Save Me Episode 16 (Final)

My Thoughts — Save Me — Episode 16 (Final)

Nutshell Summary:

When cult leader Father Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seong Ha) burns the bible he holds in his hand, he tells the riled up crowd that he is more important the the scripture. He beckons Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) to come to him and proclaim her loyalty. She declares she’s ready to become his wife. She kneels and kisses Father Baek’s hand. He can hardly wait for the next day when Sang Mi will be his forever.

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) meets his father’s aide who refuses to tell him where his mother is being held. She declares the exchange is straightforward, the incriminating voice recording for his mother. In flashbacks we learn that Sang Hwan’s father pushed his mother down a hill on the night before the selection because she had a voice recording that would skewer him.

Sang Mi tries to pierce her father’s brainwashing but to no avail. He’s committed to the cult and couldn’t be more pleased that his young daughter will wed Father Baek tomorrow.

Faithful leader Kang Eun Sil search’s Father Baek’s room and finds flame retardent which explains why he was able to hold the burning book without injury. Father Baek finds her and she admits she doesn’t doubt the cult’s god but Father Baek is another matter. Father Baek tells her to pray about her sin of doubt.

Sang Hwan and Man Hee search local nursing homes for his mother but she cannot be located. Sang Mi’s mother hear’s a woman’s cries from an ambulance outside the cult’s nursing home. She opens the door and finds Sang Hwan’s mother who begs her to call her son. Sang Mi’s mother manages to borrow a nurses cell phone and call Sang Hwan and reports his mother’s location. Sang Hwan is relieved to learn his mother’s location. It makes sense that his cult-supporting father would stash his mother at the cult.

Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) is turned in by Sang Mi as a traitor per their agreement. Father Baek loves the Sang Mi willingly exposes Dong Cheol. He orders Dong Cheol throw in the dungeon with the other prisoners.

Dong Cheol is shocked to find his father in the dungeon. Dong Cheol realizes his father didn’t attend Grandmother’s funeral because he was held prisoner by the cult.

Eun Sil prays to the cult’s god and believes the vision of a new path for the cult.

Sang Mi steals a syringe and knock out dose from Eun Sil to protect herself from crazy Father Baek after they wed.

Sang Hwan arrives at the cult and decides to free Dong Cheol before retrieving his mother from the cult’s nursing home. He finds the secret door to the dungeon by following Dong Cheol’s voice. Sang Hwan is shocked to find the gaggle of prisoners in the secret dungeon. Meanwhile Choi Man Hee (Ha Hwe Jung) and Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee) ride to the cult and help get the other prisoners to safety while Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol proceed to directly attack the cult.

Sang Mi is resplendent in her white lace dress. She marries Father Baek though strangely we don’t see the ceremony.

In a surprising move, Eun Sil gives Sang Mi’s mother her street clothes and urges her to leave the nursing home and get to safety.

Sang Mi’s father delivers Sang Mi to Father Baek’s private quarters. Father Baek promises Sang Mi she’ll like what they do together. He leads her to his bedroom.

Dong Cheol and Sang Hwang fight the cult members who recognize them as trouble makers. Surprisingly Dong Cheol tells Sang Hwang to save Sang Mi from Father Baek while he fights the cult members.

Father Baek’s bedroom is a creepy cubby complete with a red cross and candles. He tries to touch Sang Mi’s breast. She bats his hand away. He flings her to the bed.He prepares to take her by force but Sang Hwan bursts in. Father Baek bashes Sang Hwan with a candle stick. They fight. Sang Hwan prevails.

Sang Mi’s mother, Dong Cheol, Sang Hwan, and Sang Mi converge in Father Baek’s study. They think it is over. But Father Baek grabs Sang Mi and holds a knife to her throat. Once again Sang Hwan follows to save Sang Mi while Dong Cheol stays with Sang Mi’s mother.

Father Baek finds Eun Sil in the church dousing it with gasoline. She explains that the vision told her to eliminate the church and start over. She grabs the lighter to combust the gasoline. Father Baek wrestles with Eun Sil. Sang Mi takes the opportunities to stab Father Baek with the knock out drug. He slumps to the floor. Eun Sil leaves.

Sang Mi stares at her tormentor, the man that targeted her and destroyed her family. She holds the lighter and it about to drop it when Sang Hwan arrives and urges her not to murder Father Baek. Sang Mi seriously considers throwing the lighter but the matter is taken out of her hands when Father Baek staggers to his feet and catches fire when he bumps into lit candles. Having lain in gasoline Father Baek goes up in flames. It’s poetic justice when the flaming red cross crushes him.

Sang Mi assures Sang Hwan that she’s okay. She declares she’ll walk out of this walk on her own two feet.

Wan Tae and his brother raid the safe and grab the cash.

The police arrive. The followers try and block their entrance. The thug clears the way with the quip “you follow god but you act like thugs”.

Dong Cheol and Sang Mi’s mother run straight into Wan Tae and his brother. Dong Cheol fights. Sang Mi and Sang Hwan arrive. Sang Hwan joins the fight. Things look grim but the thug arrives and joins the fight. Wan Tae manages to hobble away while his brother fights on.

Wan Tae runs into Jung Hoon’s police father and his partner. Wan Tae assumes Jung Hoon’s father, who has accepted bribes from him in the past, will let him go. But Jung Hoon’s father handcuffs himself to Wan Tae and orders his partner to arrest both of them.

Sang Mi’s father and Eun Sil watch Father Baek burn. Eun Sil is calm and declares this is just like the vision she had.

The police arrest Wan Tae’s brother.

Our foursome of friends are reunited, bloody, bruised but happy they did what they came to do.

Sang Mi’s mother realizes the woman she helped the other night was Sang Hwan’s mother. She shows Sang Hwan where his mother is. Sang Hwan rides to the hospital with his mother. Snag Mi, her mother and Dong Cheol watch the he ambulance go.

Sang Mi hopes that if there is a god, that he’s watching them now.

The news reports document the activities at the cult. Sang Hwan makes a public charge against his father. The aide drops Sang Hwan’s father like a hot potato. Sang Hwan’s father is arrested for trying to kill his wife and aiding the cult. The aide tries to leave but the police detective detains her.

Some of the remaining cult follower proclaim that Father Baek will rise from the grave.

Eun Sil starts a new church as a minister.

Sang Mi and her mother visit Sang Mi’s twin brother’s memorial marker. They declare they will live a happy life going forward.

Dong Cheol visits his father in the hospital. They begin to mend bridges.

Jung Hoon and his father appear on his live youtube channel. His father pushes his son’s face into the massive plate of noodles after opting out of eating them in under 5 minutes.

Man Hee and his brother bond with the thug and the delivery man.

Sang Hwan prepares to leave for military duty. The foursome of friends agree they’ll see each other soon. Sang Mi surprises them when she arrives to wish Sang Hwan well. Sang Hwan asks if she’ll visit them. She promises. Sang Hwan jokes the “Seoul girl” finally thawed toward them. Sang Mi smiles.

The series ends with Sang Mi’s voice over declaring that she endured the cult because she had hope that one day someone would hear her cries and save her.

The final image of the series is Sang Mi’s father preaching alone on a street corner. The last line is “Father will surely be back”.

My Thoughts

Terrific final episode. There was never a lull in the action. Good trumped evil. This was a satisfying final episode. New Writer Jung wrapped up every detail.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
1. The cult comes crashing down. Granted. Father Baek burned to a crisp and got smothered by the flaming cross. Wan Tae was arrested. Eun Sil started her own church. My nitpick is that she did not pay for the horrible things she did.
2. Sang Mi is saved. Granted. Sang Mi had to rely on Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan to extract herself from the clutches of the cult. It was fitting that the writer gave Sang Hwan the honors to rescue Sang Mi to make up for his bad choices three years ago. Sang Mi and her mother started over. Her father was still brainwashed at the end, fitting.
3. Dong Cheol is a hero and lives. Granted. He and Sang Hwan were a terrific team.
4. Sang Hwan sees his father tumble and his mother returned. Granted. Sang Hwan’s personal redemption was completed when the Sang Mi was saved, and his parents got their just dues.

Sang Mi had the opportunity to fry Father Baek but fate intervened. She almost dropped the lighter but Sang Hwan interrupted. Then Father Baek lit himself on fire. Sang Mi had dignity throughout this episode. She bent but she didn’t break. She was a hero for herself and her family.

Sang Hwan worked nonstop to save Sang Mi and his mother. His partnership with Dong Cheol was wonderful. Sang Hwan sided with his friends and let his father’s own words be his downfall. Watching him leave in the ambulance with his mother was sweet. The final moment between the foursome of friends and Sang Mi’s surprise appearance was the perfect way to indicate they’ll be friends now and in the future. I loved Sang Hwan’s willingness to put his heart, body, and energy into pursuing what he thought was right.

Dong Cheol was a hero. My admiration for Dong Cheol grew when he stepped aside to let Sang Hwan save Sang Mi and find his personal redemption. I was pleased that Dong Cheol ended the series forging a new relationship with his father and having the solid support of his friends. I loved this character throughout the series. He didn’t have the most lines but he was the most compelling.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank the episode as excellent. My episode ranking chart is below.

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10 comments on “Save Me Episode 16 (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, the action packed final episode had a strong and satisfying finish. This was a disturbing, but powerful series.

    The Evil 😈3⃣ Trio prevailed, due to collusion with crooked politicians, police👮 and public apathy, through most of the series. Good finally triumphed 🏆 over evil! The sinister 👿 parallel between cult leader Father Baek and Sang Hwan’s father and the Governor, was echoed throughout this episode, as they lied to and manipulated their congregants and constituents. I had wondered early on if Sang Hwan’s father played a hand✋ in what happened to Sang Hwan’s mom. The Governor was diabolical in his choice to hide Sang Hwan’s mom in the cult’s nursing home. What a relief that Sang Mi’s mom, freshly coherent, was able to call Sang Hwan to let him know his mom’s location.

    🔹Dong Cheol’s father absence was due to the imprisoned by the cult.
    🔹Deaconess Kang released Sang Mi’s mom.
    🔹It was a relief that Jung Hoon’s dad turned himself in for bribery.
    🔹Dong Cheol and Jung Hoon ended up bonding with their dads over this experience, while Sang Hwan and Sang Mi relationships with their dad became more dissonant.
    🔹I was pleased Dong Cheol’s prison buddy was on Dong Cheol’s side. It cracked up when the thuggish buddy told the cult members (AKA brainwashed sheep) “you follow god but you act like thugs”.
    🔹In the end it Sang Mi’s mom is the one who came to her senses; I thought Daddy Im might snap out of it for his daughter’s sake, when his wife came to her senses or when the “fireproof” Father burned to a crisp. Daddy Im was a prime example of a cult devotee … how sad for him.

    JUSTICE SERVED ON A 🍽 PLATTER: Justice Jane was overall satiated
    🔸Father Baek: The ringleader of the Evil 😈3⃣ Trio needed some major justice and a death penalty would seem appropriate. Although Sang Me drugged 💉 the evil cult leader with Eun Sil’s magic serum I was relieved that Sang Mi did NOT 🚫🔥 ignite Father Baek. Having a brother who had 3rd degree burns over 30% of his body; I hate to see ANYONE burn, even the ringleader of the Evil 😈3⃣ Trio.
    🔸Enforcer Wan Tae was captured…FINALLY! Even though Wan Tae thought his bribes 💰 would help him wriggle from justice. I hope that there was enough evidence to lock 🔒 him up for life.
    🔸Deaconess Kang Eun Sil missed 🚫🍽 the banquet of justice. I think it is more than a nitpick that Eun Sil literally got away with murder, fraud and abuse. There would NOT have been an Evil trio without her. There had to be evidence and/or witnesses of her being involved with the nursing home fraud and drugging 💉 and abusing 👊💢 patients and “uncooperative” congregants. What about her contribution to the arson 🔥 by dousing the church in gasoline ⛽, which ultimately killed Father Baek. Eun Sil’s lack of punishment and ability to restart the cult REALLY RILED my sense of justice ⚖.

    🔹Dong Cheol survived! I had feared that MY HERO 🗡🛡 was going to die a noble death. I concur Dong Cheol was the MOST compelling character.
    🔹Sang Hwan turned his back on his disgusting father, redeemed himself and reunited with his mother, who regained her senses.
    🔹Sang Mi’s mother regained her senses; at least mother and daughter could live as a family
    🔹Sang Mi smiled!
    🔹I found the regional dialect used in this series interesting, but a bit difficult to understand. I don’t think I had heard this dialect in a drama before or prevalent as so many characters used this dialect.


    • I LOVE all your comments and will keep my response selective.

      It cracked up when the thuggish buddy told the cult members (AKA brainwashed sheep) “you follow god but you act like thugs”.
      That was a laugh out loud moment for me. Brilliant line, delivered perfectly.

      Daddy Im was a prime example of a cult devotee … how sad for him.
      I found his end state fitting for this brain washed character.

      I think it is more than a nitpick that Eun Sil literally got away with murder, fraud and abuse. There would NOT have been an Evil trio without her. There had to be evidence and/or witnesses of her being involved with the nursing home fraud and drugging 💉 and abusing 👊💢 patients and “uncooperative” congregants.
      Well said, Justice Jane.

      I concur Dong Cheol was the MOST compelling character.
      So glad you concur about this character and this actor.

      Sang Hwan turned his back on his disgusting father, redeemed himself and reunited with his mother, who regained her senses.
      Sang Hwan’s redemption was perfect. Dong Cheol gave Sang Hwan the opportunity to save Sang Mi and he did so. His mother’s miraculous recovery was a bit too perfect, but that’s a nitpick.

      Sang Mi smiled!
      That observation made me smile!😀


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree Sang Hwan’s “mother’s miraculous recovery was a bit too perfect, but that’s a nitpick.”

        It boggles my mind that Eun Sil walked away scot-free. You would think at the very least she would have been investigated for the nursing home fraud and the cult’s assets would have been seized for reparations for the victims and surviving family members.

        I guess justice will have to wait until Eun Sil is surprised when she boards the Grim Reaper’s barge to the underworld (AKA goes to 🔥HELL🔥) instead of the “ship of salvation”. She’ll be nice and toasty next to Father Baek and Wan Tae for the rest of eternity … What a lovely trio they will make.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      I understand, Jane Tilly,
      (similar experience with 2 family members – 1 burned badly with fire, the other with hot water (a whole other type of horrible burn) BUT…
      if ever anybody needed to miss the New Heaven Boat of Salvation and burn in the fires of hell (and I was happy to see him burn in the reality of this life rather than where I couldn’t see him get it) it was Father Baek. As bad as Mr. Jo was, he was a typical crooked con man murderer, rapist (shaking my head at my calling that “typical”). But Father Baek is a whole other type of evil incarnate! Burn baby burn.


  2. Beez says:

    As to kjt’s wish list for this series:
    “My nitpick is that she [Kang] did not pay for the horrible things she did.
    I think if they had to leave someone to carry on with their crazy beliefs to reflect how those cults go on in real life, out of the three, I can accept her more than the others as she truly deceived herself out of guilt over her murder of her husband and in a sense, her daughter.

    While I’m glad that Dong Chul found a way to forgive Sang Hwan – Sang mi’s and Dong Chul’s dad could go take a flying leap in the Han River as far as I’m concerned.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez I hope you meant Sang Hwan’s father, the governor, taking the flying leap‼ Dong Chul’s alcoholic dad was no saint, but he suffered at the hands of the cult.

      I’m glad you appreciated the message this disturbing drama had. I concur with what you taught your son “have faith but to question EVERYTHING, verify it for yourself in the Bible”. Human beings are fallible but the word of God is not. ✳ APOLOGIZING IF YOU THINK I’M TOO PREACHY✳


      • Beez says:

        JT – girrrrl! How can you apologize for getting “too preachy” after all the stuff I put in my comments on Save Me! (We won’t mention that my every post on ask shows is long winded and preachy on EVERYTHING! LOL)

        And nope, I meant what I said – I hope Sang Hwan’s dad is thrown in prison for LIFE for attempted murder of his wife and other things BUT there is no excuse for the way Dong Chul’s dad tried to tear him down. Telling him “every time I look at you I wish you hadn’t been born.” A child with lesser character (or, more likely, without his Halmoni’s supporting love), would’ve turned out a complete mess!

        Sure, he’s got an alcohol problem so he’s not a living father, but he could’ve kept his mouth shut. I could’ve forgiven him quicker if he was hitting Dong Chul than I can for those cruel words.

        I admit, I wanted them to help all the other alcoholics out of that dungeon but leave his azz in there and slam the door! (The implication there being to lock it.)


        • Jane Tilly says:

          I was only apologizing IF someone thought I was too preachy, I didn’t think Beez would find it too preachy‼. LOL


  3. Beez says:

    My thoughts on this series that I was leery of watching until you guys told me it wasn’t an attack on Christianity or disrespectful to God:

    – love how Jung hoon and his cop daddy interact with each other

    – appreciate show’s effort when it came to injuries. After Sang mi ran that screwdriver through Mr. Jo’s hand, his hand was bandaged for quite a while. Many shows forget about it by the next episode. That goes for all the minor face injuries a lot of the characters suffered as well didn’t just miraculously fade by the next episode.

    – Show was diligent about Faux-haired Father’s white locks. I never saw a dark root – other than his eyebrows, and I took that as purposeful to symbolize his bright and shiny on the outside, but dark and sinister inside.

    The show had a good message because even though I’m an absolutist about the Word of God, I raised my son to have faith but to question EVERYTHING, verify it for yourself in the bible NO MATTER WHO it is telling him something, even me.

    People need to step back and examine things so they don’t get blindly caught up. Good message with interesting characters.


    • love how Jung hoon and his cop daddy interact with each other
      Good point. Jung Hoon got to see his father as fallible but still loved him. That is realistic.

      Many shows forget about it by the next episode.
      Another good point.

      People need to step back and examine things so they don’t get blindly caught up. Good message with interesting characters
      Concur, people need to keep their brains functioning and not get sucked into blind obedience. Glad you watched and enjoyed Save Me!

      Liked by 1 person

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