Mad Dog Episode 15 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 15 “There is No Subject”

Hyun Gi surprises Chairman Cha when he tells him to take the blame for Hong Joo’s actions. Hyun Gi surprised Chairman Cha with his decision to hold a press conference to announce a reinvestigation into the plane crash. Chairman Cha can’t believe that Hyun Gi will head the reinvestigation committee. Hyun Gi know the position will allow him to hide and destroy evidence as needed. Hyun Gi asks if he should reveal the original insurance policy.

Hong Joo is blindsided by the crush of press waiting for her. One mother shows her a picture of her son that died in the crash. Hong Joo doesn’t answer any of the calls for a response. The legal counsel leads her out of the melee.

Hyun Gi and the Chief Prosecutor discuss their strategies to blame others for the events leading up to the crash. Hyun Gi wants to drag out the investigation until the public loses interest. The Chief Prosecutor warns that if the audio of the conversations between himself and Hong Joo and Hyun Gi is released by the Mad Dog Team they are all sunk. Hyun Gi loathes the Mad Dog Team.

The Mad Dog Team listens to the news report that Chairman Cha asks has pleaded guilty. Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) can’t believe it. Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) correctly surmises that Chairman Cha is trying to save Hong Joo. Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) guesses this was Hyun Gi’s plan. On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) is convinced his father is in on the strategy. Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) rushes in explaining a swarm of reporters are outside waiting to talk the pilot’s brother. Min Joon suggests he release the audio during his interview. Hyun Gi arrives and tells the reporters he felt compelled to visit the wrongly accused pilot’s brother. He looks up at stares at Kang Woo.

 Once inside the Mad Dog Team’s office, Hyun Gi apologizes to Min Joon and promises a thorough investigation. Hyun Gi reveals he’s videotaping their encounter. Furious Min Joon vows to kill Hyun Gi. Kang Woo orders Min Joon to release Hyun Gi. Hyun Gi directs his assistant to stop recording and leave. Kang Woo orders Hyun Gi to reveal why he’s really there. Hyun Gi states that Chief Prosecutor warned him the Mad Dog Team is in possession of an audio. Min Joon scoffs that he’s scared it will be released. Hyun Gi counters that he said nothing incriminating. The Mad Dog Team reels with the realization that Hyun Gi is correct. Hyun Gi points out that his father purchased the doomed aircraft not him. Min Joon declares they’ll release the audio while the public believes them. Kang Woo warns that he found a fingerprint from the person that illegally placed the wiretapping device. Flashback scene of Nurse Oh placing the wiretapping device.

Nurse Oh is arrested for placing the wiretapping device.

Soon Jung tries to hit Hyun Gi but Noo Ri stops him. Kang Woo tells Soon Jung to settle down with his face. Kang Woo tells Hyun Gi that Nurse Oh has little to do with this. Hyun Gi says the only one that can save Nurse Oh is Min Joon. Hyun Gi wants Min Joon to publicly state he believes in the reinvestigation process by JH airlines. Hyun Gi piles it on when he notes that Professor Byuen and Officer Jo helped the Mad Dog Team do illegal things. Kang Woo slugs Hyun Gi. Min Joon holds Kang Woo back from hitting Hyun Gi again. Kang Woo stares at him and knows they no longer have the upper hand if they want to protect their friends. Hyun Gi smiles. Mission accomplished.

Hyun Gi played the Mad Dog Team like a conductor. He hit them where it hurt and they lost control proving his blows were perfectly placed. Hyun Gi is now the master manipulator.

Chairman Cha is understanding when the legal counsel explains he was unable to kill Kang Woo. Chairman Cha suggests killing Min Joon instead. The legal counsel loves the idea having a score to settle with Min Joon. Chairman Cha wants Hyun Gi framed for the murder.

Min Joon watches the news report where Hyun Gi vows to wait until Min Joon forgives him and JH airlines. Hyun Gi promises the reinvestigation will reveal the truth of what happened. Min Joon remembers Hyun Gi’s threats against the Mad Dog Team friends. Min Joon believes Hyun Gi is doing exactly what he would do were the situations reversed. Ha Ri knows that Min Joon is suppressing his inner conflict. Min Joon jokes that she can’t know what he’s thinking just by looking at him. But Ha Ri correctly guesses that Min Joon has equated Hyun Gi’s actions with what he’d do. She reminds Min Joon that he did threaten their friends too. BUT Ha Ri declares Min Joon’s motives were based in the need to find the truth about the crash. She brushes his hair and tells him to forget past actions. He stares into her eyes. Min Joon leans against her for a hug, surprising Ha Ri. Then he diffuses the tender moment by asking when the last time she showered. Ha Ri shoves him backwards. She storms away. Min Joon smiles and thanks Ha Ri for her kindness.

Almost but not quite moment between our potential couple. Min Joon has “I’m not worthy” practically tattooed in his forehead. I find it irksome.

Manager Park brings Kang Woo insurance documents. He urges Kang Woo to get the evil ones that perpetrated the crime. Kang Woo warns him that there could be consequences. Manager Park doesn’t care. Kang Woo has suffered for 2 years. Justice must be served. Manager Park compliments Kang Woo’s ability to hold back with Hyun Gi visited. Kang Woo admits that Min Joon’s voice telling him to stop kept him from pulverizing Hyun Gi. Kang Woo admits that he wasn’t the best husband and father. He didn’t heed his wife’s pleas to stop smoking and spend more time with them. Kang Woo couldn’t kill Hyun Gi knowing that it would stop justice from being served. Kang Woo asks his friend to go home and relish his family. Manager Park tells Kang Woo that he’s a good husband and father before he leaves. As he walks to his car, Manager Park spies the legal counsel.

Good to see Manager Park. I’ve missed him.

Nurse Oh isn’t exactly pleased when Soon Jung stops by to see her in jail. Soon Jung knows the first time in jail is lonely and frightening. Nurse Oh admits that she was once thrown in jail for punching an abusive husband. Soon Jung is impressed. Nurse Oh counters the Mad Dog Team are impressive. She tells Soon Jung to leave and not come back until the bad guys pay. Soon Jung vows to catch the bad buys and return. Then he’ll finally tell her how he feels. Nurse Oh cuts him off and tells him to go. Soon Jung gives her a blanket. He declares he’ll return with confidence. She chuckles that the blanket is cheetah patterned.

Terrific scene. That’s a perfect example of making a lot with a little. Soon Jung and Nurse Oh have tons of chemistry. They may be more compelling than Min Joon and Ha Ri.

The legal counsel tells Hong Joo to buck up, take over the company, and let her father execute his plan so he can return home. Hong Joo agrees. The legal counsel admits part of the plan is to kill Min Joon, then he’ll turn himself in and blame Hyun Gi for the order to kill. Hong Joo is shocked that murder is an acceptable task. The legal counsel explains that he killed the man that killed his parents and her father saved him from jail. The secretary informs Hong Joo that Hyun Gi is on the way up. The legal counsel warns Hong Joo not to upset him. Hong Joo counters that she must upset Hyun Gi for that is their dance.

Hyun Gi tells Hong Joo she’s standing right where his father collapsed. Hong Joo assures him it is intentional. Hyun Gu admires her moxy. As requested, Hyun Gi gets down to business. They need to swap their names for their father’s name on documentation. They do so. Then Hyun Gi asks for the original transportation reports. Hyun Gi offers Hong Joo a path to cleaning her name. Blame her father for keeping the reports. Now with her father in prison, produce the reports and receive kudos. Hong Joo doesn’t like the suggestion. Hyun Gi states threatening the representatives to save her father was stupid. He declares she had nothing to do with the plan crash. Hyun Gi and her father want to clear her name. He demands she give him the reports.

Hyun Gi is cagey. Is he trying to save Hong Joo because he likes her? Or is he setting her up for a bigger fall?

The Mad Dog Team meets at a different eatery. The news report that Hyun Gi has released the black box from the crash gets everyone’s attention. The black box has indicated the aircraft was faulty. Hyun Gi believes releasing the black box and the insurance papers must be done to apologize for his father’s evil ways that led to the airplane crash. The original audio of the crash is played for all to hear. The patrons at the eatery praise Hyun Gi’s willingness to do the right thing.

Back at the Mad Dog Team office, Kang Woo shows the original paperwork signed by Hong Joo and Hyun Gi versus the just released papers signed by the fathers.  They are impressed that Manager Park gave the paperwork to Kang Woo and covered his tracks. Min Joon believes releasing the original paperwork would help because the public believes Hyun Gi is investigating the crash as promised. Kang Woo asks what Min Joon wants to do next. Min Joon suggests they do as Hyun Gi requested and wait for the reinvestigation results. Kang Woo agrees with the strategy, surprising the others who don’t like it. Kang Woo agrees that Min Joon should do a joint press conference with Hyun Gi when the reinvestigation results are made public. Kang Woo suggest the name of the appendix in the JH airline report will allow them to prove who signed the purchase order for the doomed aircraft. Min Joon suggests that Hyun Gi may have the purchase order stashed at home. Min Joon suggests someone may be willing to help.

Min Joon calls Hyun Gi to let him know that he’ll wait for the reinvestigation results if Nurse Oh is released from jail and the illegal listening device is returned. Min Joon tells Hyun Gi he’ll be interviewed soon. Hyun Gi realizes the reporter wasn’t favorable to him in the past. Min Joon will speak with the pesky reporter unless Hyun Gi has objections. Hyun Gi likes a positive article coming from a reporter that was unfavorable in the past. Min Joon encourages Hyun Gi to attend the interview. He suggests Hyun Gi return the illegal listening device after the interview. Hyun Gi agrees.

The Mad Dog Team is psyched. Nurse Oh will be released and Hyun Gi will be their next target.  On Kang Woo’s signal, Soon Jung and Noo Ri declare they’ll sleep at Min Joon’s house. After they leave, Kang Woo tells Ha Ri that the legal counsel has targeted Min Joon. Kang Woo reveals that he was the original target but Chairman Cha changed his mind. He doesn’t know why. He tells Ha Ri not be alone.

Min Joon can’t sleep due to Soon Jung’s snoring.  Noo Ri says he’ll get used to it. Noo Ri warns Min Joon not to hurt Ha Ri. Noo Ri claims that he wouldn’t want his sister to date Min Joon. But he knows Ha Ri likes Min Joon and no one can change that. He warns Min Joon to remember they are all willing to defend Ha Ri. Min Joon retorts there isn’t romance between himself and Ha Ri. Noo Ri warns him again anyhow. Min Joon murmurs it must be nice to have 3 men stand behind you. Noo Ri counters Min Joon already has that. Sweetly, Noo Ri softly says “hyung” when he wishes Min Joon goodnight.

Lovely moment between the two men. They have chemistry too.

The next morning the reporter asks Min Joon how he can quietly wait for the reinvestigation results when it is clear that JH airlines are driving the end result. When Hyun Gi and his assistant arrive, the Mad Dog Team meets them. Hyun Gi declares the sooner this is done, the sooner Nurse Oh will be released and the sooner he’ll return the illegal wiretap.

Hyun Gi listens as the Mad Dog Team tries to get his assistant to reveal where the purchase contract for the doomed aircraft is.

Min Joon tells the reporter that he’s pleased that the truth about his brother has been revealed. He pledges faith in Hyun Gi’s reinvestigation committee. Kang Woo holds out his hand for the illegal wiretap.  Hyun Gi gives it to him. Then he calls the police station to get Nurse Oh released. Soon Jung leaves to pick up Nurse Oh. The reporter asks if Min Joon wants to share anything else. He asks the viewers not to forget the crash until the truth is known. The interview ends.

The lights go out in the room. Kang Woo tries to leave with Hyun Gi’s briefcase. Hyun Gi turns a lighter and shows the purchase contract for the doomed aircraft in his hand. Everyone stares. Hyun Gi burns the contract much to the dismay of the Mad Dog Team.

Nurse Oh walks home. Soon Jung calls to her. She asks if the bad guys have paid for their evil deeds. Soon Jung looks like he wants to talk about something else.

Hyun Gi chuckles at who well everything went. He thanks his assistant for his part.

Flashback to Hyun Gi’s assistant providing the Mad Dog Team the purchase contract for the doomed aircraft. The assistant states he put a copy in place of the original after Min Joon and Ha Ri tried to steal from the safe. The assistant says Hyun Gi always has the purchase contract with him.  When Min Joon asks why the assistant is giving this to them, he replies that he has feelings about this too. Ha Ri warns him that Hyun Gi finds out he took the original, there will be hell to pay. That’s when Kang Woo realized they could get Hyun Gi to destroy his copy in front of them.

Flashback to the Mad Dog Team each asking the assistant about the purchase contract while Hyun Gi listens.

Flashback to Hyun Gi burning the purchase contract while the Mad Dog Team feigns horror.

Kang Woo learns from Soon Jung that Nurse Oh is released. He tells Min Joon that his next assignment will be to excel at a press conference. Ha Ri chides Min Joon that he trembled in fear last time.

The legal counsel surveys the interior or Min Joon’s apartment.

Min Joon tells the Mad Dog Team he needs to change.

The legal counsel stares at the picture of Min Joon and his brother.

When the door to Min Joon’s apartment opens, the legal counsel hides. But Kang Woo enters, not Min Joon. Kang Woo calls to the legal counsel who steps out of his hiding spot. Kang Woo tells the legal counsel, he’s been waiting for this moment.

My Thoughts

We are ready for the final moves in this chess game. Writer Kim Soo Jin had each player in the chess game of a series make a move. Every character contributed to positioning the Mad Dog Team to go against Team Evil for the final round and episode.

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri, and Min Joon took a licking and kept on ticking. Kang Woo is cool as a cucumber as leader and chess master. Each of them lost their cool when Hyun Gi masterfully poked at their sensitive areas. Revenge will be sweet.

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi continued to battle the Mad Dog Team and each other.  Chairman Cha decided Min Joon needed to be the target that he would frame Hyun Gi for. Hong Joo poked the sensitive area of Hyun Gi but he had the upper hand. Hyun Gi’s actions to save Hong Joo speaks to his continued liking of this prickly pear of a woman. But it was Hyun Gi that impressed as he deftly positioned his father and Chairman Cha to be the scapegoats, round 2, for the crash. Even though Hyun Gi is evil, I am drawn to his charm, his pleasure in besting Chairman Cha, and his vulnerability. The Mad Dog Team will finally capitalize best him in the final episode (I hope).

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) punched Hyun Gi and it was only a taste of what he really wanted to do. Kang Woo couldn’t control his anger when Hyun Gi threatened his friends. I was pleased to see Manager Park support Kang Woo again this episode. Kang Woo’s friendships testify to the kind of man he is. I’m ready for Kang Woo to triumph. The finale appetizer should be taking out the legal counsel.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) could have kissed Ha Ri, but hugged her instead. Min Joon refuses to allow himself to make a move on Ha Ri. He believes he’s not worthy. I’m tired of that millstone mantra Min Joon saddles himself with. Min Joon’s relationship with Kang Woo, Soon Jung, and Noo Ri are much more satisfying. I was pleased to see the confident Min Joon reemerge at times during this episode. I don’t want Min Joon to be devoid of emotion, but I want a balance. This episode delivered that.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) was surprised when Min Joon hugged her instead of kissing her. She should realize, the person to make the first move will have to be her.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) was ready to declare his feelings for Nurse Oh. Soon Jung was sweet when he visited Nurse Oh in jail. The cheetah blanket was darling.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) offered Min Joon affection when he called him “hyung”. Noo Ri has become a beacon of honor and warmth in this team. Terrific evolution of this character.

One more episode to go. What’s my wish list for the final episode?

* The Mad Dog Team triumphs over Team Evil. The size of Team Evil has grown throughout this series. Specifically, I want Hyun Gi, Hong Joo, Chairman Cha, the Chief Prosecutor and the legal counsel/assassin to be exposed and NOT wiggle out of justice. That’s a tall order for a single episode.

* The Mad Dog Team puts the crash in their rear-view mirror and finds happiness in an epilogue. I more neutral than expected on Min Joon and Ha Ri moving into romance. Frankly the friendship among the Mad Dog Team is more important. I do want to see Soon Jung and Nurse Oh dating.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Hyun Gi is clever, but can he overcome the 🎙 recording from Noo Ri’s hospital 🏥 room … then he did. The ever wily wordsmith, Hyun Gi, never did say anything incriminating which in KJT’s words made Team Mad Dog 🐶 reel “with the realization that Hyun Gi is correct”. OMO, the irony of Hyun Gi calling Team Mad Dog “blood sucking leeches” is almost too much to take.

    How in the world could Hyun Gi be considered to be without a conflict of interest in order for him to serve on the plane 🛬 crash investigation committee? Even though he stepped down from the airline ✈ and eliminated evidence of his actions, and framed his and Hong Joo’s fathers, wouldn’t you think the Korean “family members are guilty by association” might have some impact? The fact that Hyun Gi was employed by the airline ✈ at the time of the incident should be enough conflict of interest.

    Hyun Gi was very persuasive in talking to Hong Joo. Will she follow her father or Hyun Gi? Before I even read the recap I wonder the same thing as KJT: is Hyun Gi’s true intention to destroy Hong Joo or to win her heart ❤? But then, I’m not convinced Hong Joo even have a 🚫❤ heart!

    Chairman Cha thinks he can return to being the CEO of Taeyong Insurance someday … seriously? Once again the Affably Evil CEO tried to get Hyun Gi to do the dirty work. This episode has shown Hyun Gi snatch, or should we say “maneuver” the title 🏆 of “Master Manipulator” from the Affably Evil CEO, or has he? CEO Cha’s assassin henchman has a long history of murder. I hope Assassin Lawyer Lee is out of the picture at the beginning of the last episode.

    I wondered if anyone of Team Mad Dog 🐶 will be willing to take the rap for their illegal 🎙 wiretapping in order to make it public. Is there enough information on the 🎙 recording to sway the public? Hyun Gi seems to know exactly how to press Kang Woo’s buttons; going after the individuals who aided Team Mad Dog and while those individuals may not have had much skin in the game, their lives could be devastated by being exposed, which concerns Team Mad Dog 🐶. I concur with KJT “Hyun Gi played the Mad Dog 🐶 Team like a conductor.” I enjoy Hyun Gi’s evil 😈🍀 charm when waged against the other slippery vipers 🐍 on Team Evil but NOT against Team Mad Dog 🐶.

    I enjoyed the little flirtation 💕 between Min Joon asking Ha Ri if she came into his heart 💓. I really wanted Min Joon to reach out and kiss 💋 Ha Ri, but all we got Min Joon leaning in and asking if Ha Ri showered 🚿. Min Joon, this is way you are alone. Yep, I’m getting irked with Min Joon having “‘I’m not worthy’ practically tattooed in his forehead”. Noo Ri giving Min Joon the “talk” about not hurting Ha Ri was nice, especially when Noo Ri let him know the team has his back too. We are down to the wire on the series; I’m not convinced I will be satisfied with outcome of the slow buildup of a potential relationship between Min Joon and Ha Ri that has been moving at a snail’s 🐌 pace. Will this tortoise–like 🐢 relationship beat the hare 🐇 and win 🏁 the race? I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath that I will be satisfied after all the buildup with nothing to show for it.

    Interesting how Kang Woo and Min Joon were able to help each other hold back from killing Hyun Gi but could not restrain 👊💢 themselves against the wily villain. I love how Team Mad Dog 🐶 watches out for each other.

    I loved the jail interchange between Cheetah 🐆 and Nurse Oh, when she revealed she had gone to jail several times and Cheetah 🐆 told her that she “caught my heart ❤”. I had to laugh when KJT pondered if these two have a more compelling than Min Joon and Ha Ri, because I’d been thinking the EXACT SAME THING! I chuckled when Cheetah 🐆 left Nurse Oh a cheetah-print fleece blanket. I think a costumer had a lot of fun sprinkling cheetah-print items throughout the series!

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Hyun Gi’s secretary Han assisted Team Mad Dog 🐶 in obtaining the plane purchase agreement. Amazing what a bowl of jokbal will do … UGH the thought of munching on pig’s 🐖 feet … YUCK! Did Kang Woo just take the “Master Manipulator” title 🏆 from Hyun Gi? I’m not sure why Hyun Gi would have even bothered to hang onto a document 📃 that implicated him. Why didn’t he burn 🔥 it earlier? I like you wish list and I hope you are right KJT and Team Mad Dog 🐶 gets SWEET 🍭 revenge taking down that basket of vipers 🐍.


    • Even though he stepped down from the airline ✈ and eliminated evidence of his actions, and framed his and Hong Joo’s fathers, wouldn’t you think the Korean “family members are guilty by association” might have some impact?
      That is an excellent point! Hyun Gi has a teflon outsider shell – nothing seems to stick.

      is Hyun Gi’s true intention to destroy Hong Joo or to win her heart ❤? But then, I’m not convinced Hong Joo even have a 🚫❤ heart!
      Hyun Gi has consistently wanted Hong Joo…why, I do not understand. I wonder if Hong Joo could ever feel love for anyone other than her father and herself.

      I wondered if anyone of Team Mad Dog 🐶 will be willing to take the rap for their illegal 🎙 wiretapping in order to make it public. Is there enough information on the 🎙 recording to sway the public?
      Good question. We’ll find out.

      I’m not convinced I will be satisfied with outcome of the slow buildup of a potential relationship between Min Joon and Ha Ri that has been moving at a snail’s 🐌 pace.
      At the rate they going, they might hold hands in 10 years. 👫

      I had to laugh when KJT pondered if these two have a more compelling than Min Joon and Ha Ri, because I’d been thinking the EXACT SAME THING!
      Great minds, JT, great minds…

      Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that Hyun Gi’s secretary Han assisted Team Mad Dog 🐶 in obtaining the plane purchase agreement. Amazing what a bowl of jokbal will do
      Team Mad Dog treated him like a person of worth and with kindness, something Hyun Gi would never think of doing.

      I’m not sure why Hyun Gi would have even bothered to hang onto a document 📃 that implicated him. Why didn’t he burn 🔥 it earlier?
      Thank goodness that was one chess move ♛ Team Evil never executed.


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