Mad Dog Episode 14 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 14 “The Hour Between Dog and Wolf”

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) notices that Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) is a bit cold towards him. He asks if she’s jealous that he went clubbing with a pretty girl on the last assignment. Ha Ri declares she couldn’t care less what he did all night with another woman. Min Joon’s eyebrows raise openly pleased that Ha Ri wondered what he did with another woman. But Min Joon realizes they are mic’d to the office. Ha Ri groans. Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) quips that he’d like to know what happened with the pretty girl. On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) declares that Min Joon didn’t do anything improper because he checked the video footage. Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) chuckles that all questions have been answered. He asks what’s happening on the stake out. Ha Ri sees Hong Joo exit the building. Then the representative of the Air Transport Division and a representative of the Air Industry Division exit the building. Ha Ri and Min Joon notice the men look concerned and have envelopes. The Mad Dog Team surmises that Hong Joo doing what it takes to free her father. Kang Woo declares they will enter the fray now.

I loved it when Min Joon realized Soon Jung, Noo Ri and Kang Woo were listening to every word between himself and Ha Ri. Soon Jung’s quip was perfect!

The Mad Dog Team reviews how the representatives played a part in allowing the airline that crashed to fly. When Kang Woo asks Noo Ri to check out their boss, Noo Ri is shocked when the man is a close family friend. Noo Ri realizes that his father was directly involved in the event that led to the crash. He apologizes to Kang Woo and Min Joon. He cries. Min Joon cries. Kang Woo declares that Noo Ri isn’t responsible for his father’s actions. Min Joon tells Noo Ri that repeated apologies don’t satisfy the public nor do they seem fair when he had nothing to do with the actions of his brother. But then the guilt assails him and that hurts more. Min Joon tells Noo Ri the truth is the actions of his father aren’t his fault. Noo Ri cries harder with relief. Kang Woo approves of Min Joon’s comfort.

I’ve struggled with the transformation of Min Joon. From cocky and confident to emotional. But comforting Noo Ri and sharing the pain worked in this scene.

The boss tells Noo Ri’s father that he’s concerned about the situation. Noo Ri’s father stresses they didn’t do anything wrong. The boss sighs and agrees. Noo Ri’s father warns him to keep a tight grip on his employees. Noo Ri’s father promises to clean up the insurance company and JH airlines soon. Noo Ri’s father gets a text that Chainman Cha wants to see him.

Chairman Cha doesn’t want to talk to the prosecutor. He asks were the Chief Prosecutor (Noo Ri’s father) is. The legal counsel tells the prosecutor they need a better room. The prosecutor says the VIP room went by the wayside when the Chief Prosecutor took over. The prosecutor takes pleasure in telling Chairman Cha that per the Chief Prosecutor he’s not above the proper rules of investigation. Chairman Cha isn’t happy.

I love it!

In his hospital room, Chairman Cha tells Hong Joo that the Chief Prosecutor has stabbed them in the back. Hong Joo notes she’s lining up a way to pressure the Chief Prosecutor. Chairman Cha isn’t sure that will work. He tells a surprised Hong Joo to hide because Hyun Gi will be here soon. Chairman Cha declares they he’ll use Hyun Gi to inflict pain. Hong Joo is nervous about the approach.

After sipping the obligatory tea, Hyun Gi tells Chairman Cha to get to the point. Chairman Cha says that the Chief Prosecutor is gunning for both of them. Chairman Cha tells Hyun Gi to open his eyes. He admits to the illegal process he used to raise the $10M to purchase the 7% stock for JH airlines. Hyun Gi chides Chairman Cha for jumping the gun. He reminds Chairman Cha he has yet to be named the successor of JH airlines and therefore doesn’t own the shares that the $10M purchased. Hyun Gi says he’s not ready to be named the successor nor does he have to take ownership of the shares. Chairman Cha is surprised. He asks if this is Hyun Gi’s plan to destroy him. Hyun Gi confirms it. Chairman Cha calls him stupid. Hyun Gi asks how it feels to be stabbed in the back. Chairman Cha scoffs that he won’t go to prison for a mere slush fund. He chuckles that a light sentence and special pardon will be his. He taunts Hyun Gi that his dead father is cringing. That does it. Hyun Gi tells to shut up. Chairman Cha chuckles that his father enjoyed this same tea too before he died. Hyun Gi breaks the tea cup cutting his hand. Chairman Cha smiles in pleasure at the emotional and physical pain Hyun Gi is feeling.

Excellent see-saw of power scene! Hyun Gi looked like he had the upper hand but then Chairman Cha regained the advantage. Hyun Gi is the villain of Team Evil I’m rooting for.

Hong Joo worries that her father poked the bear too much. Chairman Cha says that Hyun Gi will destroy the Chief Prosecutor for them.

Livid, Hyun Gi pulls the original insurance policy and black box from his safe. As he strides out of the room, he spies his blood on the door handle. He sees his encounter with Chairman Cha from a different light. He guesses Hong Joo was hidden in the room. He wonders if Chairman Cha was schooling Hong Joo. He muses that Chairman Cha’s love for his daughter is a weak spot of his enemy. He reenters the room and ponders his next move.

I’m pleased that Hyun Gi realized Chairman Cha was manipulating him.

The Mad Dog Team makes their coordinated moves. Ha Ri meets the representative of the Air Industry Division (the man whose car Ha Ri worked on).  Min Joon meets with the representative of the Air Transport Division (the man Min Joon went clubbing with). Kang Woo meets with Hong Joo.

Hong Joo includes the legal counsel. Kang Woo quips that if she needs someone strangled or stabbed, the legal counsel has plenty of experience. Kang Woo plays the recording of Hong Joo’s conversation with the Chief Prosecutor. She’s shocked that the hospital room was bugged. She regains her composure and taunts Kang Woo that no one will believe him and the Chief Prosecutor will put him in jail if he brings the recording to light. Kang Woo plays his ace and asks Hong Joo what would happen in the Chief Prosecutor’s son took the recording to his father. That wipes the smug smile off Hong Joo’s face.

Noo Ri plays the recording for his shocked father. He demands to know how Noo Ri could do this. Noo Ri counters and asks how his father he can live with contributing to the deaths of those that died in the plane crash. Noo Ri’s father makes a call to have Noo Ri transported to a mental hospital where no one will find him. Noo Ri calmly states that if he doesn’t return, the recording will be released. His father rages that Noo Ri isn’t acting like a son. Noo Ri counters that his father never considered him a son only a pawn to use for his own gains. Noo Ri’s father declares that he wishes Noo Ri had never been born. Knowing the truth of the statement, Noo Ri says it doesn’t matter. He is the eldest son. He will be listened to. Noo Ri’s father almost strikes him but a knock on the door breaks the tension. Noo Ri stands and tells his father he’ll be going. The assistant tries to stop Noo Ri but his father belays it. Formally, Noo Ri wishes his father well.

Terrific scene. Noo Ri has had more and more to do but this was a meaty scene. Both Noo Ri and his father used the truth of their cold relationship against each other. But Noo Ri won the day.

When the Chief Prosecutor calls Hong Joo, Kang Woo urges her to answer. Hong Joo demands that Kang Woo leave. As he steps into the hallway, Kang Woo says it’s time for the next phase to corner the rabbit. He tells Min Joon and Ha Ri they’ll need to control their prey.

Min Joon uses alcohol. When Hong Joo calls the airline representative, Kang Woo declares that Hong Joo is getting nervous. Ha Ri uses her charming smile. When Hong Joo calls, she overhears the airline representative agree to meet Hong Joo in the same eatery as last time. Kang Woo declares they’ll prep the eatery before the meeting. Soon Jung says he has a friend that can help. Kang Woo tells Min Joon to prompt his guy to make the meeting. When Min Joon draw his attention missed calls, the representative quickly leaves to return Hong Joo’s call.

The legal counsel recommends that Hong Joo not meet with the representatives. Hong Joo says they have to gain control of the Chief Prosecutor or her father will be surprised with serious charges of bribing government officials.

 Soon Jung plants a camera in the eatery’s room just before the legal counsel enters. He scans the room and finds the camera. Hong Joo calls and says she’s been followed by Kang Woo. She changes the meeting location to her office. The legal counsel leaves the eatery staring at Kang Woo as he drives by his car. Hong Joo does the same. Kang Woo chuckles they’ve backed the rabbit to their hole.  Kang Woo tells the team the Hong Joo’s office was bugged. He asks Noo Ri to confirm that bug is functional which he does. In a flashback we see Kang Woo plant the bug that he extracted from his watch during the earlier meeting with Hong Joo.

Hong Joo meets with the representatives. They decline the offer to join her. Hong Joo warns them she knows everything. She produces the 1st drafts of their reports which states JH airlines are financially strapped and the particular airline that crashed was 25 years old and should be considered a crash risk.

Kang Woo is shocked but not surprised. Min Joon reels in pain and staggers out of his car. Kang Woo rushes to him. Min Joon can’t believe that the truth was none but ignored. Both men struggle with the anguish of learning the truth.

But wait there’s more…Hong Joo asks the representatives who told them to revise the reports. They don’t confirm or deny her guess that their boss ordered the revision. She offers to destroy the 1st drafts of the reports if they can prove they were ordered to revise. They have a voice recording. Hong Joo is pleased. They want assurances she’ll destroy the 1st drafts. Hong Joo reveals she took the reports when the insurance company was certifying JH airlines as insurance if the plane crashed. She declares all of them are responsible for the plane crash.

Ha Ri is horrified by what she’s heard. She approaches Kang Woo and Min Joon. Kang Woo recalls how Hong Joo urged him to get over the crash and move on. Now he knows she was protecting herself, her father, and her company. It was never friendship.

Soon Jung and Noo Ri feel Kang Woo’s pain as they sit in the Mad Dog Team office listening to the revelations.

Kang Woo tells Min Joon they shouldn’t break into the insurance company tonight. Min Joon suggests if they raise public awareness of the situation, that would bring strength in numbers. Kang Woo likes the idea. Min Joon declares they’ll bark loudly this time. Kang Woo agrees this is the time to raise their voices.

Ha Ri asks for confirmation that Noo Ri has recorded everything. Noo Ri confirms this. He declares he can have it spreading across the internet in 5 minutes. He and Soon Jung chuckle in anticipation. Kang Woo gives the go ahead. Noo Ri uploads the voice recording to an anonymous server in Africa so it can’t be traced back to them.

The news reports start flooding in. The public reaction is as hoped.

Hong Joo can’t believe her private conversation is now public.

Hyun Gi knows this is hard for Hong Joo but she’s the one that rejected his help.

Chairman Cha and the legal counsel listen to the reports. Chairman Cha sighs this is all because of him. Hyun Gi arrives and chides them for letting Hong Joo face this alone. Chairman Cha sends the legal counsel into the hallway. Hyun Gi asks how Chairman Cha feels knowing he got his daughter bloody trying to hurt him. Chairman Cha asks what Hyun Gi wants. It’s simple…Chairman Cha must take the blame.

Chairman Cha asks the legal counsel if he’s willing to eliminate someone.

Min Joon sinks onto his bed and stares at his brother’s picture. He asks his brother to praise him next they meet. Min Joon isn’t happy to find Ha Ri, Noo Ri, and Soon Jung eating and drinking when he goes into his living room. They tell him to join them. When Ha Ri drinks directly from the soju bottle, Min Joon stops her, raising Soon Jung and Noo Ri’s eyebrows.

Min Joon finds Kang Woo alone in the office. He tells Kang Woo to come to his apartment. Kang Woo apologizes to Min Joon for accusing him of murder. Min Joon states he fled to Germany with $3.4M. Min Joon admits that Kang Woo’s passion to find the truth for his wife and son, inspired him to seek him out and do the same. Kang Woo chuckles that getting involved with Min Joon was a bad idea. Then Kang Woo turns serious and thanks Min Joon for seeking him out. They both smile. Min Joon urges Kang Woo to come upstairs and join them. He leaves.

The legal counsel peers through the door at Kang Woo. He’s ready to strangle.

But he’s interrupted by an announcement by Hyun Gi. He pretends that he recently heard about the reports. He reports a full investigation is underway. He states the crash wasn’t caused by the pilot. Hyun Gi states the master minds were his late father and Chairman Cha.

Kang Woo grits his teeth stating Hyun Gi is trying to save himself.

Hyun Gi pledges to reinvestigate the case and leave no stone unturned. He apologizes for the crime his father committed.

Kang Woo and Min Joon are livid. Hyun Gi bows deeply but not sincerely.

My Thoughts

Everyone involved with the plane crash makes me think of “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie. In that story the detective finds every passenger on the train took part in the murder. Writer Kim Soo Jin has created a slew of complicit, bribable, greedy, power hungry villains that created the circumstances that lead to the crash 2 years ago in which Min Joon’s brother was wrongly accused and Kang Woo’s wife and child died. There isn’t a single villain, there is a cast of them.

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri, and Min Joon rallied and took their story to the public. Kang Woo was once again the chess master. The team pulled together to expose the truth. Then Hyun Gi highjacked their victory…

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi took hits but only Hyun Gi rose from the ashes.  Chairman Cha’s fury at his treatment as a common criminal was wonderful. He had to swallow his hatred when Hyun Gi suggested he take the blame. He decided that Kang Woo had to die and sent his trusty lawyer/assassin to dispense with Kang Woo.  Hong Joo did everything she could to save her father but the well placed bug in her office recorded her machinations. When the Mad Dog Team broadcast the recording, Hong Joo was sunk. Hong Joo’s long term decision to hide the unfit plane shocked Kang Woo. Hong Joo hide her truth well. She is her father’s daughter. Hyun Gi almost got played by Chairman Cha but he stopped himself from falling into the trap. Instead, he turned the tables on Chairman Cha and forced him to confess. Then Hyun Gi meekly apologized blaming his father and Chairman Cha. When Hyun Gi apologized for the evil by his father, he managed to side step the direct blame, something Min Joon and Noo Ri bore when their relatives were deemed guilty.

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) released the damming recording and finally public opinion swayed to believing his story. Kang Woo played Hong Joo to perfection. He nailed her by planting the bug in her room. He reeled when he realized that Hong Joo knew the conditions were perfect for the plane to crash. His “friend” was the opposite. The two moments with Min Joon and Kang Woo grappled with the painful truth and then apologized and applauded each other for the hard-fought fight to the truth was top notch. Ji Tae is imminently watchable.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) cried multiple times. Min Joon was gutted knowing his brother was made a scapegoat and the accident could have been avoided if only team evil hadn’t conspired and coordinated to perfection. I miss the cocky confident Min Joon. This sensitive version isn’t as much fun. I’m hoping that Min Joon will find a balance in the last 2 episodes of the series. There was a moment between Ha Ri and Min Joon when he pulled the soju from Ha Ri and rubbed her lip. Old folks in a nursing home move quicker to pursue romance than Min Joon does.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) was touched by the Hong Joo’s revelation. She saw the abject pain that Kang Woo and Min Joon displayed. She offered her support and even crashed Min Joon’s apartment with Soon Jung and Noo Ri in tow to save him from wallowing in pain.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) was thrilled to have Noo Ri back. Soon Jung and Noo Ri are a darling pair.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) stood up to his father and with the recording of his conversation with Hong Joo. He was strong and didn’t waiver from the goal of forcing his father to deal with the recording. It was an excellent scene and the strongest episode of the series for Noo Ri.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I love the title of this episode “The Hour Between Dog 🐶 and Wolf 🐺”, as one of my favorite dramas, starring 🌟 Lee Joon Gi 🌠, is similarly titled “Time Between Dog 🐶 and Wolf 🐺” (put it on your watch list if you haven’t seen it yet). In the LJG drama the explanation of the title is the crucial time at dawn or dusk, when you cannot quite see the shadowy figure running toward you; is it a dog 🐶 (a friend) or a wolf 🐺 (a mortally dangerous foe). Your life could depend on the decision in that critical time (between dog 🐶 and wolf 🐺). Should you embrace or fend off whatever is coming towards you⁉. Make a good decision in that critical time, your life may depend on it‼ I think members of both Team Mad Dog and Team Evil both experienced that crucial time this episode.

    LONG SUFFERING ROMANCE – I’m referring to us viewers as long suffering. Ha Ri’s jealousy 💚 and anger towards Min Joon due to the appearance of Min Joon’s escapades last episode, while Team Mad Dog was pretending to be disbanded, demonstrated Ha Ri’s concern 💕 for Min Joon. I had to laugh when Cheetah 🐆 spoke up to remind Ha Ri and Min Joon that their conversation was NOT 🚫 private. I was glad Noo Ri exonerated Min Joon based on the surveillance video 📹 of Min Joon’s place.

    … and while we are at it, can we step up the romance? 🐢 “Old folks [👵❤👴] in a nursing home move quicker [♿] to pursue romance than Min Joon does”. –KJT. It seems like there is much more BROMANCE 💙 going on between Cheetah 🐆 and Noo Ri than ROMANCE 💖 between Ha Ri and Min Joon … I’m just sayin’

    GUILT BY ASSOCIATION – It seemed that the pieces of the puzzle, contributions that lead to the airline disaster, fell into place as we heard the surveillance 🎙 audio from Hong Joo’s “secret” meeting. I was appalled that Hong Joo seemed to be involved from the beginning; my opinion of Hong Joo seems to get worse 📉 when every episode, especially since it appears she sicced the Assassin Attorney on Kang Woo.

    I don’t know if I will ever be able to wrap my mind around the Korean 🇰🇷 paradigm of making family members guilty 🔨 of a crime by association. I wanted to hug Noo Ri to comfort him when his Korean 🇰🇷 guilt kicked in for the deeds of his Chief Prosecutor father. Noo Ri was truly remorseful 😔 for his father’s deeds. Consolation from Min Joon, who already experienced guilt by association with his brother’s “suicide”, had more 💪 ➕ power to assuage Noo Ri’s sense of guilt than comfort from any other member of Team Mad Dog. I ❤ Noo Ri to stand up to his father in a later scene and then walk out severing ✂ his family ties. How sad for Noo Ri 😢.

    On a side 🎶 note, I had to chuckle at KJT’s comments about a sensitive Min Joon is not very much fun. TRUE ‘DAT! I also hope Min Joon can find a balance ⚖ between cocky and sensitive for the rest of the episodes!

    AFFABLE EVIL -VS- EVIL WITH PANACHE – I 💗 that Noo Ri’s Chief Prosecutor father blatantly denied the Affably Evil Chairman Cha’s request for an audience. Why do I get so much satisfaction when the Affably Evil CEO gets rankled 😫⁉ Chairman Cha must think he is all that (and a bag 🛍 of chips!) to brag to Hong Joo that he would maneuver Hyun Gi to do the dirty work. The Affably Evil CEO’s plan nearly worked as Hyun Gi was all wound up ready to spring, when he realized Chairman Cha was manipulating him to do the CEO’s dirty deeds.

    I thought Team Mad Dog was brilliant to broadcast the illegal wiretapping 🎙 of Hong Joo’s secret meeting to sway public opinion, since the audio 🎙 surveillance would never be admissible in a court of ⚖ law.

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 when Evil with Panache won over Affable Evil to save Team Evil or at least some of them. Hyun Gi was the KING 👑 of CALCULATIONS ❎➗ by “hijacking” Team Mad Dog’s work to put the blame for the corruption that led to the airline 🛬 disaster on his and Hong Joo’s fathers; absolutely brilliant 💡‼Sparing Hong Joo is probably the only thing that would induce the Affably Evil chairman to be the fall 🍃 guy, I’m almost 🎊surprised🎉 that he spared his daughter.

    I’m not convinced Hyun Gi’s plan will work; Hong Joo’s recording 🎙 made it clear that she was involved in covering it up after the fact, at the very least. Regardless of Hyun Gi’s evil 😈🍀 charm, these two slippery vipers 🐍 need to pay for their crimes too!


    • I love the title of this episode “The Hour Between Dog 🐶 and Wolf 🐺”, as one of my favorite dramas, starring 🌟 Lee Joon Gi
      Excellent explanation of the meaning of the title. I’m a sucker for good titles and Writer Kim’s are on-point.

      I had to laugh when Cheetah 🐆 spoke up to remind Ha Ri and Min Joon that their conversation was NOT 🚫 private.
      The fact that Min Joo and Ha Ri get so wrapped up in each other that they lose awareness that they are on an open communication line also speaks to the intensity of feelings.

      It seems like there is much more BROMANCE 💙 going on between Cheetah 🐆 and Noo Ri
      AND more satisfying!

      I was appalled that Hong Joo seemed to be involved from the beginning; my opinion of Hong Joo seems to get worse 📉 when every episode
      Originally I thought Hong Joo was Daddy’s girl without much of a brain…how wrong I was!

      I ❤ Noo Ri to stand up to his father in a later scene and then walk out severing ✂ his family ties.
      A “measure of a man” moment.

      Why do I get so much satisfaction when the Affably Evil CEO gets rankled 😫⁉ Chairman Cha must think he is all that (and a bag 🛍 of chips!)
      I love the “poke the chairman cha” scenes. Nothing better than seeing his insincere smile wiped from his face.

      Hyun Gi was the KING 👑 of CALCULATIONS ❎➗ by “hijacking” Team Mad Dog’s work to put the blame for the corruption that led to the airline 🛬 disaster on his and Hong Joo’s fathers; absolutely brilliant 💡‼
      Originally I thought Hyun Gi was spoiled rich chaebol without much of a brain…how wrong I was!

      Regardless of Hyun Gi’s evil 😈🍀 charm, these two slippery vipers 🐍 need to pay for their crimes too!


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