Hwayugi Episode 2 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 2 Recap

25 years ago…

Jin Sun Mi (Kal So Won) is rejected by her classmates outside near a tree. They leave her alone. She cuts her hand on the tree. The scent of her blood is catnip to a spirit. Sun Mi is open to the spirit’s suggestion they play together. But the spirit yanks her up with evil intent. Sun Mi’s Grandmother intervenes and wards off the spirit. She bandages Sun Mi’s cut and warns her not to openly bleed. She tells Sun Mi to stay strong, promising that her protector will step up one day. Her Grandmother’s image fades away.

Present day…

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) bandages the cut on the hand of Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) and warns her not to openly bleed. Sun Mi asks if the spirits will bother her because she is Sam Jung. Oh Gong says he originally wanted to eat her but couldn’t because he knew her. Sun Mi thanks him for protecting her. Oh Gong declares that he’ll really need to protect her now that the spirits know about her. He suggests they make a new contract. But first they’ll need to annul the 1st one (that promised he’d protect her whenever she called his name). Sun Mi refuses to be fooled. She accuses him of wanting to eat her but can’t because of the contract. Oh Gong doesn’t deny it. He declares that it would be best if she approved of him eating her. Sun Mi refuses. Oh Gong is frustrated. It’s a stand-off.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) and the elder are surprised Oh Gong hasn’t eaten Sun Mi. Hwi Chul wonders what is stopping Oh Gong.

Sun Mi asks how Oh Gong could want to eat her when he promised to protect her when she was a child. She asks who Sam Jung is.

Hwi Chul tells his assistant that Sam Jung is a human with noble blood who has the royal summons of Heaven. Hwi Chul says that the punishment Sun Mi received for releasing Oh Gong was the fate of Sam Jung. He admits he played a part in altering Sun Mi’s life. The assistant asks if Hwi Chul will protect Sun Mi. Flashback to Hwi Chul gathering the drops of blood off the glass shards in Sun Mi’s house. He confesses that the scent of the blood brings out his inner demon. He can’t have Sun Mi too close. Hwi Chul doesn’t want his self-control to be weaker than Oh Gong’s. His assistant reminds him that Hwi Chul is a fallen deity and naturally stronger than Hwi Chul. Ha!

Oh Gong informs Sun Mi that it will be open season on her. He notes her life quality is low – fights spirits daily and has no friends – and should consider ending her stint as a human by letting him eat her. Sun Mi barks that she’ll live this life without his protection until she’s old and crazy. She stalks away with the yellow umbrella as her only protection. Oh Gong shakes his head that the contract has wrecked his chances of eating Sam Jung. He wonders how she became Sam Jung.

Interesting that Oh Gong doesn’t know that freeing him earned Sun Mi Sam Jung’s fate.

As Sun Mi walks home, she’s attacked by a spirit. She deploys her umbrella but the spirit knocks it away. She can’t stop the spirit from biting her. Luckily Oh Gong appears and sends the spirit packing. He examines the bite mark on Sun Mi. He offers to eat her now to save her from being eaten by another spirit. Sun Mi can’t believe that she’s become spirit bait and the guy that’s supposed to protect her is at the front of the line to eat her. Oh Gong says he’ll give her 15 days to accept his offer to eat her. Irritated she walks away. When Oh Gong calls to her that her umbrella is on the ground, she doesn’t retrieve it.

When Hwi Chul arrives home, he’s dismayed that Oh Gong’s coat is carelessly strewn on the statue in defiance of his order not to do so. He’s surprised to find Oh Gong repairing a yellow umbrella. Oh Gong declares he met Sam Jung. Hwi Chul retorts that if Oh Gong moves out, he can eat Sam Jung. Oh Gong states Sam Jung is the little girl that Hwi Chul sent to him 25 years ago. Oh Gong wonders if Hwi Chul knew the little girl was Sam Jung. Hwi Chul surprises Oh Gong when he declares the little girl’s punishment for freeing him was the fate of Sam Jung. Hwi Chul can’t believe that Oh Gong didn’t eat her. He probes for a reason but Oh Gong deflects. Oh Gong states he has an errand to run and tells Hwi Chul to watch the sauce he has cooking.

Oh Gong watches Sun Mi search for her umbrella. He positions it so she’ll find it.

In bed, Sun Mi declares she’ll survive this too.

Oh Gong watches over her place and mutters she’s a bother.

The next day Sun Mi decides she must determine his name. She calls out various names and her Assistant finds it odd. Her assistant shows her a video of Hwi Chul and she realizes he’s the spirit that sent her to the house 25 years ago. She wants to meet this new client ASAP.

Sun Mi and her assistant arrive during the TV show’s taping. Hwi Chul is his usual theatrical self. The other 2 judges gripe. Sun Mi barges onto the stage in front of the next contestant. He feigns not knowing her. Sun Mi unwraps her wound and the blood brings spirits and Hwi Chul’s demon side. She sings a bit off key. Hwi Chul can’t take it and banishes the spirits and passes her. The crowd murmurs their surprise.

Oh Gong visits General Frost. An old “friend”, Jeo Pal Gye (aka PK) stops by and remarks that Oh Gong should move out on Sam Jung and return to being a deity. Oh Gong tells General Frost that Sam Jung is under his protection. General Frost asks where she is. Oh Gong knows she’s with Hwi Chul trying to learn his name.

Sun Mi asks for the elusive name. Hwi Chul shakes his head saying even when he tells her she won’t remember. He tells her Oh Gong’s name. She doesn’t remember. Until the memory is returned, she cannot remember. Frustrated, she declares her contract with him is worthless. That gets Hwi Chul’s attention. He tells Sun Mi he’ll help her.

Hwi Chul takes Sun Mi to a store. While he speaks privately with the owner, Sun Mi browses. She’s startled when she looks in a jar and sees a vision of herself kissing Oh Gong. She recoils in horror. She’s told what she saw will happen. Hwi Chul returns with a palm-sized chest and the declaration this will help.

An engaged couple walks through their soon-to-be-finalized apartment. They find an old wedding photo. As they leave, the bride’s eyes in the photo follow them. When the woman looks at the photo, she’s startled when she’s sucked into the photo.

The elder learns that an evil spirt is capturing brides. He muses that Sam Jung has the power to fight demons. He knows Sam Jung has an ability that she doesn’t know about that will help her.

Oh Gong isn’t happy when Sun Mi returns from her meeting with Hwi Chul. He makes the case she should select him to be the one to eat her. Sun Mi agrees to dine with Oh Gong. She loves the pretty Christmas lights he takes her to. Oh Gong surprises her when he includes himself in a selfie. Remembering their future kiss, she pushes him away. He bluntly says she’s alone and miserable. He suggests allowing him to eat her would give her purpose. Sun Mi is clear, she wants to live. She thanks him for the evening. She offers him the palm sized chest. He takes it. When Oh Gong opens it, he sees a bracelet. She recalls Hwi Chul’s statement that the bracelet will tie Oh Gong to her. But Oh Gong starts to hand the chest back. Sun Mi states this is her first time giving a gift. Touched, Oh Gong tucks the chest into his pocket. Pleased Sun Mi states this Christmas Eve is one she will remember. Oh Gong agrees to give her the full 15 days he promised. Sun Mi appears grateful. Oh Gong stares at her and then the chest.

When Oh Gong arrives home, Hwi Chul catches him fling his fur coat on the statue. Hwi Chul threatens to burn the coat. Consumed by thoughts of Sun Mi, Oh Gong agrees the coat can be burned. Hwi Chul finds the chest in the pocket of the coat. He’s dismayed the bracelet is still in the chest and not worn by Oh Gong. A dance of frustration ensues. Oh Gong remembers the chest and snatches it from Hwi Chul. He takes the fur coat and chest.

The elder tells his assistant that Geum Gang Go will go where it has to go.

When Sa Oh Jeong walks through the lobby with his entourage, he’s surprised to find Oh Gong waiting for him. His team is even more surprised to find the familiar manner Oh Gong speaks with Sa Oh Jeong.

Inside Sa Oh Jeong’s office he looks at the bracelet in the chest and considers Oh Gong’s request to nullify a contract with a human. He promises to get a lawyer to see if it can be done. He’ll also plans to find out about the bracelet Sam Jung gave Oh Gong.

Bereft that his finance is missing, the man cancels the contract to purchase the apartment.

Sun Mi and her assistant inspect the apartment. Sun Mi finds the old wedding photo. She sees the bride’s eyes glow red. She’s sucked into the photo. Her assistant isn’t phased when she’s gone.

Sun Mi’s assistant brings the wedding photo to Sun Mi’s office. His surprised when Oh Gong appears. It’s the 15th day and Oh Gong wants her life. The assistant says that Sun Mi disappeared while looking at a property. Oh Gong spies the wedding photo. He sees the bride’s eyes look at him and glow red. Oh Gong snatches the wedding photo and leaves. Sun Mi’s assistant sputters in surprise.

PK sputters in surprise when Oh Gong interrupts an interview. Looking at the wedding photo PK informs Oh Gong that the groom is a demon. He warns his friend he may not be able to exit the photo. Oh Gong only cares about entering the photo.

Following PK’s instructions Oh Gong enters the photo. He finds the bridal processional of 7 brides. He tells the demon one of the brides must come with him. The demon agrees to Oh Gong’s request IF he can identify the bride without seeing her face. Oh Gong peers at the group of brides unable to see their faces. He summons a butterfly to find the signature scene of Sun Mi. When the butterfly alights on Sun Mi, Oh Gong declares that bride is his. The demon reveals the bride is Sun Mi. She appears out of it and stares blankly. When the demon asks her to confirm Oh Gong is her man, Sun Mi says nothing. To snap her out of it, Oh Gong opens the chest and hold out the bracelet saying she gave this to him. He puts the bracelet on. Sun Mi wakes. She confirms she knows Oh Gong. The demon tells them to go. But then he catches a whiff of Sun Mi. He orders them to stop. Oh Gong orders Sun Mi to run. They head to the spot where Oh Gong entered but it doesn’t work.

Outside the photo, it is revealed that PK has removed the means to exit the photo. Hwi Chul stares at a nervous PK who justifies Oh Gong shouldn’t have dibs on Sam Jung. Hwi Chul stares at the photo and wonders if he could burn it trapping Oh Gong forever.

Inside the photo, Oh Gong realizes that PK removed the means to exit the photo. Sun Mi asks what they will do. Oh Gong decides he’ll have to fight the demon to learn how to exit the photo. Sun Mi spies something and walks away.

Outside the photo, Hwi Chul starts to burn the photo. PK watches nervously.

Inside the photo, Oh Gong and Sun Mi notice the smell of fire. Oh Gong realizes the photo is being burned.

Outside the photo, Hwi Chul watches the photo burn and chuckles. PK watches nervously.

Inside the photo, Sun Mi realizes this is the situation she saw foretold in the shop. She explains she saw them together in this place in the jar.  Oh Gong demands to know what happens. Sun Mi doesn’t want to mention the kiss and hesitates. Oh Gong urges her to share as time is short. She warns him that he won’t like what happens next. Oh Gong tells her to do what must be done. She stares into his eyes. She steps closer. She gently kisses him.

When she steps back, Oh Gong’s wrist starts shaking. Oh Gong stares at the bracelet. It disappears into his body and ensnares his heart. Oh Gong yells in pain as his heart in squeezed by the bracelet. Then a new bracelet appears around Oh Gong’s wrist and the pain ceases. Oh Gong demands to know what Sun Mi has set in motion.  Sun Mi declares with the Geum Gang Go bracelet Oh Gong can’t hurt her. Oh Gong stares at the bracelet.

Outside the photo, Hwi Chul states if Oh Gong is properly wearing the Geum Gang Go, then Sun Mi can escape the photo.

Inside the photo, Oh Gong grabs Sun Mi. She warns him that he can’t hurt her. Oh Gong agrees that he can’t hurt her and if she’s in pain, he’ll feel it. He stares at her with intensity. He snaps his fingers and returns the memory of his name to her brain. He asks if she knows his name. Sun Mi nods in affirmative. Oh Gong tells her she’ll be the only one that can retrieve him from the photo. He pushes her out of the photo.

There’s something about the intensity Lee Seung Gi brings when he stares. Even though Oh Gong is being mercenary about saving himself, underneath there is feeling, I believe he cares for Sun Mi and isn’t just using her. All that…in a look.

Outside the photo, Sun Mi lands in the field. PK drives up and declares he is there to escort her. Sun Mi asks if she’s the only person that exited the photo. PK says the other brides escaped.

The fiancée watches his bride stir to consciousness in the hospital.

Sun Mi asks what happened to Oh Gong. PK tells her he’ll never be able to exit once the paining is completely burned.

Hwi Chul basks in pleasure watching the painting burn.  He chuckles and declares “good bye nut job”. Ha!

PK tells Sun Mi that Hwi Chul bid him to bring her back. Sun Mi mutters Oh Gong’s name. PK scoffs that Sun Mi is now safe with Oh Gong trapped.

Hwi Chul’s assistant congratulates him on killing the demon and trapping Oh Gong. Hwi Chul is pleased that Oh Gong has been trapped again. He orders his assistant to prepare for Sam Jung.

Sun Mi asks PK if he can get Oh Gong out. The answer is no. Sun Mi recalls that Oh Gong told her his younger brother Sa Oh Jeong is a successful cell phone CEO and is available to assist her. Sun Mi demands PK take her to the company.

Inside Sa Oh Jeong’s office, he states she’s Sam Jung, which she confirms. After explaining where Oh Gong is, Sun Mi stands to leave. Sa Oh Jeong asks about the Geum Gang Go bracelet that Oh Gong showed him. He asks if she put it on his brother. Sun Mi says Oh Gong is wearing the bracelet. Sa Oh Jeong asks if she realizes the wrenching pain his brother will suffer. Sun Mi counters that Oh Gong’s refusal to keep his contract with her forced her to take desperate measures. Sa Oh Jeong asks her to explain the contract.

PK tells Hwi Chul that Sun Mi is talking to Sa Oh Jeong as they speak. He suspects she wants to help Oh Gong. Hwi Chul chuckles that Sa Oh Jeong won’t be able to extract his brother. PK says Sam Jung was worried about extracting Oh Gong. In shock, Hwi Chul asks if Sam Jung said Oh Gong’s name. PK confirms this. Hwi Chul wonders if Sun Mi could call Oh Gong and free him.

Sun Mi stares at the night sky and wonders if this will be a foolish act. She recalls Oh Gong’s brother statement that Oh Gong saved her by using all his strength to push her out of the painting. Sun Mi murmurs that Oh Gong protected her. She remembers Oh Gong telling her that she could call him out. Sun Mi girds herself for the next step. She reveals a knife and says that Oh Gong will need to protect her once again. She cuts her hand. The blood bat signal goes out to the spirits. Sun Mi watches them circle her. They start to crawl on her. Sun Mi yells Oh Gong’s name. Oh Gong appears from the sky and disperses the spirits when he lands.

My Thoughts

Excellent plot progress. Hwi Chul’s plan trapped Oh Gong with the bracelet and in the painting. But Sun Mi has only wanted Oh Gong to keep his word and protect her as he promised 25 years ago. With that secured, she freed him by calling his name. I’m pleased that the “what’s my name” plot point is resolved. I’m pleased the Oh Gong wasn’t stuck for a long period of time. I’m pleased that Sun Mi wasn’t repentant about using the bracelet to force Oh Gong to keep his word. I’m pleased that Oh Gong has a sliver of feeling for Sun Mi. I’m pleased that Hwi Chul’s schemes worked…to a point.

Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) isn’t as heartless as he seems. The way Lee Seung Gi stares proves he cares. Simple and effective. I’m enjoying Lee Seung Gi’s portrayal on all levels. Oh Gong is an appealing amusing cad. His rapport with the other actors is top notch. I have no complaints about this performance.

Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) didn’t crumble when Oh Gong demanded her life. She soldiered on. She did what she had to do when she went to Hwi Chul for support. She had no choice. She had to gain an advantage or die. Sun Mi isn’t a pushover. She only wants what was promised her long ago. Who can blame her? She was gipped and Oh Gong had to be brought to heel. Maybe next time she can just nick herself instead of the intense blood letting cut she administered to herself.

Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) isn’t an angel, he is a likeable devil. He took advantage of the opportunity to trap Oh Gong with the bracelet and it worked. He relished burning the painting and trapping Oh Gong yet again. His horror when he realized that Sun Mi could call Oh Gong back was like the rug was pulled out from under him. The bantering bromance between Hwi Chul and Oh Gong is only going to get stronger each episode. I took forward to the progression.

Supporting characters contribute. I have to chuckle every time Hwi Chul’s assistant offers to kill someone for him. Sun Mi’s assistant tries to cope with the craziness of Sun Mi’s aurora. Oh Gong’s brother is measured and seems kind. We met PK. Not much to this character yet. It seems the demons don’t mind one-upping each other any chance they get.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Hwayugi Episode 2 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was glad we got an explanation of a Sam Jung. How DISAPPOINTING for Sun Mi to realize Oh Gong protected her as his prey … but then again she hasn’t exactly had high expectations of him since Oh Gong 🐒 stole the memory of his name. I had to laugh at how Hwi Chul 🐂 is more than willing to mess with Oh Gong 🐒.

    I also found it interesting that Oh Gong 🐒 didn’t realize freeing him earned Sun Mi Sam Jung’s fate. It seemed to me that Oh Gong 🐒 may have felt maybe a twinge of guilt 😔 when he found out. It seemed he was touched when Sun Mi gave him the bracelet as a gift, at least until until he realized (too late), it was a geum gang go.

    OMO that creepy wedding 💒 photo that sucked in brides for the horny demon… I thought the groom in the photo looked like Min Sun Wook and the bride 👰 looked like Kim Seul Gi. We are two episodes for two on having demons in wedding 💒 related artifacts. Last episode it was the super creepy looking bride 👰 & groom ventriloquist dummies. I find ventriloquist dummies to be creepy period.

    I can’t blame Sun Mi for giving Oh Gong 🐒 the geum gang go; she was never told it would cause Oh Gong pain, besides girl has to do what she can to protect herself from predators, especially Oh Gong – who should be protecting her. I agree Lee Seung Ki’s facial expressions we’re awesome to show the conflict he felt. I was glad Oh Gong 🐒 returned Sun Mi’s memory, I guess it doesn’t matter if it was out of self preservation or obligation of the geum gang go.

    I was surprised PK didn’t try to eat Sun Mi when he came to pick her up; he must be an obedient piggy 🐷 to Hwi Chul 🐂.

    At least Sa Oh Jeong was willing to explain Oh Gong’s position. Oh Jeong seems to be calm and most stable of these gods.

    I concur with KJT’s “Maybe next time she can just nick herself instead of the intense blood letting cut she administered to herself.” Couldn’t she have just taken off the bandage like she did last time?

    I am enjoying this drama very much!


  2. Swati says:

    Well i loved the dilemma.. To EAT or Not to EAT. Sure the Oh Gong was protecting his food… Good Demon.

    I loved the change of dynamics the bracelet has brought in… so leads are stuck with each other. Well i am glad if both Hwi Chul and Oh Gong get stuck protecting Sun Mi as they are responsible for her being Sam Jung. Only fare that they protect her now…

    Waiting for the Heavens Grand Plan to unfold 😀


    • I loved the change of dynamics the bracelet has brought in… so leads are stuck with each other. Well i am glad if both Hwi Chul and Oh Gong get stuck protecting Sun Mi as they are responsible for her being Sam Jung
      Well said. That bracelet was a game changer.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’ve been frustrated with the slow release of Hwayugi episodes. I read today that we have to wait until next week for episodes due to some production issues and accidents.



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