What am I blogging next?

October 2017 Blogging

I’ve got two shows I’ll be blogging starting in October. 

I’ll be blogging Mad Dog which airs on KBS2 and starts October 11.

What drew me to this series? This is a reader suggestion. When Jane Tilly pointed about that my Save Me crush Woo Do Hwan was in this series, that’s all I needed. Adding Yoo Ji Tae (Healer) into the mix only increased my interest.

What’s this show about? I don’t know, but I’m watching. I just checked, it is about an insurance fraud team.

How will I watch this show? It looks like Viki will be airing this show. I was concerned that DramaFever or Viki wouldn’t have it as it is a major network show. We’ll see. Sometime Viki looks like they’ll have a show but when I go to watch, it isn’t in my region.

REVOLUTIONARY LOVE. I’ll be blogging Revolutionary Love (aka Byun Hyuk’s Love) which airs on TvN and starts October 14.

What drew me to this series? This is a reader suggestion (thanks Beez) and I’d had my eye on too for one simple reason…Choi Si Won. He’s back from military service! I loved him in She was Pretty and The King of Dramas. Finally, Choi Si Won will be the leading man.

What’s this show about? I don’t know, but I’m watching. I just checked, it is about the love, friendship and hope of 3 young people.

How will I watch this show? The network is TVN so either DramaFever or Viki should pick it up.

I will finish Criminal Minds. Fingers crossed the Reaper is caught.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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27 comments on “What am I blogging next?
  1. imberreader says:

    I am so looking forward Revolutionary Love as well, for Choi Si Won especially! So looking toward your recaps! Mad Dog looks interesting, too. They really love that as curseword/insult in South Korea, don’t they…


  2. Beez says:

    Yay! for both dramas! I had Mad Dog on my radar as well.

    Hopefully this will end my drama dry spell.

    I’ll probably binge watch Man Hole along with my rewatch of Tree With Deep Roots (Jang Hyuk!) I’m noticing so many things that I didn’t catch (or didn’t understand) the first time around. And I didn’t realize that all of (and I mean every single one of) the actors, except Hyuky, Song Jook-ki, and Han Suk-Kyu, all appear in Six Flying Dragons as different characters. A testament to their skill as they are completely different in both.

    Looking forward to getting back in the mix with the kjtaCrew!


  3. Kay says:

    Choi Siwon…only reason needed to watch Revolutionary Love 🙂 I’m not sure about Mad Dog yet since I’ve pretty much had my fill of crime dramas. But I will see how the fan reaction is to it. I finally started Save Me yesterday so I will be reading through more of your recaps. First 2 eps were good 🙂


    • I concur that Choi Si Won and as the male lead (finally) is all that is needed.

      I hear you one the crime dramas. I took have watched more than I expected to (Voice, Tunnel, Criminal Minds) this year.

      You’ve got to let me know if you fall under the spell of Woo Do Hwan (Dong Cheol) as you watch Save Me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        EVERYbody’s talking about this guy Woo Do Hwan. I guess I’ll find out what all the hulabaloo is about when I watch him in Mad Dog.


      • DracoMama says:

        Did you all watch Sweet Stranger and Me aka The Man Living in Our House? Woo Do-hwan was in that as a member of Dada Finance and an old chum of Kim Young-kwang’s character. I definitely saw his skill in acting, so natural. Need to go watch Save Me too. Definitely tuning in for Mad Dog.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m in agreement with y’all about Choi Si Won…I’ve been anticipation of his return to Kdrama after his military service and was thrilled to find he would be the lead! I absolutely adored ❤ him in “She was Pretty”.

    Like KJT, I fell under the spell of Woo Do Hwan as Dong Cheol in “Save Me”. I could hardly believe 🙂 he was going to be a lead character in “Mad Dog” so soon after “Save Me”.

    Being a fan of time travel, I just finished “Deserving of the Name” last night. I loved ❤ “Deserving of the Name”, cheese and all .. it was my first time seeing Kim Nam Gil. I thought Kim Nam Gil was nice looking, but there is something about him that still photos don’t capture that makes him smexy…

    I found “Deserving of the Name” on Drama Cool only, which sucks as the website has gotten increasingly worse for popups. Does anyone have suggestions of other free websites that has shows you can’t find on Dramafever or Viki that is NOT as obnoxious as DramCool? I’m subscriptioned out.

    Speaking of Viki, I finally got a subscription just a few months ago and am MOST UNHAPPY that you now need a Viki Plus subscription (at double the price) to get most of the new shows? I haven’t capitulated … yet


    • It is getting more and more difficult to watch. There is no single spot for every drama. I do not have a better free spot. Thanks for sharing about Deserving of the Name.


      • Beez says:

        Well, just as I was going to post a site that’s not buggy, and I went to the site to be sure I typed the link correctly, and they’ve got that notice up that they’re being sued. *sigh*

        I can track when this all began –

        The sites had no problems as long as it kept to Korean content with a bit of Chinese shows. But then they decided to add Latin telenovellas. This country (USA) has too large a Latin communities to slide something by like that. You’re going to have Latin lawyers and professionals who are aware that copyrights are being infringed and royalties missed. We were squeezing by with the Asian shows (probably Korean-Americans wanted to watch more cheaply as well as opposed to paying cable for international channels) plus that’s a much smaller group of citizens who may not even have been aware of the illegit sites. But you take the millions of Latinos watching telenovellas, and I’m sure many of their relatives are professionals and may even work in that industry or have connections to that industry or advertisers…

        As to why they’re so buggy, I have no theory on that but wish somebody would clue me in. DramaCool obviously made the site for others to enjoy (it says so on their “about” page) but how do the virus azzhats get a hold of the content to plant their crap in it?


    • Beez says:

      Wow, JT. Your mentioning this drama made me check something because I want to eventually watch it too.

      Ok, so here’s the deal -I just refuse to sign up for Kowcowa (or whatever their name is). But I did upgrade to Viki Plus. (I know, Kow is still getting my money but I thought somehow I was making a stand by not subscribing to Kow’s full price subscription.) I thought that the Plus in Viki would give me the majority of Kow’s content minus a few variety programs but I just checked and Deserving/Live Up to Your Name is not on Viki Plus. I paid for the year so doubt I can ask for a refund at this point. *sigh* I don’t WANT another subscription plus, I think you can only watch Kow on computer but I watch all my other streaming sites on apps on my big tv or on mobile devices. 😦


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez, I gather you regret getting Viki plus? Do you wish you had signed up for Kow? Any recommendations?

        If you have a newer TV with a VGA with HDMI port you can connect your TV to your computer with a HDMI or VGA cable (my newer laptop does not have a VGA port) as a monitor and watch computer streaming on your TV. I set mine up as a dual monitor.


        • Beez says:

          @jT My tvs have HDMI ports but I don’t know what VGA is.

          As to Viki Plus and Kow, I’m just disappointed all the way around.

          For the last 3 months, Viki would not upgrade on my Kindle Fire (my favorite way to watch in bed). It finally updated itself just yesterday so that newer shows are on it like Man Hole and While You Were Sleeping and Golden Life. Before that, no new shows since Father Is Strange would appear. I also can’t add or delete shows to my watch list on the Fire. I think that’s not working on my ipad or phone either. (I may be wrongly assuming this is due to Kow coming on the scene.)

          I realize that these shows belong to the Big 3 networks and they have the right to do what they want to with them, I just, illogically and emotionally, feel betrayed and stepped on somehow. Like I wonder would the networks even know that a market exists here if not for Viki and DF? So it seems kind of cutthroat to cut them out and it gives us consumers zero consideration as to how we want to watch. I’d be ok paying Viki and DF a bit more than I’m already paying, but to pay them, and Kow, not to mention Netflix will be having original Kdramas *sigh*. Oh. Let’s not forget Amazon which exclusively ran Idolmaster with Sung Hoon. (Can you believe I’m saying this when we all used to complain that we had to have both Viki and DF in order to see the most popular shows?)

          We were safe on our own little bubble before, only going illegit to find older dramas and newer movies. Now that they know we’re here and willing to pay…

          *rants just beginning, I fear*


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez, VGA is the older technology – my newer laptop does not have a vga port – if your TV has it I think it will likely be a female end like the blue part of this image:

    Whether you use HDMI or VGA ports you connect the cable (HDMI or VGA) from the computer to the TV. Select the source on your TV (HDMI or VGA) to connect the TV. I believe you right click on the desktop to make the TV either a duplicate of your computer monitor or as a second monitor (I’ve misplaced my cables during my recent move, so I couldn’t check my own settings).


    • Beez says:

      Thanis for the image JT, but my tvs are relatively newer.

      You guys, let me know where you’ll be watching Mad Dog and the new Choi Siwon/Kang So ra shows, otherwise you’ll be far ahead of me. I keep checking Viki and DF and I don’t see either show yet.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Viki has Mad Dog, but unless the most expensive account it was only available for 24 hours. I watched it but about the only things that were translated were things I understood. I tried to watch it this morning and it had a few more translations, but it literally stopped me from watching even though the next episode had not been released. I haven’t seen Revolutionary Love anywhere yet.

        Beez you can use an HDMI cable to connect your TV to your computer as a monitor.


        • Beez says:

          Thanks JT. I’ll have to check because I need a new laptop. All I have right now by way of “computer” is a Chrome Book. It’s more of a glorified tablet.

          I think I saw Mad Dog listed on DramaFever too.

          I’m thinking about cancelling Viki. I signed up for VikiPlus which required a lump sum instead of the monthly subscription that I had been paying. I have to figure out how to request a refund. Their customer service, which used to be awesome, has gone kaput right around the time they offered Plus. I guess “plus” means to them – “plus we’ll take away your ability to add and delete shows on your watchlist PLUS we stopped all that nonsense of responding to your communications”.


      • I watched episode 1 from DramaCool. I need to upgrade my Viki account to Pass Plus
        With KOCOWA to watch it on Viki. I haven’t done that yet.


        • Beez says:

          HOLD UP, kjt! Viki has Mad Dog but they don’t have Siwon’s new show. Even though I can’t think of the name of it,I searched his name. Although, if it hasn’t premiered yet, then it wouldn’t show up in the line ip.


          • Revolutionary Love begins 10/14


          • Jane Tilly says:

            Beez, Dramafever now has Revolutionary Love! I’ve not seen Mad Dog there.

            I’m so irritated with Viki, I tried watching Mad Dog during the free 24 he period but there were ZERO captions. I got a laugh out of you explanation of Viki “Plus” we can add “plus no captions for days”… And here I thought was going to have great access to Kdrama when I finally bought a Viki subscription a few months ago.


            • Beez says:

              @JT – you are so right about the captions! I’m watching My Golden Life (because I love Shin Sun-hye. Don’t like Park Shi-hoo and never have long before his scandal, but I’m stuck with him so I can see my girl.) Anyway, it airs Sat-Sun and so far the subs for the episodes are barely done before the next week’s episodes are out. AND, the subs say 96%. I’ve watched shows in the past on Viki at 94% and it might be 3-4 sentences missed in couple of scenes. But i watched Ep.11 (which is still at 96% so it first look like they plan on completing the subs ever) and it was missing translations throughout the entire episode. More like it was only 70% complete. And worst of all, subs missing on the cliffhanger! You could tell it was a doozy of a hanging reveal. I just watched the next episode in an illegit site.

              *try ta do the right thing but they keep pulling me back in* SMH


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