Money Flower Episodes 3-4

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episodes 3-4

Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details

Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) suffers from “be careful what you wish for” as his plan for romance between Mo Hyun and Boo Cheon works better than expected. In fact, watching Mo Hyun fall for Boo Cheon is difficult. But Pil Joo soldiers on watching/directing the romance develop and juggling all the corporate balls to keep things going his way. When Boo Cheon announces that he will sleep with Mo Hyun, Pil Joo manages not to shatter his jaw as he clinches it in frustration. He doesn’t verbalize it in words, but his body screams “I want Mo Hyun for myself”. He observes Mo Hyun sitting at a bus bench but she doesn’t get on the bus. Concerned he approaches her. He is stunned when she calls him Pil Joo. She knows that Pil Joo and Boo Cheon lied about their identities.

Na Mo Hyun (Park Se Young) receives an anonymous packet of pictures and articles. They identify the man she thought she was dating isn’t Pil Joo but rather Boo Cheon. Angry that she’s been lied to, she refuses to hear Pil Joo’s explanation and refuses phone calls from Boo Cheon. She’s deeply hurt, she cared for Boo Cheon.

Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) is desperate to make things right with Mo Hyun, but she won’t give him a chance. He sees that Pil Joo cares for Mo Hyun after observing an encounter between them. He lashes out in anger at Pil Joo and hits him. But Pil Joo promises that he is not personally interested in Mo Hyun. Instead he gives Boo Cheon the perfect plan to win back Mo Hyun. It works. Boo Cheon is giddy with joy when Mo Hyun calls and takes him back.

Jung Mal Ran (Lee Mi Sook) meets Mo Hyun formally and as most future mother-in-laws, finds her casual and open nature lacking. But Mal Ran has her eye on the prize, the CEO position for her son, and is willing to accept anything to reach that goal.

Jang Kook Hwan (Lee Soon Jae) is pleased when Mal Ran and Boo Cheon brings the newly engaged Mo Hyun to him in the defined timeframe. He is one step closer to actualizing the dream of a new high-rise tower as a monument to himself. He agrees to cover all the wedding costs and orders them to marry in 2 months.

Yoon Seo Won (Han So Hee) shows her flair for drama when she approaches Boo Cheon on the set where he’ll be interviewed. Posing as the makeup artist, she makes eye contact. He stares in shock as she slips a card into his pocket. She steps into the production team and watches in satisfaction as Boo Cheon looks at the card and sees the ultrasound image of a baby. His eyes fly up in shock. Pil Joo sees something is wrong and scans the production team. Both men recoil to observe the smug Seo Won standing next to the clueless Mo Hyun!

My Thoughts

Great cliffhangers. I gasped in surprised at the end of the 3rd episode when Mo Hyun called Pil Joo by his real name. I knew that Seo Won wouldn’t fade into the woodwork quietly and had to give her points in the dramatic but subtle way she revealed her pregnancy to a stunned Boo Cheon. Is she really pregnant?

Pil Joo is the real heir. I’m surprised this was revealed this early. I’m happy Pil Joo is the real heir. If at the end of this series he has the power and the girl, nirvana will have been achieved. But I don’t think it will be easy or even an achievable goal. But Pil Joo is the master manipulator. If anyone could navigate this complicated maze and win, it’s Pil Joo. I was pleased to see Pil Joo’s heart strings pulled by Mo Hyun. He cares for her. Awesome! I want Pil Joo to have a heart, it makes him human. How does Jang Hyuk manage to look fresher than the younger actors? Let me sip water and ponder.

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12 comments on “Money Flower Episodes 3-4
  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    Sip warm water!

  2. Drama Fan says:

    At this stage Piljoo was sort of a Cyrano de Bergerac, with a twist.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I want a sip of the fountain ⛲ of youth Hyukie is drinking from too.

    When Mo Hyun received the envelope ✉ divulging Baby Boo’s true identity, my first thought was that Pil Joo sent it, as the truth had to come out before an engagement. I hoped it was Mo Hyun’s dad after he heard her talking about Pil Joo, the man she was dating … I guess it was too much to think a greedy 💩 politician would be looking out for his daughter. It crossed my mind that the identity divulger could be Baby Boo’s greedy cousin, although I suspect Ye Cheon would reveal it in the most devastating way possible, or Baby Boo’s ex, who now looks like his baby momma – I’ve seen her lurking in the shadows. Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Pil Joo made the reveal as an attempt to protect 🛡 Mo Hyun.

    Pil Joo may have had his heartstrings pulled by Mo Hyun, but his revenge agenda won. Pil Joo gave Mo Hyun’s 💩 dad a chance to break off the deal, but the greedy 💩 politician chose the promise of money 💰 and power 💪 over his daughter’s happiness. While Pil Joo warned Mo Hyun He really needed to tell Mo Hyun to not look back, but run 🏃 away as fast as she can from Cheong Ah.

    • I want a sip of the fountain ⛲ of youth Hyukie is drinking from too
      Truly he looks fabulous.

      Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Pil Joo made the reveal as an attempt to protect 🛡 Mo Hyun
      Does that qualify as a non-revenge based action?

      While Pil Joo warned Mo Hyun He really needed to tell Mo Hyun to not look back, but run 🏃 away as fast as she can from Cheong Ah.
      Agreed, but the series would end too quickly, so I’m okay with Pil Joo not warning Mo Hyun.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Pil Joo made the reveal as an attempt to protect 🛡 Mo Hyun” -JT

        “Does that qualify as a non-revenge based action?” – KJT

        Why yes it does as does Pil Joo offering Mo Hyun’s 💩 father the opportunity to break off the marriage deal. Mo Hyun lost the dad lottery.

  4. Beez says:

    “…Pil Joo manages not to shatter his jaw as he clinches it in frustration.” kjt
    While I watched this episode a while ago, this description made it like I was watching it again. lol

    Ol’ grandpa dude needs to get real about this tower. If I recall, he said he’s 93. So whether or not he lives to see the tower built, in 10 years how many people will remember the tower’s named after him? We all go over bridges and ride on streets and enter buildings with names of people that we don’t think once about who they were. (Excluding Abraham Lincoln and MLK but that’s because their full named are used. Most streets are last names only and seriously if you ride on “Lincoln” or “King” does it have any meaning? Old dude needs to get a grip and spend his money on all his illegitimate kids & grand kids floating around. (The ones that haven’t been done away with, that is. I wonder if he’s aware/approving of what happened to Pil joo’s family?)

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think Grandpa “I’m all that” is very aware and probably approving of not recognizing illegitimate family members. It is possible he sanctioned the “elimination” of illegitimate family members. I wonder how many illegitimate children Grandpa “I’m all that” has procreated? Wasn’t there one in episode 1 who threatened to jump from the rooftop 🏢🕴?

      • Beez says:

        I think you’re right, JT. You would think since GrandPops only had the two legit sons and with one being deceased, that he would embrace all progeny into the fold, maybe not as the successors to his empire but at least as smaller heirs. Ol’ git.

      • It is possible he sanctioned the “elimination” of illegitimate family members
        I do wonder about his knowledge of these actions.

    • I wonder if he’s aware/approving of what happened to Pil joo’s family?)
      My take is he doesn’t know, but the possibility exists that one day we could learn he does know.

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