Criminal Minds Episode 14 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 14 Recap

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) recalls seeing Sang Woo’s sister with a boy at the center. Team Lead Kang calls and says they need to find out what happened at the center that led to Sang Woo’s sister’s suicide. She wonders if she knows than she realizes.

Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) recalls the shock of Kim Tae Jun (his brother) and he felt when the murder Mo Ji Eun was found. He recalls Tae Jun being arrested by the police.

Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) and Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) meet with Choi Sang Woo. Team Lead Kang declares he knows about the sexual assault that occurred in the youth center and that he was a victim. Sang Woo says that the director’s first target was Kang Ho Young then himself.

Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) gives Team Lead Kang details on the past of the director and Hyun Joon. Professor Lee finds a discrepancy in Hyun Joon’s initial statement to the police where he first claimed he saw someone around the body but never made that comment again.

Team Lead Kang interrogates Hyun Joon with the Criminal Minds Team watching. Team Lead Kang cuts to the chase. Hyun Joon is protecting someone and Team Lead Kang believes it is his brother. Team Lead Kang believes Hyun Joon suspected his brother in the murder and lied to protect him. Hyun Joon feels the pressure and tells Team Lead Kang to back off. But Team Lead Kang pushes on, telling Hyun Joon that the director sexually assaulted boys at the youth center. This shocks Hyun Joon. Team Lead Kang says the known victims were Kang Ho Young, Choi Sang Ho and his brother Tae Jun (and the Mo Ji Eun witnessed the assault). Team Lead Kang says that Tae Jun would have met with the Mo Ji Eun to confirm she knew. Team Lead Kang tell Hyun Joon his brother would have been desperate to keep the sexual assault quiet. Hyun Joon yells at Team Lead Kang keep his ridiculous theories to himself.  TLJ smoothly transitions to asking Hyun Joon if he met Kang Ho Young on the day he was killed. Realizing he’s being manipulated by a master, Hyun Joon grabs Team Lead Kang and tells him he knows nothing. Team Lead Kang asks if Hyun Joon killed Kang Ho Young. Hyun Joon explodes and the men physically grapple. Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) tells the Criminal Minds Team not to interfere with Team Lead Kang’s planned interrogation. Team Lead Kang pushes Hyun Joon into a corner and whispers they can’t be overheard from this point in the room.  The police officers from long ago that had been watching the interrogation leave the room. Na Hwang calls and informs the team that Kim Jung Soo has a history of driving misdemeanors.  Team Lead Kang tells Hyun Joon that Kim Jung Soo manipulated Kang Ho Young and his brother to lure the Mo Ji Eun to the river. Team Lead Kang states someone in the police is helping Kim Jung Soo.  Team Lead Kang believes that Kim Jung Soo thought his brother might implicate him and that KHY had evidence against Kim Jung Soo. Sun Woo interrupts this off the record conversation and whispers something in Team Lead Kang’s ear. They leave.

Excellent interrogation! Team Lead Kang deftly maneuvered a private conversation with Hyun Joon by inciting him to explode, then knocking the microphone onto the floor. Well played Team Lead Kang, well played.

Kim Jung Soo tries to flee. He flashes back to the police officer finding pictures of the children he had sexually assaulted. He told the police officer it meant nothing. Kim Jung Soo is grabbed from behind. When the Criminal Minds Team arrives Kim Jung Soo is nowhere to be found. Team Lead Kang knows that someone is manipulating events.

Disgusting when Kim Jung Soo said the assaults meant nothing. Those selfish acts of sexual gratification traumatized minors. The police officer that did not arrest him disgusts me too.

Hyun Joon asks to speak with the detective that arrested him. The detective enters the interrogation room wanting to know why he was summoned.

Team Lead Kang realizes Sargent Oh (the police officer that covered up the case in the past) is manipulating events.

Hyun Joon tells Detective Tae that Sargent Oh told him to recant seeing his brother years ago. Hyun Joon is positive that Sargent Oh was involved in each step of the investigation including snatching Kim Jung Soo. Hyun Joon tells Detective Tae to release him. Detective Tae hesitates but acquiesces. He tells Hyun Joon to call him when he located Sargent Oh.

Sargent Oh has Kim Jung Soo.

Flashback…we see Hyun Joon’s brother tells the Mo Ji Eun that he’s okay and Kim Jung Soo won’t assault him again. Then we see Kang Ho Young bring her to Kim Jung Soo. She defiantly tells Kim Jung Soo that she’ll stop him from hurting anyone again. Kim Jung Soo throws her to the ground and strangles her. Kang Ho Young is horrified.

Detective Tae claims that Hyun Joon escaped. The hunt for Hyun Joon is on!

The Criminal Minds Team returns to the police station only to learn the manhunt for Hyun Joon is the top priority. They don’t care about Sargent Oh. Sun Woo tells Team Lead Kang they’ll have to find Hyun Joon themselves. Na Hwang confirms that Sargent Oh kidnapped Kim Jung Soo. Team Lead Kang declares they must find out why Sargent Oh kidnapped Kim Jung Soo.

Sargent Oh yells at Kim Jung Soo that he didn’t stay in hiding like he ordered. Kim Jung Soo quivers. Sargent Oh regrets his involvement with Kim Jung Soo and declares it must end.

Hyun Joon finds Sang Woo and promises to lock up the men that assaulted him and killed the Mo Ji Eun.  Sang Woo remembers seeing Kim Jung Soo next to Hyun Joon at the high school. Sang Woo wonders if Sargent Oh is behind everything. He states Kang Ho Young had evidence that he had hidden. Hyun Joon recalls telling Sargent Oh that Kang Ho Young might have had evidence. Hyun Joon calls Detective Tae and declares he knows what Sargent Oh’s role was.

Team Lead Kang tells the Criminal Minds Team that Sargent Oh doesn’t know they know his role. With a trace on Hyun Joon’s phone they realize he’s talking to Sang Woo. Team Lead Kang doesn’t believe that Hyun Joon would let himself be tracked so easily. Sure enough, the police apprehend Hyun Joon only to find it is Sang Woo with Hyun Joon’s phone. Team Lead Kang tells Na Hwang to track Sang Woo’s work truck. Na Hwang reports that Hyun Joon is heading to the youth center.

Sargent Oh has Kim Jung Soo hanging by his wrists. Hyun Joon arrives. Sargent Oh forces Kim Jung Soo to make a recording confessing to his crimes. Sargent Oh forces to confess to killing Hyun Joon’s brother and Kang Ho Young but he can’t. He didn’t kill them. He screams that Sargent Oh killed them. Hyun Joon enters and pulls a gun on Sargent Oh. They grapple. Sargent Oh has the advantage and the gun. Hyun Joon asks Sargent Oh to confirm he killed Kang Ho Young and his brother to cover up the sexual assaults. Hyun Joon demands to know why.

Flashback…Sargent Oh is confronting Kim Jung Soo about his assaults when Kim Jung Soo’s father arrives and offers Sargent Oh a bribe of a suitcase of money to protect his son. Sargent Oh refuses the money. Kim Jung Soo’s father mentions the rare disease Sargent Oh’s daughter suffers from.  Later Kim Jung Soo calls Sargent Oh to inform him that Hyun Joon’s brother found out he was the murderer. Sargent Oh must clean up the mess. When Hyun Joon’s brother calls Sargent Oh to report what he knows Sargent Oh agrees to meet him. Sargent Oh causes an accident which flips Hyun Joon’s brother from his motorcycle into a ditch. Sargent Oh doesn’t help the dying boy.

Sargent Oh tells Hyun Joon that he feared the truth would come out one day. He declares he must end it now. Sargent Oh shots Kim Jung Soo then shoots himself in the head. As Sargent Oh lays dying he apologizes to Hyun Joon.

Hyun Joon visits his brother in the nursing home where he is in a permanent coma. Hyun Joon tells his mother she needs to rest. His mother says she can’t rest while her son is trapped in the bed.

Hyun Joon visits Mo Ji Eun marker. He returns her bracelet.

Hyun Joon finds Sun Woo at the river. They are relieved the truth is known. The Criminal Minds Team has a celebratory dinner. Hyun Joon thanks Team Lead Kang for his efforts. Team Lead Kang admits profiling Hyun Joon was hard because it implied doubt. Team Lead Kang declares he never doubted Hyun Joon.  Sweet!

While I’m glad this case is resolved, I’m a bit surprised that Sun Woo behaved as a team member, not a person that this case had haunted for years.  The resolution was a bit anti-climactic for a case that touched Hyun Joon and Sun Woo for many episodes.

Team Lead Kang asks the Chief for more time before he leaves the Criminal Minds Team. The Chief guesses Team Lead Kang wants to catch the reaper.

Na Hwang shows Min Young and Professor Lee the black box video that proved Hyun Joon’s innocence. Professor Lee spots something that everyone needs to see. The team realizes that Kang Ho Young wasn’t killed by Kim Jung Soo or Sargent Oh, but by the Reaper. Hyun Joon declares the Reaper is targeting the Criminal Minds Team. Team Lead Kang agrees that the Reaper wants to tear them apart. The Chief declares the Criminal Minds Team will bring the Reaper down. He reminds Team Lead Kang that he’ll be watching him.

Nietzsche: “I’m sure no god, no evil, nor hell exists, so don’t be afraid.”

A female swim team finishes practice. Their coach admonishes them to go home and relax. Three of the girls get ready to go clubbing. As they get their belonging, each are abducted by the same man. They end up in a locked in a cold room. They realize they were targeted but don’t know why. A disembodied voice tells the women that 2 of 3 of will leave alive, but 1 will die. The voice tells them to decide which one will die.

A mother of one of the abducted girls calls Min Young and pleads with her to find her daughter. The Criminal Minds Team (minus Team Lead Kang) meets and agrees the disappearance is suspicious. They agree to investigate and inform Team Lead Kang once they know something.

The girls shiver in the cold room.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo visit the locker room. They agree the abductor knew the swim team’s schedule.

Min Young meets with the parents. During the meeting, they get word traces of the girls have been found.

Min Young calls Hyun Joon and Sun Woo with the news.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo meet Min Young at a field. The girls’ backpacks have been found. They realize the abductor wanted the backpacks found. Hyun Joon declares this look like a vengeance crime.

My Thoughts

The river murder case is solved.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun didn’t waste time resolving this long standing case in the span of 2 episodes. While I’m glad the case is resolved, I wasn’t completely enamored of the resolution. The sexual predator was more annoying than disgusting with his high pitched childlike voice. The police sargent that covered up the crime for cash to save his daughter with a rare disease was cliché. It was fitting when both of them died. What worked was the interaction between Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon, their interrogation was superb. I was surprised that Hyun Joon’s brother wasn’t dead but in a coma. The drain of that fate for a loved one lasts a lifetime.  I was surprised that Sun Woo didn’t have reaction scenes when she found out why her good friend was killed all those years ago. Finally, the tie-in with the Reaper revealed. Let’s be honest, the Reaper is the criminal we want the Criminal Minds Team to apprehend. I don’t know if it will happen, but at episode 14 I need the Reaper caught, killed, whatever before this series ends.

Sun Woo was a team member for a case that was emotionally important. I don’t know why Writer Hong didn’t offer Sun Woo reaction scenes or more of a resolution scene than a couple of words with Hyun Joon by the river. Why didn’t she visit her friend’s memorial tree just like Hyun Joon did?

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 realized Kang Young Ho’s body was staged by the reaper. Professor Lee saw that the Reaper placed the body where it would be sure to be found to frame Hyun Joon.

Min Young was the tie-in to the swim team abduction. Her aunt knew a victim’s mother. I found it interesting the Criminal Minds Team decided NOT to tell Team Lead Kang until they knew more.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, thought the Criminal Minds Team will win all the quiz shows. I appreciated the moment of levity at the team dinner.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) realized that Sargent Oh had lead him to recant his testimony that his brother was involved. Hyun Joon lived with the guilt of his brother’s fate in a hospital bed forever.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) broke Hyun Joon during the interrogation and it was riveting. Team Lead Kang’s unfailing belief in Hyun Joon was revealed and it was a relief. Team Lead Kang’s quiet determination should never be discounted. He wants to catch the Reaper. The Criminal Minds Team wants to catch the Reaper. I’m rooting for them to catch the Reaper.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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3 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    TL Kang really was a master 🏆 interrogator; inciting Hyun Joon’s anger 😤 to get a chance to speak to Hyun Joon privately. I concur with KJT’s sentiment 👏”Well played Team Lead Kang, well played.”👏

    I was 🎉surprised🎊 how deftly Hyun Joon talked Detective Tae into not only letting him go, but giving him a weapon 🔫.

    I thought Sang Woo was looking a bit suicidal, so I was glad he opted to assist Hyun Joon skillfully evade the police 👮 instead.

    OMO, when it comes to one of my 🔥hot🔥 buttons, taking advantage of children, I could NOT have said it better than KJT: “Disgusting when Kim Jung Soo said the assaults meant nothing. Those selfish acts of sexual gratification traumatized minors. The police officer that did not arrest him disgusts me too.” I could hardly believe Sargent Oh proceeded to CYA by ‘taking care’ of the potential witnesses of Kim Jung Soo sexually abusing boys at the center. While these two culprits deserved severe punishment, it was a bit of a relief to have them permanently eliminated along with the possibility of either one of them to have the opportunity to abuse, injure or take the life of any other victims. JUSTICE ⚖🍽 SERVED

    I was confused about Ho Young’s murder, because I thought I saw the Reaper kill him. I was glad that truth came forward and now all the team members are aware of the Reaper targeting 🔘 them all.

    I concur that after the tease 👅 of this case in episode after episode the resolution and Sun Woo’s sudden detachment from the murder of her childhood friend left me a little flat 🎈💨.

    I was touched by Hyun Joon’s kindness towards his mother and brother. We now have a bit more of his backstory. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have a loved one in a vegetative state year after year.

    Hyun Joon being interrogated by TL Kang was the BEST part of this episode‼. I agree with KJT “Team Lead Kang’s quiet determination should never be discounted … I’m rooting for them to catch the Reaper.”


    • I was 🎉surprised🎊 how deftly Hyun Joon talked Detective Tae into not only letting him go, but giving him a weapon 🔫
      Good point on the weapon. There was even a moment when I wondered if Detective Tae was setting Hyun Joon up for more serious consequences of the escape.

      it was a bit of a relief to have them permanently eliminated along with the possibility of either one of them to have the opportunity to abuse, injure or take the life of any other victims. JUSTICE ⚖🍽 SERVED

      Sun Woo’s sudden detachment from the murder of her childhood friend left me a little flat 🎈💨.
      Glad I wasn’t the only one. Writer Hong gave Sun Woo next to nothing to work with.

      I agree with KJT “Team Lead Kang’s quiet determination should never be discounted … I’m rooting for them to catch the Reaper.”
      Since you mentioned that the Reaper is never caught in the US version I wonder if this version will have the same fate.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        The Reaper had not been caught at the point I quit watching the US series, he had been around for several seasons of the series as an ongoing story. I’m curious if he was ever caught.


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