Criminal Minds Episode 15 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 15 Recap

The Criminal Minds Team meets and discusses the girls’ backpacks, connections between their parents, and how Friday is D-Day for the abductor.

The captured girls are cold, thirsty, hungry. They begin to turn on each other.

The Criminal Minds Team brief their police partners about their theories regarding the girl’s abduction. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) asks the police to search storage or bunkers they know of. Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) calls Hyun Joon to inform him the land where the backpacks where found has been a source of development controversy. Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) enters to report that one of the girl’s father left the police station muttering that he’d kill someone. Professor Lee wonder if the father knows the abductor.

The swim coach is telling the remaining women on the team to work hard and consider this an opportunity. The father enters and punches the swim coach. He demands to know where his daughter is. Hyun Joon, Professor Lee and the police arrive and pull the irate father off the swim coach.

The captured girls are cold, thirsty, hungry. They continue to turn on each other.

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) interrogates the swim coach. She shows him pictures they found on his computer. The swim coach declares he isn’t the abductor. The girl’s father tells Min Young that the swim coach almost was arrested on sexual assault charges but he covered it up. The father moans that he was idiot to let the swim coach anywhere near his daughter. Hyun Joon joins the interrogation and tells the father that his 3-day fishing trip was more than that. He asks who the father met at the hotel near the fishing spot. The father admits to an affair with a customer. He begs them to keep this a secret.

I’m still reeling from the Father’s choice to allow his daughter to interact with a man he knows is guilty of sexual assault, an assault the father helped cover up.

The Criminal Minds Team is frustrated that the link between the parents and the abductor cannot be found. Team Lead Kang decides that the parents need to be prodded to reveal their past.

The captured girls are cold, thirsty, hungry. Two of them agree the sick girl is near death. They call to their abductor that they’ve made their choice. Two hammers are thrown into the room.

Yikes! Is that directing two of them to kill the other?

The anxious parents are tired and at their wits end with worry. They begin to turn on each other.

The abductor lets out two of the girls. He leads them through the woods. They get in his car.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo tell the parents to stop fighting. Hyun Joon presses them to reveal the abductor. Team Lead Kang watches the interactions and tells Min Young to find out if the father who is a lawyer has sued the real estate parents.

The abductor drives the two girls to town.

Na Hwang calls Hyun Joon and informs him that two of the girls’ phone are back in. The Criminal Minds Team runs outside the police to the phone’s location. They see the two girls. Team Lead Kang asks about the other girl. They stare at him blankly.

Team Lead Kang and Min Young interrogate one of the girls. She won’t talk.

Sun Woo interrogates the other girl. She tells Sun Woo there was nothing they could do. Sun Woo tells the girl it wasn’t her fault. That’s exactly what the girl needs to hear. She sobs. She declares the abductor made them choose.

Team Lead Kang tells Min Young to interrogate the other girl slowly. Na Hwang calls Team Lead Kang with evidence of lawsuits between the two parents. Hyun Joon wonders why the 3rd girl is part of the trio when there is no a connection between her parent and the other two. Na Hwang calls with news of the man that is connected. The 3rd girls’ mother remembers when the man asked the real estate parents for help when the sewage backed up in his eatery. They refused to help him. The mother remembers the man’s daughter entering the fray. The real estate father shoved her into a cabinet that fell on her. The mother recalls the man asking her to be a witness to the crime. She refused to avoid hard feelings with the real estate parents.

Min Young gently speaks to the girl and tries to establish a rapport. When Min Young discusses how worried her mother was the girl begins to cry. The girl says she was cold, hungry and thirsty. Flashback to the two girls grappling with the idea of using the hammers to kill their friend. The one girl screams they have no choice. The sick girl then hit her with a hammer. She says she had no choice. She asks Sun Woo if she should have died. She asks Sun Woo what happens to her now. Hyun Joon enters and shows the girl the picture of the man. She cries harder.

The switch between the interrogation of both girl was well done. The reveal that the sick girl struck the 1st blow was a surprise.

Na Hwang tells Team Lead Kang the man’s daughter had to give up swimming. The Criminal Minds Team and police head to the man’s house in the woods. They find the dead girl and the man sitting there. He puts his hands up and claims he did nothing to the girl. He says the other two girls killed her. He claims he only showed them how cruel life could be. He flashes back to asking the mother that witnessed the accident and begging for her help but to no avail. As he watches his daughter work in a convenience store he sees the three girls stroll by happy and healthy. He laughs. He tells Hyun Joon that two friends killed the other willing to ruin someone’s life not caring about the costs. The 3rd girls’ body is removed. Min Young recalls the parents claiming that their past actions couldn’t have a ripple effect to their daughters.

Vernon. “A small hole sinks ships. A small crime destroys people.”

Back at NCI headquarter the team is subdued. Na Hwang tries to coax them into socializing. Professor Lee decides to visit his mother. Everyone else gives an excuse and leaves.

Na Hwang plays darts by herself in a bowling alley. Min Young, Hyun Joon, Professor Lee arrive with a birthday cake. Sun Woo brings flowers. Na Hwang beams. She cries when she reads the card from Team Lead Kang. She blows out the candles and laughs.

A nervous finger flying man mutters “public laws are like water and justice will flow like sewage”. He gets into a taxi and mutters the phrase to himself not responding to the driver’s attempts at conversation. When the taxi driver arrives at the location the man doesn’t get out and restates his quote. The man kills the taxi driver.

The Criminal Minds Team review the facts of the case. They discuss two similar murders. The police couldn’t find sufficient details to connect the cases even though the murderer’s pattern was similar.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo discuss the murderer’s traits.

Team Lead Kang believes that the murder covering the victim’s eyes is meaningful.

They arrive at the murder location. The examine the taxi. Team Lead Kang declares the eyes were covered after the murder. They determine where the last fare was picked up. They realize this driver was targeted.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo arrive at one previous murder locations. They determine that the murder was specific about how he killed the victim.

Professor Lee wonders if the murderer is copying US serial killers. The Criminal Minds Team team tells their police partners that profiling helps narrow the field of murderers. They all agree the murderer is exacting in how he kills. The note the murderer is tapping into fantasies and will continue to kill until they stop him. Hyun Joon believes the killers reputation could soar.

My Thoughts

Kill or be killed. Writer Hong Seung Hyun gave a bleak scenario for the three friends. There was no way out but to kill one of them. The psychological manipulation by the wronged father was chilling. What bothered me was the parent’s unwillingness to see their part in creating the situation that put their daughters at risk. They would not see the truth. No Reaper this episode. He’s like an elusive shadow that we see but don’t engage directly.

Sun Woo was quietly understanding as she absolved the girl with the simple phrase “it wasn’t your fault”. It wasn’t her fault that she was in the situation, but isn’t’ she responsible for her actions?

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 was a team player. Professor Lee provides regular helpful insights.

Min Young had to be horrified when the girl finally started to explain what happened. But she already knew that it was the parents that created the hatred the killer spewed on their daughters.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, thought she’d be alone on her birthday but the team didn’t forget. I never like when a group of people let one of their friends feel slighted then surprise them. Why not be nice and not hurt your friend?

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) was a team player. Hyun Joon’s profiling is solid but the other team members are increasing their skills too.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) knew the parents were the key to breaking the case. Team Lead Kang seems more lucid with each episode. The PTSD doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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3 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    This was a deeply disturbing episode for multiple reasons. The kidnapper giving the captives a chance to be released by choosing who will die and providing them with instruments 🔨 of death. The girls killing one of their own friends … I think Sun Woo gave absolution before finding out what happened. The parent that knew the coach was a sexual predator and didn’t warn others, let alone keep his own daughter out of harms way. Those parents were all pieces of work! 🗣People, be honest, reasonable and good neighbors.


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