Mad Dog Episode 7 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 7 “Mad Dogs, Dogs Who Bite Never Bark”

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan), Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) and Manager Park hear the co-pilot’s confession that he lied. Min Joon’s brother tried to stop the crash by pulling up on the throttle but to no avail. Now we see what really happened during the crash.

Flashback…Min Joon’s brother is piloting the plane while the drunk co-pilot sleeps it off. Something in the mechanical wiring on the plane catches fire, spreads, and causing a ripple effect of system failure. Min Joon’s brother sees all the dials go crazy and the plane plunges down. Kang Woo’s wife and child put their air mask on and clutch each other in the pose that Kang Woo finds them in when he identifies the bodies later. Min Joon’s brother reports a mayday situation to the tower. He yells at the co-pilot. The co-pilot stirs, and yells pull up. But nothing can be done and the plane crashes on the runway.

I’m we got to see the what really happened during the crash. It seems straightforward the airline and the insurance company are in cahoots and made Min Joon’s brother the scapegoat to avoid litigation and larger insurance payouts.

Min Joon sobs that his brother didn’t intentionally crash the plane.

Manager Park stops Kang Woo from driving in his emotionally distraught state. He offers Kang Woo a cigarette. Kang Woo flashes back to his wife pleading with him to stop smoking. He crushes the cigarette in his hand.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) and Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) drive to pick up Kang Woo. They can hardly believe that Min Joon’s brother didn’t intentionally crash the plane. Ha Ri points out that the texts from Min Joon’s brother that Noo Ri retrieved from Min Joon’s old sim card didn’t indicate suicide. They see Kang Woo slumped on the ground next to his car with Manager Park standing next to him. They decide to give him time to collect himself.

Sitting in the co-pilots hospital room Min Joon recalls the last time he saw his brother and his cold behavior towards him. His brother gave him the watch and said next time Min Joon could call him brother. Min Joon feels the sting of the actions he can never make up for. He looks at the co-pilot, grabs him and demands that he say who paid him to lie. The co-pilot stares at Min Joon without saying a word. Min Joon leaves the room.

Min Joon didn’t press the co-pilot at all. That strikes me as odd. The co-pilot believed Min Joon was his brother. The co-pilot just confessed to lying. Why not push him for who paid him to lie?

Ha Ri slides into the driver’s seat as Min Joon opens his car door. She holds out her hand for his keys. Min Joon sighs and gives them to her. She states the Mad Dog office is their destination. She notes that Min Joon’s brother’s text must have been the catalyst for his investigation. Min Joon chuckles guessing his old sim card was hacked. Ha Ri says she knows his brother didn’t commit suicide and crash the plane intentionally. She thinks his reaction is minimal. Min Joon says there’s no reason to cry but he stares at the window.

Manager Park and Kang Woo share soju and information. Manager Park says the co-pilot received a $5.1M payout from the insurance company at the direction of management. Kang Woo asks who ordered the payout. Manager Park isn’t sure but knows that Chairman Cha approves all big payouts. Manager Park says he had no idea the co-pilot was an alcoholic when he interviewed him after the crash. Kang Woo doesn’t blame his friend. He states those that committed the coverup at the culprits.

Chairman Cha’s son-in-law Hyun Gi who is the acting chairman of JH airlines, received the award for best airline. The reporter congratulates Hyun Gi for the award. The reporter notes that just 2 years ago JH airlines had a major crash and is now an award-winning airline. Hyun Gi solemnly states that mental health checks on employees weren’t done two years ago but now they are. The reporter boldly asks Hyun Gi if his father supposedly in a coma is dead. He notes that if his father died succession of the company might not go to him as well as the inheritance money complications. Hyun Gi declares his father is in a coma and the reporter should report facts not make accusations. The report demurs he was only looking for confirmation.

Outside JH airlines the reporter tells his scolding colleague that he went fishing with the question about Hyun Gi’s father. He murmurs the father must be alive to crown the son successor.

Hyun Gi is not happy with his assistant who reminds Hyun Gi that he approved the interview. Hyun Gi glares and the assistant claims it was all his fault. Hyun Gi demands to know where the legal counsel is.

The JH airlines legal counsel is reporting to Chairman Cha that his $10M investment in the company has been completed. Chairman Cha wonders if it is time to hold a funeral for Hyun Gi’s father. The legal counsel plays the audio recording of Hyun Gi telling his hitman to kill his father. Incensed, Chairman Cha declares this is Hyun Gi’s mess to clean up. He orders the legal counsel to apprise Hyun Gi of the situation.

Kang Woo wakes the next morning with a headache from his drinking with Manger Park the previous evening. He puts away the clippings that Min Joon’s brother was the cause of the crash. Meanwhile, Min Joon does that same thing. Both men ponder who really is at fault for the coverup.

Soon Jung and On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) wait outside the police station. Soon Jung reminds Noo Ri this meeting should not be shared with Kang Woo. Officer Jo exits the police station. Soon Jung and Noo Ri exit the car. Officer Jo asks where Kang Woo is. Soon Jung admits he sent the text. This miffs Officer Jo. Soon Jung reports that Ko Jin Chul didn’t hang himself in the police station, rather he was murdered. He urges Officer Jo to investigate.

Kang Woo is not surprised to Ha Ri outside his apartment building. He tells her he’s fine, but the time is now to find out what really happened. They drive to Min Joon’s apartment. He’s not there. They enter his lair and study the evidence board. Kang Woo wonders if Min Joon is targeting the insurance company next.

Min Joon surprised Manager Park by visiting him at the insurance company. Min Joon asks Manager Park to give him all the documentation on the crash.

Hong Joo, the Chairman Cha’s daughter, daughter receives a call from their newest client. He wants to know where the $10M is. Hong Joo assures him she made the transfer personally. He says she’s not as good as her father.

Did Chairman Cha divert the money right under his daughter’s nose?

Hong Joo is surprised to find Min Joon and Manager Park in the conference room. Min Joon lies he’s there to buy life insurance. He lets slip that maybe he should use Ms. Lee who has been in hiding for 2 years. That confuses Hong Joo. Min Joon knows she doesn’t know about secreting Ms. Lee away. He shrugs and says he’ll get his insurance needs taken care of elsewhere.

Hong Joo doesn’t like that Manager Park is keeping secrets from her. She tells him to follow her orders and stop acting like a claims investigator.

Per agreement Soon Jung and Noo Ri listen in on the conversation that Officer Jo has with the officer that spoke with the Mad Dog team at the police station. When he gets a prompting text from Soon Jung he asks about the security footage outside the bathroom Ko Jin Chul died in. The officer admits that there is no security footage because they were hacked. Officer Jo is outraged. Soon Jung and Noo Ri smile knowingly. After the discussion, Soon Jung and Noo Ri walk the street looking for a CCTV that might have footage of those exiting the police station. They spy one near an eatery. They tell the trailing Officer Jo they are going to eat. Officer Jo sputters at the impolite dismissal.

Soon Jung and Noo Ri sees the CCTV is inside the eatery. They hear the owner discussing deliveries. They ask what time she gets her deliveries for the next day 1am is the timeframe.

Min Joon spies Ha Ri at an eatery and joins her. He urges her to eat all her food, so she doesn’t get sick.

Aww, he cares!

Min Joon isn’t surprised to find Kang Woo in his lair. They banter. Kang Woo asks why he’s still conducting a solo investigation. Min Joon asks if Kang Woo expects him to join the MDT. Min Joon says he doesn’t trust Kang Woo. Smiling, Kang Woo suggests they trade information. Kang Woo knows that Min Joon went to the insurance company and requested the investigation documentation. He puts a folder on the desk and says this is it. Min Joon asks what he wants. Kang Woo asks what Ms. Lee told him before she died. After two tries, Min Joon admits that Ms. Lee told him to find the original insurance policies the company issue. Kang Woo wonders why. Min Joon agrees that is the question.

Manager Park calls Kang Woo. He rushes to the hospital and finds the co-pilot strapped to the bed. The nurse says the co-pilot went crazy this morning while watching TV. Kang Woo asks for the time of the incident. He plays the story which details JH airlines paying additional compensation to certain victims because they were the ones at fault for not checking the pilot and co-pilot’s health.

Soon Jung and Noo Ri watch the delivery man enter the eatery. Noo Ri checks the delivery chart inside the truck. They turn and find Ha Ri standing there. They claim they weren’t leaving her out. She sighs and says she’ll do the hit and run bit. She enters the eatery and cries that her brother was in a hit and run last night but there is no CCTV footage. The owner apologizes that her CCTV is internal to the store. The owner asks the delivery man if he can help. Once he hears the timeframe of the accident. He suggests his dash cam could have the footage to help. Ha Ri smiles in gratitude. When Soon Jung, Ha Ri and Noo Ri look at the footage they notice only 2 cars went in and out of the police station. Ha Ri recognizes one of the cars belongs to Manager Park. She calls him to meet them. When he calls her to say he’s outside the office she hangs up on him. Manager Park growls Ha Ri has always been difficult.

Why didn’t Noo Ri take the dash cam footage when he reached into the truck to view the delivery chart?

Manager Park enter the Mad Dog office just in time to overhear Officer Jo say they need to get the co-pilot’s testimony. Manager Park says the co-pilot’s testimony won’t hold up in court because of his diagnosis of alcohol dementia. Office Jo tells Kang Woo that Soon Jung and Noo Ri are trying to determine who killed Ko Jin Chul. He says the police don’t want to find the killer. He leaves. Manager Park and the MDT view the dash cam footage. Manager Park recognizes his car. He also recognizes the other car. Noo Ri zooms in on the other car. Manager Park recognizes the JH legal counsel.

The JH legal counsel report the $10M stock purchase from Chairman Cha. Hyun Gi is pleased even though he knew nothing about it. He asks the legal counsel when his father’s funeral should be. The legal counsel suggests next week. Hyun Gi agrees. He asks the legal counsel if Chairman Cha recommended him for this job. The legal counsel counters it was another. Hyun Gi asks if the legal counsel will return to work with Chairman Cha after the funeral. The legal counsel vows his loyalty to JH airline. Hyun Gi warns him to mean it.

Kang Woo tells Ha Ri he believes the JH legal counsel killed Ko Jin Chul. He acted as his lawyer, and capitalized on his position of trust and killed him. Min Joon enters. He doesn’t understand why they are investigating JH airlines when Ms. Lee pointed to the insurance company. Kang Woo tells Min Joon to back off. Min Joon declares that Kang Woo refuses to see the insurance company’s part in this mess because he’s still attached to his former employer. Kang Woo warns Min Joon not to interfere with the investigation by charging into the insurance company. He turns the tables on Min Joon who wants the collaborate and tells him to get out. After Min Joon leaves, Kang Woo admits he did that so the JH legal counsel wouldn’t put Min Joon in his sights.

Aww, he cares!

Min Joon considers the connection between the insurance company, JH airlines, and the JH legal counsel. Kang Woo does the same.

The next morning Min Joon follows Hong Joo into a building. He sees that she’s dining at a top floor eatery. Meanwhile Kang Woo and Ha Ri follow the JH legal counsel into the same building. Ha Ri spies Min Joon going into the elevator. Kang Woo clenches his fist at Min Joon’s continued investigation into the insurance company.

Hong Joo meets with the JH legal counsel. She reminds him she’s aware that he still reports to her father and one day he’ll report to her too. She asks if Ms. Lee is still alive. Surprised, the JH legal counsel admits that Ms. Lee was alive but now is dead. Hong Joo’s hands shake at the revelation.

Ha Ri finds Min Joon sipping coffee in the top floor eatery. She tells him they must leave. He sighs and stands. But he demands to know why. Ha Ri spies Hong Joo and JH legal counsel leaving the private dining room. She grabs Min Joon’s hand and pushes him against the wall. She warns him that being seen by those two isn’t wise. Min Joon wants to know why. Ha Ri admits that the JH legal counsel may be Ko Jin Chul’s killer. She doesn’t want Min Joon in his path and potentially meet the same fat.

Aww, she cares!

Kang Woo watches Hong Joo leave the building with the JH legal counsel. After they part, Kang Woo calls Hong Joo. He asks if she has anything to tells him. She asks if he has anything to tell her. Kang Woo says he doesn’t. Hong Joo replies she doesn’t. Kang Woo sighs and says so be it. He hangs up. Ha Ri gets into the car and start to tell him about Hong Joo’s breakfast partner, but Kang Woo tells her he knows. He says they may need to employ a shark to go after Hong Joo.

Manager Park asks Hong Joo for more time on the claims case she ordered him to expedite. She says he’s demoted.

Manager Park calls Kang Woo and reports it is here. Kang Woo apologizes for that Manager Park lost him job. Manager Park counters that he failed Kang Woo 2 years ago with a subpar investigation and he owes him. Kang Woo tells him never to apologize again.

Kang Woo finds Chairman Cha working out. They sit down to tea and smile their fake smiles at each other. Kang Woo pushes the Ko Jin Chul investigation papers to Chairman Cha and lets him know Ko Jin Chul is dead. Chairman Cha is pleased. Kang Woo reminds Chairman Cha that he promised to support him. Chairman Cha asks what he wants. Kang Woo says he wants to return to the claims department at the insurance company. He promises to bring up the fraud conviction rates.

As Kang Woo leaves the building he wonders what Chairman Cha will do now.

Min Joon sips a beer alone in his apartment. He places a beer next to his brother’s photo. He apologizes for not having a drink with him when he was alive. He asks his brother what he should do next.

Kang Woo has a bottle of soju alone in his apartment. He stares at the picture of his wife and child. He promises his wife he won’t drink again. Kang Woo receives a text from the insurance secretary.

Hong Joo investigate the personnel records of the JH legal counsel who formerly worked at the insurance company.

Min Joon arrives at the Mad Dog office and finds Noo Ri, Soon Jung and Ha Ri but not Kang Woo. He asks where he is.

Hyun Gi rides up the elevator at the insurance company with a well-dressed employee.

Min Joon arrives at the insurance company. He finds Manager Park unpacking his things at a new desk. He motions Min Joon to his old office.

Min Joon enters the office and is surprised to Kang Woo. He asks what is going on. Kang Woo says he’s come full circle. He introduces himself as the insurance company’s claim manager. Min Joon stares at him in shock.

My Thoughts

Kang Woo and Min Joon are both searching for the real culprit behind the plane crash. Writer Kim Soo Jin wrapped up how the plane crash occurred. It was mechanical failure. We know that the insurance payments would have been larger for that and JH airlines would have faced massive lawsuits. So both companies cooperated to save their own profits. But it’s more than that. I am loving the intricate storyline that peels like an onion every episode. Writer Kim is impressing me.

The Mad Dog Team – Ha Ri, Kang Woo, Moo Shin, and Noo Ri knows Min Joo’s brother did not commit suicide and intentionally crash the plane. The team immediately began investigating who paid the co-pilot and who killed Ko Jin Chul. I love how each member of this team plays an important role. No one is window dressing.

Chairman Cha, his daughter, and her husband are bound together but don’t trust each other. Chairman Cha continues to be the behind the scenes manipulator. His daughter Hong Joo was surprised when Min Joon said that Ms. Lee was alive. She asked the JH airlines legal counsel about it. Unfortunately, that made her look like she was colluding with him. Hyun Gi suspects the JH airlines legal counsel as secretly working for Chairman Cha. He’s got that right. Is Hyun Gi’s father dead?

Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) turned to Manager Park multiple times. I was pleased that Manager Park is truly Kang Woo’s friend not an insurance company robot. Kang Woo proved he cares for Min Joon when he told Ha Ri they must kept Min Joon off the JH legal counsel’s radar for fear that Min Joon would be hurt. Kang Woo turned the tables on Min Joon and refused to collaborate, an offer he’d made early in the episode.

Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) focused on the insurance company and won’t be deterred. Min Joon won’t listen to Kang Woo or Ha Ri and back away. He’s driven to uncover the truth. He’s correct that the insurance company (per Ms. Lee) is the strongest candidate. He’s come to respect Kang Woo and was surprised when Kang Woo returned to work at the insurance company. He continues to be drawn to Ha Ri. He was sweet when he encouraged her to eat well. Their chemistry is a nice slow build.

Jang Ha Ri (Ryu Hwa Young) has a heart behind that tough girl facade. She literally pulled Min Joon out of the line of sight of the murderous JH legal counsel, but she held his hand longer than necessary. Ha Ri and Min Joon are on different teams and can’t indulge themselves…yet.

Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) undercover operation with Noo Ri was darling. I loved how Soon Jung got Officer Jo to cooperate. I loved how Soon Jung hung his head once Ha Ri caught them.

On Noo Ri (Kim Hye Seong) is cute when he goes out covered from head to toe. His chemistry with Soon Jung was excellent this episode.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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23 comments on “Mad Dog Episode 7 Recap
  1. Table122000 says:

    Thanks for your recaps. I’m enjoying the drama although it is different than what I expected, which was more of a “Leverage” type of show where everyone (including Min Joon) would work as a team on different cases- more of a caper like feel. Instead show has focused on the Flight 801 mystery, and Min Joon and Mad Dog team mostly working separately. Now that Min Joon’s brother has been proved innocentt of deliberately crashing the plane I hope that everyone will join forces and work together for the remaining episodes. I like the hint of romance between Min Joon and Ha Ri. I hope we see it develop. I wish we could see more of the back stories of the team members. We’ve seen Cheetah but I’d like to see the others as well. So glad manager Park is one of the “good” guys.
    One thing I’m curious about-why do you think Hong Joo and Hyun Gi are married? I never got that impression, in fact just the opposite. I think they are both very much single. Hong Joo rejects Hyun Gi several times when he tries to ask her out, and I don’t ever remember him addressing Chairman Cha as Father In Law, which I’m sure would happen if they were married. Hong Joo also clearly likes Kang Woo a lot and would like to be more than friends.


    • why do you think Hong Joo and Hyun Gi are married? I never got that impression, in fact just the opposite.
      Others have pointed that out. I’m not spoiling anything but the next episode clarifies they are indeed single. I believed it was a marriage of convenience to bind the two companies. I was wrong.

      Now that Min Joon’s brother has been proved innocent of deliberately crashing the plane I hope that everyone will join forces and work together for the remaining episodes.
      I share your wish. Writer Kim is wise to make us wait. When it happens it will be more satisfying.

      Thanks for commenting!


    • Beez says:

      Yup. Hong joo got it bad. I think she has the decency to feel guilty about pushing Kang woo’s wife to be on that flight, and knowing Kang woo is not ready yet, she’s not pushing for a relationship. (At least I hope the guilt is for “innocently” pushing his wife to take that flight. I hope she wasn’t in on whatever skullduggery is going on because it almost seems like somebody knew in advance that plane was going to crash. Otherwise, why was Dead-Alive-Dead-Again Insurance Lady pushing her policies the day before the flight to Kang Woo’s wife and to the Depressed Pilot?)

      That’s another thing, I don’t like when we’re shown misdirects. I love it when a scene is shown and we’re led to the wrong conclusion that later facts or added info to the scene make you realize you jumped to that conclusion. But when you show me scenes and then change those scenes later – that’s cheating. We were shown the pilot taking anti-depressants and pushing down on the controls. I’m not saying you can’t show me a scene like that from a character’s point of view, that’s ok. But we were clearly shown what happened on the day of the crash. If I’m wrong (cause I frequently miss stuff), somebody correct and inform me, please.


  2. Beez says:

    “Why didn’t Noo Ri take the dash cam footage when he reached into the truck to view the delivery chart?” kjt

    Haha! Maybe the writers didn’t think of it cause I sure didn’t. Good catch, kjt. At first when I read your comment, i tried to make excuses for them like “Well, they consider themselves law abiding…” but then – no cause Kang woo has the team do whatever he wants, including B&E, to find out what he needs.


  3. Beez says:

    Kang woo did the thing I hate most in any show – tries to divert Min Joon instead of warning him directly of the danger. Everybody knows that telling someone not to look into something you know they’re determined and curious about guarantees they’ll keep looking and add the antagonism between Kang woo and Min Joon and, basically, Kang woo may as well be a puppet master sending Min Joon directly into the murderer’s path.

    Yes, Min Joon would still continue with what he’s doing, but he’d be less likely to turn his unsuspecting back on a corporate lawyer who’s out to kill him.

    I like Ha Ri but I think the show over plays her as always “on” with the femme fatale act. I’m fine with her using it to distract during their capers, but because it’s always on, at first I thought she has a thing for Kang woo. I think (maybe) it’s just genuine concern out of friendship but if it weren’t for her obvious attraction to Min Joon, I would still be questioning her feelings for Kang woo.

    And I think it’s obvious Hong joo has a thing for Kang woo that she’s trying to keep under wraps. I can’t blame her.


    • I like Ha Ri but I think the show over plays her as always “on” with the femme fatale act.
      I read her as confident and then assumes the femme fatale persona for capers. Her dress and mannerism are not overt in the office.

      Kang woo did the thing I hate most in any show – tries to divert Min Joon instead of warning him directly of the danger
      red flag in front of bull. Min Joo would not be dissuaded but for Kang Woo to hold back information left him vulnerable.

      Hong joo has a thing for Kang woo that she’s trying to keep under wraps. I can’t blame her
      Yoo Ji Tae is a fine figure of a man.


      • Beez says:

        “Her dress and mannerism are not overt in the office.” kjt

        While that’s true, there is a very slow and deliberate way she’s moving purposely. You’ll see it just in the way she crosses her legs. These type of things that make men unconsciously entranced. It was used by old school Hollywood femme fatales. I’m probably noticing it because I just watched the actress in Father Is Strange without that affectation.

        I appreciate the actors bringing it to the role, especially when she’s pulling a “sting” but, like I said before, it’s a bit much (imo) when they’re on downtime.

        I’m glad she and lonely Min joon seem to being heading toward something though.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez, you called it on the misdirection 📍🗺📍📍 “when you show me scenes and then change those scenes later – that’s cheating” I felt that way too about changing how the plane 🛩💢 crash played out. It would be much more honest to show a partial scene and divulge the rest later than to change a scene that was shown as ‘fact’.

    Now we know that the plane 🛩 and it’s communication systems were sabotaged. My likely suspects are CEO Cha, Hyun Gi or maybe the conspiracy includes both of them. I think Hyun Gi’s dad passed ⚰ away possibly at the time of the plane 🛩💢 crash. It sounds to me like Hyun Gi has been working on lining 🐥🐥🐥 things up for him to officially takeover JH Airlines. It sounds like it was not cleanly lined up for him.

    I don’t know why, but I find Hyun Gi’s signature collars with slits so the tie 👔 is partially over the collar interesting because it is different, but annoyed 😟 that it is his entire wardrobe. I’d be curious to see if he wore a tux, would the bow tie be partially over the collar too.

    I’m sure Kang Woo is returning to Taeyong Insurance, so he can have access to dig ♠ deeper, surely that is not lost on Min Joon. I 💗 the way Ha Ri dragged Min Joon to safety and held his hand 👫 just a bit longer than necessary. She also protected Min Joon when she drove him home after being shell shocked about his hyung’s vindication. After this slow build up I hope we get a satisfactory fruition 🍋🍎🍐🍑 of this relationship‼

    As long as Hong Joo doesn’t turn out to be evil 🚫😈, I good with her helping Kang Woo mend his broken 💔 heart.


    • I don’t know why, but I find Hyun Gi’s signature collars with slits so the tie 👔 is partially over the collar interesting because it is different, but annoyed 😟 that it is his entire wardrobe.
      I too notice this in every scene he is in. The stylist choose a subtle but distinctive signature for this character. Have we ever seen him in anything other than a shirt/tie/suit?

      I 💗 the way Ha Ri dragged Min Joon to safety and held his hand 👫 just a bit longer than necessary. She also protected Min Joon when she drove him home after being shell shocked about his hyung’s vindication.
      Her actions speak louder than the words she won’t say. Their snail’s pace works.


    • Beez says:

      The ties! So glad you mentioned them, JT. At first, I thought the tie was up on one side and that the show was saying whats-his-face was drunk and disheveled. I realized this episode it’s his style and it IRKS me. But I’d like it a lot of it came out of the collar on both sides.


    • Beez says:

      So glad you understood what I meant about hating the misdirection of the events of the plane crash. I do enjoy misdirection but it has to make you in awe of the writing that goes “I totally get how that looked until you showed/told me the surrounding facts.” Now I’m wondering if Min Joon’s hyung was even taking any medication at all even though we were clearly shown him taking the anti-depressants.

      I learned something new yesterday that is making me look at Kdrama storytelling in a different light. Now I could be wrong but…a native Korean teaching (online) how grammar works explained how EVERYTHING is contextual. To me, that explains how we’ll be watching a scene and a person says “She/he went there yesterday.” And we’re like “Is the subtitler leaving things out? Are Koreans clairvoyant? ‘Cause he just brought that up out the blue. Who, what and/or where?”

      So MAYBE,a very big MAYBE, I’m totally hypothesizing, but gaping holes left hanging don’t bother the S.K. audience as much because that’s part of their culture???

      The Korean teacher was explaining that in conversation, a speaker would not say “Let’s go to your house” (because pronouns are used differently). He would say “house go”. So I posted a question that “How do the speakers know whose house he wants to go to?”

      Anyway, we’ll see if he answers me. But maybe the way I grit my teeth over “How could the writer write such a good story buy leave us hanging on [fill in the blank]” is not as big a deal to them. I used to think it was because of the way shows are produced and that they ran out of time. Now I’m not so sure. Again, I could be completely off base but thinking this way makers it easier for me to accept it as a cultural difference and not gnash my teeth over small points any more. I hope.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think Hyun Gi has been wearing suits and ties in every episode.

      I’ve been watching Hyun Gi’s tie and collar 👔 combos from the beginning. Like Beez, the first time I thought he was drunk and disheveled. Then I noticed there seemed to be a slot in the collar for the tie, making it a fashion choice. Most of the time the tie has overlapped on his left side, but it was the right side this episode.

      I agree with Beez that I would like it better having the tie overlapped on both sides. Nonetheless Hyun Gi’s fashion sense has captured our attention.


      • Beez says:

        I wonder if it’s the wardrobe department’s interpreting of his character’s twisted personality or if it’s the actor’s personal fashion choice.


        • I wonder if it’s the wardrobe department’s interpreting of his character’s twisted personality
          I like that idea!


        • Jane Tilly says:

          I’ll bet you are right Beez, nicely pointed out. I have known some costume designers who have added their own personal touches to costumes based on their own interpretation of a script.


          • Beez says:

            But have you guys ever noticed that sometimes the heroine dresses exceptionally dowdy in a way that the script doesn’t necessarily call for? Like she’s not THAT poor yet she had on a grungy seater, lonnnng shapeless skirt, and ankle socks?

            Gong Hyo-Jin has a tendency to dress really dowdy. And the actress who always plays the worst mother-in-law, Park Jun-Keum, wears clothes that are almost over designed (at least for her age and not appropriate for where she’s at.) Example is her attire in DOTS while simply at the hospital. Granted she practically owned the hospital but the youthful, over the top things she wore didn’t fit the occasion. She dressed this way I Secret Garden as well. Since I see her like this often, I wonder if that’s just the way she dresses and she chooses to wear her own clothes. These things make me wonder if wardrobe is not as controlled by the production teams the way every single item a character wears is considered in Hollywood productionsn even if it’s just a shirt and jeans.


            • Beez says:

              Oops. I just googled Park Jun Keum and she’s much younger than I thought. She’s 55. But she’s obviously had some work done since I first saw her in Secret Garden as she looks younger now than she did then. That show even commented in the script something about how she looked older than her sister (because she very much so did).

              Anyway I was googling to see how she dresses on her own time and she’s very fashion forward.


          • Jane Tilly says:

            Yep unnecessarily dowdiness for many heroines. Comfortable or modest dressing 👗 does NOT 🚫 need to equate to dowdy or frumpy. I had to laugh out loud for the of the last scene of “The Master’s Sun” when Gong Hyo-Jin said she was going to wear something “alluring”, which turned out to be a high necked long sleeved and BAGGY dress.

            I recently saw Park Jun-Keum in “Hospital Ship” where she not only wore beautiful clothes that fit nicely but was a sweet and generous potentional mother-in-law for Ha Ji Won’s character.


            • Beez says:

              Haha! Park Jun-Keum is playing Ha Ji won’s mother-in-law again?! But she’s nice this time?! That’s good to give the actress an opportunity to be more than sourpussed. 🙂

              So does Hospital Ship have Ha Ji won in a positive marriage or is she widowed or divorced?


            • Jane Tilly says:

              Ha Ji Won is single, but contemplating a marriage of convenience, partially because she liked the potential mother-in-law so much.


              • Beez says:

                @JT – What kinda crazy is that? I like his mother so much so I’ll marry him? Thanks, now I have no regrets that I decided to pass on that one.


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