Hwayugi Episode 6 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 6 Recap

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) arrives at Hwi Chul’s house. She looks around the entry way.

Red-eyed Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) grimaces at Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) who asks what he will do now that he’s drunk Sam Jung’s blood. Oh Gong taunts Hwi Chul that the blood is driving him crazy. He’s dismayed when Hwi Chul removes the empty ring from his finger and regains control. Hwi Chul scoffs that he’s abstained for a long time and the tiny amount of blood from the ring won’t change anything. Oh Gong vows to make Hwi Chul suffer soon. Hwi Chul chuckles. Oh Gong promises more will come.

Sun Mi puts her coat and purse on the statue.

Oh Gong summons a timer and flips it. He tells Hwi Chul that he’ll have to be alone with Sun Mi next. He disappears.

Sun Mi calls to Hwi Chul. He turns and struggles to control himself as he approaches Sun Mi. She offers him congratulations on his award. Hwi Chul invites her to sit at the table. Sun Mi notices all the candles and asks the scene. Hwi Chul stares at the timer and tells her lotus flower. Sun Mi remarks that her blood is supposed to spell like lotus flower. Hwi Chul struggles and orders Sun Mi not to come near him. But she comes nearer. Just as she reaches to touch him, the timer expires and he yells for Oh Gong.

Oh Gong leads Sun Mi outside. She asks what happened to Hwi Chul. Oh Gong explains that he was under the weather. Sun Mi says she’s cold. Oh Gong doesn’t want to give her his coat. Sun Mi bats her eyes at Oh Gong. He clutches his heart. He says they need to go to Suremdong. He takes her to an elevator and points out the name on a poster. Oh Gong snaps his fingers.

Oh Gong and Sun Mi walk in Suremdong. Oh Gong brings Sun Mi into a building. Oh Gong tells her it’s his home. He offers her a drink from his array of alcohol. Sun Mi picks the best liquor much to Oh Gong’s chagrin. She downs it and asks for another hit. Grudgingly Oh Gong refills. Sun Mi recalls that Oh Gong can’t drink. She asks what he did that caused the ban. Oh Gong won’t tell. Sun Mi is surprised when she learns that Oh Gong spent 500 years in the house she extracted him from. She asks if he was lonely. She tells him she’ll buy him a drink after all this is over. Oh Gong laughs that one this is over, he won’t see her again. He points to the bracelet and declares she’s is warden now. He wishes she were gone from his life. That hurts Sun Mi. She finishes her drink and says she’ll leave him now. Oh Gong puts his fur coat over her shoulder and says he can’t stand to see her cold. He gives her the alcohol to take with him. She doesn’t want to but Oh Gong insists. He declares he needs to keep her warm but he doesn’t want to make her happy. Sun Mi agrees to take the alcohol and leaves wrapped in Oh Gong’s fur coat.

Is Oh Gong lying that he doesn’t want to make her happy? Couldn’t he see that his mean words hurt him? Didn’t her pain bother him?

Back at the house, PK (Lee Hong Ki) and Oh Gong’s brother wonders what happened to Sam Jung. PK spots Hwi Chul’s empty ring on the table. He wonders what happened to Sam Jung’s blood.

Hwi Chul’s assistant asks Hwi Chul if he needs more energy stones. He tells her to find something to counter the blood. He tells himself he’s not affected by Sam Jung’s blood.

Hwi Chul’s assistant goes to the shop. Grandmother is gone and only the grandson remains. She asks for an item. He agrees if she pays cash. PK eavesdrops and wonders if Hwi Chul is ill.

A woman searches the locks of love and finds the one. She sobs as she tries to unlock it. Someone come up behind her and starts to cut her hair. She screams.

The next day General Frost tells Oh Gong that Hwi Chul must have been in pain trying to resist his urges with Sam Jung’s blood coursing through his body. Oh Gong chuckles. General Frost remarks that Hwi Chul must have wanted to kill Sam Jung. He offers to stop time for a brief window so Oh Gong can use Hwi Chul to eliminate Sam Jung. Oh Gong considers eliminating Sam Jung.

Hwi Chul’s assistant asks if she should cancel his meetings. Hwi Chul is still in bad shape, shaking and struggling to speak. Hwi Chul’s assistant suggests that he eat Sam Jung. He orders her not to mention Sam Jung. He struggles to regain control.

When Sun Mi arrives at work, she informs her assistant the she needs to go to the entertainment company to see PK. Her assistant is jealous and impressed. He asks her to request PK to take a picture with his daughter. She agrees.

As Hwi Chul and his assistant exit the studio building, he declares that the audience increased his energy. As he interacts with his fans. His control issues come back. Little does he know that Sun Mi has entered the building. He spies her coming up the escalator. She calls to him. He tries to escape. She follows. Oh Gong watches from the balcony and flips the timer. Hwi Chul flees to avoid Sam Jung.

Once he’s cornered, Hwi Chul prepares to strike at Sun Mi. But Oh Gong knocks him out. As Oh Gong cradles Hwi Chul in the elevator, the song “Like a Dream” by Ben, from the series Another Miss Oh plays. The elevator doors close just as Sun Mi walks by.

Cute! “Like a Dream” by Ben was one of my favorite songs of 2016 per my year-end review (link).

PK returns the items Sun Mi left at Hwi Chul’s house. He tells her he doesn’t know where Hwi Chul is. He warns her to be careful. He doesn’t offer clarification and leaves.

PK runs into Hwi Chul’s assistant and chortles that Hwi Chul must be dying to eat Sam Jung. Hwi Chul’s assistant orders him not to spread rumors. PK assures Hwi Chul’s assistant that he wants Hwi Chul to eat Sam Jung as long as there is a bite set aside for him.

Hwi Chul regains more control of himself and is not happy with Oh Gong doing this to him. Oh Gong reminds Hwi Chul of all that Hwi Chul did to him because of the bracelet. Hwi Chul promises to pay Oh Gong back. Oh Gong smiles and gets out the timer noting that Hwi Chul struggled with a small increment of time. Hwi Chul says if he eats Sam Jung, then Oh Gong will be wracked with grief. Oh Gong counters that if Sam Jung dies, then the bracelet vanishes, and his love would vanish too. Hwi Chul says until that day, Oh Gong has to protect Sam Jung. Oh Gong recalls General Frost’s offer to help.

Rich Girl stares in a car window. She recalls seeing one of the men that tried to bury her getting into a car last night. She tells herself if she can find the car and the man, maybe she can learn who she is. The mean girl from the dance studio finds her next to her car. She tells her to go away. She finds a scratch on her car and accuses Rich Girl (whose eye pops out). The mean girl faints. A manager of the mean girl can’t believe she’s got so drunk. She asks Rich girl if she wants to be an entertainer and provides her business card.

Sun Mi and her assistant stare at the abandoned flower shop for sale. He shares that the flower shop owner’s boyfriend was killed and she’s bereft. In a flashback, we see the owner is the woman that searched for the lock. They enter the shop. They find the flower shop owner sporting a bob haircut and claiming she doesn’t want to sell anymore. Sun Mi’s assistant reminds her of what she told him. The flower shop owner claims things are different now. Sun Mi spies something wrong with the haircut which glows. She asks the dead boyfriend if his girlfriend is possessed by an evil spirt.

Sun Mi goes to the locks of love. An old woman asks her to buy a lock. She asks the woman if someone cuts hair here. A man spies her and stares.

Oh Gong meets General Frost who pledges to help he get rid of Sam Jung. Oh Gong wonders if they should go slowly. General Frost says as soon as Hwi Chul is detoxified, their ability to use him to get rid of Sam Jung will be gone. General Frost suggests they try tonight. He promises to hold Oh Gong so Hwi Chul can eat Sam Jung. Uncomfortable, Oh Gong offers lame excuses. When he hears Sam Jung calling him, Oh Gong tells General Frost they’ll have to try another night. He leaves. General Frost shakes his head.

Sun Mi asks Oh Gong to determine if an evil spirit is cutting hair at the locks of love. Oh Gong stares at Sun Mi and thinks that he can’t let her go on such a cold night. He suggests they eat a meal together. Sun Mi asks why the about face when just yesterday he declared she should disappear. Oh Gong says he wants to be kind to her. Sun Mi wonders if he’s being genuine since he didn’t reference the bracelet. Oh Gong drags Sun Mi to a cotton candy vendor and buys her some. When he cuts in line, she pulls him to the back of the line. Oh Gong demands a huge cotton candy be created. Sun Mi gives Oh Gong some. He likes it and eats more offers her some too. Sun Mi reminds him without the bracelet, he wouldn’t have tasted this delicious treat. She reminds him that just yesterday he wished she would disappear. Oh Gong says it would be best if she did disappear. Sun Mi knows if she disappeared then the bracelet would disappear too. Oh Gong says he’d still remember and her feelings would still exist too. Sun Mi smiles and goes to wash her hands.

Sun Mi looks at the locks of love. She stares at the lock she bought. She adds her lock to the wall and takes the key. A man takes a picture of her putting on the lock and shows it to her. It shows her in profile. He tells her he’ll delete it if she wants. Sun Mi finds out he’s from the states and allows him to retain the photo. She leaves. The man takes a photo of the lock and smiles.

That lock practically telegraphs itself as something that will be utilized in the future. I’m good with that. Sun Mi put the lock on the wall to represent her caring of Oh Gong. If he finds it later and it allows him to find her (I’m assuming she’ll disappear) then it’s all to the good. Sun Mi has had the raw deal in life and deserves true love and happiness.

Rich Girl shares she might appear on TV and is hopeful her parents or family will recognize and contact her. PK points out her killer could also do the same. Oh Gong recommends that she find the killer and extract revenge then be reburied. She’s upset at his harsh words. PK reassures her that reburial isn’t an absolute. He promises to supply her energy stones. She’s grateful.

Hwi Chul’s detoxification has left him with rosy cheeks. He tells his assistant to reschedule his appointments while he looks this way. His assistant recalls the shop’s grandson giving her medicine with the warning that it is dangerous. She decides not to risk Hwi Chul.

PK asks the elder how strong he’d be if he bit Sam Jung. The elder warns him to leave Sam Jung alone or they could all suffer the consequences – he (the elder) won’t get a promotion, Hwi Chul won’t become a deity, Oh Gong won’t return to his heavenly status, and Rich Girl will disappear. PK asks about the connection between Rich Girl and Sam Jung. The elder states that Sam Jung’s blood woke Rich Girl and if Sam Jung disappears she would too. That gets PK’s attention.

Hwi Chul tells his assistant that his rash has moved lower. She promises to help find a solution.

Hwi Chul’s assistant calls Sam Jung and asks her to come. PK asks why the assistant has called Sam Jung. The assistant reveals a knife that she plans to stab Sam Jung with so Hwi Chul will eat her. PK warns her that Oh Gong won’t allow that to happen. The assistant agrees and plans to sacrifice herself to give Hwi Chul the time to eat Sam Jung.

PK stares at Hwi Chul unobserved.

Sam Jung arrives and the assistant goes to greets her (with the knife behind her back).

PK starts to tell Hwi Chul about the plan.

The assistant greets Sam Jung and stabs her. BUT WAIT…Oh Gong is standing in front of Sam Jung and Hwi Chul is standing in front of his assistant. Oh Gong sympathizes with Hwi Chul for having a knife in his chest. Hwi Chul admits it hurts. Oh Gong tells the assistant he’ll kill her if she tries something like this again. Hwi Chul says he’ll kill his assistant first. Chastised the assistant apologizes. Sam Jung asks why the assistant tried to stab her. The assistant explains that Hwi Chul want her. Hwi Chul admits he drank some of her blood. Oh Gong admits he spiked Hwi Chul’s drink with her blood. Sam Jung asks if he did that to get rid of her. Softly, Oh Gong admits it. Hurt, Sam Jung rushes to her car and leaves.

Hwi Chul’s assistant asks how much pain he’s in. Hwi Chul admits that Oh Gong is in more emotional pain for creating this situation. Hwi Chul grants his assistant a stay of execution. He promises if ever feels she must die, then he’ll kill her. He warns her never to kill without his permission. Grateful she promises.

Sun Mi cries that Oh Gong tried to kill her. She looks at the key for the lock. She remembers the nice things he said to her. She calls him a liar. She rushes to the locks of love. The man that eyed her before is there and smiles. Sam Jung searches for her lock. The man comes up behind her with scissors in his hand. She spins and confronts the spirit. He admits he loves hair with a whiff of lost love. He promises her pain will disappear if she lets him cut her hair. Tempted, she closes her eyes. The man raises his scissors to cut her hair. Sam Jung remembers the good times with Oh Gong. She realizes she doesn’t want to forget him. She calls to him. Oh Gong arrives and dispatches the spirit. Oh Gong tells her to have a professional cut her. He declares his love. Sam Jung declares she only cares about living and not being killed. Oh Gong vows to protect her. Sam Jung is cool towards him. Oh Gong sighs.

Oh Gong’s brother is pleased when a stubborn stain is removed.

Hwi Chul’s assistant calls PK a “tattletale pig”. Ha! She doesn’t understand why he took away his own chance for a bite. PK admits the risk was not worth it. Rich Girl exits the practice studio. PK offers to drive her home.

At the house, everyone gathers for dinner. Hwi Chul notices Oh Gong’s silence. Oh Gong’s brother beams with pride about removing the stubborn stain. Rich Girl reports that Sam Jung refused her dinner invitation. PK stares at Oh Gong and asks why Sam Jung would refuse the dinner invitation. Hwi Chul chimes in that Sam Jung didn’t want to eat with a traitor. Oh Gong counters that Sam Jung didn’t want to eat with a predator. Rich Girl asks what they did to Sam Jung. Neither man will provide details. Oh Gong’s brother recommends removing the stain right now. Oh Gong and Hwi Chul stare at each other.

Hwi Chul explains to Sam Jung that he’s taken a detoxification medicine. He promises he poses no danger to her. Sam Jung counters that if he changes his mind, he can hurt her. Hwi Chul counters that he needs her alive to save someone that is important to him. He promises not to hurt her. He signals his assistant to apologize, which she does. Sam Jung points out that the assistant isn’t actually sorry. Sam Jung agrees to let it slide.

As she leaves Hwi Chul’s office the man that took her photo at the locks of love sees her. Sam Jung sees him and bows as the elevator doors close. The man returns the bow and smiles.

Sun Mi’s assistant brings her ice cream. He realizes that she hoped that Oh Gong brought her ice cream. She claims she wasn’t waiting for Oh Gong and leaves irked.

Oh Gong is irked that Sam Jung rejected him. General Frost tells him today is the day to get rid of Sam Jung. Oh Gong claims they missed their moment. General Frost urges Oh Gong to be sincere with Sam Jung. Oh Gong counters he can’t be sincere with the bracelet as the forcing function. General Frost urges Oh Gong to look into Sam Jung’s heart and see why she’s upset with him. Then he can make her feel better. That gets Oh Gong’s attention.

The man that took the photo turns out to be a famous director who signs a deal with Hwi Chul’s company. He’s excited about the fantasy film they’ll make about a bit white cow and a little girl. LOL, Hwi Chul is a cow and Sam Jung is the girl! Hwi Chul clarifies it is a white cow. The director shows a drawing of the young girl and the cow. The young girl is clearly Sam Jung. Hwi Chul recognizes the drawing is Sam Jung. The director confides he saw the young girl when he was young. He says the girl carried a yellow umbrella. Knowing the girl in question is Sam Jung, Hwi Chul asks why the director vividly remembers the young girl. The director admits she was his first love. Wow! Hwi Chul smiles.

That is a potentially good twist. Sam Jung’s heart is engaged by Oh Gong. But if someone that loved her long ago connects with her, then Oh Gong has competition. Then Oh Gong might recognize his true feelings. I like it!

Sam Jung gets ice cream from General Frost (chocolate not strawberry). She claims not to care that Oh Gong was just there. She spies the hourglass and asks about it. General Frost asks if she’s mad at Oh Gong. Sam Jung retorts that Oh Gong doesn’t know how to be sincere. General Frost asks if she’d like more time. He tells her he can stop the power that the bracelet exerts of Oh Gong for a short amount of time. General Frost dangles the possibility of learning Oh Gong’s true feeling for her in front of Sam Jung. She thinks about it.

Oh Gong goes to the locks of love. It’s lightly snowing. He sees the lock Sam Jung put on. He sighs that looking into a human heart is difficult. He stares at the lock. He doesn’t notice his bracelet freezes. Sam Jung arrives and stares into Oh Gong’s eyes. She recalls General Frost telling her she’ll only have a short window of time while it snows. She asks Oh Gong if she’s pretty. Oh Gong confirms she’s pretty. She smiles. He smiles. The window of time his bracelet is frozen ends.

 My Thoughts

The episode answered some of the questions the last episode raised. We learned that Oh Gong spiked Hwi Chul’s drink so he would eat Sam Jung. But Hwi Chul’s willpower managed to hold that off.  I’m loving the director that met a young Sam Jung and declared her his first love. Nothing like a little jealousy to prompt Oh Gong. I also loved the tentacles that Sam Jung wove through so many characters this episode. The prop utilization of the hour glass was excellent too. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) got caught using Hwi Chul to try and kill Sam Jung. Needless to say, Sam Jung was upset. Oh Gong struggled to decide if he wanted her dead and then how to get her to forgive him. He rejected General Frost’s offer to freeze time and the bracelet’s power so he could kill her. But Sam Jung accepted General Frost’s offer. When Sam Jung asked Oh Gong if she was pretty, he answered truthfully and with sincerity that she was pretty. Score!

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) felt like a fool when she learned that Oh Gong used Hwi Chul to try and kill her. She can’t stop her growing feelings but Oh Gong’s betrayal hardened her resolve to not fall further under his spell. She was tempted to get her hair cut by the evil spirit to forget about her feelings for Oh Gong, but couldn’t do it. When General Frost offered her the chance to learn Oh Gong’s true feelings, she jumped at the chance. While the question she asked him is the sliver of time might appear benign, it probed the basic response if he was attracted to her. Oh Gong confirmed he did find her attractive. Score!

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) managed NOT to kill Sam Jung after drinking her blood. He saved her from his assistant’s stabbing (along with Oh Gong). After a successful detoxification he promised Sam Jung that he wouldn’t kill her. He admitted he needs her to save someone he cares for. Wanna bet that someone is Cha Eun?

Supporting characters contribute. General Frost gave Sam Jung the opportunity to query Oh Gong with the bracelet suppress, which she accepted. He hit the nail on the head when he told Oh Gong that Sam Jung needed his sincerity more than another “I love you”. We learned that Rich Girl existence is tied to Sam Jung’s existence. PK stepped up to the plate and saved Sam Jung by reporting to Hwi Chul that his assistant was going to stab her. The elder detailed the ripple effect that Sam Jung’s death would have on all the spirits, and it was impactful.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

A snippet of the 4th song has been uploaded. I’m guessing it will be officially released next week.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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8 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 6 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    I will read more properly when I can (and comment more because I have lot of thoughts and theories about this kdrama), I just wanted to say that at least ALL the subs I have encountered actually had Oh Gong repeat word by word his earlier phrase: “You’re pretty, because I love you.” That’s way more than just confirming he finds her attractive! I mean, he could be just parroting the phrase or it could be his heart’s true feelings, the pull of bracelet gone, but none of the warmth for Sam Jang leaving.


    • “You’re pretty, because I love you.” That’s way more than just confirming he finds her attractive!
      Agreed, both of those statements without the influence of the bracelet would mean a lot. How could either one of the them could really be in love based on their interactions? I buy attraction and yearning for the other’s presence, but not love yet.


      • imberreader says:

        I agree. I do not entirely dig how they’re both essentially supposed to already be in love by ep 5 and admitting to themselves that slowly in ep 6. (Well, not Oh Gong, but we still get an admission that should be coming from his heart.) It’s too fast for me, considering the consequences. And it means more drama for emotional growth while there’s so much to explain and build on in other fronts. But I do hope/like to believe, a balance will be found!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I chuckled when Sun Mi 🌂 milked the “Puss in Boots” teary eyes to get Oh Gong 🐒 to give her his coat. On the NOT so bright side Oh Gong 🐒 was rather harsh to Sun Mi 🌂 about his drinking ban 🚫🍾, which was in place long before he met her, and being tied down by the geumganggo by telling her that he wanted her to disappear. Despite Oh Gong’s 🐒 bluntness towards Sun Mi 🌂, he seemed reluctant to actually eliminate her when the opportunity arose.

    Is it just me who thinks PK 🐷 is crushing on Bu Ja 🚶💀⁉ I think the possibility of losing Bu Ja 🚶💀 if Sun Mi died was PK’s 🐷 motivation for ratting 🐁 out Secretary Ma 🐩 for putting Sun Mi 🌂 at risk. I was glad to see both Oh Gong 🐒 and Hwi Chul 🐂 come to protect Sun Mi 🌂. Sun Mi 🌂 had to be devastated and feel betrayed when Oh Gong 🐒 confessed put the wheels in motion in order to free himself.

    I’ve noticed many of the “evil” spirits interacting with Sun Mi 🌂, namely Oh Gong 🐒, Hwi Chul 🐂 Secretary Ma 🐩, PK 🐷 and the elder seem to be selfish, constantly mentioning how the can raise their status. It seems the housekeeping brother, General 🌬 Frost (although he plotted with Oh Gong 🐒, I think he didn’t intend Sun Mi 🌂 harm) and the Fairy 🔆 Ha are the only spirits have not actively sought to consume Sam Jang.

    I can understand Sun Mi 🌂 being tempted to let the hair 💇 cutting evil spirit take away her memories of Oh Gong 🐒. It would be difficult to believe Oh Gong’s 🐒 sincerity when constantly receive mixed signals:
    🔹I love you
    🔹I want you to disappear

    I also like the idea of Oh Gong 🐒 having competition with the Director 🎬 for Sun Mi 🌂.

    I thought it was interesting that General 🌬 Frost was dispensing advice from the bar; isn’t that the Fairy 🔆 Ha’s territory⁉ I wondered if General 🌬 Frost was truly helping Oh Gong 🐒 get rid of Sun Mi 🌂 or helping them understand each other; I’m hoping for helping… It seems like Oh Gong 🐒 may love Sun Mi 🌂, even without the the geumganggo AND he did NOT try to kill her.

    Was Oh Gong 🐒 having feelings for Sun Mi the realization General 🌬 Frost intended for the Monkey King?


    • Is it just me who thinks PK 🐷 is crushing on Bu Ja 🚶💀⁉
      Glad you mentioned that. I forgot to address that. PK’s pledge to supply all the energy stones she’d need was telling.

      many of the “evil” spirits interacting with Sun Mi 🌂, namely Oh Gong 🐒, Hwi Chul 🐂 Secretary Ma 🐩, PK 🐷 and the elder seem to be selfish, constantly mentioning how the can raise their status.
      Good point. You’d think the Hong Sister will write it so they will learn to respect Sun Mi for who she is NOT only what she can do for them. BTW, digging your emojis for each character.

      I can understand Sun Mi 🌂 being tempted to let the hair 💇 cutting evil spirit take away her memories of Oh Gong 🐒.
      Absolutely. Sun Mi is a tough lady that’s been alone far too long. Getting used by the guy you are falling for even though you don’t want to qualifies as a “wipe this guy from my memory” moment.

      Oh Gong 🐒 get rid of Sun Mi 🌂 or helping them understand each other…Was Oh Gong 🐒 having feelings for Sun Mi the realization General 🌬 Frost intended for the Monkey King?
      Definitely helping them. When I was inserting images into the blog, I realized that General Frost was pushing them to explore their feelings with the help of the timer to freeze the bracelet (he pushed Oh Gong to do this after Hwi Chul detoxification was underway).


  3. V says:

    I love that P.K is crushing on Bu-ja. That is the couple that I ship. I wonder if he can bring her back to life? Do these demons/gods have that kind of power?


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