Money Flower Episode 15

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episode 15

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) is dismayed when the opposition party wins the presidential election. He backed the wrong horse and the new president isn’t interested in forging a relationship. But his “fixer”, Pil Joo, is in a coma in the hospital. The car Pil Joo drove with Mo Hyun as passenger, flipped multiple times. Mo Hyun was not hurt but Pil Joo is comatose. When his son is investigated for corporate wrong doings, Chairman Jang wishes Pil Joo was awake to clean up the mess. He warns his son not to try and kill Pil Joo again. Insulted that his father cares for Pil Joo, Chairman Jang clarifies that Pil Joo fixes problems, and he needs that skill. Pil Joo is merely a tool to use to achieve Chairman Jang’s goals.

Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) was following Pil Joo and Mo Hyun and saw their car flip. He rushed to the car and pulls Mo Hyun from the wreckage. Pil Joo is unconscientious on the driver’s side. When Mo Hyun is put in the ambulance she asks about Pil Joo and the knife of jealousy plunges into Boo Cheon’s heart. Upset that his mother was willing to tamper with his wife’s car, he decides to teach her a lesson. He drives the car towards a concrete barrier, rolls out of the car, and watches the impact. To his horror, the car explodes. Boo Cheon is shocked at the brutality of his mother’s plan.

Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook) hates life without Pil Joo. She’s got a daughter-in-law that didn’t die in the tampered car as she hoped. She’s got a son that knows she tried to kill his wife and warns her never to do it again or else. Her son’s rival, Yeo Cheon is pushing her around in the business arena with the power of his position. Thwarted in every direction, she does what she vowed she would not do, visit Pil Joo in the hospital. She lovingly strokes his face and begs him to wake up. When her son and daughter-in-law find her imploring Pil Joo, she wraps a cloak of dignity around her and ignores the situation. The sun shines only when Pil Joo wakes. The reaction from the characters is predictable – those that are happy Boo Cheon, Mal Ran, Mo Hyun and Chairman Jang – and those that are angry – Chairman Jang’s son and his son, Yeo Cheon.

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) faithfully visited Pil Joo daily. She knows he tried to save her life when the car flipped. She realizes that Pil Joo is the man that loved birds when her friend shows her a picture with Pil Joo in it. She goes to Pil Joo’s apartment and finds a picture of her younger self behind a picture of a bird. She realizes Pil Joo is the man that piggy backed her home when she was drunk. She realizes that Boo Cheon did none of the things he claimed, it was all Pil Joo. She realizes she married Boo Cheon believing he was the man she fell in love with, but it wasn’t him it was Pil Joo.

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) wakes and finds an opportunity to oust Chairman Jang’s son from the company. He tells Chairman Jang that forcing his son to resign is the only way to solve the legal issues, restore public faith in the company, and win political favor. Chairman Jang backs the forced resignation of his son. Pil Joo tells Mal Ran this is their opportunity to make Boo Cheon the next president of the company. But things get messy when Pil Joo’s secrets are revealed. Boo Cheon puts two and two together and suspects Pil Joo might be hiding something he found in a DNA test 5 years ago. He recalls Pil Joo claim that the eldest grandson was dead. He orders a secret DNA test between his non-biological father and Pil Joo. He’s stunned when the DNA test reveals that Pil Joo is the eldest albeit illegitimate grandson. Unaware that Boo Cheon knows who he is, Pil Joo has to deal with Mo Hyun who asks him point-blank if he loved her and was the man that took care of her in the early stages. Pil Joo confirms he loved her, with an emphasis on the past tense. But Mo Hyun is ready for his lie and reveals the picture of her younger self Pil Joo hid. Pil Joo stares into Mo Hyun’s eyes. She’s just as mesmerized. That is evident to Mal Ran when she enters Pil Joo’s apartment. She quickly ascertains the depth of feelings between her daughter-in-law and her lover.

My Thoughts

This was a slow burn that boiled at the end. Everyone is lost without Pil Joo. When he wakes, the episode kicks it up a notch. When his secrets are found out, the episode clicks into high gear. Boo Cheon learns Pil Joo’s birth secret. Mo Hyun learns Pil Joo loves her but won’t act on it. Just as she presses, Mal Ran appears and at a glance understands all. I was surprised when Mo Hyun realized that Pil Joo was the man that treated her with kindness, but didn’t make the logic leap, that Pil Joo lured her to join the messed-up Jang family and wrecked her life. I was surprised when Boo Cheon added up the evidence and tested Pil Joo’s blood against his father. Boo Cheon has had flashes of cleverness, but suspicion and confirmation of it was practically genius. Writer Lee Myung Hee is masterful. Count me as a fan!

Pil Joo is the glue of this series. Pil Joo’s coma illuminated clearly his impact and power in this series. I had to chuckle that after over a month in a coma, a shave and power suit, revitalized Pil Joo to full power. It’s fitting that Pil Joo’s secrets come to light. First Boo Cheon knows who he is. Boo Cheon knows that his wife has feelings for Pil Joo. Boo Cheon knows that Pil Joo has feelings for his wife. What will Boo Cheon do next? Second, Mo Hyun knows that Pil Joo allowed Boo Cheon to take credit for all his caring actions when she was first drawn to him. Mo Hyun knows that Pil Joo has cared for her since they were teenagers. Mo Hyun heard Pil Joo’s lie that he was over her, but didn’t believe it. She stepped into Pil Joo’s personal space and dared him to act on his feelings. I loved watching Pil Joo squirm with his feelings. But Mal Ran’s arrival fizzled the heat between Mo Hyun and Pil Joo. She clearly knows their feelings and they know Mal Ran knows their feeling. What will Mal Ran do? Pil Joo’s Achilles heel has been revealed.

Jang Hyuk is simply superb in the role. As a fan, I can’t adequately express how thrilled I am to see his brilliance shine in a series that utilizes his talents. If you aren’t a Jang Hyuk fan, this series will change your mind.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific in large part due to the two spectacular reveals at the end of the episode. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST “Dreamy Love” is a ballad sung by Hyo Rin. Check it out below:


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19 comments on “Money Flower Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    First of all, does Pil Joo have any privacy in his living quarters⁉. It seems that everyone walks in and our of there without so much as anyone announcing themselves. “Hello, is anybody home?”

    OMO, While Pil Joo was incapacitated from playing the role of ringmaster Baby Boo stepped up and used his brain and confirmed Pil Joo’s biggest secret, that Pil Joo is the oldest Jang family heir, while Mo Hyun figured out his second biggest secret, that Pil Joo is in love with Mo Hyun.

    Baby Boo is now suspicious of Pil Joo’s end gsme, I just hope he doesn’t disclose Pil Joo’s birth secret to his mother.

    I agree with KJT that with everything Mo Hyun put together she seems to have missed that Pil Joo orchestrated her marriage to Baby Boo … OR did she⁉

    • Baby Boo stepped up and used his brain and confirmed Pil Joo’s biggest secret, that Pil Joo is the oldest Jang family heir, while Mo Hyun figured out his second biggest secret, that Pil Joo is in love with Mo Hyun
      While this confirmed Boo Cheon’s brain cells can process, I wasn’t happy to see this turn of events.Did Mo Hyun also realize she was in love with Pil Joo?

      Baby Boo is now suspicious of Pil Joo’s end gsme, I just hope he doesn’t disclose Pil Joo’s birth secret to his mother.
      It would be dire for Pil Joo if Mal Ran finds out who he is.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think Mo Hyun already realizes she loves Pil Joo; she is drawn like a moth🦋 to a flame 🔥. I strongly suspect those feelings are subject to change WHEN she finds/figures out about Pil Joo selling her to the Jang family, I’m confident she will find out, when is the only variable.

        Agreed that Mal Ran will try to eliminate Pil Joo the instant she discovers him to be a threat to her Baby Boo.

        I’m grateful Baby Boo wants to be independent of his mother. Baby Boo is growing on me, he is the least horrible in the family, probably because he is NOT a Jang. Hoever, he is Mal Ran’s son so hard to say how far he will go … as long as he doesn’t run to his mommy … for the time being.

        • I think Mo Hyun already realizes she loves Pil Joo; she is drawn like a moth🦋 to a flame 🔥.

          I’m grateful Baby Boo wants to be independent of his mother… he is Mal Ran’s son so hard to say how far he will go …
          That’s the scary part, has he learned by example from his mother?

          • Beez says:

            What’s it going to take for Seo won to realize she, and her child, would be better off to leave the Jangs alone?

            It never made sense to me that she thought that once the Jangs sent a hit man (the time Pil joo saved her) that telling Mo hyeon would somehow keep them safe. That would’ve only worked if Baby Boo was behind it because he’d not want Mo hyeon to think he’s capable of murder, but since she knew it was Mal ran, I don’t get her logic.

            Unless she was purposefully trying to cause that miscarriage. That places her on a whole other level on my villainess scale.

            • I think she purposely wanted to hurt Mo Hyun and perhaps implode her marriage, but didn’t visualize a miscarriage being the end result. She sees that family as her golden ticket and just can’t give it up.

            • Jane Tilly says:

              I concur Seo Won wanted to implode 💢 Mo Hyun and Baby Boo’s marriage. Seo Won IS greedily looking for the golden ticket 🎫. Her greed has foolishly given her blinders, overlooking Mal Ran’s warning that illegitimate children are NEVER recognized, let alone the mortal threat.

              Seo Won CANNOT see that her threat to reveal her child harms Baby Boo’s chances to become the chairman. Being the chairman is BB’s only hope of having the 💪 power to have his son recognized.

              I’m fairly sure Baby Boo has not revealed his birth secret to Seo Won. If Baby Boo were to reveal his secret, would Seo Won back down or join Team Yeo Cheon as revenge⁉

              • Your logic is spot on. Wisely, Boo Cheon has not revealed his birth secret to Seo Won. She would undoubtedly spill the beans. As you noted, Boo Cheon’s power is the only leverage to legitimatize his soon. As long as Chairman Jang lives, it is highly unlikely.

                • Beez says:

                  I don’t think Seo won would spill the beans carelessly. First she’d probably use it as leverage against Mal ran (good revenge if she can live longer than a few days after using it though), then, if she survived, and finally realizes they’re never going to invite her into the family, then I can see her blabbing…from her hospital bed in the I.C.U.

              • Beez says:

                Something one of you guys said earlier about Baby Boo possibly not being Seo won’s child’s bio dad keeps playing in my head but only because of a slightly panicked look Seo won gets when talking about getting the Jang surname for the boy. Poor kid when all of this shakes out.

              • Jane Tilly says:

                OMO, the possibility of BB NOT being the father of Seo Won’s son is an interesting prospect. I wonder if Pil Joo has already run the DNA on the poor little boy who is being exploited by his mother… Hmmm kinda like BB was exploited by his mother … The only difference is Mal Ran was legally married to the man she duped into believing he was the bio dad. I’m not very fond 😣 of people who exploit their children.

  2. Beez says:

    NO SHE DI’N’T! No Mal ran did NOT put her scabby handed fangas on MY curly queue!

    Are there any more doubters in the house about the nature of the relationship between these two? *thoroughly disgusted*

    I would’ve preferred they left it to our imaginations.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      OH YES SHE DID, Mal Ran did put her scabby handed fangas on OUR curly queue! I’m thoroughly 😲 🤢 🤮 disgusted Pil Joo found it acceptable to sleep with the enemy. Oh the horror 😨 of compromises made in the name of revenge‼

      • Beez says:

        *Ahem* Jane Tilly. Ya know I love you, girl…BUT “our”? I called exclusive rights on that little nape curly queue when everybody else laughed at my fettish over it.

        I’m glad you got my back with Greedy Hand Mal ran but, I’m sorry, I can’t share that one little part with you. Every other part of him I’ll share when you and the Stuck on Hyuk masses. lolololol

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Some people are so possessive…you can have the curly queue, I’ll take the rest…

        • Beez says:

          @JT Let me know how that goes. lol You’ll have to fight through the throngs. I’ll just selfishly enjoy my little curly queue all to myself that nobody else seemed to notice or want before. 😁

        • Jane Tilly says:


    • I would’ve preferred they left it to our imaginations.
      How low Pil Joo has gone in the name of revenge. He can only go up from here.

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