Revolutionary Love Episode 8 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 8

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) is surprised to learn Hyuk has been sent to terminate a company’s contract. He questions why an intern has been given such a task. He’s told the manager decreed it. The manager murmurs to himself, this is Hyuk’s first challenge.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) and Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) arrive at the warehouse, but no one seems to be around. Baek Joon knocks. Baek Joon opens the door. Baek Joon enters and Hyuk follows. They find empty soju bottles and ramen bowls. They are horrified to find a man’s body hanging from the rafters. They both scream. Baek Joon cuts the man down as Hyuk holds the body. The man is the company’s president and distraught. His workers take him away.

Hyuk and Baek Joon try and grasp what just happened. The workers return and thank them for saving their president’s life. But their smiles turn upside down when they learn Hyuk is from Gangsu. When Hyuk asks for signature on the document, they toss them out and throw water on them. Hyuk and Baek Joon can’t imagine the cause of their reaction.

The section chief tells Hyuk to get the contract sign. Je Hoon doesn’t care that the president tried to commit suicide and refuses to solve this problem for Hyuk. Je Hoon warns that feeling don’t have a place in the business world.

Hyuk talks it over with Baek Joon. She notes the company will be shut down with the new contract. She suggests that Gangsu pay compensation to the company to lessen their loss. When Hyuk suggests this to Je Hoon, he’s irked at Baek Joon’s suggestion. Gangsu doesn’t want litigation. If that happens everyone in the section will be punished or demoted. Je Hoon tells Hyuk his loyalty is to the Gangsu.

In her apartment Baek Joon relives finding the hanging president. Then she flashes back to her father considering jumping from the apartment window. He stopped when he saw her.  Baek Joon stares at the picture of her father.

The next morning, Hyuk is surprised to find Baek Joon not at work. The trio suggest she may be visiting her father’s memorial, something she does when she’s troubled. Hyuk stares at the contract and remember the section chief’s admonishment to get it signed today or else.

Baek Joon visits the president and tells him that the contract is not worth his life. The president complains that Gangsu used to have a heart the Manager Baek (Baek Joon’s father) was in charge.

Hyuk overhears Baek Joon’s conversation with the president. They talk outside. Hyuk can’t believe he’s going to crush the president and his company. Baek Joon clarifies that Hyuk is merely the tool following orders like all employees under a manager. Baek Joon admits she hoped Hyuk could be different from other employees because of who he is. Hyuk asks if he changes things, will Baek Joon see him as a man and love interest?

Je Hoon meets with Hyuk’s brother and CEO Min. Both men question Je Hoon about Baek Joon. Je Hoon claims not to know much about her. Hyuk’s brother orders him to find out details about her. Reluctantly, Je Hoon agrees.

A drunk Ha Yeon Hee (Kim Ye Won) mistakenly tries to enter mystery man’s apartment thinking it is her apartment. She repeatedly tries the code but to no avail. Mystery man opens the door and tells her this isn’t her apartment. Yeon Hee brushes past him and enters his apartment. Mystery man is shocked when she removes her blouse and skirt, revealing her black slip, falls into bed and passes out. He tries to rouse her, but it won’t work. Frustrated he steps outside and bemoans his bad luck.

Mystery man overhears Hyuk asking Baek Joon to articulate how she feels about him. Baek Joon lists his kindness, that he’s a good co-worker and the one word no man in love wants to hear…friend. Hyuk protest that he likes her. Baek Joon counters she likes him, as a friend. She heads up to her apartment. Hyuk stands there wondering what just happened.

Mystery man enters his apartment, looks at the sleeping Yeon Hee and sighs.

Je Hoon finds Hyuk in the dark pondering what Baek Joon’s words mean. Je Hoon correctly surmises that Baek Joon just wants to be friends. Hyuk wonders if she’s shy. Je Hoon counters that Baek Joon will tell a guy first if she likes him. But Hyuk decides that he need to ramp up the intimacy in their relationship, then Baek Joon will respond. Je Hoon warns him to get the contract signed. Hyuk says nothing is more important than love.

The next morning Yeon Hee wakes disoriented from her pounding head. She sees someone moving under a blanket on the floor. She screams mystery man pulls the blanket off himself. Yeon Hee yells at him to get out. He tells her to come down. She looks around and realizes she’s not in her apartment. She demands to know if he kidnapped her. He assures he did not. She yells at him to leave. At this point, Je Hoon, Hyuk and Baek Joon have heard her screams and come running. As the mystery man exits the trio stares at him. They recognize him as the police man that chased Hyuk in the hotel. Then Yeon Hee exits the apartment dressed. The trio stare at her. Yeon Hee demands that the police man swear nothing inappropriate happened last night. He gives her his word. Sheepishly she tells the trio she drank too much and skulks to her apartment. The police man does the same. The looks on the trio’s faces show amusement at the embarrassing situation.

For those who realized the mystery man was the police offer, that was correct. Now what does he want? What is his connection to the story?

Trying to be coy, Hyuk puts him arms around Baek Joon. She shrugs him off. He tries again and Je Hoon doesn’t like it. Baek Joon deflates Hyuk’s ego by mentioning he needs to brush his teeth. Embarrassed he covers his mouth. Baek Joon heads to her apartment and Je Hoon heads to his.

The section chief chews Hyuk out for not getting the contract signed. Hyuk states it isn’t possible. That’s not good enough. The section chief can’t believe the manager assigned the task to an intern. A team member rushes into the department and says there is trouble in the lobby.

The president of the company whose contract is being terminated is protesting in the lobby. The Gangsu security guards push him to the ground. The trio must hold Baek Joon back stating this isn’t her business. Hyuk arrives and tries to get to the man but the security guards stop him. They bodily remove the man who yells curses on Hyuk’s father’s head. Hyuk stares after the man.

Je Hoon stares at Baek Joon’s employment application. The company her father worked for is blank. He sighs and returns to his desk. The section chief order him to find Hyuk and stop him from causing trouble. Je Hoon sighs and exits.

Hyuk and the president discuss the situation. The president is outraged over his treatment by the Gangsu CEO who decided to cut him out. He vows to protest every day until he gets results. Hyuk advises him not to do that as he could get hurt. Je Hoon calls and asks where Hyuk is. He says he’s with the president. Je Hoon directs Hyuk to bring the president to Gangsu. Incorrectly interpreting what that means, Hyuk tells the president his one-man protest must have worked because Gangsu wants to talk. But they quickly find out that Je Hoon isn’t there to comfort as he slides the termination contract to the president. Je Hoon warns that if the president doesn’t sign, he will be blackballed around town and lose more work. Je Hoon is sure the president realizes that Gangsu has sufficient influence to do this. The president looks defeated.

In the hallway Hyuk asks Je Hoon why he took that tact. Je Hoon says the matter has only one resolution and that is a signed termination contract. Hyuk can’t believe Je Hoon is acting this way. Je Hoon counters this is exactly what he had to do to extract Hyuk from the myriad of scrapes he got into. Je Hoon tells Hyuk to get the president to sign. As Je Hoon walks away he sees Baek Joon watching them. He tells Baek Joon not to interfere with Hyuk. Baek Joon stares at Hyuk.

Hyuk returns to the conference room where the defeated president sits. The president can’t believe that his long-term relationship with Gangsu is ending like this. He tells Hyuk he’ll stamp the termination contract once he returns to his office.

When Hyuk returns to the department he finds the president on his knees apologizing to the section chief. The president promises to return the signed termination contract. The section chief is dismissive. He passes by Hyuk and they stare at each other. He passes by Baek Joon on the way out and gives her a defeated look.

Je Hoon questions the section chief about Baek Joon’s father’s name.  The section chief recalls him as the man that created the Gangsu chili paste. Je Hoon finds a picture of Baek Joon’s father, mother and Baek Joon in the employee journals. He looks up Baek Joon’s father’s records. He reads that Baek Joon’s father was fired for bribery. He recalls Baek Joon’s adamance that she will not work for rich jerks.

Je Hoon reports to Hyuk’s brother there isn’t much to tell about Baek Joon. Her father is dead, her mother is remarried and has a separate life, and Baek Joon is without close relatives. He promises to investigate more. Hyuk’s brother looks at him skeptically but allows Je Hoon to leave.

Baek Joon finds Hyuk staring at the contract. She asks if he’ll pick up the signed contract tomorrow. Hyuk complains that the contract was cancelled for a product without issues. He bemoans the lack of power the president has in this situation. Baek Joon tells Hyuk that those without power are squashed in today’s world. She suggests the Hyuk was power in this situation. Hyuk remembers Baek Joon telling him that he could be a different kind of employee and that he had unknown power. He stares at Baek Joon. She returns the stare.

When Hyuk return’s to Je Hoon’s apartment he asks if there is anyway the situation can be fixed. Je Hoon responds a signed termination contract is the only possible resolution. Hyuk states he understand how regular employees are tools for management’s bidding. Je Hoon reminds Hyuk that he is also a user of regular employees, namely him. Hyuk knows it’s true and apologizes. Hyuk wonders why the manager gave him this task. He recalls his declaration during the interview that he’d make a situation fair for fall. He realizes the manager wants him to make that claim in actions. Inspired he tells Je Hoon that he’s returning to work.

Hyuk has Baek Joon drive him to the president’s company. The workers are loading food onto a truck. Hyuk and Baek Joon find the president in his office. He tells Hyuk he had to sell the beef at a low price. Hyuk suggests that the president company makes beef rice bowls and sell them in grocery stores. The president and Baek Joon are stunned by the suggestion. The president wonders if Gangsu will allow this. Hyuk tells the president that will be his responsibility. The president confirms that Hyuk will handle Gangsu not to block this. Hyuk assures the president he’ll take full responsibility for Gangsu not interfering. Baek Joon stares at Hyuk not sure he can make that promise.  She asks Hyuk if the president can do what Hyuk suggested. Hyuk says he’ll get Gangsu’s approval after he turns in the termination contract.

The next day he hands a surprised section chief the signed termination contract. Hyuk confers the company has nothing to do with Gangsu anymore. Hyuk presses. The section chief states the company can do whatever they like and Gangsu doesn’t care. Hyuk repeats the section chief’s words and exits. Je Hoon stares after his friend knowing something is going on.

Hyuk gives Baek Joon a thumbs up. He says the ball is in her court now. Baek Joon goes to the trio and asks if they want another part time job. She explains the situation. Madame Ahn wishes someone like Hyuk had stood up for her family’s when they suffered a termination contract from too. The trio agrees to the part-time work at the company.

Hyuk’s brother asks Je Hoon for more information on Baek Joon. Je Hoon says there isn’t any. He asks if Baek Joon is connected to Gangsu. Je Hoon says there isn’t any. He slaps Je Hoon for hiding that Baek Joon’s father worked at Gangsu. He tells Je Hoon it isn’t his place to think but to carry out orders. He says Je Hoon knows Hyuk well. He recommends Je Hoon think about himself not Hyuk. Je Hoon agrees to think about that.

Flashback to Je Hoon’s father being led away by the police assuring him that the CEO would take care of everything. Je Hoon looks at Hyuk’s text calling him a friend, looks at the picture and realizes what is happening at the company. Je Hoon arrives to find workers packaging the beef and rice. Hyuk and he smiles at his friend. Je Hoon tells the president that finishing a product under the Gangsu label will not be tolerated. He warns the president he’ll hear from Gangsu shortly. Hyuk goes after Je Hoon. He says gave the president permission. Hyuk says this is a discontinued food product that this company will continue to produce and split the profits with Gangsu. Je Hoon says Gangsu will never allow it. He complains he won’t be able to clean up this mess. He demands to know why Hyuk let him know with the text. Hyuk says he let him know because they are friends. Hyuk promises to clean up the mess himself. Je Hoon walks away.

Je Hoon meets Baek Joon bringing in food for the workers. Je Hoon scolds her for interfering with Hyuk when he told her not to do that. Baek Joon suggests that the idea was Hyuk’s and Je Hoon underestimates his friend. Je Hoon lists all the things Baek Joon has facilitated for Hyuk. Baek Joon agrees that Je Hoon could draw his current conclusion, but he’s wrong. This idea originated with Hyuk. Je Hoon asks if this stems from her father’s connection to Gangsu. Baek Joon is taken aback. Je Hoon claims his job is to know about everyone that interacts with Hyuk. Baek Joon bristles. Je Hoon asks if there’s another reason Baek Joon hands out with Hyuk. Baek Joon recalls Je Hoon asking if she likes Hyuk. Deciding to hit Je Hoon where it hurts, Baek Joon admits she likes Hyuk. Je Hoon stiffens. Baek Joon claims that Je Hoon’s constant questioning makes her realize she should decide if she likes Hyuk as a man. She walks away.

Baek Joon brings the food for the workers. The happy atmosphere is restored. Je Hoon watches from the doorway. He sees Hyuk and Baek Joon smile at each other. He calls his out of hand cold response to Baek Joon’s declaration that she liked him during their college days. Je Hoon remember trying to rectify that misstep but never followed through. Je Hoon drives home unhappy at the current state of things.

Baek Joon arrives with coffee for workers. She wonders where Hyuk is. She finds him looking at the night sky. They smile at the pretty stars.

Je Hoon can’t get the situation out of his head. He recalls Baek Joon’s words.

Hyuk says he can’t create problems for the president.  He says he’ll have to go against Gangsu. Baek Joon says if he speaks from the heart with clarity, he’ll do well. Hyuk thanks Baek Joon for having faith in him. They stare at each other. Hyuk makes a move to kiss her but she turns her head. Hyuk suggest they try it again and see if it feels right. Baek Joon agrees to the experiment but declares if it doesn’t work, they are only friends. Hyuk gently kisses Baek Joon. They look into each other’s eyes. He kisses her with more intensity. Baek Joon responds.

My Thoughts

Hyuk made another bold promise. Can he back it up? This episode showed the strength and weakness of Hyuk. His strength is humanity and creative thinking. His weakness is not seeing all the angles of a problem and solution. When Hyuk said the president should make beef and rice, I didn’t think it would be under Gangsu packaging. That’s a no go without a contract in place. Je Hoon immediately saw the issue. I recognize that the 50/50 split that Hyuk was trying to achieve drew Gangsu packaging into the situation, but this was a flawed plan that will require Hyuk to battle Gangsu.

Production and Writing. Writer Joo Hyun gave us another step in Hyuk’s evolution. He realized that Baek Joon was right, he had power. What is the police man neighbor’s connection? Director Song Hyun Wook keeps the scenes snappy and the entire series is sprinkled with an element of fun. I do like how the emphasis on hand clenching and wiping on clothing is highlighted as a sign to the intensity of our character’s feelings. I look forward to when our three primary characters are as happy as they are in the title sequence.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) used creative thinking but lacked the analytical component. Hyuk felt the burden of helping the president. He did that, but did he give him false hope? Hyuk’s fixation with Baek Joon continues. To his credit, this time the solution was his not Baek Joon’s. Hyuk was understandably grateful that she had faith in him, something he did not experience from his own family. Hyuk seized the moment and kissed Baek Joon. He smiled sweetly when she closed her eyes for the second kiss. The intensity of that kiss was a bit of a surprise.

Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) is torn between his conscience and his duty to Gangsu. He didn’t become this way overnight. This is years of bearing responsibility for Hyuk’s actions and handling the cleanup per the edicts of Hyuk’s father. The carrot of a new position convinced Je Hoon to support Hyuk’s brother. But when Hyuk’s brother demanded information on Baek Joon, he couldn’t sell her out. He paid for that with a slap. Je Hoon missed his opportunity Baek Joon. He regrets that, but it’s too late. History favors the bold and that isn’t Je Hoon.

Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) claimed she only wanted friendship with Hyuk but that kiss, and her response said otherwise. She said all the right things to put Hyuk in the dreaded friendzone, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then Je Hoon pushed her buttons by mentioning her father. That caused her to declare she’d consider Hyuk as man and decide for herself. Hyuk’s passionate second kiss tapped into her dream of them as lovers and she melted. Baek Joon’s moral compass is unflappable and she’s practically the smartest one in the bunch. I like her.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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10 comments on “Revolutionary Love Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    How 😱 horrifying to come across someone who had hung himself! I found it odd that the president of the manufacturing firm revived so quickly, especially since he had not moving as he hung … I was sure he was dead 💀. It seems that if Gangsu wanted to terminate 🚫📃 a contract, they would be liable to pay a fee 💰 for breaking the contract. I also hope Hyuk is not giving the former Gangsu vendor false hope.

    I do NOT like how Je Hoon is so COLD ❄ and calculating in business, how sad 😞 that his life experience caused Je Hoon to choose such a timid and cynical lifestyle. As KJT succinctly stated “History favors the bold and that isn’t Je Hoon”. I want so much more for you Je Hoon!

    I think Hyuk correctly determined the director was testing 📝 him to see if Hyuk would stick to his resolve with splitting the profits 50/50. It seems to me the rice 🍚 bowls were labeled as “Gangsu”, which would absolutely be a problem. As KJT mentioned “His weakness is not seeing all the angles of a problem and solution”. Therefore, I’m not so sure how the volatile 😠 CEO Byun will react to Hyuk’s decision. I’m a little afraid 😨.

    OMO, Yeon Hee got herself into hot ♨ water by pushing her way into the new neighbor’s apartment. I ❤ that the neighbors came to her rescue, much her own embarrassment 😳. Hyuk had a knowing smirk 😏 on his face as Yeon Hee claimed innocence in staying in the neighbor’s apartment (and BED 🛌!!!). I concur that I am curious about the motive for the policeman 👮 becoming their neighbor. The cop 👮 is clearly keeping an eye 👁‍🗨 on Hyuk, Je Hoon, Joon and now on the scantily clad Yeon Hee.

    I was glad Hyuk nudged Joon into a 😘 or should I say lip press. Color 🖍 me 🎉surprised🎊 that the second 💋 was so passionate … agreed that Joon melted melted … I would have too ✳SWOONING✳


    • I concur that I am curious about the motive for the policeman 👮 becoming their neighbor. The cop 👮 is clearly keeping an eye 👁‍🗨 on Hyuk, Je Hoon, Joon and now on the scantily clad Yeon Hee.
      I look forward to the reveal of his tie-in to the sotry.

      Color 🖍 me 🎉surprised🎊 that the second 💋 was so passionate … agreed that Joon melted melted … I would have too ✳SWOONING✳
      Yep, Hyuk amped up the volume on that second kiss!


    • Beez says:

      I’m glad they downplayed the subcontractor- manager’s legs moving during his suicide attempt. Y’all know I’m normally a stickler for realism but for this light-hearted a show, it worked better with the comedic reaction Hyuk was having. Had the contractor’s legs been moving as if he were struggling to survive, Siwon’s mugging and delay of him screaming and holding onto Joon instead of trying to help would not have been cute. That was hard enough to watch with the man’s legs hanging there appearing as if he were dead already. I was annoyed by the decision to go with the comedic reaction. I think it works when characters in a comedy come across a body of an unknown character or if the character was a one dimensional thug who had 5 seconds of screentime previously, but to introduce a character that you kind of care about and then come across his body… bad time for the funny, in my personal likes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beez says:

    “Hyuk asks if he changes things, will Baek Joon see him as a man and love interest?” kjt’s recap
    I don’t want that to be Hyuk’s reason for change other than his being in Joon’s world means he’s become aware of how he needs to change. The Chaebeoul fantasy is that an azzh*le changes because of love. And that’s cute because usually were talking about just his rudeness and arrogance, but I want Hyuk’s change to be that, even if Joon moves on without him, his change about these issues is real and permanent because if the injustice of the issues.

    Mr. Fine But Evil Hyung aka MFBEH, slapping Je Hoon – another one added to the supervised visits list!
    (Off topic: Wow, when he laid his hand on JeHoon’s shoulder afterwards – does that man have giant hands or what?! I need a shot of his feet! 😉)

    Seriously though, there is so much I admire about Korean culture but the whole thinking it’s okay for the rich to slap people who are not your children (NOT that I approve slapping your kids but lippy teens and older, maaaaybe) or not even blood related to you and assault charges are not pressed is so disgusting. Also the fact that the very rich think it’s okay to demand people get down on their knees just to keep their job (I know they didn’t demand the manager do that but I’m watching another show where a department store employee had to get down on her bare knees (in a skirt no less) on the cement parking lot ground over something that it turned out wasn’t even her fault but because she “back-talked” by daring to say she didn’t do it! Sorry. It’s just that backward thinking doesn’t seem to fit with the modern civilization we see). And we know this isn’t just Kdrama exaggerating because a one of these incidences made the international news. And I truly believed if the incidence hadn’t happened where Americans had to be made aware of it, it wouldn’t have made the news at all.

    Adorbs Joonie work crew!

    I don’t think it was Gangsu packaging but it is their recipe (I think). My subs said “put Seman’s label on it”. Still requires some sort of licensing contact though.

    I didn’t notice the clothes wiping that kjt mentioned but the hand clenching is a pet peeve of mind. I noticed when I first started watching older classic Kdramas the tendency to go to the hand clench to express a characters hidden anger. (Granted, almost every older Kdrama that I watched starred Song Seung-heon and his acting is always referenced as lacking, (but oh-the-beauty).) But as I watched newer dramas, I noticed they began to rely on the actors’ faces having the ability to convey suppressed emotions. You notice you’ll never see the camera leave an actor like Jang Hyuk’s face in that moment. So maybe with these younger actors the director felt the camera on the clenched fist was the way to go.

    I think trying to protect Joon cost He Joon more than a slap. It cost him brownie points as well. Which I’m glad though ’cause the last thing He Joon needs is to become more entwined with MFBEH.

    That was a yukky kiss. Haha! kjt liked it. I’m laughing because every kiss that she likes, and the kisses that make me swoon, she detests. lol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      My subs also had Hyuk telling Je Hoon the contractor would sell the rice 🍚 bowls under his factory name (Seman). However, the cartons in the contractor’s factory 🏭 were labeled with a large green letter “G” and “강수”, which is Gangsu. The name infringement © in addition to the use of a proprietary recipe will be double trouble. Hyuk is so clueless, he is having to learn things the hard way. Unfortunately, it seems he is 🚫 the only one paying the price for his recklessness.

      Beez, what does your acronym for Evil Hyung (MFBEH) mean? I may have an inkling what the first to letters may be, but what about the rest?

      As for the hand clenching ✊, I’ve seen it in plenty of contemporary dramas. I seem to see this more than the clothes wiping. Min Joon was clenching his hands in the most recent episode of “Mad Dog”. I watched an American 🇺🇸🎥 movie recently where a frustrated man was clenching ✊ his hands; I nearly fell 💢 on the floor laughing about the universality of this gesture, although it is more widely used in Korea 🇰🇷.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        MFBEH = Mr. Fine But Evil. It’s just a coincidence that he’s a mo’tha…as well. lol

        S.K. plastic surgery never ceases to amaze me. (Aside from the crazy jaw and cheek bone chisling which amazes but seems grusome to me), I’m talking about surgery like Lee Jae-Yoon obviously had done. Well, not “obviously” if a person never saw him before. And that’s what I mean, when Hollywood actors get a facelift there’s a tendency to look pulled too tight for a few years. But if you saw Lee Jae-Yoon in Cruel City or in Weightlifty Fairy, his face naturally has LOTS of creases when he smiles. They don’t look necessarily like age wrinkles, just look like his face and it’s not unattractive. (I really like it.) But in this show, he looks as young and fresh as he did in A Company Man, and that film was just a couple of years after his debut. You can really see the difference from his AsianWiki profile pic


    • I want Hyuk’s change to be that, even if Joon moves on without him, his change about these issues is real and permanent because if the injustice of the issues.
      Agreed. Hyuk being promoted into awareness by Joon is reasonable, but the changes need to be internal not for her.

      Off topic: Wow, when he laid his hand on JeHoon’s shoulder afterwards – does that man have giant hands or what?! I need a shot of his feet! 😉

      It’s just that backward thinking doesn’t seem to fit with the modern civilization we see
      Agreed. It does seem “old school”.

      So maybe with these younger actors the director felt the camera on the clenched fist was the way to go.
      I concur the director is deliberately focusing on the hands for emphasis.

      That was a yukky kiss. Haha! kjt liked it. I’m laughing because every kiss that she likes, and the kisses that make me swoon, she detests
      If I have to get technical, I felt Hyuk was too aggressive in the second kiss. Joon was overwhelmed. I prefer coxing into passion in kdramas, unless it is a hot passionate moment such as the wall kiss in Another Miss Oh.


      • Beez says:

        I know well how you feel about those rushed kisses. lol I think Joon’s face as Hyuk came in for the kiss is what made it off putting to me. It’s like somebody was holding a toad up to her mouth to kiss and she had no doubt he would not be turning into a prince. She looked repulsed. lol


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