Mad Dog Episode 8 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 8 “At a Fishing Spot”

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) enters the insurance company’s claim manager office and is surprised to see Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae). He asks what is going on. Kang Woo says he’s come full circle. He introduces himself as the insurance company’s claim manager. Min Joon stares at him in surprise asks what he’s doing. Kang Woo states the Min Joon wanted the insurance company investigated and he is now able to do so. Min Joon can’t believe that the insurance company is willing to trust Kang Woo and let him back in. Kang Woo tells Min Joon that he must keep a low profile, so his plan will work. Min Joon counters that he needs a high profile for his plan to work. Kang Woo warns Min Joon that he is putting his life at risk. Min Joon asks if Kang Woo cares about him. Kang Woo scoffs. Min Joon smiles and leave. Kang Woo shakes his head.

Chairman Cha’s son-in-law Hyun Gi is practically giddy that soon he’ll be Chairman of JH airlines. He asks Chairman Cha if he’ll attend his father’s funeral this Friday. Chairman Cha confirms he will. Hyun Gi notes that it was 2 years ago that his father heard the shock of the crash right here in Chairman Cha’s garden. Chairman Cha pauses and looks up. He asks if Hyun Gi still has his copy of the secret agreement forged between the two companies. Hyun Gi confirms this. Chairman Cha tells him to give him his copy after the meeting to make him the new Chairman. Hyun Gi assures him he will noting without his support he’d never would have ascended to the upper management of JH airlines. Hong Joo, the Chairman Cha’s daughter, bursts into the garden upset. Chairman Cha sends Hyun Gi away. He mutters he’d like to know what they are going to talk about.

Hong Joo can’t believe her father rehired Kang Woo. Chairman Cha counters that Kang Woo wanted to come back and he couldn’t reject the offer to increase the fraud detection rate. He reminds Hong Joo that she declared Manager Park inadequate. Chairman Cha notes that he’ll use Kang Woo’s tenacity to ferret out something he needed. Hong Joo asks what the something is. Chairman Cha says it is best that she not know. Chairman Cha says after Kang Woo has served his usefulness he’ll need to be put down like the dog he is. Chairman Cha says he’ll leave that job to Hong Joo. She objects. Chairman Cha tells his daughter she must decide does she want his job when he retires shortly, or does she want to be Kang Woo’s slave. Hong Joo asks if her father plans to take over JH airlines. Chairman Cha barks that it is better for her not to know his future plans. Hong Joo stares at her father.

Hyun Gi hears the gossip that Kang Woo is back at the insurance company. He knows Kang Woo lights up Hong Joo. The timing troubles him.

Hong Joo tells Kang Woo she’s irked he returned without telling her. She asks why he came back. Kang Woo says with Ko Jin Chul dead, there was no longer a reason to keep Mad Dog alive. Kang Woo says he wants to increase the fraud detection rate. She doesn’t believe him. Kang Woo says he belong here. She’s not sure if she believes him.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong), Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun), and Kang Woo find Min Joon sitting at Kang Woo’s desk. Min Joon returns the wire tapes from his apartment. He tells them to close the office now that Kang Woo is at the insurance company. He’s surprised when the team moves into his apartment and sets up operation. LOL! Min Joon provides them information on the reporter that did the less than flattering article on Hyun Gi. They learn that the legal counsel of JH airlines blocked many articles. Min Joon reads an email from Kang Woo to keep a low profile. He listens to the submitted audio recording from the cockpit. He realizes his brother’s voice is missing. Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) says his brother’s voice and communication with the control tower were deleted. Min Joon speculates that Hyun Gi edited the audio. Ha Ri notes that Hyun Gi personally handed the crash and received a big promotion for his stellar work. Ha Ri warns Min Joon to keep a low profile. He chuckles that they should be more concerned about Kang Woo returning to the insurance company.

Manager Park finds Kang Woo settling into his new job. He sees Kang Woo searching for Min Joon’s brother’s original policy. Manager Park wonders why Kang Woo and Min Joon are fixated on the original policy. Kang Woo confides that Ms. Lee told Min Joon to retrieve the original insurance policy just before she died. Manager Park states the Ms. Lee keep most of the original policies herself. Kang Woo asks to see them.

Professor Byeon, Manager Park and Kang Woo meet. Kang Woo pursues the insurance policy folder from Ms. Lee.  Kang Woo notices the paper quality among the multiple life insurance policies of Min Joon’s brother are different. Professor Byeon has a paper expert examine the paper. He states the paper used wasn’t made until 2010, so the original life insurance policies from 2008 to 2010 are not originals. Kang Woo realizes another policy was established after the suicide payment law was changed. He wonders if policy was planted to cast suspicion on Min Joon’s brother. Manager Park says all the original records on the crash are in the basement repository, one they can add to but not take from. Kang Woo raises a brow, that sounds like a challenge. Professor Byeon urges them to go solve this mystery.

Ha Ri and Min Joon watch Hyun Gi enter the lobby of JH airlines. Noo Ri details his facts, divorced and known for having many women. The legal counsel of JH airlines enters the lobby. Ha Ri shields Min Joon by standing next to him. Min Joon chuckles that she need not protect him. Min Joon asks Noo Ri to set up an interview with the reporter and Ha Ri tomorrow at 3pm in the lobby of JH airlines. Ha Ri is surprised. Min Joon smiles.

For those of you that have questioned if Hong Joo and Hyun Gi were married, the answer is no. I thought it was a marriage of convenience. Incorrect. Lucky Hong Joo, Hyun Gi is not a nice guy.

Hyun Gi is one again a jerk to his assistant. He orders him to leave for the night. His assistant is relieved to escape without being hit. He notices Hyun Gi accessing his safe to store secret documents. Min Joon observes the assistant slump with relief as he exits Hyun Gi’s home. Min Joon wonders if he pumps the assistant for information, will the assistant provide it?

At the eatery, Hyun Gi’s assistant bemoans that he is so underpaid he can only afford soup and a bottle of soju. He downs the soju promising he’ll resign from the job. Min Joon pushes over a plate of meat. He claims he ordered too much and there’s no reason to let it go to waste. Gratefully the assistant eats. When finished the men say good night and exit the eatery.

Ha Ri waits for Min Joon outside the eatery. She asks why Min Joon is eating with Hyun Gi’s assistant. She tells Min Joon to give her his master plan. Min Joon claims not to have one. He only provided a hot meal to someone that had a bad day. Ha Ri notes that isn’t like him. Min Joon must agree. She praises him and strokes his hair. He reminds Ha Ri that he’s a con man and not to be trusted. He leaves. She smiles as she watches him walk away. She admonishes herself for being drawn to Min Joon.

Ha Ri, Soon Jung, and Min Joon are in the JH airline lobby before 3pm. The reporter enters and looks for his contact. Ha Ri does not approach. He calls his contact. Ha Ri’s phone rings startling her. The reporter approaches and asks why she wanted to meet him. Flustered Ha Ri has nothing to say. Meanwhile the JH airlines legal counsel strides through the lobby. Min Joon intercepts him and identifies himself. Min Joon says that if his brother was depressed he’s going to hold JH airlines as the reason. The legal counsel is surprised. The reporter sees the exchanges and starts to video tape. Ha Ri tries to stop him, but he pushes her aside. Min Joon raises his voice and declares the JH airlines is responsible for the conditions that made his brother depressed and that the plane crash was in a mechanical malfunction. Everyone gasps.

Seated in a JH conference room Min Joon waits for the legal counsel to join him. He places a bug in the room. Ha Ri calls him and demands if the reporter witnessed the encounter was his goal. Min Joon tells her to contact him when the reporter uploads the video. The JH airlines legal counsel enters. He tells Min Joon that he is a German citizen and while he’s blood related to his brother, he is not a legal relation, so his brother’s pension cannot be obtained. Min Joon states he doesn’t care about the pension he cares about holding JH airlines responsible for the work conditions that depressed his brother and the mechanical failure of the airline. The legal counsel chuckles that Min Joon will have a hard time proving anything. Min Joon counters that bad publicity won’t help. Ha Ri texts that the video is uploaded. Min Joon plays the video for the legal counsel. He smiles that now the legal counsel has a problem. The legal counsel’s phone rings with a call form Hyun Gi. Min Joon smiles and leaves.

Hyun Gi orders the legal counsel to get rid of the video. He orders things put to right by next week. He’s about to throw his phone down when his assistant reminds him that many eyes are on him. Min Joon brushes between them. The assistant recognizes Min Joon from the eatery last night. Hyun Gi recognizes Min Joon as the pilot’s brother.

Outside JH airlines Soon Jung and Ha Ri call his plan dangerous and stupid. Min Joon counters by going public he can’t be silenced without fanfare. Ha Ri texts the video to Kang Woo.

Kang Woo has his team gather the stress claims. He and Manager Park survey the stacks. Kang Woo asks them to extract all of them. Manager Park estimates the 100 cases in front of them would be $5M in payouts. Kang Woo and Manager Park agree to tackle these and head to the repository. Kang Woo gets the text with the video. He and Manager Park watch the video. Kang Woo is irked that Min Joon did not follow his instructions to lay low.

Kang Woo finds Min Joon at a bar eating ice cream and drinking beer. Min Joon gives Kang Woo one of his beers. He tells Kang Woo when his adoptive parents kicked him out in Germany. They gave him a car. Min Joon had to beg for money and slept in his car. His heart hardened. Min Joon says it began to thaw the day of the crash when his brother asked him to call him brother. Min Joon admits he wanted to but couldn’t. He decided to do so when his brother returned. But the crash changed everything. Kang Woo asks Min Joon what his plan is. Min Joon says he believes the crash was engineered by powerful people. He wants them exposed and put in jail. He doesn’t care if he dies achieving that goal. Kang Woo says the perpetrators of the crash should be the ones to die. They clink their beer bottles in agreement. Min Joon shares that he stole a listening device from Noo Ri and planted it in the JH airlines conference room. He asks Kang Woo if he wants to be an accomplice and listen. Both men share the earbuds.

Great scene. Finally, we get some of Min Joon’s backstory. Kang Woo and Min Joon have great chemistry. They do respect each other even if they take different paths to solve the same problem. The trust is building.

Hyun Gi rages at the JH airlines legal counsel for allowing Min Joon to be alive and causing trouble. He warns that if publicity doesn’t die down by next week, and he isn’t made chairman, then Chairman Cha will never get the document Hyun Gi holds. Hyun Gi boasts he’s got nothing to lose.

Kang Woo and Min Joon wonder what the document is. Kang Woo gives Min Joon the falsified insurance policies from his brother. Kang Woo says the policies were altered to increase the payout to $3.4M so it would be an easy sell that he committed suicide for the payout. He says the original insurance policies are in the company’s repository. Min Joon wonders if the document Hyun Gi has are the original insurance policies.

The Mad Dog Team confers on how to proceed. Min Joon suggests they lure Hyun Gi with his art interest and break into his house, locate the safe, and get the secret documents. Min Joon offers to provide his art as bait. Min Joon surprises them when he calls the JH airlines legal counsel to ask if he can have a private meeting with Hyun Gi. He says there is no availability. Min Joon notes he wants to end this quietly. He hangs up. The team can’t believe his gall. Min Joon declares he is fishing. Kang Woo wishes them well while they fish. They all tell Kang Woo to not worry about them and concentrate his efforts at the insurance company. Min Joon asks him to wrap it up at the insurance company to he can get the Mad Dog Team out of his house.

Chairman Cha tells the legal counsel to let Hyun Gi meet with Min Joon and watch the show.

Kang Woo gives Officer Jo information on the stress scammers. Officer Jo is worried about Kang Woo working at the insurance company. Kang Woo asks if Ko Jin Chul’s death will remain a suicide. Officer Jo confirm this. Disgusted at how the powerful can cover up murder, Kang Woo tells his friend that he won’t contact him again until he’s done at the insurance company. Kang Woo couldn’t face Officer Jo’s family if he was hurt because of his association with Kang Woo.

Soon Jung pretends to be a buyer interested in Min Joon’s donated art. Ha Ri pretends to the art salesperson. Their prey, Hyun Gi enters the gallery. When Soon Jung asks to buy the piece, Ha Ri states the artist won’t sell to just anyone. Outraged Soon Jung demands to see the manager. Hyun Gi looks at the art and says he’d like to buy it. Ha Ri is very happy to sell to the JH airlines vice president. She tells Hyun Gi the art will be delivered that afternoon. Min Joon arrives at the gallery and asks for the return piece he let the gallery borrow.

Chairman Cha approves Kang Woo’s access to the repository. Hong Joo is not happy about that.

The JH legal counsel calls Min Joon and gives him the time to meet Hyun Gi.

Ha Ri and Min Joon (in a delivery man disguise) deliver the art. Hyun Gi gets a call from his legal counsel about a 3pm meeting with Min Joon. Hyun Gi doesn’t understand why Min Joon wants to meet with him. He puts the puzzle together and realizes that the art delivery is an issue. He orders his assistant to return to the house and order his staff not to let anyone enter. Soon Jung who is following Hyun Gi makes a U turn and reports the direction change. Min Joon keeps the housekeeper busy by getting him water. Then he hides her cell phone, so she doesn’t see the call from Hyun Gi’s assistant. Ha Ri finds the safe. Noo Ri reports that Hyun Gi is 5 minutes away. Min Joon returns Ha Ri and saves they must leave. They both stare at the safe.

Excellent sequence. Hyun Gi is a bully but not stupid.

Min Joon and Ha Ri figure out the safe combination is the crash date. They open the safe.

Kang Woo can’t find what he wants in the repository. Hong Joo asks what he’s looking for. He says he wants the original insurance papers. Hong Joo says they are upstairs. Kang Woo states he’s not interested in the altered insurance policy but the original. Hong Joo doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Kang Woo realizes she’s clueless.

Min Joon and Ha Ri search the safe contents, but the original insurance papers are not there. Inspired, Min Joon checks for a false top. They find the original insurance papers. Noo Ri yells that Hyun Gi has entered the house and they must exit now. Ha Ri tells Min Joon to take documents and she’ll handle Hyun Gi. Min Joon declares they will return the documents. He can’t let Min Joon be killed over this. They stare at each other.

I’m tense!

Hyun Gi storms into his house. He finds Ha Ri in his study. He demands to know why she is there. She calmly says the artist wanted a picture of the art on the wall, but she doesn’t know where he’d like it. Hyun Gi says the living room is the spot. Ha Ri moves to the door. Hyun Gi orders her to stay there and not move. Hyun Gi confirms the original insurance policies are still there. He sighs his relief. He tells Ha Ri they’ll hang the painting in the living room.

Min Joon slips out of the house. As he exits the assistant sees him. Min Joon stare into his eyes. The assistant tells him to leave right away. Min Joon gets in the truck and leaves.

Chairman Cha speaks with the legal counsel who informs him that something was found but not retrieved. Chairman Cha uses a different phone to call someone to take care of something for him.

The Mad Dog Team wonder who doctored the insurance policies. Kang Woo says Hong Joo was clueless. A sensor goes off. Noo Ri states someone is breaking into their office.

Someone holds a flashlight in the Mad Dog office. He turns on the power and boots up the computers. The lights go on and Kang Woo steps forward. Then Min Joon steps forward. Kang Woo asks the man what he’s doing here. The man’s face is revealed…it’s Officer Jo!!!

My Thoughts

Great cliffhanger. I did not see that coming. Writer Kim Soo Jin is making me a fan! This was the episode we’ve been waiting for. The Mad Dog Team now includes Min Joon and they are working together. The chemistry of this team is good. I am loving it. The end reveal was a shock. But those with sick children are susceptible to blackmail, so in a way this is a standard kdrama ploy. I didn’t see it coming though.

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, Noo Ri and Min Joo worked well together. I had to laugh when the team relocated to Min Joon’s apartment without his approval. Min Joon led the team’s operation while Kang Woo worked at the insurance company. I’ve wanted this team to form. Now it has. It was worth the wait.

Chairman Cha, his daughter Hong Joo, and Hyun Gi aren’t bound as a trio but rather a duo.  Chairman Cha wants the original insurance documents Hyun Gi has. He was smart to let the Mad Dog Team ferret them out. Those documents are Hyun Gi’s leverage. His daughter Hong Joo didn’t like Kang Woo being given access to the company’s secrets in the repository and followed him. But when Kang Woo questioned her it was obvious she didn’t know about the doctored insurance documents. I find it interesting that Chairman Cha has kept Hong Joo innocent in the past but is pushing her to get her hands dirty now that he’s getting ready to step aside. It was astute of Hong Joo to question if her father would attempt to take over JH airlines. Hyun Gi realized the art delivery was a potential theft opportunity. He’s willing to kill to maintain the leverage over Chairman Cha. But when he found the papers not stolen he heaved a sigh of relief. I found it odd that the false door to the precious papers were not secured in anyway. That strikes me as dumb.

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) returned to the insurance company. His job was to find the original papers. He did all he could and learned they were not in the company. He realized Hyun Joo was clueless about that. He’s got to be careful because Hong Joo has decided to follow her father’s edicts and not be swayed by Kang Woo. The mutual respect in the bar scene between Min Joon and Kang Woo was satisfying. I especially liked when Kang Woo stated that Min Joon should not risk his life and die but the perpetrators should.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) joined the Mad Dog Team. Min Joon directed the team on his own path. Once again his plan was bold. But he and Kang Woo came to an understanding over a beer. I was starved for some of his backstory so the ice cream moment was welcome. Min Joon showed he cared for Ha Ri when he refused to put her at risk by leaving her and taking the original documents they need.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) is drawn to Min Joon and he’s drawn to her. She is an excellent operative. But she’s falling for Min Joon as evidenced by shielding him from the legal counsel and touching his hair. Don’t worry it’s mutual. Min Joon seems more likely to resist based on his background. Now that they are on the same team will their relationship start to veer into romance? Or will it be job first then romance?

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) is an excellent operative. He enhances every scene he’s in. I had to laugh when he sat on Min Joon’s priceless art.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) set up his computers in Min Joon’s office without listening to Min Joon’s complaints. He is getting more to do and say now. I like it.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

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5 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 8 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    “She praises him and strokes his hair.” kjt
    Ummm hmmmm. When have you ever, in the history of Kdrama,seen a woman touch a man that she is not already in a relationship with? (Even then, I WISH they would show more of this type of affection.) But my point had been in my previous posts that the show has been trying to tell us something about Ha Ri’s character. I’m not saying that it’s bad but that I’m noticing it because it’s unusual in Kdrama, which seems to be loosening up in general. But in a culture that considers it impolite for opposite genders to touch in any way that are not in a relationship… Think about it, when you see a couple holding hands in a drama, we, along with the other characters, get all excited because it means they’re now a couple. Even in real life, until just recently, you’d see actors at awards shows draping their co-star actress’ shoulder but never actually allowing his arm to rest or his hand to touch her shoulder. So Ha ri’s behavior glares out at me.

    I was wondering why Min Joon didn’t go to the meeting with Crooked Tie and let Cheetah go with Ha ri to deliver the painting. But then we wouldn’t have gotten that great “I’m not leaving you to this danger” moment. *romantic sigh*

    “I found it odd that the false door to the precious papers were not secured in anyway. That strikes me as dumb.”kjt

    Haha! I was thinking it was pretty smart because most people would never think you look as the safe would be a diversion. That’s probably also why Crooked Tie used the date for the airplane crash as a combination cause I thought that was stupid at first, except then O thought he’s hoping whoever opened the safe would think there’s nothing more to look for if it’s not in the safe. (I’m assuming he thinks no one would know to look for the insurance certificates since Insurance Lady was dead. He’s trying to prevent anyone that might break into the safe for other reasons from stumbling upon the insurance certificates while looking for something else.)

    Cop friend – I knew it! The minute they were talking about his kid needing surgery and then his desperation when Kang woo said he wouldn’t involve him any longer.

    I find something shifty about Hong joo too, but I’m probably wrong because that actress just always strikes me that way. lol I don’t want her and Kang woo to end up together. Even if she innocently pushed his wife onto that flight, it just doesn’t sit right right with me that he would then end up with her.


    • But then we wouldn’t have gotten that great “I’m not leaving you to this danger” moment. *romantic sigh*
      I liked the conviction behind that statement.

      That’s probably also why Crooked Tie used the date for the airplane crash as a combination cause I thought that was stupid at first, except then O thought he’s hoping whoever opened the safe would think there’s nothing more to look for if it’s not in the safe.
      That’s a good point.

      Cop friend – I knew it! The minute they were talking about his kid needing surgery and then his desperation when Kang woo said he wouldn’t involve him any longer
      Granted the kid needing surgery is always a tip-off.

      I don’t want her and Kang woo to end up together
      I’m neutral on this. Hong Joo swims with sharks and her morality is not on the same plane as Kang Woo.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON: I’m worried that Kang Woo does not realize HOW ⚠ dangerous the “affably evil” CEO Cha is and that Min Joon does not realize HOW much ⚠ danger he has put himself in with revealing himself to the public. But then again Hyun Gi was already aware who Min Joon was and had him on a hit 🔫 list. Who is more dangerous ⚠ Hyun Gi or Korean netizens?

    I was relieved that Min Joon had the presence of mind to leave Hyun Gi’s documents 📃 so that he did not put Ha Ri in jeopardy … which showed Min Joon’s concern for Ha Ri. Of course we cannot forget Ha Ri’s head patting and praise of Min Joon earlier in the episode. Not only did she recognize herself being drawn ✏〰 to Min Joon, but as Beez pointed out that type of skinship is not typical among members of the opposite sex who are not in a relationship 🚫👫. I was glad Min Joon’s kindness towards Hyun Gi’s secretary paid off in being able to get away quietly … I hope the secretary doesn’t pay 👊💢 for it.

    FREE AND BREEZY 🍃: Well, we have cleared up the myth about Hyun Gi and Hong Joo being married 🚫👩‍❤‍👨, but I still have not determined the nature of their relationship. I concur that is VERY 🍀 fortunate for Hong Joo that they are NOT married. I’m not sure how I feel about Hong Joo. Clearly she is NOT privy to all of her father’s machinations; but has compromised herself by getting involved on the fraudulent side of the insurance company. CEO Cha is slowly but surely removing the possibility of Hong Joo to have plausible deniability in the underbelly of his business. KJT nailed 🔨 it noting that Hong Joo’s “morality is not on the same plane as Kang Woo’s”.

    YOU COMPLETE ME: I love that Team Mad Dog moved into Min Joon’s apartment without his consent. The team had already been spending a significant time 🕐 there, so why not! I thought I was going to end up on the floor 😅 laughing when Soon Jung mounted the bronze stag artwork. Oh, the horror 😨 on Min Joon’s face has Soon Jung yanked on the stag’s rack! I‘m pleased to see comradery and trust being built between Min Joon and the gang, especially with Kang Woo. Will there be a bromance 💙?

    ET TU BRUTE? Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed 😞 in Officer Jo. I truly thought thought he was not susectible to the temptations of Team Evil. Where’s Medicaid when you need it⁉


    • I’m worried that Kang Woo does not realize HOW ⚠ dangerous the “affably evil” CEO Cha is and that Min Joon does not realize HOW much.
      Agreed. Will it cost them?

      he did not put Ha Ri in jeopardy … which showed Min Joon’s concern for Ha Ri.
      That was proof he cares for her. He just doesn’t know what to do with his feelings.

      CEO Cha is slowly but surely removing the possibility of Hong Joo to have plausible deniability in the underbelly of his business
      Chairman Cha will use anyone to further his own agenda. Does he think Hong Joo is a sufficient successor to him?

      I‘m pleased to see comradery and trust being built between Min Joon and the gang, especially with Kang Woo. Will there be a bromance 💙?
      Kang Woo is the caring side of the con and Min Joo is the afraid to feel side of the same coin.

      Where’s Medicaid when you need it⁉


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    WOW‼. I FINALLY caught up KJT’s blogging. 😌✳SIGHING DEEPLY✳

    Liked by 1 person

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