Mad Dog Episode 13 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 13 “Show”

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) stands before the press. He has the black box audio and his cell phone.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) texts Kang Woo to stop the press conference and stop Min Joon from playing the black box audio. BUT DOES HE SEND IT?

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae), Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun), and Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) realize that Min Joon is terrific standing before the press.

Noo Ri’s father, the Chief Prosecutor, pulls back the curtain and finds Noo Ri texting. Hong Joo stares at Noo Ri. They spy the cell phone. Hong Joo grabs the cell phone. She reads the text and stares at Noo Ri.

With a nod from Kang Woo, Min Joon begins the press conference.

Kang Woo gets the text from Noo Ri. He yells to Min Joon. Kang Woo rushes to the stage. He grabs Min Joon’s lapels and orders him not to say another word. He gives Min Joon “the look” that says more is going on than he can explain.

Chairman Cha and Hong Joo was the news report that Min Joon’s press conference was halted. Hong Joo tries to apologize to her father but he only laughs. He claims that no one will listen to either Kang Woo and Min Joon now.

Back at the police station the Mad Dog Team and the legal counsel listen to the police officer tell Min Joon that blackmailing is a serious crime. The police officer stacks the evidence including the voice recording of Min Joon’s most recent poking of the legal counsel. The Mad Dog Team realizes the evidence makes Min Joon look guilty. Then the police officer lists Kang Woo’s transgressions including the illegal copy of the black box audio. The police officer states that Min Joon is nuts and Kang Woo is willing to forge evidence, therefore their statements are not trustworthy. When Soon Jung tries to defend them, the police officer wants his information but Kang Woo silences. Min Joon declares he alone is guilty and admits to making the illegal copy of the black box audio. The Mad Dog Team stares at Min Joon knowing he’s sacrificing himself.

With Min Joon in the jail cell Kang Woo tells him this is serious. Min Joon shrugs that it was his turn to take one for the team. He claims to not care if he’s sent back to Germany without the possibility of return to Korea. Kang Woo reminds him his brother’s remains are in Korea. That pricks Min Joon.

Ha Ri wants to talk/plead with Hong Joo but Soon Jung tells her not to do it. They watch Hyun Gi stride into the police station. He stuns the Mad Dog Team and the legal counsel when he declares that the charges against Min Joon are false. He declares his dealings with Min Joon have been cordial but his former legal counsel had a grudge against him. He claims he requested the copy of the black box audio. The police officer agrees that changes everything. Hyun Gi asks that all charges be dropped. Kang Woo asks why Hyun Gi is doing this.  Hyun Gi is straightforward. He gets possession of the original black box audio. He asks the police officer if he can take it. The legal counsel protests but Hyun Gi’s logic sways the police officer to hand him the black box. He thanks Kang Woo for his help. He smugly strides out of the police station.

Hyun Gi is charming while he perpetrates his evil. If looks could kill, Kang Woo would have eviscerated Hyun Gi. This whole series is a chess game between team evil and team Mad Dog.

Noo Ri’s father meets with Chairman Cha. He wants what is owed him because he gave Hong Joo what she wanted. Chairman Cha suggests the fact that the Chief Prosecutor pressured JH to increase their flight pressing unworthy aircraft into the skies could be positive. He suggests it could lead to the Presidency. The Chief Prosecutor reminds Chairman Cha the Hyun Gi is not happy with him. Chairman Cha blithely states the Presidency would be within his reach if he removed Hyun Gi.  The Chief Prosecutor gets a phone call. After the call he tells Chairman Cha he’ll be removed first. The legal counsel calls Chairman Cha with the news he doesn’t want to hear.

I love Chairman Cha getting thwarted. It’s even more fun when others on team evil stick it to him.

The Mad Dog Team drinks and eats after the police station. Soon Jung reports that Nurse Oh and his contacts are working on locating where Noo Ri’s father moved Noo Ri. Min Joon apologizes for causing this mess. The news report of the aborted press conference and customer comments prick all of them. Min Joon admits he initially used all of them to his own ends. He leaves.

Alone Min Joon listens to the black box audio of his brother fighting to save the plane. He apologizes to his brother’s picture that he’s blown everything. He cries.

Kang Woo listens to Hong Joo’s conversation with the Chief Prosecutor where she claimed that Kang Woo used a crazy Min Joon.

Hong Joo arrives at the bar where Hyun Gi is celebrating his victory. He teases her. She retorts he can stop acting like he’s a fool. Hyun Gi agrees that he no longer needs to act the fool. He claims he should stop pretending to like her. But he admits he likes her even though she tried to hurt him. Hong Joo declares this isn’t the time for this kind of declaration. Hyun Gi claims because of his feeling for her, he is willing to give her father a chance to confess to killing his father. Hong Joo stares at Hyun Gi in shocked horror.

Have I mentioned that I am loving Hyun Gi’s moves lately?

Hong Joo finds her father spraying for bugs in his greenhouse. She stands on the spot where Hyun Gi’s father died. She asks if this is the spot. Her father stiffens. She asks if he killed Hyun Gi’s father. The whole story is revealed. Hyun Gi’s father always taunted Chairman Cha for his humble beginnings. When Hyun Gi’s father demanded $10M he claimed that because his son liked Chairman Cha’s low bred daughter, he’d consider it diary. But when Hyun Gi’s father repeatedly kicked the tree that Chairman Cha’s dead wife had loved, he lost it. In retaliation, Chairman Cha sprayed Hyun Gi’s father with pesticides triggering his asthma. When he fell to the ground and reached for the inhaler, Chairman Cha stepped on the inhaler, watching Hyun Gi’s father die. Chairman Cha muses that when he takes over JH airlines, he’ll chortle in glee knowing that Hyun Gi’s father is writhing in hell. Hong Joo says Hyun Gi knows everything. Chairman Cha states this is his plan to divide and conquer them. Chairman Cha asks Hong Joo if he should confess? Hong Joo tells her father not to even consider confessing.

Super scene. Is it any surprise that Hyun Gi’s father was a mean bully? Is it any surprise that Chairman Cha had a breaking point? Now we know why taking over JH airlines is Chairman Cha’s dream. He’ll be king of the hill and vanquish the old taunts of his former enemy, Hyun Gi’s father.

Hong Joo calls the Chief Prosecutor and says it is urgent.

Hyun Gi is startled when his assistant bursts into his office with the news that the special prosecutor’s team is there. They start shredding. Hyun Gi tries to destroy the hard drive of his laptop. The team arrives and informs Hyun Gi they will search and seize on the charge of embezzling. Hyun Gi leaves the office with a steely look on his face.

Have I mentioned that the back-stabbing team evil are one of the greatest delights of this series?

Hyun Gi visits Hong Joo in her office. She’s amused that he scurried to her so quickly. Hyun Gi declares that she betrayed him and hurt him. Hong Joo relishes his pain. She’s tired of him always punching her soft spots – the airline crash, Kang Woo, and her father. Hyun Gi protests that he was merely opening her eyes. Hong Joo counters he was being a bully. She declares she’ll call a special meeting and accuse him of embezzling. She reveals that she loathes Hyun Gi and his family. Hyun Gi absorbs the blow and warns her not to stop him as he makes his next move. The cocky smile is gone as he walks out of Hong Joo’s office.

Bam! Hong Joo kicks Hyun Gi where it hurts! Don’t tell anyone but I felt a teeny bit sorry for Hyun Gi who has consistently liked Hong Joo for years.

The Mad Dog Team listen to the recording of Hong Joo’s conversation with the Chief Prosecutor designed to discredit them. They all agree Hong Joo did a swell job setting them up. When they watch the news report about the search and seizure at Hyun Gi’s office, Soon Jung attributes this to Chairman Cha. Kang Woo counters that Hong Joo made this move. He explains that Chairman Cha uses loss of a loved one to manipulate those in his web while Hong Joo takes the direct approach. They wonder what their next move should be. Kang Woo declares they will disband. Everyone is shocked.

Hong Joo is surprised when the legal counsel tells her that the Mad Dog Team disbanded. As proof he shows her a video of the Mad Dog Team fighting among themselves which culminates in Kang Woo severing the team.

Hong Joo doubts what she sees and asks where Kang Woo is. The legal counsel says Kang Woo is fishing. We see a shot of Kang Woo fishing. Hong Joo asks what Min Joon is doing. The legal counsel says Min Joon is drinking and seduces women. We see a shot of Min Joon with a woman out on the town accidentally running into Ha Ri who isn’t pleased. Hong Joo asks what Ha Ri is doing. The legal counsel says Ha Ri is working at her father’s former garage repairing cars. We see a shot of Ha Ri working in the garage.  Hong Joo asks what Soon Jung is doing. The legal counsel says Soon Jung is working as a nurse at a hospital. We see a shot of Soon Jung nursing. Hong Joo declares the Mad Dog Team is up to something and wants continued surveillance.

The Chief Prosecutor calls Hong Joo unhappy that the original insurance policy and black box could not be found. He rethinking his decision to support her. Hong Joo starts to apologize but he hangs up on her. Hong Joo declares Hyun Gi has what they need. The legal counsel assures Hong Joo he’ll take care this.

The legal counsel approaches Hyun Gi’s secretary in the parking garage. He approaches him with menace saying he has something to ask him. Hyun Gi arrives thwarting him. Hyun Gi tells the legal counsel to scamper back to Chairman Cha and Hong Joo and that sinking ship of an insurance company.

  While fishing Kang Woo recalls detailing his plan to the Mad Dog Team. 1. Pretend to breakup and do it publicly. 2. Soon Jung gets at job in the hospital where Noo Ri is hidden. We see Noo Ri flash his room number when he spies Soon Jung. 3. Ha Ri works at the garage and looks at a particular man’s car. 4. Min Joon goes clubbing with a particular guy that Kang Woo identifies.  While they discuss their assignments, Kang Woo asks Min Joon to get a list of the insurance planners. They discuss how the 7% of stock was obtained using $10M in cash from the insurance company. Min Joon has the assignment to get the list from Professor Byeon. When Min Joon visits the Professor, he’s called the newbie, handed a can with the list inside, and admonished to take care of Kang Woo. Min Joon sends the list to Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee brings the 3 top planners to meet with Kang Woo.  Not surprisingly the amount borrowed adds up to $10M. They top planners are not happy that they and other planners are unwittingly part of the stock purchase. Kang Woo encourages them to protest and make their voices heard.

Noo Ri spots Soon Jung going into a bathroom. Noo Ri feigns the immediate need of a toilet and convinces the security men to give him privacy. Soon Jung waves the uniform at Noo Ri who smiles to see his friend. But the security men stop them as the stride down the hall. They unmask Noo Ri. But Soon Jung has his own security and declares he’s leaving with Noo Ri.

Love it!

Hyun Gi learns an arrest warrant will be issued in the morning. He sighs at Hong Joo’s moxy to push for his arrest even though he has the original insurance policy and black box. He calls her but she declines the call. The legal counsel tells her the arrest warrant will be issued in the morning. She calls the Chief Prosecutor but he declines the call. Kang Woo has the Chief Prosecutor’s attention when he provides evidence that the insurance company embezzled from itself for the $10M to purchase the 7% stock. The Chief Prosecutor is surprised that Kang Woo wants Chairman Cha dealt with now. The Chief Prosecutor asks what Kang Woo will do if he ignores the evidence. Kang Woo reveals that the embezzlement will be reported to the banks in 30 minutes. The Chief Prosecutor realizes he has no choice but to comply. Kang Woo stands to leave and says he needs one more thing.

Love it!

The stand off in the hospital is underway. The security guard gets a call from the Chief Prosecutor to let Noo Ri leave. Soon Jung and Noo Ri are surprised and relieved. They leave.

Love it!

Hyun Gi is ready to be arrested but his lawyer tells him things have changed.

Hong Joo rushes to her father’s greenhouse. The special prosecutors are there to arrest Chairman Cha. He’s livid and she can’t believe it. But when the Chief Prosecutor shows they know this isn’t a bad dream. The Chief Prosecutor claims to be there to show respect for Chairman Cha. He offers Chainman Cha the option of exiting in handcuffs or a wheelchair.  Chairman Cha tells Hong Joo to procure a wheelchair.

Love it!

Hyun Gi sips tea and watches the news report of Chairman Cha’s arrest. Hyun Gi is impressed that Chairman Cha was eliminated first. He wonders who is next on Kang Woo’s hit list Kang Woo is executing.

Kang Woo smiles as he watches the news report of Chairman Cha’s arrest. He smiles having Noo Ri back in the office. Soon Jung smiles as he offers Noo Ri a snack. Noo Ri complains to Min Joon that he touched his computers.  Min Joon and Ha Ri are staking out Hong Joo. They report she’s entered a restaurant.

Hong Joo meets with a representative of the Air Transport Division (the man Min Joon went clubbing with) and a representative of the Air Industry Division (the man whose car Ha Ri worked on).

Kang Woo declares Hong Joo will try and use these men to blackmail the Chief Prosecutor to release her father.

Hyun Gi stares at the black box.

Kang Woo declares that Hyun Gi killed his family with the decrepit plane he allowed to fly. He states all the blame was heaped on Min Joon’s brother.  Kang Woo vows to arrest him no matter what.

Love it!

My Thoughts

The Mad Dog Team regains the upper hand. Writer Kim Soo Jin had the Mad Dog Team disperse but in actuality they worked on Kang Woo’s crafty order to create the trap for Chairman Cha and Hyun Gi. I loved it.

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri, and Min Joon were reunited. Kang Woo was the chess master this episode as he guided his team to retrieve Noo Ri, set up Chairman Cha’s arrest, and positioned Hong Joo’s hopeful blackmailers to be on their side. I loved it.

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi all had setbacks.  There was pure pleasure watching Chairman Cha’s ill-disguised rage at being arrested. While he was once the chess master, Hong Joo did more this episode. Watching her effort succeed then fail was enjoyable. Hyun Gi couldn’t believe his luck that Chairman Cha was arrested first. He knows Kang Woo is gunning for him. What will he do to save himself? The machinations between team evil has been an added bonus in this series. It isn’t simply good versus evil, team evil fights among themselves too.

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) took control. Kang Woo was back in the driver’s seat. He directed the Mad Dog Team to with a clear plan to yield the long-awaited results. I love seeing Kang Woo power moves pay off. Talk about satisfying when he informed the Noo Ri’s father that he would arrest Chairman Cha and that Noo Ri was returning to the Mad Dog Team (though that was said off camera).

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) was a team player and loved it. Min Joon did as he was directed. He no longer usurps Kang Woo’s power. He follows orders and enjoy the bantering with Soon Jung, Noo Ri and Ha Ri.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) didn’t like Min Joon clubbing and hanging with other women. She followed Kang Woo’s directions without complaint. She and Min Joon bantered but there was no physical contact. Is that going to happen in the final episode?

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) rescued Noo Ri. Soon Jung had his own security team and was ready to do battle with Noo Ri’s father’s security team. That became moot when Kang Woo forced Noo Ri’s father to call off his security. I loved the running abalone reference.

 On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) was returned to the Mad Dog Team. He was relieved when Soon Jung appeared in the hospital where his father stashed him. The rapport between Noo Ri and Soon Jung is a pleasure to watch. The rapport between Noo Ri and Min Joon pleases me too.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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5 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, what a relief that Noo Ri sent his text in time. Kang Woo was very quick on his feet in determining how to make stopping the press 🗞 conference look natural.

    Just like the episode title “Show”, I 💗 that Team Mad Dog put on a believable “disbanding show” for Team Evil.

    Team Evil, okay they are a basket of slippery vipers 🐍, quickly turned the tables and the legal charges against Team Mad Dog. It is REALLY fantastic that the bad guys are all too busy seeking power 💪individually to bother to work together; how delightful 👏 for Team Mad Dog‼

    Kang Woo was a chess master as he distacted with a “show” while he was lining up his chess pieces for a showdown. You gotta love the zestful 🍋 Cheetah 🐆 for retrieving Noo Ri without any 🚫👊💢 violence, although he was clearly prepared for violence 👊💢.

    Last episode when Hyun Gi discovered the Affably Evil chairman murdered his father, I thought Hyun Gi would NOT sit still for very long and he DID NOT. It was very gratifying to see the Affably Evil chairman hauled off 🚔. I concur with KJT “pure pleasure watching Chairman Cha’s ill-disguised rage at being arrested.”. When will Hyun Gi get his ⚖.

    I find it interesting that I have found myself NOT being sucked in my devastatingly handsome villians, like Nam Goong Min in “Remember, the War of the Son” or “The Girl Who Can See Smells” or Hong Jong Hyun as His Royal Hotness in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo”, but the evil charisma ☯ of Choi Won Young, as the less than devastatingly handsome Hyun Gi, keeps getting my sense of justice to periodically falter. However, my sense of ⚖ justice prevails‼

    So is it just me, or is anyone else chomping at the bit 🐴 for Ha Ri and Min Joon to step up the romance⁉. 🚫💋⁉⁉⁉ … only THREE episodes to go‼‼‼


    • Just like the episode title “Show”, I 💗 that Team Mad Dog put on a believable “disbanding show” for Team Evil.
      Well stated reflection of the title of episode. I do love titles because they shine a key point or moment in an episode.

      You gotta love the zestful 🍋 Cheetah 🐆 for retrieving Noo Ri without any 🚫👊💢 violence,
      Gotta like a man that brings his own muscle! 💪💪💪

      It was very gratifying to see the Affably Evil chairman hauled off 🚔
      I heartily concur.

      I have found myself NOT being sucked in my devastatingly handsome villians… but the evil charisma ☯ of Choi Won Young, as the less than devastatingly handsome Hyun Gi, keeps getting my sense of justice to periodically falter. However, my sense of ⚖ justice prevails
      Choi Won Young’s portray has milked every sympathetic or charming moment from Hyun Gi making him likable in spite of what his actions and intents are. I looked up Choi Won Young’s previous roles and saw he was in Come Back Mister. I didn’t recall at first but he played President Cha the greedy son of the Department Store President Cha (who initially spoke through his personal secretary).

      chomping at the bit 🐴 for Ha Ri and Min Joon to step up the romance⁉.
      Their lack of progress is grating on my nerves.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I don’t think Choi Won Young is ugly, but he is not devastatingly handsome. I’ve seen him be a nice character and at times found him to be attractive, although not so much in “Mad Dog”. Although, I have come to like his sense of style; I’m digging his asymmetrical 👔 ties. He keeps trying to lure 🎣 me in …

        I must admit Choi Won Young does play villains very well; he was definitely a villain in “Please Come Back Mister”. Choi Won Young was a great dad in “While You Were Sleeping” (Suzy Bae’s dad) and “The Heirs” (Kang Min Hyuk’s dad) and he was a very responsible secretary who looked out for Ji Sung in “Heal Me , Kill Me”.

        Honestly, I’m slightly disturbed or 😕 annoyed that my sense of justice ⚖ has faltered, but I think it is a reflection of good acting. JOB WELL DONE 👏 Choi Won Young‼


        • I don’t think your sense of justice is altered. You see the various degrees of evil and the cold blooded way everyone else on team evil is. By comparison Hyung Gi has heart and charm. He does evil with panache. He still must pay for his misdeeds.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          YEP‼ “He does evil with panache.” -KJT well coined my friend. Agreed that Hyun Gi must pay for his misdeeds, even if they are not was evil as the Affably Evil chairman Cha.

          Liked by 1 person

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