nyeo. She sees Hwi Chul stare at Na Chal Nyeo with longing.

In Hwi Chul’s study, Hwi Chul confirms that Na Chal Nyeo lives to a certain age, then dies and reincarnates to her next life. He says this is the last day of Na Chal Nyeo’s life. Sam Jung says she can’t get rid of the demon behind Na Chal Nyeo. Hwi Chul says he’s found something that will end the cycle of reincarnation. He begs Sam Jung to help him. He asks for her blood. Sam Jung recoils.

The Asanyeo tells General Frost once she switches souls with Sam Jung she’ll be stronger than she was in the past. She declares she’ll marry Hwi Chul.

Oh Gong’s brother tells him that the Asanyeo could stop Na Chal Nyeo’s cycle of reincarnation. Oh Gong’s brother notes her ability to transfer a soul by mixing blood with the victim. That gets Oh Gong’s attention.

Standing in front of the censor the Asanyeo pledges to end Na Chal Nyeo’s cycle of reincarnation. She asks for Sam Jung’s blood. Hwi Chul looks to Sam Jung who hesitates. But Sam Jung cuts her hand and drops the blood onto the censor. The Asanyeo cuts her hand and starts to drop the blood on the censor but Oh Gong intervenes. Hwi Chul tells him to stop. Oh Gong counters that the Asanyeo’s blood has no power so the mixing with Sam Jung’s blood isn’t necessary. He orders the Asanyeo to leave. She tries to take the sensor with Sam Jung’s blood but Oh Gong blocks her. The Asanyeo glares at Hwi Chul and leaves. Oh Gong tells Sam Jung she doesn’t need the Asanyeo to end Na Chal Nyeo’s cycle of reincarnation. Oh Gong declares the elder will confirm this when he arrives with someone.

We see Na Chal Nyeo staring at the girl that killed her daughter. She extracts the knife. The elder appears. He tells the demon to leave. The demon does so. The elder Na Chal Nyeo to come with her. But she’s only interested in the girl that killed her daughter. The elder says a man will suffer 10,000 years of pain and asks her to come.

Hwi Chul stares as Na Chal Nyeo approaches him. She asks who he is. Hwi Chul cries and declares that he knows her even if she doesn’t remember him. Hwi Chul declares he’ll risk anything to save her.  He bows. She does the same. Hwi Chul leaves. The elder watches Hwi Chul go. Na Chal Nyeo watches Hwi Chul go. The elder wonders if he should have let them meet. He recalls Oh Gong demanding he do so. Interestingly, we learn the elder is on probation.

Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul if he doesn’t he’ll be bored. Hwi Chul tells him not to fret. Oh Gong puts a supportive hand on Hwi Chul’s shoulder. The elder tells Sam Jung to put her hand on the censor. Sam Jung hesitates. The elder tells her she has the power. Sam Jung touches the censor. The heaven’s stars head to Hwi Chul. He takes the hits and yells in pain.  He falls to the floor when it’s done. He thinks that Na Chal Nyeo’s 10,000-year sentence of pain is now his. He loves her. Na Chal Nyeo doesn’t understand why she’s crying. Hwi Chul lies on his back absorbing his new reality.

My Thoughts

Hwi Chul sacrificed himself for Na Chal Nyeo.It seems apparent this is the theme of the second half of this show. Hwi Chul has done it. It is likely that Oh Gong will do it for Sam Jung.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) figured out how to thwart the Asanyeo’s rise to power. It must be said. Oh Gong is a better friend to Hwi Chul than Hwi Chul is to him. Hwi Chul sells Oh Gong out every chance he gets. But Oh Gong works to find solutions to save Hwi Chul and Sam Jung. I like Oh Gong’s determined looks when he searches for solutions. I liked Oh Gong’s kisses of Sam Jung. Lee Seung Gil’s kisses aren’t chaste pecks, there is passion now. I wish Oh Yeon Seo would give as good as she gets.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) wanted to help Hwi Chul and was willing to be used by him and the Asanyeo. Sam Jung’s heart overrides her brain. She puts herself in situations where she is in danger. Thank goodness Oh Gong is there to save her again and again. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for her?

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) didn’t hesitate to use Oh Gong and Sam Jung. Hwi Chul’s willingness to use Oh Gong and Sam Jung was disappointing.  Hwi Chul’s pain, longing, and desperation to save Na Chal Nyeo overrides his brain. But this time Hwi Chul when Oh Gong found a solution to have Hwi Chul take the Na Chal Nyeo’s sentence of 10,000 years of pain, he stepped up and did so. I enjoyed Oh Gong’s support of his friend. I wish Hwi Chul was as good of a friend to Oh Gong.

Supporting characters contribute. The Asanyeo’s desire to switch souls with Sam Jung to become powerful is interesting. I like that she smiled at Mr. Kang’s video camera after stealing the censor. He must be her backup plan. She certainly knew the Achilles Heel of Hwi Chul and General Frost and used it to her advantage. But Bu Ja isn’t gone as evidenced by her reaction to PK.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The seventh song of the OST “Like A Miracle” by Hwang Chi Yeul has been released. Check it out:

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2 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Humph, the Hong sisters left me simmering in anger ♨😠♨ IN VAIN for a week thinking Oh Gong 🐒 was mesmerized by the evil priestess 🙌.

    It was a Goblinesque moment when 1000 years ago Hwi Chul 🐂 gave an anguished shout for his fallen lady love💕.

    ✳SPECULATION ALERT✳ Is Hwi Chul 🐂 the father of Na Chal Nyeo’s child⁉ Could the deceased child be the Summer 🔆 Fairy, whose soul is sharing the body of the Winter 🌬 General⁉. If, so that would make the siblings Na Chal Nyeo and possibly Hwi Chul’s 🐂 children‼

    I also wonder if there is a relationship between Na Chal Nyeo and An Sa Nyeo 🙌. Did Na Chal Nyeo steal childrens’ souls as part of a ritual (to be) performed by An Sa Nyeo🙌⁉. Their names are so similar that I wonder if these women have a familial relationship⁉ ✳SPECULATION OVER✳

    When I first saw the episode, the captions were not complete, so I wondered what would compel the Winter 🌬 General to aid and abetted An Sa Nyeo 🙌⁉. I don’t like our sweet 🍭 Winter 🌬 General helping the evil An Sa Nyeo 🙌, but I understand his motivation of protecting his sister’s soul. I’m worried about Sun Mi.😟

    I was encouraged that Bu Ja 🚶💀 was not completely gone thanks to PK’s 🐷 efforts in finding her mom. I’m crossing my fingers 🤘 (wouldn’t you think crossed fingers would be a basic emoji, wouldn’t you⁉) we see a living Se Ra 🚶🌿 emerge from An Sa Nyeo’s 🙌 possession. I hope the Ghostbusters 🚫👻 team will find a way to punish Mr Kang💩 for his misdeeds.

    I concur with KJT that “Oh Gong [🐒] is a better friend to Hwi Chul [🐂] than Hwi Chul [🐂] is to him.”. I’m weary of Hwi Chul’s 🐂 back-stabbing🗡 while Oh Gong 🐒 has had his adversary’s back. I think Sun Mi 🌂 influenced Oh Gong 🐒 in being a better friend.

    It finally seems like Hwi Chul 🐂 was selflessly noble in taking Na Chal Nyeo’s pain. I REALLY needed Hwi Chul 🐂 to be magnanimous; now I am able to root for him‼

    I 💝💖💗 Oh Gong 🐒 for passionately 💋 persuading Sun Mi 🌂 about getting married 💒. I did see some lip 💋 action on Sun Mi’s 🌂 part, but I cannot believe they didn’t have more skinship going on … how could she resist putting her arms around him⁉⁉⁉


    • Is Hwi Chul 🐂 the father of Na Chal Nyeo’s child⁉….I also wonder if there is a relationship between Na Chal Nyeo and An Sa Nyeo 🙌
      Those are interesting ideas.

      I hope the Ghostbusters 🚫👻 team will find a way to punish Mr Kang💩 for his misdeeds.
      I know there’s more to Mr. Kang but the story has only eeked slowly for this character.

      I’m weary of Hwi Chul’s 🐂 back-stabbing🗡 while Oh Gong 🐒 has had his adversary’s back. I think Sun Mi 🌂 influenced Oh Gong 🐒 in being a better friend
      Agree on both points.

      It finally seems like Hwi Chul 🐂 was selflessly noble in taking Na Chal Nyeo’s pain
      Sacrificing for love is the running theme now.

      I did see some lip 💋 action on Sun Mi’s 🌂 part, but I cannot believe they didn’t have more skinship going on … how could she resist putting her arms around him⁉⁉⁉
      She did move her lips. I give her a participation grade of C while Oh Gong gets an A. Oh Yeon Seo hasn’t chosen passionate roles of late. She did well in Come Back Mister but that was comedy first then the emotion came later.


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