Money Flower Episode 16

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episode 16

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) can’t believe it…Pil Joo is his non-biological father’s son and eldest Jang grandson. He recalls Pil Joo’s support of him through the years and his claim that the eldest Jang grandson is dead. He can’t believe his longest friendship is predicated on a lie. It makes him sick to his stomach. He goes to Pil Joo and they discuss Pil Joo’s loyalty and Boo Cheon’s determination to become President of the company. Boo Cheon declares no one will stop him from reaching his goal. Boo Cheon tells his wife that it is time for them to create a test tube baby. Boo Cheon tells his mother that he’s going to live his own life without her interference. Boo Cheon declares he will not divorce his wife and his mother must stop her efforts against his marriage.

Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook) plays it cool when she finds Pil Joo and Mo Hyun alone in an obviously charged moment. She tells her daughter-in-law to leave. She tells Pil Joo to regain his strength through ginseng drink she brought. She reminds her daughter-in-law that she should not be alone with Pil Joo. She is shocked and proud when Boo Cheon declares he will make his own choices. She tears up the divorce papers that Pil Joo prepared. That $20M settlement won’t be in Mo Hyun’s pockets any time soon. Her goal remains the same, Boo Cheon must become President of the company. She’s willing to do anything to make that happen.

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) agrees with Pil Joo that a new President must be elected now that his son has been forced to resign. But the wily Chairman doesn’t hand the presidency to one of his eager grandsons, Boo Cheon and Yeo Cheon. Instead he informs them they’ll have to compete against other qualified internal candidates. The dismay on his grandsons’ faces is evident. The jockeying for the position begins. Pil Joo tells Boo Cheon that he must reveal the success of his projects for positive press and favor from his Chairman Jang. Yeo Cheon hangs his head and slinks back to his father for help. His father tells his son that he discounted his father too quickly. Yeo Cheon comes up with a plan to discredit Boo Cheon publicly.

Yoon Seo Won (Han So Hee), the mother of Boo Cheon’s son, find herself face-to-face with Yeo Cheon’s father after he leaks that Boo Cheon has a long-standing affair and illegitimate child to the press. Seo Won is promised help in legitimizing her son. Pil Joo fights his way through the security team keeping her captive and takes her to a penthouse hotel suite. She marvels that she’s never seen the view from the top floor. Pil Joo tells her to think carefully before holding a press conference to reveal herself as the mother of Boo Cheon’s son. Yeo Cheon’s father manages not to let his head explode when he learns that Pil Joo extracted Seo Won from his security team. He’s livid when Seo Won says she needs to decide whether or not to hold the press conference. Seo Won isn’t surprised when Boo Cheon visits her.

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) visits her father who has been moved to her mother’s house. She tells her mother that they must keep father’s status a secret until he wakes and recovers. She decides that keeping the truth from Boo Cheon is necessary. She stares at the photo of her younger self that she showed Pil Joo when she asked if he still loved her. Mo Hyun wonders what Pil Joo’s answer is. As she stares at the locket she retrieved from the fire barrel at a younger Pil Joo’s house, the housekeeper brings her the honey tea she loves. The housekeeper sees the locket and declares that is Boo Cheon’s father’s locket. The housekeeper is pleased that Boo Cheon’s father gave it to his son. Mo Hyun reels in shock. Boo Cheon’s father gave the locket to his son, but it wasn’t Boo Cheon.

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) is blissfully unaware that his birth secret has been discovered by Boo Cheon. He feels the competitive vibe from Boo Cheon but this doesn’t faze him. One day he’ll take all that Boo Cheon has, regardless of what Boo Cheon believes. He’s irked with Yeo Cheon’s father leaks the news that Boo Cheon has an illegitimate child. With cool precision he dispatches the security team and extracts Seo Won. He’s sympathetic to Seo Won and again treats her with respect. Pil Joo knows Seo Won is in the same situation his own mother was, mother of an illegitimate child. He’s surprised when Mo Hyun visits him and they are once again alone. When she shows the locket, she retrieved from the fire barrel at his house years ago, Pil Joo admits that his father gave him the locket. He doesn’t realize that he’s confirmed Mo Hyun’s deduction. Mo Hyun calls him by his true name Jang Eun Cheon. Pil Joo stares at her in shock. He can’t believe his long-hidden birth secret has been discovered.

My Thoughts

Another character knows who Pil Joo is. The ramifications begin.
* The discussion between Pil Joo and Boo Cheon with the knife and apple was a riveting dance filled with subtext. That scene showed not only the superb acting of Jang Hyuk but Jang Seung Jo too. As the series has progressed Boo Cheon has been less of a mess and more of player. These two actors have sold their friendship that is tinged with other forces. This isn’t a bromance for the ages, but it is a fascinating relationship between two men that essentially want the same things.
* Frankly I was surprised that Mo Hyun put the pieces of the puzzle together and confronted Pil Joo about his birth secret so quickly. Another masterful cliff hanger from Writer Lee Myung Hee.
* Will Boo Cheon keep Pil Joo’s secret in his back pocket and strike Pil Joo with it when he needs an ace to best his friend/foe? What does Mo Hyun want from Pil Joo? Does she want him to take her away? Does she want an affair? Does she only want an admission of love? Will she ever get mad that Pil Joo is the one that imploded her life by targeting her for inclusion in the Jang family or will she remain blinded by his efforts to save her? Who will discover Pil Joo’s secret next? Will it domino through the remaining characters?

Pil Joo’s power of tower can topple with his birth secret. Mal Ran would kill him in a second if she learns who he is. Nothing is more important than Boo Cheon’s power and anyone that threatens it is a candidate for elimination. Yeo Cheon’s father would probably kill Pil Joo. He hates Pil Joo and couldn’t abide with a new nephew that would threaten his son’s power. Would Chairman Jang kill him if he learned Pil Joo was his illegitimate grandson? Legitimacy is the crucial component to Chairman Jang. He enjoys using Pil Joo but considers him a tool to toss when no longer needed. Would the fact that Pil Joo is his illegitimate grandson change Chairman Jang’s mind about Pil Joo? Finally, what does Pil Joo want now that the sands of his life have shifted again? Does Pil Joo’s love for Mo Hyun alter Pil Joo’s path of revenge? Is it even possible for them to extract themselves from the messed-up Jang family and live a happy life?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fifth song of the OST “Waiting Here for You” is sung by Min Kyung Hoon. Check it out below:


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19 comments on “Money Flower Episode 16
  1. Beez says:

    “She [Mal ran] is shocked and proud when Boo Cheon declares he will make his own choices. kjt
    Boy, I got an entirely different impression of Mal ran’s reaction to that.

    I’m surprised Pil joo didn’t instruct Seo won against using her cell phone. If it’s as dire as Uncle Jang holding her against her will (which didn’t seem to be the case to me but…), then you’d think they could easily find her thru the location of her cell phone.

    “…Boo Cheon has been less of a mess and more of player.” kjt
    Yeah, in the beginning, Baby Boo was just a goofy rich guy. 🙂

    You guys were right about Mo hyeong being able to deal with Pil joo’s duplicity and his involvement in deceiving her cause homegirl is DETERMINED to make Pil joo face/admit his feelings for her.

    • Boy, I got an entirely different impression of Mal ran’s reaction to that.
      I can see that. I read shock, displeasure then pride that her son had finally “manned up” and told her to back off. Maybe I was projecting.

      You guys were right about Mo hyeong being able to deal with Pil joo’s duplicity and his involvement in deceiving her cause homegirl is DETERMINED to make Pil joo face/admit his feelings for her.
      She does indeed seem focused on getting an admission. She still needs to deal with the ripple effects of what Pil Joo did. She can’t simply ignore what he did to her and her family.

      • Beez says:

        @kjt you’re probably right about Mal ran’s reaction. I was probably just disappointed to miss the opportunity to GIF her grabbing Baby Boo again. lol I sent the first one to my son where she approached him calmly and then grabbed him by his hair and began to shake his head like it was a piggy bank and she couldn’t get her 50 cent piece out of the slot. lol

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I saw Mal Ran’s displeasure 😣 as her primary reaction, but I also saw “pride that her son had finally “manned up” ” described by KJT.

    I also see that DETERMINED Mo Hyun may have enough moxy to deal with the crushing blow she will feel when she realizes the havoc Pil Joo has wrecked 🎳💢 on her and her family. Mo Hyun’s mom be going crazy 😵 with Mo Hyun continuing to live at Musimwon with the knowledge of Baby Boo’s love child; can you imagine the tiger 🐯 mom she will become when finds out about her daughter being sold⁉ Her husband’s life may be in jeopardy at her own hands; at least the family will under his desire to commit suicide.

    Didn’t Pil Joo’s shadow man, Yong Goo, see in the hospital 🏥 video recordings that blood was drawn from Pil Joo⁉. I don’t like having Pil Joo in ignorance. At least with Mo Hyun having knowledge, Pil Joo will be on his toes.👣

    I DO NOT think the ‘Ol Git 👴 will accept Pil Joo as a family member. The ‘Ol Git 👴 said in an earlier episode something about illegitimate Jangs would put Cheong Ah at risk. I suspect the ‘Ol Git 👴 would be more inclined to eliminate Pil Joo ála Mal Ran style. We don’t know how the ‘Ol Git 👴 responded to reports of Gyun Cheon or Eun Cheon’s deaths … Did he receive reports⁉. I suspect 🕵 he at LEAST received reports. He sees Pil Joo as a tool. Actually, I think the ‘Ol Git 👴 sees EVERYONE as tools to carry on his will or legacy, whether it is his biological legacy or his company’s legacy. He hasn’t hesitated to kick 💢👞legitimate family members to the curb when they have gone against him. They keep talking about the ‘Ol Git 👴 removing the oxygen from Pil Joo’s bio dad.

    • Beez says:

      Mo Hyeon’s mom be “going crazy”?

      I’ve only seen her calm and collected. Did I snooze thru something again?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Mo Hyun’s mom didn’t exactly go bananas, but she was not happy about her daughter returning to the Jang’s after dad’s “funeral” and expressed further displeasure 😣 upon learning of the secret 🤐 child and the fact that her daughter already knew it.

      Determined as she may be, I think Mo Hyun is out of her league in the den of vipers 🐍 known as Musimwon.

      • Agreed. She is a novice dealing with the messed-up Jang family. Pil Joo is the only one that can get her out of there.

      • Beez says:

        Mishyworm is not a good place for women to survive, unless they’re ruthless like Mal ran. Even though Old Git wants to get rid of Mal ran, he also admires her greed, ambition and grit.

        I was noticing that Old Git’s mistress (wife?) has her restaurant but when she gets home, her day is more of the same – waiting on Gramps and everyone at Mushyworm.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Agreed that “Mushyworm” is a tough place for women to survive. I think the ‘Ol Git’s
        👴 mistress may not be ruthless, but is another gal with GRIT, who is looking for a golden ticket 🎫. In earlier episodes the ‘Ol Git 👴 gave the mistress the restaurant in lieu of her request to get married and clearly let her know marriage will NEVER happen.

        • Beez says:

          At first Mistress Han annoyed me no end, but now she’s the bright spot that makes me laugh in all this bleakness and misery.

        • Jane Tilly says:

          Agreed, she takes a lot of crap, especially from Mal scabby ✋ Ran and yet has a cheery disposition. Sometimes it just her facial expressions that make me laugh, she does NOT have a poker face 🚫🃏🙄. She takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ ⌚.

          • Beez says:

            @JT – 🤣😂 because of Mal scabby ✋ Ran. Mal “Scabby Hand” Ran. A/K/A in Mafia circles as “The Scab” A/K/A “Scabs”. lololol

            Whoo boy! You find got me started. 😆😂🤣

  3. Beez says:

    As much as I hate to see the Kdrama dads go off violently on their sons, the K-moms doing it cracks me up. (Usually you can tell it’s done out of love and they’re not really hitting their sons very hard. But in this case, Mal ran and Baby Boo, even though she’s evil this cracked me up.)!AvE2-hpAQD163CJMa962d68nH-4Q

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