Revolutionary Love Episode 13 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 13

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) is bummed as he recalls the Strategic Manager telling him not to ask questions if he wants to continue his employment with Gangsu.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) is bummed as he recalls asks his father telling him that change must start be directly confronting with his own brother.

Both men approach each other. In their minds they share their fears, but they don’t verbalize. Baek Joon appears and chides them for looking but not talking.  They both demur they don’t have anything to share. They awkwardly try to go around each other.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) flashes back to Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won) sharing that Je Hoon didn’t like her after all. Yeon Hee states that Je Hoon admitted he likes someone else. Baek Joon has no idea who the mystery woman is.

Baek Joon gets both their attention when she declares she quit her cleaning job. Both men query why. She admits Hyuk’s mother inspired by asking about her dreams. She had to consider what she really wanted and cleaning wasn’t it.

Baek Joon flashes back to Ms. Ah asking if Baek Joon knows what she wants to do next. Baek Joon admits she doesn’t know yet, but she’ll find out. Ms. Ah is wonderfully supportive and sad that Baek Joon will leave.

Hyuk complains that she should have told him before she quit. Je Hoon questions why Baek Joon would need to do that. Hyuk reminds Je Hoon that he’s at Gangsu because of Baek Joon. Je Hoon retorts that Hyuk is lucky to work there. Baek Joon enjoys their banter and hugs both of them declaring them lovable. She thanks them. She walks away.

Hyuk tries to follow but Je Hoon stops him. He admonishes Hyuk to let Baek Joon find her own future. Hyuk is unhappy that he won’t see Baek Joon during work hours. Je Hoon reminds him after work will provide the interaction opportunity.

Hyuk’s brother meets the prosecutor who informs him that an internal investigation into the mystery company BS is underway. That wipes the smile from Hyuk’s brother’s face. The prosecutor shares there is an unknown “inside man”.

The police officer looks through the incoming mail. Yeon Hee runs into him leaving for work. He asks if she has an afternoon flight. She confirms this and asks why he’s not at work. He asks if she remembers the piggy back ride he gave her after she got drunk last night. She tries to pretend she remembers but gives up. He recommends that she only drink like that around him in the future. He smiles and wishes her a good flight. Yeon Hee heart beats quickly. She flashes back to the piggy back ride. She looks at him and cringes. He smiles.

That was cute! Finally, the police officer becomes a person of interest!

Hyuk’s brother spots Je Hoon leaving his office and questions him. Je Hoon informs him he left papers for his signature on his desk. Hyuk’s brother flashes back to his assistant’s report that he’d found Je Hoon in his office alone earlier. Hyuk’s brother has to wonder if Je Hoon is the “inside man” the prosecutor warned him about.  Hyuk’s brother called CEO Min and asks him to check it out. CEO Min promises to do so.  CEO Min assigns his assistant the task.

Baek Joon dresses in a stylist black suit with a short skirt.

Hyuk and Je Hoon walk home wondering what’s happening with Baek Joon. Hyuk complains that Je Hoon bailed too early on Yeon Hee during their double date. Je Hoon warns him not to force him again. He states he likes someone else. Hyuk presses for the identity of the mystery woman. Je Hoon refuses to share.

When Baek Joon steps out onto the walk wearing thigh high black boots, short skirt and black jacket/blouse they are gob smacked. They ask where she’s going. Baek Joon states she’s heading to her new part-time job. She leaves them. Hyuk bemoans her skirt is too short. Je Hoon doesn’t like the amount of makeup she’s wearing. Hyuk decides to follow Baek Joon. Je Hoon can’t help himself and follows suit. They can’t believe it when she takes a taxi not a bus. They follow her in another taxi.

Baek Joon enters a hotel. They watch her meet a man and enter an elevator. Baek Joon doesn’t answer Hyuk’s phone call. They watch the elevator go to the 12th floor. They get into another elevator. Hyuk calls again. Baek Joon turns her phone off. They exit the elevator and search the hallways for Baek Joon. Je Hoon spots her waiting outside a room. The man opens the door and Baek Joon steps inside. Hyuk finds Je Hoon. They approach the hotel room’s door. Je Hoon pounds on the door. They enter and stare at the man. They call to Baek Joon. The man’s wife exits a room and asks what is going on. Je Hoon bursts into the room and finds Baek Joon acting as a magician’s assistant for a children’s birthday party. She’s stunned when she sees them.

In the lobby she apologizes for her friends’ behavior. Hyuk and Baek Joon know they are in the dog house. Baek Joon glares at them. She demands to know why they followed her. They admit she looks so good that when she came to the hotel they worried she’d gotten into a bad situation. Baek Joon fumes at the money she just lost making. Je Hoon admit he never imagined a children’s birthday party would be held in the suite. Baek Joon glares. As she strides away she demands to know if they are coming too. Like meek lambs they follow.

CEO Min’s assistant arrives at the apartment. The police officer sees him scoping out the apartment building and asks why he’s there. He walks away without revealing his face. The police officer wonders if he was there to scope out Je Hoon’s apartment.

Over food, Baek Joon demands to know what gave them the right to make assumptions by the way she dressed. Chagrined they demur they won’t do it again. Hyuk asks what her plan is. Baek Joon replies they’ll find out soon enough. Je Hoon tells her to follow a proper career path. Baek Joon asks Je Hoon if he’s dating someone at work. Je Hoon chokes his surprise. Baek Joon shares that Yeon Hee told her that he’d stated he liked another. Hyuk lists their female co-workers and asks who the woman is. Je Hoon refuses to share. Hyuk encourages Je Hoon to tell the woman he likes her. He declares that Je Hoon is handsome. Je Hoon counters that he doesn’t latch onto women without a plan to take care of her. Hyuk regrets his demands for examples when Je Hoon provides the names of three past girlfriends of Hyuk. He assures Baek Joon it wasn’t like Je Hoon portrayed. Baek Joon declares she’s had enough and tells them men to pay for the meal. She walks away but turns to look at Je Hoon. She wonders if she might be the mystery woman.

Good scene. Our trio is gelling. Je Hoon threw Hyuk under the bus about his former girlfriends. Baek Joon bought a clue that Je Hoon might like her.

It’s Sunday morning. Hyuk’s mother begs off playing golf with Hyuk’s father. After he leaves, Hyuk’s mother borrows a coat and scarf from her daughter stating today she wants to look young.

Je Hoon is roused from his bed when Hyuk’s mother rings to the doorbell. She surprised when Je Hoon tells her that Hyuk isn’t there.

Hyuk meets with Mr. Lee and asks if he uncovered details about the mystery company, BS. Mr. Lee shares that BS is a secondary company owned by Gangsu that is sent work by Gangsu. Other reasons for BS include tax evasion and a slush fund. Mr. Lee explains that BS marks up prices and Gangsu pockets the difference.  Hyuk realizes the Baek Joon’s father figured out the scheme.  He recalls his father stating the Baek Joon’s father put Gangsu in jeopardy. Hyuk wonders what his next step should be.

Hyuk’s mother is disappointed when Hyuk doesn’t answer Je Hoon’s phone call. She’s bummed that Hyuk isn’t available for brunch. Baek Joon’s mother overhears and offers share lunch with Hyuk’s mother and Je Hoon.  Baek Joon is surprised when her mother shows up unannounced and stunned when her mother calls to Je Hoon and Hyuk’s mother to join them. Baek Joon’s mother declares that she asked Je Hoon and his mother to join them for lunch.

Baek Joon’s mother fawns over Je Hoon much to the chagrin of Baek Joon. Once again, Baek Joon’s mother doesn’t get the nonverbal clues to cease and desist. But Baek Joon’s mother makes a valid point that Je Hoon doesn’t smile as much as he should for someone so young. When Je Hoon gets a text, he leaves claiming a work issue. Hyuk’s mother recommends that Baek Joon’s mother not only say nice things about Je Hoon but also about Hyuk. Baek Joon’s mother calls Hyuk a leech. Hyuk’s mother declares Hyuk is her second son. Baek Joon’s mother is surprised.

Hyuk runs into Je Hoon outside the apartment building. Je Hoon says only one person would disrupt his Sunday. Hyuk asks if it is his brother.

Hyuk’s brother pays his companion and orders her to be discreet when leaving the hotel. He’s surprised when he answers the door and finds Hyuk not Je Hoon.  Hyuk strides into the room and sees the bottles of alcohol and the woman in the bed. Hyuk tells his brother not to bother Je Hoon on Sunday, the one day he has to rest. Hyuk’s brother says it is Je Hoon’s job to clean up the family messes, just like Je Hoon’s father used to do. Hyuk counters that Je Hoon is a person. Hyuk’s brother counters that Je Hoon’s has spent more time cleaning up Hyuk’s messes than his. He goes to hit Hyuk but the blow is blocked. They scuffle. Hyuk declares that his brother is turning into their father. Hyuk declares his brother pitiful and disgusting. He tells his brother to clean up his own mess. He leaves. Hyuk’s brother seethes.

Awesome! Hyuk was firm and did not waver during his brother’s recall of his past behavior. Instead Hyuk laid the burden of responsibility with his brother.

Hyuk finds Je Hoon waiting in the hotel hallway. He tells Je Hoon never to clean up his family’s messes again.

As Hyuk walks away he flashes back to he and his brother discussing their dreams after both being beaten by their father. Young Hyuk declared he wants to be different from their father. His brother agrees. Hyuk muses that his older brother was once a good guy.

Hyuk’s brother finds Je Hoon in the hotel hallway. He’s not happy that Hyuk intervened. He asks if Je Hoon is getting ideas of grandeur. Je Hoon counters that would be futile. Hyuk’s brother pokes and pushes Je Hoon calling him a beggar. He strides away. Je Hoon takes it like he’s required to.

It’s disturbing to watch Hyuk’s brother devalue Je Hoon’s worth as a human being.

Baek Joon defends Hyuk to her mother. He’s different from his father. When Baek Joon explains that Hyuk that uncovered the truth about the false bribery against Dad. Baek Joon’s mother doesn’t believe her and orders her not to spend time with Hyuk. Baek Joon declares she won’t let the past dictate her present. Baek Joon’s mother warns her daughter not to get any romantic notions about Hyuk. She won’t allow it while she lives. Baek Joon’s mother storms out.

She runs into Hyuk as she leaves the apartment building. She admits she knows who he is. She warns him not to pretend that he and Baek Joon can ever have more than friendship. She classifies Hyuk as low class and shameless, just like his family. She asks Hyuk not to continue his friendship with her daughter.

Good scene! Interesting juxtaposition to Hyuk’s brother calling Je Hoon worthless. Preconceptions set opinions and limit free thought.

Hyuk sits in the apartment and thinks about what Baek Joon’s mother said.

Baek Joon sits in her apartment and thinks about what her mother said.

Je Hoon spots his father having a drink and joins him. His father asks what’s wrong. Je Hoon declares he wants to quit his job. He asks his father to quit too. Je Hoon’s father says he can take care of himself and won’t stop his son. He reminds Je Hoon what Hyuk’s father did for them. Je Hoon’s father tells his son to stay close to Hyuk. Je Hoon can’t believe it. His father declares that Hyuk wasn’t the culprit all those years ago. Je Hoon’s father says the adults decided to allow Hyuk to take the blame for his brother’s wrong doing. He tells Je Hoon that if he’s been holding a grudge against Hyuk, to let it go. He warns his son that anger hurts him more than the object of his anger.

Better late than never. I shake my head that Je Hoon was mislead all these years. I’m relieved he knows the truth. Debunking the falsehoods of the past is a theme of this series.

Je Hoon arrives home and asks Hyuk why he hid the truth from him for 11 years. He demands to know why Hyuk didn’t tell him his brother caused the accident. Hyuk admits he was sorry for his family’s behavior and the pain they caused his father and him. Hyuk admits taking the blame was his apology. Je Hoon complains he can’t hate him now. Hyuk declares that Je Hoon is his friend. Je Hoon stares at Hyuk. He sits on the bed. As Je Hoon grapples with the truth, tears fall. Hyuk cries too.

The police officer spots the same man (CEO Min’s assistant) lurking outside the apartment building.

Yeon Hee lays in her bed with a beauty mask on.

Baek Joon brainstorms about her future.

Je Hoon stares at the secret files on Gangsu and copy them to a flash drive.

The police officer turns off the lights in his apartment and looks outside. The assistant’s shadow passes his window. The assistant goes into Je Hoon’s apartment. The police officer watches the door to Je Hoon’s apartment.

The assistant searches Je Hoon’s apartment WHILE Je Hoon and Hyuk asleep. He finds Je Hoon’s laptop. He finds the secret files. As he grabs the laptop he makes noise, waking Je Hoon. This wakes Hyuk. There’s a struggle and when Hyuk turns on the lights, he’s surprised to see CEO Min’s assistant and Je Hoon struggling over the laptop. The assistant pushes Je Hoon down and gets away. Hyuk calls there’s a burglar.

Yeon Hee sits up in bed and wonders about the burglar.

Baek Joon wakes to the call of the burglar.

The assistant runs with Je Hoon’s laptop. He runs into the police officer. Je Hoon and Hyuk come up behind him. The police officer declares he’ll arrest the man. Je Hoon asks who sent him. Hyuk identifies the man as CEO Min’s assistant. Baek Joon and Yeon Hee watch. The police officer and the assistant fight. The assistant gains the advantage when he bashes the police officer with the laptop and runs.

Yeon Hee and Baek Joon run to the men. Yeon Hee is dismayed to see the cut above the police officer’s eyebrow. Baek Joon runs to get her first aide kit. Je Hoon says the assistant took his laptop. The police officer asks if there was important data on the computer.

CEO Min present Je Hoon’s laptop to Hyuk’s brother. He looks at the secret files and smiles knowing Je Hoon had been gathering evidence against Gangsu. Hyuk’s brother calls Je Hoon who ignores the call. CEO Min tells Hyuk’s brother he’ll do whatever he needs.

Hyuk asks Je Hoon if his brother called. Je Hoon confirms this. Hyuk asks if his brother stole the computer. Je Hoon confirms this. Hyuk wonders what happens next. Je Hoon asks if he can trust Hyuk to create a world he and Baek Joon can thrive in.

Hyuk’s brother tells CEO Min he needs to know what Je Hoon is planning.

Je Hoon asks Hyuk if he starts the process, can Hyuk finish it? Hyuk pledges to do anything to finish it. Je Hoon warns he could get hurt. Hyuk doesn’t waver. Baek Joon enters and asks what is going on.

My Thoughts

We have unity at last between Je Hoon and Hyuk. This episode the truth was revealed. Hyuk’s brother hid behind Hyuk who took the blame for the mess his brother made. Je Hoon blamed Hyuk for all those years but Je Hoon’s father finally admitted the truth. Better late than never.

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun made it clear cut…Hyuk’s brother is the villain. I love the fun intro of this show! It puts me in the mood for fun every time I sit down to watch.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) directly challenged his brother in the hotel room. I liked the bittersweet flashback to a young Hyuk and his brother vowing to be different from their bully of a father. But his brother has followed his father’s footsteps. Only Hyuk is different. Now that Hyuk and Je Hoon put the truth on the table, it looks like they’ll work for permanent change at Gangsu. This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) learned the truth…Hyuk wasn’t the culprit 11 years ago, it was Hyuk’s brother. Je Hoon’s father finally admitted the truth. I’m going to overlook that this truth could have and should have been shared previously. Je Hoon’s father knew that Je Hoon hated Hyuk based on a falsehood. I’ve waited 13 episodes for some kind of comradery between Je Hoon and Hyuk. When they followed Baek Joon, their shared purpose was evident. When Je Hoon suggested that going against Hyuk’s brother could be dangerous, their shared purpose was evident. Thank goodness Je Hoon copied the secret files to the flash drive. Wanna bet the police officer finally gets his wish granted when Je Hoon provides the files to him?

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) listened to Hyuk’s mother and started to explore her dreams. Baek Joon did this independently of her relationship with Hyuk. It was a bit cliché for Baek Joon’s mother to forbid Baek Joon to have a relationship with Hyuk, but Baek Joon isn’t the kind of daughter to meekly follow her mother’s edicts. Instead, Baek Joon burst into Je Hoon’s apartment to demand to know what’s going on. Wanna bet Baek Joon wants in on the action to change Gangsu?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as excellent.  All the pieces of the puzzle started to move together. This was episode we’ve been waiting for. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST “Sing My Song” by Goo Keun Byul has been in heavy rotation during this series.

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8 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, why didn’t Joon say anything to her mom about Jeong Yeo Jin being Hyuk’s mom NOT Je Hoon’s mom after their last encounter⁉. This lead to more embarrassment 😛 for all. I can understand Joon’s mom being concerned about her daughter getting involved with a family member of Gangsu, but YIKES, I guess we know where Joon got her blunt gene, but thankfully Joon has some tact to go with it.

    Color 🖍 me ☺HAPPY🙃 Joon is starting to look for her own dream. Much needs to change for Hyuk to be part of Joon’s happiness.

    YEAH the barrier between Hyuk and Je Hoon has been broken 🔗🔗 by Je Hoon learning the truth about the incident his dad went to jail 🚔 for. I’m looking forward to seeing these friends work together and continue to see the trust build.

    Clearly any trust between MFBEH 🏍 and Je Hoon is gone. The ever vigilant T2 🤖👮 tried to stop the burglary but got smacked in the head 💢😮 for his trouble. I hope we have the Revolutionary boys collaborating with T2 🤖👮 to officially wash away the scum from Gangsu. I 💗 that Yeon Hee tenderly took care of his wound 🤕 … It looks like we do have chemistry between these 👩‍❤‍👨 two.

    I was proud as Hyuk continued to mature and stood up to MFBEH 🏍. ✳BEAMING✳. Only two episodes to go‼ Is it enough tiime to make things right at Gangsu⁉


  2. Beez says:

    “He recommends that she only drink like that around him in the future” kjt’s recap
    *Swoon* He’s basically just “confessed”!

    kjt, that pic of MFBEH is keeping my *swoon* going. I repeat “Why so fine, Lee Jae-Yoon?” I think I’m going to have to pull Heartless City off my dropped list.

    The way JeHoon was pounding on that door showed he’s a man that can handle his bid’ness. I agree with JeHoon that Hyuk is someone who can easily fall in love so I’d rather see the guy win who guards his heart and love is something special to him. This Kdrama could really stand out as special by turning everything on its head and letting JeHoon get the girl in the end. *sigh* Is this where I’m supposed to hashtag “#wishful thinking” if I knew how to use Twitter?

    I totally understand the guys’ mistaken impression – Joon was dressed a bit much for a child’s party, complete with hooker boots!

    “Baek Joon bought a clue that Je Hoon might like her.” kjt’s recap

    I thought this too at first, but since I fell asleep and ended up rewinding and saw this scene again, instead Joon’s look seemed to me to show she was upset and still has LINGERING FEELINGS FOR JEHOON because she looked forlorn as she said to herself, “Is that true [that he likes someone], JeHoon?” I am squiggiling around with glee right now!

    Hmmmm, MFBEH’s “companion” looked less than satisfied. *I’m just sayin’.* She looked very “*ho hum* just give me the money and quit talking”. (I’d probably tell him to quit talking too but it would be more along the lines of “Shut up and get those clothes off and let’s do this right this time!”)

    I don’t know if any if you have ever been in the vicinity when somebody scuffles but that was very real looking and sounding. The actors must have really went for it. Kudos.

    I understand Joon’s mother. If I put myself in her shoes (being very familiar with grief) – even if she doesn’t hold Hyuk responsible and acknowledges he’s different from his family, to allow him to marry June means something that she tries to keep pushed down and as far back in her mind as possible (her husband’s downfall and demise) will be staring her in the face all the time keeping it present. Even if Hyuk’s not home when she visits Joon, she’ll be reminded constantly of the past misfortunes. Every holiday, every visit with her grandchildren, at her own birthday celebrations, etc. I get it.

    But, kjt, why did JeHoon hate Hyuk so much when he knew Hyuk’s dad arranged for JeHoon’s dad to take the blame? (assuming that’s what happened) It makes me wonder if maybe the victim MFBEH killed in that accident was JeHoon’s mom???

    Both JeHoon and Hyuk are crying. I swear Kdramas have made me immune to man tears. I discovered this article a few years back because I was Googling “Is it common for men to cry in Korean culture?” (It’s not. It’s similar to western culture and you’ll see a few Kdramas where a dad tells his son it’s not manly to cry. I’m not against man tears but after so many Kdramas in which every single male lead is going to cry….)

    Good episode. Good recap.


    • *Swoon* He’s basically just “confessed”!
      That’s exactly what he did. I’m digging this character more and more.

      This Kdrama could really stand out as special by turning everything on its head and letting JeHoon get the girl in the end. *sigh* Is this where I’m supposed to hashtag “#wishful thinking” if I knew how to use Twitter?
      You and JT make an effective case for this, but I don’t see it happening simply because Joon’s heart is engaged by Hyuk not Je Hoon.

      Joon was dressed a bit much for a child’s party, complete with hooker boots!
      Concur. It was worth it to see the gob smacked looks on Je Hoon and Hyuk.😲

      I’d probably tell him to quit talking too but it would be more along the lines of “Shut up and get those clothes off and let’s do this right this time!”
      LOL, that’s why I love your thought process Beez!

      Even if Hyuk’s not home when she visits Joon, she’ll be reminded constantly of the past misfortunes. Every holiday, every visit with her grandchildren, at her own birthday celebrations, etc. I get it.
      Good point.

      I discovered this article..
      That was a well written article. The writer’s point that “they cry at moments of maximum emotional truth” was spot on. Thanks for sharing the article.👍


    • Jane Tilly says:

      With every episode I 💗 the cop 🤖👮 more and more. I concur that he confessed to Yeon Hee.

      I just want to see the long suffering Je Hoon find happiness 😊 before the end of the series, whether or not it includes Joon… I like Hyuk too‼.

      I as confused by Joon wearing hooker boots to a children’s party, but I let it go for the impact of seeing Hyuk and Je Hoon’s gob smacked faces 😵‼

      Beez, what can I say, you make me laugh and in this case blush 😳 a little.

      I 💗 all y’all comments‼


      • I just want to see the long suffering Je Hoon find happiness 😊 before the end of the series, whether or not it includes Joon… I like Hyuk too‼.
        Writer Joo has effectively showcased Je Hoon in the latter third of this series. We are all rooting for his happiness.


      • Beez says:

        My sweet JT. I actually had to stop and choose “hooker boots” over “who’ boots”. lol They did look good tho’. Inappropriate, but good.

        Liked by 1 person

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