Hwayugi Episode 9 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 9 Recap

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) walks down the church aisle wearing a wedding dress. Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) is waiting at the altar. Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) is playing the piano, though badly. Sun Mi recalls the black bell and wonders if Oh Gong is her soulmate. Recall she mistakenly believe the black bell ringing signifies soulmate but in actuality it signifies death mate. The fantasy ends when the bride demon is killed by Oh Gong. Hwi Chul jokes that Sun Mi is wearing an out of fashion wedding dress choice. Assistant Ma retorts Sun Mi choose it herself. Oh Gong declares even if the dress is ugly, Sun Mi is pretty in it. Oh Gong, Sun Mi, and Assistant Ma bicker about where to eat and stride down the aisle.

Sun Mi allows herself to indulge for minute. What if she and Oh Gong were in love? What if they married? She imagines their smiles as the face each to pledge their love. The moment ends. She turns and finds Oh Gong staring at her. He asks if she wants to get married. Flustered, Sun Mi denies any interest in marriage. Oh Gong teases her they’ve already been married. Sun Mi recalls their kiss inside the painting and scoffs that wasn’t a wedding. He tells her no matter what, he’ll marry her again and again. Sun Mi wishes that Oh Gong’s words were guided by the bracelet but rather his heart.

Assistant Ma wonders if Sun Mi is really emotionally distant from Oh Gong. Hwi Chul notes the Sun Mi told him she’s at peace with the situation. Hwi Chul declares true love is when the other person becomes your world. Assistant Ma comments that Hwi Chul knows true love. Hwi Chul murmurs that his love is likely in this world, but he doesn’t know where or how she’s suffering. Just then a police car with a woman in the backseat with bloody handcuffed hands pulls aside. Hwi Chul doesn’t see her. She doesn’t see him.

Cha Seung Won looks terrific in that tuxedo. I’m glad Na Chal Nyeo (based on Princess Iron Fan) is back, Hwi Chul needs her to give more substance to his arc.

PK (Lee Hong Ki) takes Alice who is possessed by the Jade Dragon to a bar. He tells her the paparazzi fueled fake relationship ends tonight because she will pick another man in this bar to get involved with. Alice dares him to deny his interest in her body. PK won’t deny it but declares he cares for another. She needs his popularity to shine on her. The Jade Dragon knows PK is talking about Bu Ja who she calls the zombie. As PK leaves her, the Jade Dragon mutters she’ll find a better man.

Sun Mi and a reluctant Oh Gong pick up Assistant Lee’s kids after school. Oh Gong is dismayed when Sun Mi tells him to watch the children while she goes to the bank. Oh Gong isn’t overly kind when the little girl draws a dinosaur. She cries, triggering her younger brother to cry. Horrified Oh Gong makes a dinosaur appear. The tears stop.

At the bank Sun Mi spies two children, a brother and sister, and notices the cut on his hand. She can’t do anything about it when her number is called. The children leave.

When Sun Mi returns home she’s surprised to find Oh Gong’s brother, PK, and Bu Ja who have come to help with the kids. Sun Mi wonders where Oh Gong is.

Oh Gong cleans his bottles in house and tells himself he’ll never be good with children.

When Assistant Lee comes to pick up the kids, they don’t want to go home. But when the little girl states she will marry Oh Gong, Sun Mi sets the record straight that Oh Gong is someone else’s soulmate. Assistant Lee takes his children home.

Sun Mi stares at the black bell and wonders if Oh Gong is truly her soulmate.

Hwi Chul tells Oh Gong that the black death bell is missing. He worries about the consequences if it fell into a human’s hands. Oh Gong warns Hwi Chul not to involve Sun Mi to look for the dangerous item. Hwi Chul promises.

The children from the bank are at home trying to keep quiet as their drunk father ordered. But a toy makes noise. The brother orders the sister into the bedroom while he’s beaten by their father. The little girl looks at a fairy tale where a rope appears to save a brother and sister. A rope appears and glows. The little girl steps towards the rope. When her brother returns to the room, he finds his sister gone. The glowing rope appears. The boy doesn’t take it. The fairy tale book glows.

In a large book store a woman looks at the fairy tale and it glows. She puts the book away. We hear a child.

Is the little girl trapped in the book?

The elder tells Hwi Chul about the demon that is stealing children’s souls. Hwi Chul promises to look into the matter. The elder wonders if Hwi Chul will be reminded that his love, Na Chal Nyeo, was punished for the same crime. Hwi Chul declares this is not Na Chal Nyeo’s doing. The elder agrees. Irked, Hwi Chul strides away. When the elder asks Assistant Ma for more tea, she refuses to pay him back for upsetting Hwi Chul.

Bu Ja’s hit-and-kill businessman assures his henchmen that he’s not upset they neglected to tell him she wasn’t dead, she was missing, and working at the entertainment company. He dismisses them saying they won’t be working together again. He tells his assistant to take care of the henchmen. He decides to meet Bu Ja again before he decides what to do about her.

Oh Gong finds Bu Ja hanging out his in bathtub. She claims she’s connected to Sam Jung because her blood woke her from the dead. Oh Gong wonders if Bu Ja knows what Sam Jung thinks about him. Though she doesn’t know her exacts thoughts, Bu Ja assures Oh Gong that Sam Jung likes her.

Oh Gong and Hwi Chul bicker about Bu Ja. Oh Gong suggests the Hwi Chul could desert her just like he did Na Chal Nyeo. Hwi Chul flinches. Oh Gong feels bad for hurting Hwi Chul and tries to make things right. Hwi Chul shrugs off his attempts and walks away. Oh Gong watches Hwi Chul drink and feels bad. He sits with the alcohol he can drink and feels bad. He brings Hwi Chul an expensive bottle of his alcohol. Hwi Chul accepts the peace offering. He tells Oh Gong to help him become a deity so he can help Na Chal Nyeo, who used to be a deity. Hwi Chul states her fate changed when they met. Hwi Chul reminds Oh Gong that he has a parallel story as his interactions with Sun Mi changed her into Sam Jung. Hwi Chul states that Sam Jung’s dreams are simple. She wants a normal human life, not to be Sam Jung. Oh Gong ponders Sun Mi’s wishes.

Terrific to see our enemies have a frenemies moment! I wanted emotion. That scene delivered.

Sun Mi tells Assistant Lee that she wishes she could have a normal family life like he does. Assistant Lee doesn’t understand why she can’t. He says he’ll call someone to take her out. Just as he’s about to dial, Oh Gong appears. He tells Assistant Lee that he was going to call him. Sun Mi finds both men talking and Oh Gong claims that Assistant Lee was going to call him to take her out, so he came. Pleased Sun Mi goes to get her coat. Oh Gong glares at Assistant Lee who admits that he was going to call the director. Assistant Lee makes the point that Oh Gong will never make Sun Mi happy, because he doesn’t want the simple life she wants. That hits the mark and makes Oh Gong think.

Sun Mi loves the simple date. As they stroll together, Oh Gong says they should act like everyone else and look at the cell phone. Then he takes Sun Mi’s hand in his. Then he tucks their hands in his coat pocket. Sun Mi LOVES it!

Terrific outwear, the plum coat, that Oh Gong sported. I loved Sun Mi’s desire to be normal and Oh Gong’s attempt to make her happy. That was sweet.

At Sun Mi’s house, Oh Gong is blunt. If Sun Mi’s abilities were gone, he wouldn’t be in her life. Is that what she wants? Unable to answer, Sun Mi stares at him. Oh Gong stares at her. He knows she doesn’t have an answer. He leaves.

Good question. Completely understandable that she does not have an answer.

Alone in his house, Oh Gong wonders what Sun Mi really wants.

Sun Mi asks Fairy Ha if it is possible for a demon and human to live happily ever after. Fairy Ha is absolute, a demon and human cannot live happily ever after. Sun Mi suggests that the love bell could make a love between a human and demon fated. Fairy Ha is forced to agree that love or death fates are absolute and cannot be altered. Sun Mi is pleased thinking the black bell signifies Oh Gong is her soulmate.

A hungry cold boy follows a row of biscuits while the demon in the book store reads Hensel and Gretel.

The police search the playground were the boy was last seen. His body in found but his soul is in the book the demon read. She places it on the bookshelf. She sees the fairy tale book with the golden rope open and realizes the sister escaped the book.

The brother cries holding the picture of his sister. The sister’s ghost watches him cry.

Hwi Chul asks the elder where Na Chal Nyeo is living and how she is. The elder notes Hwi Chul can’t interfere, so there is no need to know this. Hwi Chul simplifies the question and asks if she’s alive. The elder says only when Hwi Chul is a deity can he know this. When the elder compliments the cookies Assistant Ma takes the plate away to pay him back for upsetting Hwi Chul. Not happy with the elder, Hwi Chul takes his coffee and asks him to leave.

General Frost sees the sister that escaped the book but she disappears when he talks to her. He decides to tell Oh Gong about it.

General Frost and Oh Gong find the sister but she won’t speak. When Oh Gong asks if she wants to see a dinosaur, she shakes her head yes. He smiles.


Assistant Lee’s daughter tells Sun Mi that her friend’s sister climbed a golden rope and disappeared.

Assistant Lee explains the little girl fell from the balcony and the brother convinced himself it was a golden rope that took his sister.

Hwi Chul tells Sun Mi that Oh Gong and General Frost are looking for a demon stealing children’s souls. Hwi Chul offers a different assignment. Sun Mi suggests removing the bracelet from Oh Gong. She explains there may be a different fate than the one dictated by the bracelet. Hwi Chul counters the jar in the shop stated they are ill fated. Sun Mi thinks there’s another possibility. Then Hwi Chul drops the bombshell. She became Sam Jung because she helped Oh Gong escape from the house when she was a child. This was the beginning of their ill-fated relationship and it continues today. She calls for Oh Gong. She asks if Hwi Chul speaks the truth. Oh Gong confirms it. Hurt, Sun Mi cries. She wishes they’d never met. She leaves. Oh Gong watches her go. Hwi Chul watches Oh Gong watch Sun Mi go.

This is good! Emotion is in these scenes. Sun Mi needed to know that Oh Gong was the catalyst for becoming Sam Jung. But Oh Gong didn’t enjoy confirming it. Hwi Chul didn’t enjoy telling her.

PK gives Bu Ja a satchel of energy balls. She’s pleased. She asks what their relationship is. PK suggests they are like siblings. They smile. PK tells her to pick someplace to go out after he finishes in the recording studio.

While Bu Ja waits for PK, the hit-and-kill businessman approaches her. She shares she’s waiting for someone. He suggests he wait with her for his meeting. She agrees. He stares at her while she searches for someplace to go with PK.

Sun Mi is upset when she gets home. She doesn’t want to be Sam Jung. She cries.

The brother finds a glowing box of matches. The demon in the book store reads the match girl story. The brother lights a match and sees tasty food. The brother lights the second match and sees his sister. He asks her to take him with her. He drops the match. Paper on the rugs starts to burn. Sun Mi appears and snuffs the fire. She stops the boy from striking the third match. The demon appears and says she’ll take the boy. Sun Mi gives the boy her phone, dials a number, and tells the boy to tell the man to hurry. She turns to face the demon.

Assistant Lee answers the phone and says he’ll be there soon. He starts to run.

Sun Mi asks why the demon steals children’s souls. The demon counters that she allows the children to live in fairy tales. Sun Mi demands to know where the children are.

Oh Gong and General Frost find the book store with the books but no demon. General Frost tells Oh Gong to call Sam Jung. Oh Gong hesitates knowing the Sun Mi isn’t happy to be Sam Jung right now.

The demon tells Sun Mi that she only answers the calls of unhappy children. The demon reminds Sun Mi, she used to call to her too. Sun Mi sees her sad and lonely younger self sitting on the floor. The demon says if she takes the child, then Sun Mi’s struggles will end. Sun Mi flashes back to being rejected by other children. She asks the demon is she can take the child. The demon smiles and says she picked the perfect book for her. She opens the book. A young Sun Mi walks to the demon. The book glows. Sun Mi falls to the floor.

Bu Ja says bids good evening to the man. Because she and Sam Jung are connected she falls to the floor. The man grabs her. He tries to wake her.

Hwi Chul feels something is wrong. He tells Assistant Ma that he can no longer feel Sam Jung’s blood in his body. He declares the Sun Mi has disappeared.

Oh Gong hears a woman call to him. The bracelet glows. He knows something is wrong. General Frost asks if Sam Jung called him. Oh Gong repeats the something is wrong.

The demon smiles at Sun Mi’s book and puts it on the bookshelf.

Oh Gong searches the book store. He finds the demon. She smiles in triumph. Oh Gong asks where Sam Jung is.

Sun Mi is on the floor. Hwi Chul and Assistant Ma find her. Hwi Chul declares Sun Mi is no longer Sam Jung.

Oh Gong asks who called him. The demon says she called him. She smiles and says she’s his new owner.

My Thoughts

We got real emotions in this solid episode. The plot in this series while moving forward, does not move at a brisk or clear pace. This episode introduced another demon, one that lured a young Sun Mi to the book, ended her reign as Sam Jung, and became the bracelet’s new owner. I’ve shied away from the term “owner” for the one that held the bracelet’s power, but it was appropriate when it was switched to the demon.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) feels for Sun Mi beyond the control of the bracelet, you know and I know it. I have decided that’s the truth and the bracelet is merely a smoke screen for the love that is growing between Oh Gong and Sun Mi. Do I find the bracelet irksome because it muddies the waters? Yes, that has not changed. But Lee Seung Gi shows the truth behind the smoke screen. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Will Oh Gong’s feelings be proven when he wants to save Sun Mi even though she is no longer Sam Jung nor the owner of the bracelet? Can Oh Gong save Sun Mi trapped in the book if the demon orders him not to?

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) was wounded when she learned that freeing Oh Gong was the trigger that caused her to become Sam Jung. She was surprised and hurt by this revelation. I was pleased that Hwi Chul didn’t seem to want to hurt her but felt she should know. Oh Gong didn’t want to hurt her either, but had to confirm the truth of the statement. I’m surprised that Sam Jung didn’t already know this fact. She was normal girl until she met Hwi Chul then Oh Gong, then her world changed. Even so, the weight of being Sam Jung has been a lonely and scary life. When the demon offered a chance for her younger self to stop the pain, Sun Mi didn’t say no. But now she’s trapped in the book and is no longer Sam Jung.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) was desperate to learn where Na Chal Nyeo was. He’d take any scrap of information, but the elder refused. We learned that Na Chal Nyeo once lured children and was punished for it. We saw the near miss (a staple in any kdrama) when Hwi Chul and Na Chal Nyeo were side-by-side in different cars but didn’t see each other. Interesting that Hwi Chul was willing to break his promise to Oh Gong not to involved Sun Mi in the search for the black bell. Others have noticed, and I must agree, Cha Seung Won looks handsome and dashing in this series.

Supporting characters contribute. I loved when Assistant Ma denied the elder goodies, twice. She is indeed a loyal assistant. PK and Bu Ja continue to be cute together. I was a bit surprised he suggested a sibling relationship. I thought he was leaning to a romantic interest in her. The hit-and-kill businessman staring at Bu Ja was a bit creepy. Is he going to kill her again? What is the point of the Jade Dragon?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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11 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 9 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    There is one thing I am mightily confused by and it’s the fact Sun Mi saw the ghosts and therefor was alienated by her peers even before she freed Oh Gong and became Sam Jang. Will this be explained or retconned somehow later? Does it mean it was her fate to become Sam Jang, nonetheless?

    I did absolutely love Sun Mi’s dress and she looked gorgeous in it. Also, I liked that Oh Gong said he’d marry her again and again, if she’d want to. It adds a sense of consent to the initial placement of GGG, even if one could say he said it only because of GGG. But I think it was his real heart, happy to have entered in this type of, albeit messy, relationship with her. And, of course, there’s the shipper in me who is just happy to think he thinks of himself partially as her husband and someone who will stay by her side until death does them apart (very likely, to be honest, even if temporary) in every sense.


    • My take is the ability to see spirits was always there, it was meeting Hwi Chul and Oh Gong that changed her fate.

      I like your term “real heart” because I agree we are seeing Oh Gong’s true feelings at times. Unfortunately all indicators point to death parting them. Hopefully it won’t be permanent.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Imberreader I understand your confusion as I felt it myself when we first learned Sun Mi’s 🌂 punishment for releasing Oh Gong 🐒 was to become Sam Jang. I concur with KJT that Sun Mi 🌂 clearly had the ability to see spirits before becoming Sam Jang.

      ✳RANT ALERT✳ I’m amazed that the Elder 🐔 and the other “would be” gods, Hwi Chul 🐂 and Oh Gong 🐒 in particular, make any progress towards being deity as they neglect mankind in their vainglorious pursuits. How DARE they punish young Sun Mi 🌂 without even informing her of the punishment for her misdeed, protecting 🛡 her, OR even providing her with means of protecting herself. HUMANITY: Good luck surviving while the “would be” gods are busy chalking up their “brownie points” ✳RANT OVER✳

      I 💖💗💟 that Oh Gong 🐒 offered to marry 💒 Sun Mi 🌂 over and over again; as imberreader said “It adds a sense of consent to the initial placement of GGG”. I wondered since Sun Mi’s 🌂 kiss 💋 activated the GGG, IF sealing 💋 the deal was more or less a wedding. Which makes me wonder if the Storyteller demon is REALLY the owner of the GGG as she was NOT the one who “properly” placed the GGG on the mischievous monkey. Besides being Sam Jang, owner of the GGG or not, doesn’t Sun Mi 🌂 have a contract with Oh Gong 🐒 from her childhood to be protected⁉

      Liked by 1 person

      • ✳RANT ALERT✳ HUMANITY: Good luck surviving while the “would be” gods are busy chalking up their “brownie points” ✳RANT OVER✳
        It is disappointing the humans are used and discarded without a care. It makes the lot of demons essentially users and less than stellar.

        I 💖💗💟 that Oh Gong 🐒 offered to marry 💒 Sun Mi 🌂 over and over again; as imberreader said “It adds a sense of consent to the initial placement of GGG”
        It was a sweet moment. 🍬💗


      • imberreader says:

        I actually am deep in hwayugi tag and I found this post, which might have cracked this open to some extent:

        Also you’re absolutely right. I think this drama speaks a lot about the grey middle ground between the good and evil and how no one, not celestial or demonic beings and certainly not humans, actually can belong to the good side entirely and how subjective it is overall.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was sweet 🍭 that PK 🐷 was upset about the scandal with Alice (aka Jade Dragon 🐙) ruining his opportunity to help Bu Ja 🚶💀. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Bu Ja 🚶💀. If Bu Ja 🚶💀 had to collapse in the absence of Sun Mi 🌂 no longer being Sam Jang, it couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” guy than professor/politician Kang. Will this be his opportunity to take responsibility for killing her⁉

    I 💗 how Oh Gong 🐒 evolved in his attitude towards kids as he initially dreaded babysitting Han Joo’s 📔 kids to conjuring dinosaurs 🐲 to lure the lost little girl spirit. Affability with kids would likely tug on Sun Mi’s 🌂 heartstrings. The more time Oh Mi 🐒🌂 time Oh Gong 🐒 experiences, the more he weans away from selfishness. I’d like to see Hwi Chul 🐂 to have more altruistic leanings.

    Seeing kids being abused or even seeing the aftermath of abuse was hard 😔😤 for me. I was appalled that the little girl who used the rope ➰ to escape her dad’s abused lost her life to escape into the fairytale. ✳RANT ALERT✳ How can the Storyteller demon justify that she is “helping” children 🚸, when lives are lost⁉. Little children 🚸 do not have the reasoning capacity to make those kinds of decisions, ESPECIALLY when they are unaware of the consequences. ✳RANT OVER✳.

    The Grimm Brothers’ 📖 fairytales are actually quite gruesome; my understanding is that fairytales 📖 were originally told to teach children to be wary of evils in the world. Again we saw the evil 😈 actions (neglect and abuse) of mankind act as an invitation for evil spirits.

    I also loved seeing Hwi Chul 🐂 and Oh Gong 🐒 having a frenemy moment, Oh Gong 🐒 seemed sincere in his apology to Hwi Chul 🐂 in regards to Princess Iron Fan. When will the bromance blossom 💮⁉. I can hardly wait for “Hwi Gong” 🐂🐒 to become a formidable team and fight evil.

    Like Sun Mi 🌂, I would like to see Oh Gong’s 🐒 words coming from his 💓, rather than the GGG. What will it take for Sun Mi 🌂 to believe Oh Gong’s 🐒 sincerity⁉. It would help if Oh Gong 🐒 quit stepping 💩👞 in his inconsiderate phraseology

    I like that Oh Gong 🐒 made a sweet 🍭 effort to have an ordinary date with Sun Mi 🌂. Despite the quality time Oh Mi 🐒 🌂 spent this episode, it did not offset the devastating truth that Sun Mi 🌂 became Sam Jang by releasing Oh Gong 🐒 from his imprisonment when she was young. It seemed Oh Gong 🐒 felt guilty about his deceit. Did Sun Mi 🌂 realize that allowing her younger self to go into the fantasy that she was giving up on being Sam Jang ⁉.

    I assuming Sun Mi 🌂 isn’t going to die as it was her younger self that went into the fairytale and we have many episodes to go. I think Sun Mi 🌂 was still reeling from the revelation of Oh Gong’s 🐒 culpability in her fated. Couple her emotions with her desire to live a normal life and I can understand her choice to escape.


    • I thought it was sweet 🍭 that PK 🐷 was upset about the scandal with Alice (aka Jade Dragon 🐙) ruining his opportunity to help Bu Ja 🚶💀.
      PK is best with Bu Ja but he works with Alice too. Poor Alice has a bit of jealousy towards Bu Ja.

      I 💗 how Oh Gong 🐒 evolved in his attitude towards kids as he initially dreaded babysitting Han Joo’s 📔 kids to conjuring dinosaurs 🐲 to lure the lost little girl spirit.
      I had to chuckle that he lost the cockiness the second the children started crying. 😭

      When will the bromance blossom 💮⁉. I can hardly wait for “Hwi Gong” 🐂🐒 to become a formidable team and fight evil.
      I want it too. But do they have enough of a heart to have a bromance?

      t did not offset the devastating truth that Sun Mi 🌂 became Sam Jang by releasing Oh Gong 🐒 from his imprisonment when she was young.
      ✳RANT ALERT✳ No one adds Hwi Chul to why Sun Mi became Sam Jung. HE was the one that sent Sun Mi to Oh Gong’s lair for his own selfish reasons. Without that, Sun Mi never would have been punished into Sam Jung. I say again, Hwi Chul was the catalyst! ✳RANT OVER✳.

      I like that Oh Gong 🐒 made a sweet 🍭 effort to have an ordinary date with Sun Mi 🌂
      The holding hands 👫 was nice and putting her hand in his pocket was possessive and sweet.

      Couple her emotions with her desire to live a normal life and I can understand her choice to escape
      Agreed. Sun Mi has had a dark, lonely life and is now surrounded by demons that want to kill her or use while she hopes (in vain?) that they care about her. That’s a “take me away” situation.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Excellent point in your rant about Hwi Chul 🐂 being the catalyst for Sun Mi 🌂 becoming Sam Jang. I doubt Hwi Chul 🐂 would take any onus, afterall he “warned” ⚠ the tiny human girl to ignore anything she encountered.

        Oh Gong 🐒 has started to consider Sun Mi’s 🌂 wishes and occasionally put her will above his own. Seems like Hwi Chul 🐂 could take a people skills lesson from the mischievous monkey, but then again Oh Gong 🐒 needs to work on consistently.


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