Revolutionary Love Episode 12 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 12

Hyuk’s brother shows his father, aunt and uncle the pictures that have been doctored to look like Hyuk is accepting bribes. Hyuk’s brother declares this is serious and should be dealt with accordingly. Hyuk’s father summons Hyuk to his office.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) is outraged and quickly realizes he’s Little does Hyuk know, he’s been set up by his brother. He refuses to lay low like his father suggests. Instead he demands to be able to refute the charges. His father gives Hyuk 3 days to clear his name or he’s fired.  Hyuk stares at his brother and accepts the terms.

Hyuk explains his predicament to Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) and Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung). Je Hoon realizes this is serious. Hyuk explains that CEO Min likely set him up. He naively believes the Section Chief who took bribes will clear his name. Baek Joon states she’ll get the photos from his father’s office and peruse them. They dash off. Je Hoon watches them go knowing it won’t be as easy as they think.

Mr. Lee cleans in Hyuk’s father’s office.  He heads for the empty desk to look for the photos. He finds them, whips out his cell phone and snaps pics of them. He sends them to Baek Joon.

Hyuk asks the section chief to tell his father he took the bribes. The section chief denies he took the bribes. The section chief maintains he was drunk and doesn’t remember. He refuses to do as Hyuk wants.

Baek Joon sees the pictures that Mr. Lee sent her. Je Hoon tells her not to get involved. Je Hoon states this is an internal fight between Hyuk’s brother and Hyuk. Baek Joon refuses to do nothing. She reminds Je Hoon that Hyuk got involved when she desperately needed the truth about her father’s exit from Gangsu. Now it is her turn to help him. She asks Je Hoon if he’s Hyuk’s friend too. Je Hoon recalls that Hyuk’s dream is a world where he too can win.

Hyuk discusses the situation with the trio. Mr. Lee finds it suspicious that CEO Min has three separate companies. Ms. An and Mr. Kim find it troublesome too. Mr. Lee assures Hyuk he’ll figure it out. Mr. Kim pledges to look into the contracts CEO Min has with Gangsu.

Baek Joon takes the photos to her hostess friend at the bar. She asks if Hyuk took the bribe. She claims not to remember and walks away. Baek Joon explains this is important to him. She admits it is also important to her. She asks her hostess friend to reconsider.

Hyuk’s brother asks his father to confirm the 3-day deadline. Hyuk’s father believes there’s a reason why Hyuk is adamant that he is innocent. Hyuk’s brother claims to believe Hyuk didn’t take the bribe. Hyuk’s mother can’t believe Hyuk is accused of taking bribes. Hyuk’s father angrily states Hyuk has 3 days and until then, they should leave it alone.

Hyuk’s mother asks for details from her husband. He asks which son she wants left standing at the end of this. She wants both her sons standing. Her husband muses the only the strongest one should survive. She can’t stand it and blurts out that she regrets not righting the mistake made long ago. She storms away saying she doesn’t want to be around him.

Hyuk’s mother wants both her sons to be happy. She isn’t playing favorites, which is refreshing. Hyuk’s brother is carefully curates the information his mother knows about him. Does she have any inkling what her eldest son is willing to do?

Baek Joon texts Hyuk and Je Hoon to meet her. Hyuk takes off. Je Hoon leaves work too. The others in the office try to leave too but the section chief won’t allow it.

Baek Joon tells Hyuk and Je Hoon that her hostess friend showed her a hidden camera in the bottle that shot the video. Her hostess friend warned Baek Joon that Hyuk’s brother has the video now. Hyuk is surprised by this revelation. Baek Joon says that CEO Min is a lackey for Hyuk’s brother. Hyuk can’t believe that he’s got to fight his brother on this. Hyuk says he’ll record a conversation with CEO Min to get confirmation he his brother is behind this. Je Hoon advises against that. Baek Joon agrees that doesn’t help exonerate Hyuk. Baek Joon says they need to get the video. She shares that her hostess friend said the video was on a Hello Kitty USB flash drive.

Hyuk’s brother watches the video on the Hello Kitty USB flash drive. The video shows CEO Min trying to get Hyuk to accept the bribe put Hyuk refusing to take it. The section chief was passed out at that point. Hyuk’s brother tells CEO Min to keep quiet about the video. He places the Hello Kitty USB flash drive in his desk drawer and leaves his office.

Not quit as nimble as ninja but dressed in black and stealth-like Baek Joon and Hyuk break into Hyuk’s brother’s office.  LOL – love the repelling and laser avoidance that Baek Joon does. She finds the Hello Kitty USB flash drive.  Hyuk pledges his love.

LOL – it was a wonderful fantasy!

The trio wonders how to get the video. Baek Joon realizes that Je Hoon is the perfect person to do so. Hyuk agrees. Je Hoon balks and leaves.

Je Hoon runs into the police officer outside his apartment. Je Hoon asks why he told him he was transferred to the financial crimes unit. The police officer asks if Je Hoon knows about a company called BS. Je Hoon calls him annoying. The police officer assures him it is mutual. Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won) overhears them and wonders if they are fighting about her. Ha! When Baek Joon and Hyuk arrive, Yeon Hee shares that Je Hoon and the police officer were fighting about her. Hyuk doesn’t understand what that’s about. Baek Joon shares that Yeon Hee has a crush on Je Hoon. Hyuk is stoked.

Baek Joon is surprised to find waiting in the cold on the rooftop. Baek Joon invites her in and asks why she’s there. Hyuk’s mother stuns her when she admits she left home and asks if she can spend the night. Baek Joon admits she’s uncomfortable with the request. Hyuk’s mother loves her honesty. It makes Hyuk’s mother remember how she was when she was young. Baek Joon offers Hyuk’s mother pajamas. Hyuk’s mother stuns Baek Joon with the assurance that she’ll be a cool mother in law.

Hyuk ask Je Hoon if he likes anyone. Je Hoon tells him to mind his own business. Hyuk declares he wants Je Hoon to be happy and that he’s his best friend. Je Hoon asks what will happen if Hyuk cannot clear himself. Hyuk takes he’ll be kicked out of the company. Hyuk declares that won’t happen because he’ll obtain the video. Je Hoon watches Hyuk sleep.

Baek Joon sketches out a plan to retrieve the video. Hyuk’s mother asks if she knows about Hyuk’s bribery accusation. Baek Joon asks if Hyuk’s mother would help her clear Hyuk.

The next day Baek Joon encourages Hyuk’s mother as she watches her son stroll through the lobby.

Baek Joon’s mother visits her son in his office. She doesn’t spy the Hello Kitty USB flash drive. Instead she talks her son into taking her out to eat. She calls Baek Joon and tells her they’ll have to go with Plan B. She gives Baek Joon a wind as she exits the office with her won. Baek Joon alerts Mr. Lee and Ms. Ah who cover the CCTV cameras. Je Hoon tries to stop her but ends up joining Hyuk and Baek Joon in searching the office. Hyuk finds the Hello Kitty USB flash drive. Baek Joon makes a copy. Je Hoon and Hyuk can’t believe it when Baek Joon says Hyuk’s mother will keep Hyuk’s brother busy.

Hyuk’s brother calls his assistant to check on his office. Mr. Lee delays him giving the trio a heads up. He’s surprised to find Je Hoon in the office. He informs Je Hoon that the marketing meeting was pushed back on hour. Having no choice, Je Hoon leaves with the assistant. Hyuk and Baek Joon are hiding behind the bookcase and breathes a sigh of relief once the Hello Kitty USB flash drive is copied and returned to Hyuk’s brother’s desk drawer. Baek Joon urges Hyuk to take the evidence to his father to prove his innocence. He hugs Baek Joon and thanks her for helping him.

Hyuk’s mother tells her son she wants him to get along with his younger brother.

Hyuk shows the video to his father. Realizing that Hyuk was framed, his father says his brother used underhanded tactics to frame Hyuk. But Hyuk doesn’t want to crush his brother like his father recommends. Hyuk asks his father to stop doing business that operate with bribes. Hyuk walks away smiling. His father chuckles and says that this time, Hyuk bested his older brother.

I can’t help but enjoy Hyuk’s father’s pragmatic view of this. He isn’t surprised or angry at what Hyuk’s brother did. But he’s willing to make him way in the same way he vowed to make Hyuk pay. But once again, Hyuk seized the opportunity to generate more chance in the company.

Hyuk’s brother isn’t happy.

Hyuk’s mother is happy when Baek Joon tells her Hyuk has cleared his name. Hyuk’s mother asks Baek Joon how long she plans to be a cleaning woman. She encourages Baek Joon to follow her dream because she’s smart and capable.

Later Baek Joon wonders what her dream is and how she should live her life. Hyuk finds her on the cleaning machine. He joins her and they take a spin. Things get serious and they kiss. Ops! Another Hyuk fantasy! Baek Joon asks Hyuk what he’s thinking about as her purses his lips. Hyuk plays off the moment. When Yeon Hee texts Baek Joon, she decides to help her friend. She asks Hyuk if he’d like to go on a date. He’s stoked. Hyuk’s father watches them.

Wanna bet this will be a double date?

Baek Joon asks Je Hoon to go on a date. He hesitates. She tells him to meet at the back of the office. He’s blown away and walks back to his desk in a daze. Je Hoon announces he’s done with his work and leaving. This time section chief declares he’ll work alone then. Guiltily, the rest of the team stays too.

Je Hoon spies Baek Joon waiting for him. Hyuk walks up to Je Hoon and calls to Baek Joon. She rushes over and declares it’s almost time for their date. Yeon Hee joins them. Je Hoon is taken aback. Baek Joon grabs Hyuk’s arm and declares they should have some fun. Je Hoon realizes he’s the odd man out of Baek Joon’s love life.

They go ice skating. Je Hoon doesn’t join in. Baek Joon and Hyuk encourage Yeon Hee to sit with Je Hoon. They leave. Hyuk and Baek Joon are pleased.

Yeon Hee makes suggestions to Je Hoon on what they could do. Je Hoon tells her that Baek Joon and Hyuk shouldn’t have set them up. He admits he likes another woman. He apologizes. Yeon Hee thanks him for telling her. She denies being interested in him and claims it was Baek Joon and Hyuk that forced her to come. Je Hoon is relieved. Yeon Hee’s feelings are hurt with that remark. She calls him insensitive and walks away. Je Hoon watches her go knowing he wasn’t as kind as he could have been.

Baek Joon and Hyuk spy Je Hoon walking alone. They go after him and ask what is wrong. Je Hoon says they are driving him nuts and strides away. Baek Joon and Hyuk don’t understand his reaction.

At his apartment, Je Hoon is frustrated at the turn of events.

Yeon Hee drinks alone and calls Je Hoon a jerk. She wonders who Je Hoon likes. The police officer sees her drinking alone and joins her. Yeon Hee tells him to leave. He tells her drinking alone blows. He asks why she’s upset. Yeon Hee cries that Je Hoon is a jerk. Everyone stares at the police officer thinking he’s the jerk Yeon Hee is crying about. She cries on his shoulder. Awkwardly he puts his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Baek Joon and Hyuk fret about Je Hoon. Then they spy a drunk Yeon Hee being piggybacked by the police officer. Hyuk wonders if Yeon Hee dumped Je Hoon.

In the apartment, Hyuk tries to talk to Je Hoon but he tells him to be quiet. Hyuk text Baek Joon that Je Hoon is unhappy. She recalls his unhappiness when he learned it was a double date.

Je Hoon lays in bed. Flashback…3 years ago…he rejects the apartment. Baek Joon spies him. He declares he’ll be moving in soon.

Dude, you had THREE years and did nothing. Opportunity blown, Je Hoon, opportunity blown.

The next day at work, Hyuk’s brother is against the organic foods lunch program that the Strategic Manager recommends. He reminds his father that they don’t want to upset BS.

Je Hoon learns that CEO Min’s three companies are children to the parent company BS. Je Hoon learns that CEO Min is merely a figure head, the real owner is a secret. Je Hoon recalls the police officer asking him about a company called BS.

Hyuk’s brother tells the Strategic Manager to redo the proposal. He looks at CEO Byun for the official decision. CEO Byun agrees with his son, the proposal must be redone.

The section chief bursts into the office and orders the proposal redone.  With a smirk he tells Je Hoon that upper management didn’t accept the proposal, just like he predicted. The section chief declares upsetting existing partners isn’t done. He is annoying to have to redo the work.

Je Hoon asks the Strategic Manager if this has anything to do with a company called BS. The Strategic Manager tells Je Hoon not to ask such questions if he wants to continue his employment with Gangsu. Je Hoon presses and asks who owns BS.

Hyuk asks his father who owns BS. His father won’t say and refuses to change his mind. Hyuk goes after his father for what he did to Baek Joon’s father. Hyuk’s father asks if Hyuk is trying to change him. Hyuk declares the company must change. Hyuk’s father laughs. He states only direct confrontation will change things. He tells Hyuk if he wants change, he’ll have to start with his own brother.  He promises if Hyuk defeats his brother, then he’ll be the final obstacle. Hyuk wonders what his father is hiding. He wonders what the ripple effect will be if they expose it.

My Thoughts

Change isn’t easy. This episode Hyuk was able to prove his innocence but ran into a bigger obstacle, the mysterious company BS. Je Hoon also ran into the same obstacle. Will Je Hoon and Hyuk pool their resources to fight BS together? When will the police officer be directly tied into this story? He’s waiting for Je Hoon to involve him. What will be the tipping point that makes that happen?

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun gave us fun but tempered it when politics as usual altered the path of change the Hyuk had championed. I did get mildly irked at the two Hyuk fantasies. I didn’t mind the first one, but the second one made it feel like an overused tactic and a sucker punch for the viewers. Director Song Hyun Wook production of the fantasy break-in of Hyuk’s brother was Mission Impossible perfection.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) proved his innocence thanks to Baek Joon and Je Hoon. Hyuk once again relied on Baek Joon to devise the plan to extract him from the accusation of accepting bribes. The pictures weren’t false but didn’t show the whole story, when Hyuk rejected the bribe from CEO Min. I was surprised when Hyuk’s mother was willing to help. She knows in the business arena her eldest son holds the power. Hyuk was genuinely mystified when Je Hoon bailed early in the double date. Hyuk now knows he must directly challenge his brother then his father if true change is ever to occur in Gangsu.

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) thought he had a chance with Baek Joon only to fall prey to a bait and switch. He wasn’t happy. Frankly, I don’t blame him. I applaud him telling Yeon Hee he liked another woman. I cringed at how he relayed the information. Je Hoon must clearly see that Hyuk and Baek Joon are almost a couple. Can he admit he blew the three-year opportunity to start a relationship with Yeon Hee? Will he work with Hyuk to determine the mystery behind the company named BS?

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) suggested the double date where she paired herself with Hyuk and Yeon Hee with Je Hoon. That is telling.  Baek Joon and Hyuk’s mother had another cute scene together. The fantasy break-in of Hyuk’s brother’s office was darling. Baek Joon came up with the plan to vindicate Hyuk and it worked. She realized she needs to consider her dreams and what she wanted to do. Baek Joon can do this independently of her relationship with Hyuk.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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17 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 Hyuk’s mom‼ I’m glad she left her husband as a display of her displeasure 😾 of her husband’s actions, but found it odd that she left her High school-aged daughter at home and chose to go to Joon’s apartment 🏢. But then again she probably just wanted an opportunity to get closer to Joon.

    I got a kick 💢r👟 out of Hyuk’s mom for liking Joon even more due to Joon’s frank manner of communication. I laughed 😆 as Hyuk’s mom babbled on about the type of mother-in-law she would be to Joon.

    I 💗 that Hyuk’s mom aided and abetted Joon in adventurous caper of retrieving the Hello Kitty USB. This mom simply wanted to level the playing field for her sons by obtaining the evidence to clear Hyuk.

    The repelling and laser avoidance scene was a darling fantasy, although come on, who goes to the effort to install a laser motion sensor but doesn’t bother to 🚫🔒 lock a desk drawer⁉ I was glad Je Hoon protected Hyuk & Joon, I just hope MFBEH 🏍 doesn’t bust 🚫👊💢 Je Hoon for his participation.

    I feel bad for Je Hoon being roped into a double date 👫👫 thinking he was going on a date with Joon. I’m glad Je Hoon told Yeon Hee that he liked another woman however he needed a crash course in courtesy. Je Hoon needed to be take Yeon Hee out for a hot ☕ beverage after ice ⛸ skating, be diplomatic in relaying his 💗’s ownership and take her home. I just don’t understand Je Hoon how can he expect ANY results in wooing Joon WITHOUT ANY action other than moving into the same building 🏢. On of my good friends always says “if you don’t A-S-K you don’t G-E-T.” KJT, you took the words right out of my mouth:. “Dude, you had THREE years and did nothing. Opportunity blown, Je Hoon, opportunity blown.”. The Joon ship has sailed 🚢👋, time to stop moping 😞 Je Hoon and take action to make some happiness 😊 in your life‼

    Oh well, that left the door 🚪 open for T2 🤖👮 to rescue a drunken Yeon Hee. I suspect T2 🤖👮 might genuinely like Yeon Hee … I hope the feeling is mutual.

    BS 🐂💩, what a perfect name for a bogus 📃🐯 company. Now the question is who owns BS⁉ It could be Hyuk’s dad, MFBEH 🏍, as he is pretty tight with CEO Min, or an unknown third party. My only fear 😱 is the owner of BS is Hyuk’s dad AND he affiliated Hyuk and/or Hyuk’s mom’s name with the bogus 📃🐯 corporation.

    I think Je Hoon and/or Hyuk may reach out T2 🤖👮 to dig into BS since it looks like he is already investigatin. This cooperation would make T2 🤖👮 more relevant to the storyline and allow T2’s 🤖👮 role to expand. I like where this is heading…


    • Beez says:

      Hyuk’s mom saying how she’ll be a non demanding mother-in-law and then proceeding to nitpick how and what Joon should serve her was hilarious. And I THOUGHT I understood about Korean mother-in-laws but her very niceness brought it home to me that I haven’t realized until now the weight of it when daughter-in-laws are described as slaves in Kdramas. To the point, the mom will have her own daughter but her daughter-in-law can have a very busy job but will be expected to do all the hard household work instead of her daughter.

      I don’t know why seeing Hyuck’s mom thinning that she’s being lenient yet still being demanding made me have a video run through my head of all this shows with mother-/ daughter-in-laws.


    • I got a kick 💢r👟 out of Hyuk’s mom for liking Joon even more due to Joon’s frank manner of communication. I laughed 😆 as Hyuk’s mom babbled on about the type of mother-in-law she would be to Joon.
      Hyuk’s mother is charming. Joon’s shocked look at the mother in law comment was terrific.

      I just don’t understand Je Hoon how can he expect ANY results in wooing Joon WITHOUT ANY action other than moving into the same building 🏢. On of my good friends always says “if you don’t A-S-K you don’t G-E-T.”
      So true.

      BS 🐂💩, what a perfect name for a bogus 📃🐯 company.
      You got that right.

      This cooperation would make T2 🤖👮 more relevant to the storyline and allow T2’s 🤖👮 role to expand. I like where this is heading…
      Writer Joo is moving the story along every episode. I’m enjoying this series.


  2. Beez says:

    Does this mean Hyuk’s mom knows the truth of the accident Hyuk took the blame for all this year’s ago?


  3. Beez says:

    Because Je Hoon has blown all of his chances with Joon, I was surprised he didn’t decline the date when he thought it was with Joon alone. But the question is – did Joon and Hyuk’s progress toward each other make him change? I’m thinking he had to have a reason to have rejected her all this time; such as having a revenge plan he’s focused on and feeling there’s no time for romance. Or, that plan will eventually land him in jail so, again, not wanting to involve her in his life. But if it has just been because of Hyuk and Joon becoming closer than he’s changed, then he’s even dumber than I thought because ANY man could’ve come along between then and now.

    “Je Hoon is relieved. Yeon Hee’s feelings are hurt with that remark. She calls him insensitive and walks away. Je Hoon watches her go knowing he wasn’t as kind as he could have been.” kjt

    I thought JeHoon did a good job of stopping things before they go to far. I thought his “I’m relieved” comment meant “relieved Yeon hee’s feelings aren’t deep enough for her to feel hurt” although she obviously took it as he’s relieved he’s not stuck with her. I’m relieved he’s not stuck with her! I want my JeHoonie to have someone special.


    • I’m relieved he’s not stuck with her! I want my JeHoonie to have someone special.
      I agree that Yeon Hee isn’t the right woman for Je Hoon. Though I found the scene where he rescued her shoe from the grate showed they could have chemistry. I’m not sure we’ll see Je Hoon paired with anyone by the end of the series.


      • Beez says:

        I suspect that too – WAAAHHHH! Or worse, they’ll throw Yeon Hee a bone and let her have him. 😣 I’d rather see him alone but having grown into a better person so I can just be left thinking he’ll find the right person eventually.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I have mixed feelings about Yeon Hee. I thought I saw a bit of chemistry between her and Je Hoon, but I’d rather see her with someone who truly cares about her, such as T2 🤖👮. After the way Je Hoon treated Yeon Hee about being groped by Hyuk the airplane 🛫, I’m surprised she had any interest in him at all.

        I agree with Beez that I would rather see our Je Hoonie “alone but having grown into a better person so I can just be left thinking he’ll find the right person eventually.”


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