Money Flower Episodes 5-6

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episodes 5-6

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Yoon Seo Won (Han So Hee) feigns fainting from pregnancy in front of Mo Hyun. It earns her a trip to the hospital with baby daddy Boo Cheon and supportive Mo Hyun. Seo Won wants one thing…Boo Cheon back in her life. Pil Joo takes a firm grip around her throat to convince her to back off. He provides a bag of cash, but she won’t go away. Boo Cheon crushes her bubble. While he promises to support the child, he claims it is over between them.

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) is incensed when he learns that Pil Joo bought company stock without his knowledge. He throws Pil Joo out of the company. He doesn’t listen to the pleas of his daughter-in-law (Mal Ran) or his grandson Boo Cheon to reinstate Pil Joo. Things heat up when illegal doings implicate Kook Hwan. But when Boo Cheon turns himself into the prosecutor instead of his grandfather, Kook Hwan agrees to bring Pil Joo back into the fold.

Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook) feigns turning her back on Pil Joo but it is all part of his plan. Mal Ran can’t get the marker to Pil Joo’s brother out of her head. She sicced her chauffeur to find out who placed the marker in the temple. The question of who Pil Joo is brought to light. She orders a DNA test. At the end of the episode she reads the results of the DNA test. Will it reveal that Pil Joo is actually blood related and the eldest grandson?

Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) loses focus with the pregnant Seo Won in the picture. When Pil Joo is kicked out of the company, he’s distraught. Pil Joo is his lifeline to power and stability. Only when he turns himself into the prosecutor in lieu of his grandfather, do things turn around. Pil Joo is returned to the company. He says goodbye to Seo Won. He asks Mo Hyun to marry him.

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) runs into Pil Joo while bird watching. They sit through a rain shower companionably sharing memories of childhood. Little does Mo Hyun realizes that she’s talking to the grown-up boy she fondly remembers. When Boo Cheon is released from custody, she’s happy when he proposes and slips a ring on her finger. Mo Hyun vows to stand by Boo Cheon now and forever.

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) is crowned master manipulator. His plan to get thrown out of the company works perfectly. The condition of his return is give Mal Ran control of the slush fund. She’s grateful. His unexpected alone time with Mo Hyun bring him pleasure and pain. He’s memorized by her but must be hands-off. He can’t control Mal Ran’s pursuit of his origins. Is the jig up? Has she learned that he is the eldest grandson?

My Thoughts

Slow and steady pacing is a signature of this series. Struggle for power is the centerpiece. Every character manipulates to position either grandson Boo Cheon or rival grandson Yeo Cheon into the heir apparent position for the chairman. While these two episodes didn’t grip me was much as the first four the plot pacing stayed measured but not boring. The music and cinematography of this series is muted but pleasing.

Pil Joo is the chess master. He set his own firing in motion complete with the reentry plan that garnered more power. But Mal Ran’s suspicions of his origins fueled by her faithful chauffer couldn’t be controlled. I don’t see how Pil Joo can survive the reveal of who he really is this early in the series. What else can the DNA test reveal? Is Pil Joo aware of the testing? I had to chuckle when Pil Joo left his living quarters with only a carry on sized rolling suitcase. The next day he’s bird watching in a fabulous cashmere coat that he wasn’t wearing the previous day. My thanks to the costume designer who is dressing Jang Hyuk impeccably. In fact, the entire cast is decked out beautifully. This is a lux look series. Thank you, Director Lee, for the gratuitous “clad only in a towel” scene where Jang Hyuk displayed his fine physique.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank these episodes as good (ep 5) and very good (ep 6). My episode ranking chart is below.

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22 comments on “Money Flower Episodes 5-6
  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    What we really need is a “Pil Joo goes to the spa” scene. Hopefully, not with the grandfather.

    • Drama Fan says:

      Lol!!!! But all jokes aside, I want Piljoo to relax and smile at least once in this drama. And hopefully with MoHyun ssi 🙂

      • Does he deserve happiness? He uses others (like they use him). Granted, his goal is to “right the wrong” done to him. But that is all he is working for. Does he have room in his heart to see someone else’s needs as more important than his own?

        • Drama Fan says:

          Yes, I think he does deserve happiness. But it’s not much a matter of deserving but a matter of, that’s what I wish to see. I’m not referring to a happy ending tho, I’m only referring to a moment of happiness in his life since he has not had that since he was a child. I would still want that for him even if he was evil (and he is not) because I feel sorry for him.

          • What would please me is him turning away from revenge as a life priority. That keeps him stuck from finding happiness.

            • Drama Fan says:

              I hope he does, otherwise his character will end like Daegil, forever stuck in darkness. Daegil still hurts me. I feel for characters that are “stuck” like that. That’s why I don’t think so much about whether they deserve happiness or not. But I wish they get a chance to experience happiness. It’s true that Piljoo “digs his own grave” but he hasn’t had many chances either. Loving NMH is an opportunity, hopefully he’ll choose her over revenge. But, it’s also important to see which path she will choose.

              • It’s true that Piljoo “digs his own grave” but he hasn’t had many chances either. Loving NMH is an opportunity, hopefully he’ll choose her over revenge. But, it’s also important to see which path she will choose
                Perfectly put. I want Pil Joo to make a choice for other than revenge AND that that choice pay off. As you note, Mo Hyun’s choice is important.

                • Beez says:

                  Mo Hyun only has one choice when it comes to Pil joo. He allowed (and not only allowed, but orchestrated) too many things resulting in tragedy and devastation in her life. Unless she’s a Kdrama saint. Then, of course, anything is possible.:)

                  • Drama Fan says:

                    We don’t know how its going to play. She is complex and unpredictable. There might be a way in which she can see all the good things about Piljoo that we also see. I don’t have expectations because this drama has so far been unpredictable to me. But if she simply resents him, it would be boring and kind of preachy. I suppose she will have conflicted feelings and therefore there is more than one choice possible.

    • I like your thinking. Perhaps a hot springs would be a good remote location.

    • Beez says:

      humbledaisy1- a girl after my own heart. 😉

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    My heart 💓 dropped when Mal Ran recognized the name of Pil Joo’s brother on the memorial marker at the temple ⛩. Mal Ran thinks she knows Pil Joo better than everyone else, which may be true with the exception of his right-hand man. I think if a kid who been invited to live in my house showed up at my bedside 🛌 with a knife 🗡 to stab me, he would have been escorted out of my house 🏠, never to return again. Has Pil Joo anticipated a DNA test⁉ Can Pil Joo continue to deceive Cheong Ah group⁉

    At this point in time Pil Joo is consumed with revenge, which as KJT points out leaves no room for happiness. I would like Pil Joo be less obsessed with revenge so he can live for himself and find happiness; he clearly likes 💕 Mo Hyun. It boggles my mind that he encouraged Baby Boo and Mo Hyun to be together for his revenge agenda. Pil Joo may very well miss his opportunity for happiness as he encourages the girl he likes to be with Baby Boo, which seems like a recipe for Mo Hyun’s unhappiness. While I think Baby Boo likes 💕 Mo Hyun, I’m not convinced he will continue to value her happiness for the long term, let alone the short term or even be faithful 💔 to her.

    OMO, Seo Won is delusional to think she can maintain romance 💕 with Baby Boo. I can hardly believe Baby Boo, who had no interest in marriage, wasn’t protecting himself against making 🚫👶 babies. I would have thought his mommy would have drilled into him the importance of preventing 🚫👶 propogation of an heir until he was ready for marriage with a Cheong Ah approved wife. Despite Pil Joo’s warning, how little Seo Won grasps the peril she puts herself and her unborn child into by revealing the pregnancy to Mal Ran; we KNOW the risk‼

    Pil Joo was Cyrano 👺 and a puppet master wrapped in one … How long can the Master Manipulater keep his real identity AND agenda hidden⁉

    • Beez says:

      Baby Boo has been raised to believe money can fix all of his mistakes. Also, I think Korean attitudes towards sex are also behind the west’s by about 30z40 years. (Also it first seem like the std’s and aides have hit really hard there yet (hippie it never does). If you look at all the male stars who hide their relationships (with good reason because their careers usually go into the tanker once they get married), anyway, the guys get married really late. And it’s usually to an actress they’ve dated (sometimes secretly) for yeeeeaaaars and she gets pregnant and behold, marriage. At least they still view it as necessary and a responsibility to get married at that point. But I think the females in the relationship say enough already – this guy is never going to the altar so… baby time.

      That was America 40 years ago.

      • Beez says:

        Correct my swypos –
        not “it first seems like std’s…”

        Should say “It doesn’t seem like std’s…”

      • Drama Fan says:

        I believe they have an under population crisis. I haven’t read the details though, but many koreans are choosing to stay single or having less or no kids. I read the government is creating programs to encourage population. It’s an interesting topic, I guess I’ll google about it.

    • if a kid who been invited to live in my house showed up at my bedside 🛌 with a knife 🗡 to stab me, he would have been escorted out of my house 🏠, never to return again
      Yep, but Mal Ran believes she has Pil Joo in the palm of her hand. Though she does show flashes of doubt.

      It boggles my mind that he encouraged Baby Boo and Mo Hyun to be together for his revenge agenda
      That fact may derail any relationship he builds with Mo Hyun.

      little Seo Won grasps the peril she puts herself and her unborn child into by revealing the pregnancy to Mal Ran
      Seo Won has tunnel vision that only sees her perspective. It has to bite her one day.

  3. Beez says:

    WHAT?! WHERE?! WHEN?! Jang Hyuk “classed only in a towel”?

    Drat these darn almost necolyptic sleep symptoms!

    Somebody have pity on me and tell me which episode was that, 5 or 6? I gotta go back and catch that!

    • Beez says:

      not “classed” but “clad”. I swear my phone’s keyboard is determined to type what it wants. Sorry guys.

    • Drama Fan says:

      It was a brief scene. But it was interest to point out the level of intimacy between him an JML. The fact that he didn’t bother to change and she looked at him like she is familiar with that sight, was telling,

  4. Beez says:

    kjt labeling Pil joo as the “matter manipulator” reminded me of this promo picture depicting him as the puppet master of all the other characters:!AvE2-hpAQD1620oLbdlgpwav2pDW

    And while I was searching the web for that poster, I came across this as well:!AvE2-hpAQD1620l2QgEaS5EcfitU

    and posted it just because, well, isn’t he just oh-so-fine and scrumpdelicious looking?

    • “matter manipulator” reminded me of this promo picture depicting him as the puppet master
      yes, that promo poster shows his puppet master skills over Boo Cheon. But it must be noted that Boo Cheon willingly allows Pil Joo to tell him what to do.

      isn’t he just oh-so-fine and scrumpdelicious looking?
      He is scrumdiddlyumptious!!! I can’t believe how fabulous he looks in this series. In comparison, he looked almost haggard in Voice.

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