Hwayugi Episode 4 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 4 Recap

Oh Gong tells Sun Mi if she wants him to protect her assistant who is being stalked by a spirit in a corpse, she must remove the bracelet.

The spirit stares at Sun Mi’s assistant. She reaches out to him.

Sun Mi reaches to release the bracelet. Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) appears and tells Sun Mi not to do it. He points out that if Sun Mi goes to save her assistant, Oh Gong must follow and dispatch the spirit. Oh Gong warns that he will only help Sun Mi, not her assistant. Sun Mi reaches for the bracelet but doesn’t remove it. She tells Oh Gong that he won’t let her be scared, lonely, or tormented. She asks him to save her assistant. She runs to her house. Hwi Chul and Oh Gong glare at each other. Oh Gong tells Hwi Chul that human will be dead by the time Sun Mi arrives. Hwi Chul scoffs that Oh Gong will save to the human so Sun Mi won’t be upset. Oh Gong imagines Sun Mi finding her assistant dead and the pain and sorrow she feels. Oh Gong’s heart flexes in pain. He pretends nothing is amiss but Hwi Chul wipes a tear from his face. Hwi Chul warns that when Sun Mi suffers, Oh Gong will suffer too. Oh Gong can’t believe it. Hwi Chul teases Oh Gong by singing Lee Seung Gi’s first love song hit. He adds insult to injury when he makes a heart and chuckles that Oh Gong can’t avoid love.

Just as the spirit reaches for Sun Mi’s assistant, Oh Gong appears and orders the assistant to leave. He literally throws the assistant outside. When Sun Mi arrives, she’s relieved to find her assistant alive. The assistant reports a man is in her apartment. Sun Mi smiles knowing that Oh Gong is there. She tells her assistant to go and hurries inside.

Sun Mi is pleased to see Oh Gong. He’s not thrilled to be stuck cleaning up Sun Mi’s messes while he wears the enslaving bracelet. Sun Mi apologizes. But Oh Gong tenderly brushes her face and assures her she made the right choice in not removing the bracelet. If she had, she’d be dead by his hands. Sun Mi is disappointed that it isn’t Oh Gong’s choice to protect her. He agrees the bracelet is his master. He takes the bag with the spirit and leaves.

Hwi Chul chuckles with pleasure as he looks at the contract Sun Mi signed. His assistant warns that Oh Gong won’t accept his role without a fuss. Hwi Chul knows the great sage is close. The assistant takes the contract for safe keeping and realizes this isn’t the real contract. Hwi Chul confirms it. Hwi Chul’s real assistant runs into the room to report the great sage is here. Hwi Chul looks at the two assistants. Oh Gong sighs that this wasn’t as much fun as he’d hoped. He transforms himself into Oh Gong. He tells Hwi Chul to void the contract. Hwi Chul refuses. Oh Gong wonders if the contract would end if Hwi Chul disappeared. Oh Gong wonders if he can shake the building to rubble. Hwi Chul stops the shaking when he grabs his wine glass. Oh Gong decides to try again and generates a blue ball of energy. Hwi Chul counters with a red ball of energy. They surge both balls together trying to out power the other. But when the elder appears, Hwi Chul pulls his ball back. Oh Gong follows suit.

The elder wants to smooth things over between them. Oh Gong takes the opportunity to complain about Hwi Chul’s machinations to use him to become a deity. Hwi Chul counters he lost his chance to become a deity when Oh Gong escaped by the innocent hand of Sun Mi. The elder suggests an additional clause to the contract. When Sun Mi fulfills’ her summons, Oh Gong gains his freedom. He notes that Hwi Chul can rack up a ton of deity points until then. Hwi Chul agrees to the clause. Oh Gong grouses he’s getting the short end of the stick. The elder points of that Oh Gong’s list of bad deed are longer so he has to pay a higher price. Oh Gong asks the elder to confirm the bracelet will be removed once Sun Mi fulfills her summons. The elder confirms it.  Oh Gong demands that Hwi Chul turn over his house. Hwi Chul counters he is in the process of finding Oh Gong his own house. Oh Gong counters he wants Hwi Chul’s house. Hwi Chul doesn’t want to give it to him. Oh Gong smiles and says he’ll wait until Hwi Chul calls him that he accepts this additional term. Oh Gong disappears. Hwi Chul seethes. The elder reminds Hwi Chul that the contract will get him what he wants. He suggests making the deed to the house joint ownership.

Hwi Chul tells his assistant he’ll take whatever Oh Gong gives him. She worries that the strain isn’t good for Hwi Chul. She notes that Hwi Chul was stronger before and wonders if becoming a deity will give him the power he needs. She suggests eating Sam Jung is the only guarantee to power. Hwi Chul counters that he must become a deity. Only then will he have the power to change the fate of humans. He must become a deity to save her. Hwi Chul’s assistant understands and apologizes for not realizing his priority. As Hwi Chul leans over the railing, he holds his finger to his nose to staunch the bleeding. Students see him and snap pictures declaring he was picking his nose. His assistant offers to kill the students. Hwi Chul order her to not kill the students but delete the pictures.

The owner of the shop notices the jar (the one Sun Mi saw herself kissing Oh Gong) is moving. She wonders if a major calamity will happen soon. A crack in the jar appears.

Sun Mi feels bad about Oh Gong’s accusation that she sold him to do Hwi Chul’s bidding. Then she recalls Oh Gong’s admission that he’d eat her as soon as the bracelet was removed. She decides she won’t call Oh Gong unless absolutely necessary.

Oh Gong stares at all the alcohol he’ll be able to drink once the bracelet it gone.

Hwi Chul tells his statue that he’s only turning over half this house to Oh Gong.

A girl eats a ton of food. When she gets on the scales, she’s thrilled to see she lost weight. She doesn’t know there is a spirit behind her, drinking her blood.

The next morning Hwi Chul is startled to find the corpse the spirit possessed that Oh Gong dealt with a Sun Mi’s house. PK (Lee Hong Ki) tells the spirit in the corpse that he’s her friend. She mutters that she likes Oh Gong better. PK says he’s keeping her in the fridge because she stinks. Hwi Chul tells her to exit and share her story. She explains she has no memory from before she woke when the men were digging her grave. PK states that Oh Gong believes she woke because of Sam Jung’s spilled blood. PK notes the energy stones boosted her brain. Hwi Chul isn’t happy that PK gave her HIS energy stones per Oh Gong’s direction. PK declares they’ll need to figure it out between them and leaves. Hwi Chul won’t let her return to the fridge. She points to the bag that Oh Gong used to transport her. Hwi Chul puts her in the bag and drags her to his car. Just as he’s about to load her in the trunk, a security guard offers to help. But he recoils from the smell.  Hwi Chul lies he has Body Odor. He manages to get the guard to leave.

Hwi Chul’s assistant is horrified by the smell when Hwi Chul brings the bag to the office. He orders her to deliver it to Sun Mi.

But PK gets the job of transporting the smelly bag. He calls Sun Mi and asks her to meet him outside her office building. His assistant can’t believe his eyes when he sees Sun Mi talking to PK. She tells her assistant that she’s going to be doing side jobs for the entertainment company Hwi Chul runs. Her assistant is impressed. He promises to run the business while she works for the entertainment company.

PK tells Sun Mi that she must burn the body of the corpse because she was the one that energized it. Sun Mi wants to find out the identity of the corpse. PK says there isn’t much time before the corpse turns into an evil spirit. Sun Mi begs him to help her. PK considers this could be an opportunity for him.

PK takes Sun Mi and the corpse to General Frost. He asks General Frost to freeze the corpse to slow down the decay. Sun Mi introduces herself. General Frost notes he’s heard about her from Oh Gong. He does a freeze that still allows the corpse to move. PK introduces Sun Mi to General Frost’s sister, Fairy Ha, the bar tender. PK explains that General Frost and Fairy Ha inhabit the same body as brother and sister. Fairy Ha makes great improvements. Sun Mi tells PK she asked Oh Gong’s brother to investigate the towel the corpse was wrapped in. Oh Gong’s brother reports the towel is from an exclusive sports club.

PK takes Sun Mi and the corpse (now dubbed Rich Girl) to the exclusive sports club. They pass the two men that buried the corpse but they don’t seem to recognize Rich Girl. The manager doesn’t recognize Rich Girl. Sun Mi and Rich Girl wonder if anyone else in the club might recognize her. The Rich Girl drops weights on her foot so she takes her to a chair and tells her to stay put. Sun Mi sees the girl that can eat anything AND the spirit that is drinking her blood. Sun Mi follows the girl. Sun Mi thinks about calling Oh Gong for help but worries he’ll be angry if she calls. A man finds Rich Girl asleep. When he doesn’t find her breathing, he assumes she’s died. Just as Sun Mi starts to call for Oh Gong, the man yells that he’s found a dead body. Sun Mi realizes the dead body is Rich Girl. Sun Mi urges the girl to come with her. The man finds an empty chair.

Oh Gong’s brother arrives with a house warming gift for Oh Gong. He tells his younger brother that the registration is now in his name. His brother asks if Hwi Chul will continue to live in the house. Oh Gong confirms this. They find PK in the kitchen. Oh Gong’s brother takes over the housekeeping and makes everything sparkle. PK is impressed. Both PK and Oh Gong’s brother receive a text from Sun Mi that Rich Girl is there. Oh Gong is taken aback that Sun Mi is coordinating efforts via a group chat room. He’s miffed when he learns General Frost and Fairy Ha are part of the chat room, but he is omitted. He declines his brother’s offer to add him to the chat room. PK brings Rich Girl into the room. They discuss the group chat room. PK realizes that Oh Gong isn’t a member of the chat room. Oh Gong is angry when PK offers to add him. He’s further miffed when PK finds a post from Fairy Ha funny.

In his room, Oh Gong stews that he wasn’t included in the chat group.

In her house, Sun Mi wonders if she should return to the club to learn more about the girl with the spirit drinking her blood. She frets going alone is scary.

The girl continues to stuff her face with food. The spirit continues to drink her blood.

Sun Mi’s assistant is thrilled when Sun Mi hands over autographed pictures of PK for his daughter. She spies picture of thin girls in his stack of items. The assistant explains his wife uses the picture as inspiration to lose weight.

The girl that eats everything meets with Hwi Chul’s assistant. She informs Hwi Chul’s assistant that she can eat anything and not gain weight. She admits she got a diet tattoo and that made all the difference. She shows the tattoo on her arm.

Sun Mi, Hwi Chul, and the assistant agree the tattoo is the trigger. Hwi Chul says they need to stop the spirit from putting tattoos on innocent girls. He tells Sun Mi to find the spirit by herself. The assistant explains the spirit will only interact with humans. Reluctantly Sun Mi agrees.

Oh Gong isn’t happy when Rich Girl turns off the heat and turns on the air conditioning. He’s miffed when she is part of the group chat, and he isn’t. But when she points out that he has a direct line to Sam Jung through the bracelet, he’s pleased. Rich Girl tells Oh Gong that Sun Mi went to club, he follows.

When Sun Mi arrives, she wonders if she should have called Oh Gong. She spies the girl that can eat anything (with the spirit drinking her blood). She follows her and complains about weight. The girl offers to help. She places her hand on Sun Mi and the tattoo transfers to Sun Mi.

Oh Gong spies the girl eating with the spirit drinking her blood. He approaches her and dispatches the spirit. The tattoo vanishes.

Oh Gong spies Sun Mi eating. He sees the tattoo. He approaches and chides her for not calling. He tells her the tattoo and spirit have to go and does so.

Oh Gong and Sun Mi go to the exclusive sports club. Sun Mi talks to the woman that gives the diet tattoos. She admits it is a fraud but sometimes people do lose weight.

Sun Mi wonders how the spirit attaches to people. She sees a woman weighing herself and a spirit rising from the scale. She sees all the other people in the past the spirit embodied through the scale. The spirit turns the woman towards her. Sun Mi commands the spirit to exit the woman. The spirit refuses. Sun Mi cuts her finger and the spirit exits the woman’s body and approaches Sun Mi. She calls Oh Gong. He appears and realizes destroying the scale will dispatch the spirit.

Is Sun Mi going to cut herself every episode? Just call Oh Gong and he’ll handle it without the blood loss!

Hwi Chul is pleased when his assistant shows him the pictures Sun Mi uploaded into the chat room indicating the spirit was dispatched. The elder comments that with Sun Mi’s help Hwi Chul should reach deity soon. He worries that the negative feelings that humans have may make this world a living hell. Hwi Chul asks if the elder using Sun Mi as a sacrifice to stop the gates of hell from opening.

Great question! Is Sun Mi a pawn to stem the gates of hell?

The owner of the shop says the jar will soon overflow. Another crack in the jar appears.

Oh Gong tells Sun Mi to stop cutting herself. He puts on a bandage. Sun Mi admits she wanted to call him for help. Oh Gong doesn’t understand why she stopped herself from calling him. Sun Mi clarifies that she is only human and feels guilty for tying him to her with the bracelet. When Oh Gong looks at the bracelet, he doesn’t demand she remove it. Instead he tells her it will be removed one day. Until then, he’ll love her without regret. He takes Sun Mi’s hand and vows to love her fully even though one day this love will vanish with the bracelet. Sun Mi is taken aback that it will all end. Oh Gong smiles and declares his love. Tears fill Sun Mi’s eyes.

Is she upset that Oh Gong’s love is fleeting?

The next morning Hwi Chul notes Rich Girl is omitting the rotten smell. She explains that Oh Gong’s need for heat is an issue. Oh Gong refuses to be cold. In fact, he tells Rich Girl to freeze herself until spring. That upsets her. Oh Gong’s brother and Hwi Chul chide Oh Gong for being investitive. Everyone (but Oh Gong) gets the morning text. Hwi Chul asks if Oh Gong wants him to invite him to the chat. But Oh Gong’s brother states Oh Gong hates chat rooms. Oh Gong is forced to keep up the pretense that he doesn’t want to be invited to the chat room. Oh Gong seethes as everyone enjoys the chat room while he is excluded.

Good utilization of the chat room gag. It’s funny but not overused.

Sun Mi shops for a New Year Eve party at Fairy Ha’s. She’s surprised to see the grandson of the shop owner. He asks her to come with him to the shop. Sun Mi follows him.  She sees the cracks in the jar. Fluid starts to flow from the cracks. A blinding light appears.

Sun Mi finds herself on top of a building. She sees fighter jets bombing the city. She sees a nuclear bomb.

Back at the shop, Sun Mi sees the cracked jar. The elder appears. She asks what she just witnessed. The elder says it is a future misfortune.

Sun Mi can’t believe her summons is to stop the future misfortune from happening.

Everyone gathers at Fairy Ha’s for the New Years Eve party. They see a presidential candidate on TV. Rich Girl says she knows the man. She recalls seeing him at the exclusive sports club. The new year arrives. Rich Girl is troubled by the man but doesn’t know why.

Sun Mi begins the new year sitting on her deck as the snow falls.

Oh Gong counts his stash of liquor bottles. Sun Mi calls him. He’s pleased to get the call.

Sun Mi shares that she saw the world get destroyed. Oh Gong sighs.

Hwi Chul is surprised when the elder shares that Sam Jung saw hell open on earth. Hwi Chul doesn’t understand how a mere human can fulfill the summons to stop the future misfortune from happening. The elder states that is why Oh Gong is tied to Sam Jung. Hwi Chul asks if the elder using Sam Jung or Oh Gong as a sacrifice to stop the gates of hell from opening.

Great revised question!

Sun Mi tells Oh Gong that she must do something amazing to stop the future misfortune. She believes because Oh Gong is tied to her, she’s more than a lowly human. She believes with Oh Gong by her side, she’ll succeed. She asks him to protect her until the bitter end. Oh Gong vows “Even if the world falls apart, I’ll protect you.”


My Thoughts

Saving the world from hell…this got more serious. It’s not just about racking up dispatched spirits so Hwi Chul can be granted deity status. It’s about saving the world. I loved how Hwi Chul guessed that Sun Mi’s summons would make her a sacrifice. Then he realized Oh Gong could be the sacrifice. The elder didn’t offer details but he didn’t deny Hwi Chul’s guess that one or both of them could be sacrifices.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) longs for Sun Mi’s call and an invitation to the chat room. The chat room gag was executed well, often enough, but not overkill. When everyone but Oh Gong was a member, he almost caved and agreed to Hwi Chul’s suggestion he extend Oh Gong an invitation. His declaration of love caught Sun Mi off guard. Will he really be freed from loving her when the bracelet is removed.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) enjoyed having Oh Gong by her side. Even though she didn’t call him every time, whenever Oh Gong appeared things got better. Is she starting to have feelings for Oh Gong?

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) realized that Sun Mi and/or Oh Gong were potential sacrifices. It could be that both of them are meant to sacrifice their love for the other. Maybe unselfish love, willing to sacrifice for the other is the key to saving the earth.

Supporting characters contribute. I’m enjoying that the spirits have a tie to an animal. Hwi Chul’s assistant is a dog, PK is a pig, Oh Gong is a monkey, etc.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.


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4 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 4 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HA! I was right about the Winter General 🌬 and the Summer Fairy 🔆 being the same actor; one body two souls. They are ying ☯ yang, male/female, Winter/Summer.

    I ❤ how the “Ghostbuster 🚫👻 Team” worked together to dispatch the Evil Glutton Spirit and help Bu Ja, the zombie, try to find out who she was and how she died. On a side 🎵, it was nice to have PK 🐷 be a bit more relevant and less of a whipping boy.

    The group 👉 📱chat was fun and it was amusing to see Oh Gong 🐒 become increasingly irritated at being left out, even though he told everyone that group 👉📱 chat was beneath his dignity. I ❤ that Oh Gong 🐒 was momentarily appeased when Bu Ja indicated she was jealous of the direct link 🔗 Oh Gong 🐒 had with Sam Jang through the geumganggo. Oh Gong’s 🐒 reaction was an indicator to me that he is bonding with Sun Mi 🌂.

    Hwi Chul 🐂 made some sobering, but astute observations that saving the world 🌏 may take the sacrifice of Sun Mi 🌂 and/or Oh Gong 🐒. As KJT said “Maybe unselfish love, willing to sacrifice for the other is the key to saving the earth.” WILLING sounds great, but I’m a bit pessimistic about a happy ending in light of some recent dramas that failed on romantic 💕 happy endings. In the words of my petulant 😾 1st grader nephew “I don’t like it‼”

    I know that the power of the geumganggo is currently Oh Gong’s 🐒 main motivation for protecting Sun Mi 🌂, but it seems like he is gradually bonding with her, is more willing to protect her and has quit demanding she remove the geumganggo. I want to see a real, not a forced romance 💕 between these two‼

    Sun Mi 🌂 seemed to feel the burden of being a Sam Jang when saw the vision of a misfortunate future. What a relief 😌 to know Oh Gong 🐒 would be by her side to protect 🛡 her.

    I wanted to swoon when Oh Gong 🐒 vowed “Even if the world falls apart, I’ll protect you”, but his previous words “I don’t know when I’ll stop loving you”, reminded me of the “love” foisted on Oh Gong 🐒 through the geumganggo and it seemed to be less than romantic 💕. I felt like a dark shadow was hanging over them, or maybe it was simply the portent of world destruction…


    • I was right about the Winter General 🌬 and the Summer Fairy 🔆 being the same actor; one body two souls
      You called it!

      it was amusing to see Oh Gong 🐒 become increasingly irritated at being left out,…Oh Gong’s 🐒 reaction was an indicator to me that he is bonding with Sun Mi 🌂.

      WILLING sounds great, but I’m a bit pessimistic about a happy ending in light of some recent dramas that failed on romantic 💕 happy endings
      I’m keying my hopes for a satisfying endings from the Hong Sisters’s series My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which had it’s own methodology, and OTP that was willing to sacrifice for each other, AND a happy ending. Fingers crossed we are happy at the end of this series! 🤞

      I want to see a real, not a forced romance 💕 between these two‼
      Ditto. They need to remove the bracelet with sufficient time for Oh Gong to realize he really feels love. It feels like a cheat that he’s forced to love her. How can Sun Mi truly fall for him knowing the bracelet is the forcing function?

      I wanted to swoon when Oh Gong 🐒 vowed…I felt like a dark shadow was hanging over them
      The threat of hell spilling on earth certainly casts a shadow on this series. I purely reacted to Lee Seung Gi’s delivery of the vow,and ignored the bracelet’s control for that moment.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    As for the Glutton Demon, I KNEW scales were evil 😈 … I’m just sayin’ …


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