Hwayugi Episode 3 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 3 Recap

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) watches the spirits circle her. Sun Mi yells Oh Gong’s name. Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) appears from the sky and disperses the spirits. He chides her for the cut which drew the spirits. Sun Mi states she needed to be in danger to call him from his prison. Oh Gong blows on her cut and heals it. Sun Mi is impressed. Oh Gong converts the blood on the ground into red butterflies and send them skyward. The sprits follow. Oh Gong grabs her and draws her close. Sun Mi fears he’ll eat her.

Is it easy or hard to pretend spirits are attacking when you are acting in those scenes?

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) isn’t happy that Sun Mi has released Oh Gong from his prison. If Oh Gong eats Sun Mi, then he becomes the most powerful. Irked, Hwi Chul levitates himself in a ball of flame. But the elder rushes in and says Oh Gong has the bracelet on. Hwi Chul chuckles.

Oh Gong tells Sun Mi something awful has happened, he’s crazy in love with her because of the bracelet. Sun Mi gapes in shock.

Crazy in love? I wanted to see him fall for her, not have the instant love thrust upon him.

The elder explains that Oh Gong’s heart is controlled by the bracelet forcing him to be a love slave to Sun Mi. Hwi Chul can’t believe it.

Oh Gong believes Sun Mi knew he’d fall in love with her when she tricked him into putting on the bracelet and then kissed him. Sun Mi denies it. Oh Gong doesn’t believe her. He demands she kiss him again. He refuses. In fact, Sun Mi doesn’t care that Oh Gong heart is engaged. She doesn’t love him.  But she’s sensitive to his pain when he clutches his heart hurts that she’s indifferent to him. When he strips her scarf to warm himself, he can’t keep it knowing she’s now cold. Oh Gong stares in Sun Mi’s eyes and declares this love will become a burden for both of them. He tells her to remove the bracelet. Sun Mi refuses knowing it’s the only way she can force him to protect her. Oh Gong leaves frustrated that he’s a puppet on a string. Sun Mi tells herself to buck up and not grant his request.

Two men shovel to create a grave for a dead woman. One of the red butterflies lands on her. The dead woman’s eyes open and glow red, like the spirits. She struggles to her feet. The men are startled when they see the woman’s body is missing. The woman that paid them to bury the body won’t be happy. They freak when she’s in the back seat of the car which flips multiple times. The woman pulls herself from the overturned car and staggers away.

PK (Lee Hong Ki) exits a nightclub and sees Oh Gong’s car parked perpendicular to his own. A wild boar appears and Oh Gong chases it. The police join in the pursuit.

What? A wild boar? What does that mean?

PK begs for Oh Gong’s leniency claiming that Hwi Chul burned the picture and gave Sun Mi the bracelet. Oh Gong says that he and Hwi Chul are even now. Oh Gong’s brother is pleased that Oh Gong won’t seek revenge. Not so fast, Oh Gong says he can’t let Hwi Chul get off without some form of retribution.

Hwi Chul lies to his callers that he doesn’t know where SJ is. His assistant informs him they’ve got a gathering that he must deal with. She suggests they kill and eat Sam Jung together. They are startled when Peacock (Jang Keun Suk!) appears. He asks about Sam Jung and suggests they eat her together. Hwi Chul claims he doesn’t know where Sam Jung is.  Peacocks chases him and Hwi Chul flees.

It was nice to see Jang Keun Suk but that scene was silly.

Hwi Chul sees Oh Gong’s coat on the statue and fumes. Oh Gong asks Hwi Chul if he reminded all the spirits he sent his way. Hwi Chul asks if Oh Gong has eaten Sam Jung. Oh Gong asks why Hwi Chul inflicted the bracelet on him. Oh Gong cries that he can’t use the special sauce he prepared to use when he ate Sam Jung. Then Oh Gong cries that Sam Jung would be gone if he ate her and he would be lonely. Hwi Chul can’t believe Oh Gong’s heartfelt reaction. But then Oh Gong declares as soon as the blasted bracelet is gone, he’ll eat Sam Jung and enjoy every bite!

Sun Mi stares at the cut that Oh Gong healed. She stares at the scarf he wrapped around her neck. She recalls how he gave her back her memory of him. She wonders if she shouldn’t have called Oh Gong forth. Of course, using his name calls him forth. Sun Mi is startled when Oh Gong lays in the bed next to her. He teases her that he just finished his shower. Embarrassed she denies calling him. Oh Gong says only if she’s intently thinking of him and calls his name, will he come. Sun Mi orders him to leave. Instead Oh Gong inspects her refrigerator and shakes his head at the scant contents. Sun Mi declares she’ll only call him when she’s desperate. Oh Gong claims he needs more contact or he’ll feel the pain of rejection. He looks at the bracelet upset at the chains around his heart.

Oh Gong relocates to a field. He yells his frustration. He splits a rock. Then he realizes he misses Oh Gong.

Sun Mi and her assistant visit a potential new listing. The current apartment owner complains about the banging sound from the upstairs unoccupied apartment. Sun Mi finds a spirit banging her head on the ceiling in the bedroom. She’s about to deal with the spirit, when Oh Gong arrives and dispatches the spirit. He chides her for not calling him. Sun Mi notes that she’s used to doing things solo, so calling him isn’t an automatic. Oh Gong bemoans he missed the opportunity for the spirit to kill her and thus free him. Sun Mi retorts that she can handle things alone. Oh Gong orders her not get angry because having the one you love upset, is painful. Sun Mi orders him to leave. Frustrated, Oh Gong disappears. Sun Mi smiles that Oh Gong really will support her.

Hwi Chul, PK and his assistant are shopping together. Hwi Chul jokes that his body is too perfect for a human to achieve. Humans never realize that perfect bodies are actually spirit. He looks at his ring filled with Sam Jung’s blood and declares he will meet with her soon. PK whines for Hwi Chul to let him have the blood in the ring. Hwi Chul lifts PK into the air and orders him not to interfere. Message received.

Sun Mi gets ready to eat her lunch alone in her office. Oh Gong appears and orders her to call him if she’s eating alone. Sun Mi doesn’t understand why Oh Gong appeared, she didn’t call for him. Oh Gong says he wants to be with her and there’s no reason to eat alone. Sun Mi orders him to leave and he does. She stares at the heart of bean that he arranged on her food. She can’t help it, she smiles.

The next time she eats alone, Oh Gong appears and gives her a stuffed animal to keep her company. She can’t help it, she smiles. The next time she eats, she’s bought an extra lunch for the stuffed animal food. She manages to refrain from calling Oh Gong.

General Frost is surprised that Oh Gong is there during lunch. Oh Gong declares he won’t stop by unless Sun Mi calls him. General Frost suggests that Sun Mi may want him there but not call. Oh Gong won’t see her without an invitation.

A man and woman get into a truck to head to the city. Their dog barks furiously. They don’t realize the spirit of the murdered/revived woman is in the back of the truck.

Hwi Chul and his assistant wait for Sun Mi to return from an errand. Her assistant noticing Hwi Chul staring at Sun Mi’s slippers and recalls finding him sniffing those same slippers. He puts on Sun Mi’s slippers. He asks Hwi Chul why he’s there. When Hwi Chul informs him he’s there to sign an exclusive contract, Sun Mi’s assistant can’t believe that would do this for a low talent cow or dog like his boss. Offended that Sun Mi’s assistant demeaned cows and dogs, Hwi Chul’s assistant bristles. Hwi Chul chuckles when Sun Mi’s assistant leaves, noting he has no idea that he just insulted the two of them (because they are a cow and a dog).

Sun Mi arrives and is surprised when Hwi Chul offers her new slippers. She asks why he’s really there. Hwi Chul points out that she owes him a favor for the bracelet that enslaved Oh Gong. He presents a contract with his entertainment company. He warns that if she doesn’t sign, he’ll take the bracelet back and she’ll die a painful death when the spirits swarm her.

Later at his office, Hwi Chul sees old photos of him and his assistant (as a dog) from 100 years ago. The public can’t believe it is Hwi Chul but the face looks like him. His assistant recalls that she couldn’t hold human form for long periods back in the day. She sees the melancholy look on Hwi Chul’s face and leaves him to his thoughts.

Hwi Chul flashes back to a seeing a woman being chased by police 100 years ago. The police shot and the woman fell to the ground. Hwi Chul recoiled in surprise and pain. Now in his study, Hwi Chul reveals a picture of the same woman from a long time ago dressed in robe. There’s a flashback to the woman fleeing pursuing women. Hwi Chul wonders where the woman is in the time period and if she’s suffering. A tear rolls down his cheek.

I’m pleased to see an emotional hook for Hwi Chul. This character needs more content. He just got it.

Sun Mi stares at the contract. She flashes back to Hwi Chul declaring that he’ll get credit for every spirit she catches using Oh Gong to do so. Sun Mi can’t believe that Hwi Chul gave her the bracelet to bump himself into a deity role. When her assistant spies the contract, he pledges to handle their current workload so she can concentrate on being a star. He does request that Sun Mi introduce his talented 6-year-old daughter to Hwi Chul.

After her assistant leaves for the evening, Sun Mi imagines Hwi Chul sending her, Hwi Chul, PK, and Hwi Chul’s brother on spirit catching assignments.

Ha! This series version of the Ghostbuster team.

Sun Mi gets a text to deposit $5M. She goes to the bank and is specific that the teller wraps the money and put it in her bag as she cannot touch it. Sun Mi gets popcorn for her Grandmother. She sees a young spirit alone on a street corner. She wraps some popcorn in flyer for the young spirit. Little does she know that the truck with the murdered spirit has pulled up next to the cross walk. The spirit in the back of the truck is activated and exits the truck. She spies Sun Mi. When Sun Mi crosses the crosswalk, she sees the spirit. She hurries away. The spirit looks at the flyer and finds Sun Mi’s name and business address.

The men that were to bury the spirit, until she was revived, see a news report about the missing girl who was a trainee for a girl band. They vow to keep silent that the body escaped their clutches.

Sun Mi arrives at her uncle’s house to deliver the money for her Grandmother’s memorial. He and his wife refuse to let her enter. He does extract the money but refuses the popcorn Sun Mi intended for the memorial table. He slams the door in Sun Mi’s face. She overhears him tell his wife that Sun Mi took the lives of her parents and neighbors. Saddened she wishes her Grandmother well. Her Uncle’s niece exits the house to see Sun Mi.

Her uncle’s niece pretends to be upset that Sun Mi is mistreated by her father. Sun Mi demurs that his mother raised her, so she owes him. The pregnant niece bemoans that her husband overspent on their credit card and she’s worried with the baby so close to birth. Sun Mi gives her niece money. As she realizes that the niece could put the popcorn on the memorial table, Sun Mi sees her niece get into a car and spies a spirit in the back seat. Sun Mi runs after the car but can’t catch it.

The niece and her husband are thrilled that Sun Mi coughed up cash again. Little do they know the spirit is in the back of the car. The spirit directs the husband to drive recklessly and they almost hit a car with a family. We see Oh Gong stops the accident from occurring. Oh Gong spins the car and then stops it.

Sun Mi catches up and sprints to the car begging her niece to exit when she sees the spirit in the back. The spirit directs the husband to run over Sun Mi. He’s thwarted when Oh Gong hold the car then implodes the tires. The husband exits the car and yells at Sun Mi. Oh Gong arrives and lifts the husband in the air declaring his selfishness has attracted an evil spirit and he almost killed a family. Oh Gong dispatches the spirit. He warns the husband not be rude to Sun Mi again. Oh Gong is irritated that Sun Mi didn’t call him again. He asks how long he’ll have monitor and help without requests for his help. He stalks away.

Sun Mi’s niece complains about their mistreatment. Fed up, Sun Mi says she’s been alone forever. Now she has someone on her side and she’s enjoying it. She tells her niece to clean up her own messes in the future. She says her niece is selfish and shameless. Sun Mi strides away impowered.

Nice to see that niece get the tongue lashing she deserved. Atta girl Sun Mi!

PK tells the bartender and the elder that soon he’ll be dating SJ and rank above Oh Gong in their hierarchy.

Sun Mi visits Hwi Chul and asks if she signs the contract and uses Oh Gong to catch spirits to bump Hwi Chul to a deity, can she get something in return. Hwi Chul asks what she wants. Sun Mi declares she wants to be a normal human. Hwi Chul counters that as SJ she’s been entrusted to the gods summon for mankind. He declares once she fulfills the summon, all will return to normal. Sun Mi asks if he knows what the summons is. Hwi Chul says figuring that out is her problem. Hwi Chul asks Sun Mi to sign the contract. Sun Mi asks why he’s in a rush. Hwi Chul replies he’s in agony while he waits. Sun Mi guesses that he wants to use the deity powers to save someone. Hwi Chul is impressed with her intuition. Sun Mi reminds him that he admitted it when they first met. Hwi Chul tells her that if she goes forward she must not release Oh Gong from the bracelet.

Sun Mi’s assistant tells his wife, he’ll be home as soon as he delivers a package to Sun Mi’s apartment. Little does he know the spirit is following him. Sun Mi’s assistant put the package in her apartment. The spirit follows him into the apartment. She spies a picture of Sun Mi. The assistant worries the package could have perishables. The spirit goes into Sun Mi’s bedroom. She spies another picture of Sun Mi. The assistant cuts himself when he open the package. The spirit smells his blood.  The assistant frets the package is nonperishables, so he cut himself for no reason. The spirit starts after the assistant but Oh Gong appears the stops her. He mutters that Sun Mi’s apartment is infested. He notices the picture of Sun Mi in the spirit’s hands. He wonders if she came for Sam Jung. When Oh Gong hears Sun Mi call him, he smiles and tells the spirit to be good. He vanishes.

Oh Gong chides Sun Mi for calling him when there is no danger. Sun Mi says she wants to drink and doesn’t want to do it alone. Oh Gong notes it is cruel to drink in front of him, when he can’t join her. Sun Mi gives him her beer and he open it declaring he loves her. Sun Mi muses she could get used to his declarations. Oh Gong tells her the only way to stop it is to get rid of the bracelet. Sun Mi smiles and does not remove the bracelet. She throws the popped corn on the ground and watches the spirits eat it. She explains she couldn’t place the popcorn on her Grandmother’s memorial table. Oh Gong recalls Sun Mi telling him that she lived with her Grandmother. Sun Mi recalls Oh Gong fleeing before she could introduce him to her Grandmother. They both muse those were happier days. Oh Gong takes some of the popcorn and tells Sun Mi to wish her Grandmother well. Sun Mi does so. Oh Gong tosses the popcorn into the air and it lands on her Grandmother’s memorial table. Sun Mi is impressed and pleased. Oh Gong does it again. The memorial service participants are upset but we see Sun Mi Grandmother’s picture break into a smile. Sweet!

Sun Mi thanks Oh Gong. He asks her to remove the bracelet. Sun Mi explains she signed a contract with Hwi Chul to repay him for the bracelet. Sun Mi tells Oh Gong he’ll have to do his part. Oh Gong shakes his head.

Hwi Chul stares at the picture of the woman. He tells her to wait for him.

Sun Mi explains that Hwi Chul told her that if she completes her royal summons as Sam Jung, she could be a normal person. She asks Oh Gong to stay by her side until then. She admits knowing he is there for her has been reassuring. She muses it is like having family, a friend and a boyfriend. Oh Gong reminds her that they are bound my misfortune and he feels something bad will happen soon.

Just then the spirit Oh Gong left in Sun Mi’s house reactivates. Sun Mi’s assistant enters her apartment. He finds his misplaced cell phone.

Sun Mi is upset that her assistant is in danger. Oh Gong calmly states he’ll likely be torn to shreds. Sun Mi orders Oh Gong to save her assistant. Oh Gong counters he only has to keep her safe.

The spirit stares at Sun Mi’s assistant. She reaches out to him.

Oh Gong asks if Sun Mi wants him to protect other humans. He smiles and declares he’d be happy to do so, IF she removes the bracelet. What will Sun Mi do?

My Thoughts

The special effects can hamper the story. There were several moments in this episode where the special effects seemed to be more important than the plot point of the scene. But when Writers Hong (the Hong Sisters) focused on the human aspect – Hwi Chul longing to protect his lady love, Oh Gong’s frustrated but real caring of Sun Mi, and Sun Mi’s pleasure that someone was protecting her – the episode sung.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) is charming. Lee Seung Gi’s smile is disarming and he uses it effectively on Sun Mi and the female viewers. I’m noticing he is a lean mean good looking man. Yes, it’s good to have him back after the mandatory military service. I’m loving Oh Gong’s frustrated devotion to Sun Mi. The way he casually spouts endearments but then repeatedly requests that she release him from the bracelet is fun to watch. At first, I was taken aback that we wouldn’t get to see Oh Gong fall for Sun Mi. But this might be better. He’s devoted to her. She’ll fall for him. And when she releases him, he’ll initially walk but then realize that his love didn’t vanish when the bracelet was removed. He’ll save her in a sweeping grand gesture. Yes, that is worth waiting for.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) didn’t call Oh Gong repeatedly. She soldiered on solo. But when Oh Gong saved her multiple times, she allowed herself to enjoy his support. She made the deal with the devil, when she agreed to Hwi Chul’s terms. But she knew he was doing this to save someone he cared for and gave Hwi Chul latitude. I loved it when Sun Mi told her leech-like niece that she wouldn’t be used anymore. I love the use of the yellow umbrella from childhood to adulthood. Good prop utilization.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) revealed his longing to save his love from the past. We don’t know who she is, but we know Hwi Chul cares for her deeply. His inability to save her has haunted him. Now Sun Mi and Oh Gong can rack up deity points for Hwi Chul, which will offer him the power to save his love. That’s worth watching.

Supporting characters contribute. I had to chuckle when Hwi Chul’s assistant was revealed to be a dog and bristle at slights to dogs. Sun Mi’s assistant amusingly stepped into Sun Mi’s slippers to break the obsessive stare from Hwi Chul. PK doesn’t factor much at this point, nor is he intriguing. Let’s hope this character get more interesting as the series progresses.

The second song of the OST “When I Saw You”  by  Bumkey has been released. From the article (link): On January 6, CJ E&M Entertainment released Bumkey’s “When I Saw You” as the second part of “Hwayugi’s” OST. The lyrics talk about the first encounter and parting of a couple, and portray the destiny of Oh Yeon Seo‘s and Lee Seung Gi‘s characters in the drama. Bumkey sings, “Your gaze, your expression. If I get forget it all, will we be able to go back?” The music video fittingly shows drama footage of the main characters meeting for the first time and falling in love.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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8 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Crazy in love? I wanted to see him fall for her, not have the instant love thrust upon him.” -KJT. I echo that sentiment. How can Oh Gong 🐒 be “crazy in love” and still be planning on eating Sun Mi to gain great power.

    I agree it was nice to see Jang Keun Suk, but it would have been nice to have his cameo be more significant. At least JKS can laugh at himself.

    Being the pig 🐷 king, I believe PK 🐷 turned into a wild boar with Oh Gong 🐒 chasing him with his car. While PK 🐷 is a bit of at trouble maker, he seems to be everybody’s whipping boy, which I don’t like. What is up with PK’s stylist? The first image of PK 🐷 in the recap shows him with old lady glasses 👓 complete with a chain. I feel Lee Hong Ki’s character and talent is being underutilized. Hey writernim, how about a backstory that makes PK 🐷 more interesting?

    I laughed out loud when assistant Han Joo put on Sun Mi’s Pororo slippers rocking back an forth; it seemed like a nonverbal ” 🎵neener, neener, neener🎶”.

    I loved the slow build up of Oh Gong 🐒 popping up at lunchtime, bedtime (was Oh Gong hoping for a booty call?), and to help Sun Mi to the point that she called him to enjoy his company.

    I concur that the best parts of this episode were when the focus was on the character’s feelings. Hwi Chul 🐂 becomes more interesting as we learn more about his motivation. I think the fan his lady love was holding in the portrait looked like the fan Hwi Chul 🐂 sent Sun Mi after in episode 1.

    I also hope we see Oh Gong 🐒 and Sun Mi falling 💕 for each other to the point the geumganggo is no longer needed … they are not there yet.


    • How can Oh Gong 🐒 be “crazy in love” and still be planning on eating Sun Mi to gain great power
      Two sides to the Oh Gong coin. The “real” desire to munch and the “forced” love.

      Being the pig 🐷 king, I believe PK 🐷 turned into a wild boar with Oh Gong 🐒 chasing him with his car.
      Appreciate the clarification.

      I think the fan his lady love was holding in the portrait looked like the fan Hwi Chul 🐂 sent Sun Mi after in episode 1.
      Interesting observation. I want to know more about her.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        It seems to me that slowly Oh Gong 🐒 is getting more invested in Sun Mi, I don’t think it’s love … yet. I hope real love will overpower Oh Gong’s 🐒 desire to consume Sam Jang’s flesh.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    BTW, Oh Gong 🐒 sent out a lot of red butterflies made from Sam Jang blood, of which at least one of the evil 😈 spirits used the butterfly to possess the the corpse of the missing K-pop contestant; what about the other butterflies⁉ Will we see more mayhem from the red butterflies⁉


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I think the funniest part of this episode was when Oh Gong 🐒 sent popcorn 🍿 to the memorial table of Sun Mi’s Granny. I loved it as the popcorn 🍿 came out of the wall on Sun Mi’s nasty relatives. My heart 💓♨ warmed as I saw Granny smile and laugh in the picture‼


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