Money Flower Episodes 7-8

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episodes 7-8

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) is clueless of his own birth secret. A DNA test reveals that Boo Cheon is NOT a Jang. His mother (Mal Ran) is wily for perpetrating this secret for his lifetime. Pil Joo tells Boo Cheon the truth. Needless to say, Boo Cheon is upset as his solid family structure turns to sand. Pil Joo recommends Boo Cheon tell his fiancée (Mo Hyun) but keep the secret from everyone else.

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) is unfazed by Boo Cheon’s revelation that he is not a Jang. Mo Hyun vows to stand by Boo Cheon now and forever.  They marry. Four years later they don’t have a child yet. Little does Mo Hyun know that Boo Cheon already has a son.

Yoon Seo Won (Han So Hee)  is surprised when Boo Cheon comes to her inquiring about the baby (upset after he learns he isn’t a Jang). She regroups and happily shares the baby’s status. They forge an “under the radar” relationship. Mo Hyun doesn’t know about it. But Pil Joo finds out as episode 8 ends.

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) is happy that the marriage between Boo Cheon and Mo Hyun will bring him closer to actualizing his dream of a high tower office building to forever mark his legacy.

Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook) sics her chauffeur to find out her husband’s illegitimate son (Pil Joo). He’s unable to get the job done. Mal Ran turns to Pil Joo to find the son. With the knowledge that Boo Cheon is not blood related Pil Joo realizes that Mal Ran will want the chauffeur to try and kill him again, to eliminate the competition. Mal Ran surprises Pil Joo when she tells him that loving Mo Hyun is waste of his time and something he must eradicate from his heart.

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) realizes that it was the chauffeur that literally threw his mother, his younger brother, and him off the boat into the lake (killing his brother). Pil Joo manages to fool Kook Hwan’s son (Boo Cheon’s uncle) who suspects that Boo Cheon is not a Jang by swapping his own blood for Boo Cheon. Pil Joo keeps Mo Hyun’s father in line with a cash payout on the wedding day. Pil Joo swallows his desire for Mo Hyun and watches Boo Cheon marry the woman he loves. When his assistant urges him to support the other grandson to ease the mental strain of the precarious balancing act Pil Joo must maintain, Pil Joo refuses. The one thing that drive Pil Joo is the knowledge that one day he’ll pull the rug from under the murdering Mal Ran…just when she thinks she has everything, he’ll rip it from her greedy fingers.

My Thoughts

Outside looking in. Pil Joo is a Jang. He was forced to watch Boo Cheon (not a Jang) marry the woman he loves. But in his priorities, Pil Joo values revenge against Mal Ran over love. The pain is of his own making. I was surprised at the reveal that Boo Cheon isn’t a Jang. That makes it easier for Pil Joo to stake his claim. Boo Cheon isn’t the complete idiot he began as. He used his brain several times and seems to care for Mo Hyun as much as he’s capable of. I didn’t think I’d feel empathy for Boo Cheon, but I did this episode. I’ve been enjoying the subtle humor of everyone’s disdain of the Kook Hwan’s “friend” and her desire to be made a family member. When he gave her an eatery instead, I barely recognized her with the non-traditional hair style she sported. So much has been revealed, yet there is a long way to go. Now that we’ve jumped forward four years, it feels like the second chapter of the story is beginning.

Pil Joo controlled the chess board except for knowledge of Seo Won. I have to quibble with this plot point. I don’t believe that Pil Joo would let her slip through his fingers. It made for an effective cliff hanger but it doesn’t ring true for the master manipulator. Pil Joo even had to sleep with the enemy. Pil Joo personifies “the long game” and the phrase “revenge is a dish best served cold”. Jang Hyuk reveals Pil Joo’s internal struggle and feelings with his eyes and subtle twitches of his lips. Pil Joo is cold and calculating yet I feel for this character who only wants his birthright and to squash the woman the killed his younger brother.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank these episodes as good (ep 7) and terrific (ep 8). My episode ranking chart is below.

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24 comments on “Money Flower Episodes 7-8
  1. A.D. Do says:

    Nice to catch up with you again. Lost you for awhile. And thanks for helping to clarify some of this often confusing family tree.

    • Good to hear from you! I am enjoying writing these nutshell recaps by ordering the key characters events. Jang Hyuk is delivering in this series.😁

    • Beez says:

      A.D. Do! Glad to “see” you!

      • A.D.DO! says:

        Hi Beez, nice to ‘see’ you too! I hope you don’t get this twice…first draft just disappeared! If this one goes away, I will know they didn’t like what I had to say!
        I agree with your theory that maybe Korean culture influences how much bedroom drama is shown…albeit anything goes in VOICE..extreme cruelty and violence, and a downright garbage idea to begin with. Pray that JH wil not appear in part 2 as reported he will not..
        I have a problem with some of their culture…like Jang Kook-Hwan (of Cheong-A Foundation ) beating his kid with a stick (even though the kid is a scumbag). He even had to return it to its designated spot in the corner, ready for the next offense.)!
        Also, why do some Korean women feel the need to cover their mouth when they laugh? This bothers me…too much inequality.
        And while I’m at it, couldn’t JH take his wife to at least one award show? Wear a pretty gown and sip a glass of champagne instead of staying home with the kids every time?
        Well, I’m baaaack…mad as a wet hen…….

        • Beez says:

          @A.D.Do! I can address some of these items – Hyukie’s wife wants to stay out of the limelight. If I’m remembering correctly, they even blurred her face in their publicized wedding photos because she’s a non-celeb and wants to keep it that way. We in the west have to understand that Korean fans take their fandom far more seriously than we do (I’m not talking about fanatics that stalk the stars), I mean that the least little perceived wrong move and an actor/actress/idol works no more. Whereas we in the West are immune to caring about the actors’ scandals. We follow the scandals and shake our heads, but it doesn’t instantly end their careers.

          As to women covering their mouths when they smile, I’ve seen S.K. men do this too, a lot. It’s only recently that full fledged smiles are on display. I think I might know the reason. If you watch older dramas, everyone’s teeth look yellowed. They’re not really but when you compare them to current dramas and Hollywood’s brilliant Steve Harvey smiles, it seems that way. (Notice how Steve Harvey’s dazzling teeth used to appear shocking and we all thought “now that’s TOO white!” but not anymore. That’s normal now. And only in the last decade have the Hallyu stars caught the trend.

          So not only yellowed teeth, but straightening them has also become the norm when it wasn’t before. I think the smile cover up was a cultural habit for “non-perfect” or crooked teeth, similar to how Koreans can’t seem to pose for a picture without the two fingers up near their jaw line in an attempt to capture the coveted “small face”. (This irks me no end.) lol

          • Jane Tilly says:

            Welcome back to the Hyukie crew! I concur with Beez that many Hallyu stars and their families want to remain out of the public eye. I read something recently about Rain being asked about family pictures and he indicated he would not be sharing pictures and asked that the press please respect the privacy of his wife and child. I found that interesting as you would think his actress wife, Kim Tae Hee, be would be fair game to the press. I can understand the desire for privacy, even for celebrities themselves. I’ve seen a some celebrities in person in everyday life on the street or the grocery store; you can tell they are much more comfortable when people ignore them, then when they are mobbed by fans. Seriously, wouldn’t anyone hate being recognized, having their pictures taken or followed wherever you go?

            Korean women and women in other Asian societies, such as the Japanese, traditionally have convered their mouths when smiling or laughing as part of archiac courtesy. Many Asian societies have traditionally considered courtesy to be paramount. As Korea and other Asian countries have become more Westernization, the importance of traditional mores and courtesy has waned. I agree younger stars with straight, white shiny teeth along with increased Westernizationhas added to frequency of seeing dazzling white smiles and open laughter.

            In a way it seems a little sad 😢 to see the death of traditional mores.

        • Beez says:

! I’m watching something on OCN right now and that reminds me – everything I said in my last reply to you doesn’t apply when it comes to OCN. The Voice came on OCN.

          They even had their own version of Spartacus, complete with naked bodies (women, of course). I watched it for two things: Gladiators and Jo Dong-Hyuk AS a gladiator. (Hey! I’m only human. 😁)

          • Drama Fan says:

            Voice got a lot blurred stuff too. They censor the violence in Korea more than they do in US. Here at least cable, can get away with almost everything.

            • Beez says:

              That’s true about the blurring, but I think A.D.Do! was referring to the hideous situations (like the frightened child in the washing machine).

              While I was on the edge of my seat and horrified for the kid, I don’t mind that type of suspense (as long as they don’t show the actual abuse, that’s a different reaction from me when it comes to kids). I do mind when the writing isn’t tight. That pisses me off no end because now you’ve got me fully invested but it’s for no good reason if the story doesn’t mesh or had big plot holes.

        • Drama Fan says:

          Hi, with all due respect I do find this assessment of korean culture a little harsh? If we were to judge american society by what we see in Hollywood we would have a distorted view of reality. I don’t think kdramas reflect korean society exactly and our FCC in the US also has some contradictory rules. Also, I totally disagree about Jang Hyuk’s wife. I don’t think I’ve seen any korean celebrities show up at awards shows with their non celebrity family (correct me if I’m wrong). Given how we’ve seen some fans behave I think its understandable that celebrities try to protect their family’s privacy.

  2. Drama Fan says:

    This drama keeps getting better and better. I’m glad to sort of “relive it” trough your recaps :). I always sympathized with JBC despite his shortcomings. I find him funny too. I dig the complex “bromance” between KPJ and JBC. I also love Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook chemistry when they are both on screen together. They are powerful. Their twisted relationship, fascinating. At this point NMH was a bit frustrating but she gets so much better soon.

    • I dig the complex “bromance” between KPJ and JBC. I also love Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook chemistry when they are both on screen together…At this point NMH was a bit frustrating but she gets so much better soon.
      You hit the nail on that head those statements. I’ve been surprised how I am rooting for Boo Cheon to mature and find his own footing. His desire to build his own relationship with Mo Hyun after he had her hooked and his desperation to make things right, spoke volumes. But back to the bromance, I do think that Pil Joo does have a sense of caring for Boo Cheon. His directness about Boo Cheon’s parentage was a sign of respect. I look forward to Mo Hyun having more impact.

      • Beez says:

        @kjt – you said “Pil Joo even had to sleep with the enemy.”
        I so agree that all signs point (subtly) to Greedy Hand Mal ran and Pil joo having a sexual relationship (ugh. Just because of her evilness) with Pil joo. And I’m pretty sure she was the initiator of that aspect of their relationship after bringing this teenager into her house and, apparently, literally under her wing.

        It’s been debated elsewhere if that’s what’s going on between them. But I think it’s one of those Kdrama things where the show is worried about sensibilities because several K-taboos are in play here: female to male age gap; sex with your brother’s (Baby Boo’s) mom; sex with your dad’s wife; sex with the person that murdered your brother and (I think) indirectly caused your mom’s death. That’s a lot of taboos.

        This is a culture where you can’t marry someone that your cousin dated or your sibling had a crush on in elementary school nor marry someone that has a remote in-law in your family.

  3. humbledaisy1 says:

    So, you think Pil Joo slept with JMR? I took it as he was building her up into imagining some sort of relationship but also just taking it to the edge of sex. She is a person who is desperate to love and be loved (under that iron mask) and he is just winding her in on his line.

    • you think Pil Joo slept with JMR? I took it as he was building her up into imagining some sort of relationship but also just taking it to the edge of sex.
      Yes, the door closing on the bedroom was the “sign” that I interpreted that they slept together. I would prefer that they did not sleep together.

      • Beez says:

        Also when Greedy Hand Mal ran picked Pil joo up from prison (instead of just sending a car and seeing him once he got back to the mansion), the care he took with her, putting his coat around her,and also Baby Boo’s acceptance of their dynamic was the first hint that had me wondering. After that the weird cold touch of his hand to her face… S.K. audiences would know right away cause opposite gender doesn’t touch casually, much less intimately so when you see it, you’re supposed to interpret it that way. Notice how when two people who have known each other for years and are friends, but if they are seen holding hands, all of their acquaintances instantly know their relationship has changed to couple status.

        Side note: I was watching a rerun of a S.K variety show called “Sketchbook” and R&B singer Peabo Bryson was a guest. The audience welcomed him so warmly as they know him from the Disney soundtracks that he’s more widestream famous for and a famous S.K. diva was singing a duet with him. Then Peabo tried to, lightly, sell the romance of the song by holding her hand – you could feel the audience disapproval instantly and the singer (Lena Park) tried to politely without making it too obvious, pull her hand away. Peabo didn’t get it because as Lena pulled her hand back, she lightly touched the back of his arm to make a little space but he thought she was putting her arm around him and he put his arm around her. I was face palming at this point, but he really had no way of knowing. And his touch was NOTHING overly disrespectful. It was all innocent contact from our point of view. Mainly he just wanted to look at her now and then the way you should sell a love song and barely made any contact. If anyone’s interested in watching it, it’s on

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree that all signs point to Pil Joo sleeping with Mal Ran. It seems to me that Pil Joo’s revenge is going to be served so many compromises, giving up his love for Mo Hyun to his enemy’s son and literally sleeping with the 😴👿 enemy, and served so 🌬 ice-cold that I wonder if the revenge will be meaningful; it makes no sense. As KJT stated “The pain is of his own making”. Armed with Baby Boo’s paternity Pil Joo could have ended his revenge, but NOOOOO, he wants to be the one to personally kick Mal Ran out. I think Pil Joo made a mistake, but it will lead to many episodes filled with machinations …

        Obsessed with revenge, Pil Joo has lost all objectivity for the important things in life, such as preserving your integrity and love 💗; happiness and revenge CANNOT coexist.

        I thought Baby Boo recognized Mo Hyun’s value after she vowed to love 💕 and protect him even though he is not a Jang (my 💰 is on chauffeur Oh being Baby Boo’s daddy). I wonder if Seo Won is aware her baby daddy is not a Jang. I think Seo Won loves Baby Boo, but I’m not sure if she loves him more than the Jang family money, I’m inclined to think she is a golddigger. Nevertheless Seo Won and her son throw a wrench 🔧 in the works.

        Mo Hyun isn’t stupid, she saw the second martini 🍸 glass, does she suspect her husband is seeing someone else and has a secret 🤐 child⁉. Will Baby Boo’s secret child be a deal breaker for Mo Hyun⁉. Pil Joo was stunned Baby Boo had the cajones 🎱🎱 to carry on with Seo Won; how stupid was it to come back on the same plane⁉. How long until Mal Ran finds out about Seo Won and son⁉. How will Mal Ran react⁉

        • Beez says:

          @JT – Because it IS so stupid, bodacious, audacious, crazy & ludicrous for a man to fly his mistress on the same plane, no way Mo Hyun would suspect that champagne glass, especially when she had no idea Baby Boo has been fooling around.

          I’m shocked the camera panned to her looking at the glass because it could’ve been a dirty glass brought back there by the flight attendants or anything but what it was. smh

  4. prettysup says:

    Wow glad to see that you are recapping this !

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