Save Me Episode 15

My Thoughts — Save Me — Episode 15

Nutshell Summary:

The fleeing undercover reporter’s day goes from bad to worse when deacon Jo Wan Tae finds her before her rescuer, Sang Hwan, arrives. Wan Tae drags her away and drowns her. Sang Hwan arrives but the undercover reporter isn’t there. He suspects foul play and lets Dong Cheol know.

Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) hears the bad news from Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) that the undercover reporter is missing and might be dead.

Wan Tae carries the dead undercover reporter’s body into church grounds. Will he bury it like the other discarded members?

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) gets the shock of his life when his mother calls him. He goes to the nursing home and finds her on the floor. She recognizes him and clutches his arms. Tears roll down his eyes. His dormant mother is wakening. His mother hands him a recording device.

Sang Hwan goes to the newspaper and shares his concerns with the undercover reporter’s boss. He offers the recording device that has damming confessions that his father made to his “comatose” mother. The boss asks Sang Hwan if he’s sure that he wants to make the recordings public, it will destroy his father’s career. Grimly Sang Hwan realizes his father has used him for years and it is time to stop the manipulations of his unethical father.

Sang Hwan calls Choi Man Hee (Ha Hwe Jung) for a report on Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee) who they extracted beaten and bruised from the clutches of the cult. Man Hee reports that Jung Hoon’s wounds were superficial not internal. Relieved Sang Hwan asks Man Hee to stay with Jung Hoon until they go to the police the next morning.

Sang Hwan’s father plots to increase his power. He’s frustrated by his son’s rouge and ethical ways. His assistant recommending moving his wife from the nursing home to an unknown location as a way to control Sang Hwan. His father readily agrees.

Sang Hwan must have a sixth sense about his mother’s situation because he calls Man Hee to extract his mother from the nursing home and stash her at his uncle’s cabin. Man Hee doesn’t want to leave Jung Hoon but he’s sleeping and needs the rest. When Man Hee arrives at the nursing home, Sang Hwan’s mother is gone. Sang Hwan is livid when he learns his mother has been whisked away.

Sang Hwan confronts his father about his mother’s location. His father tries all his methods of persuasion but Sang Hwan isn’t having it. When Sang Hwan plays the voice recorder with his father’s confession, the evil patriarch pales knowing the instrument of his destruction is in his son’s hands.

Sang Hwan’s father calls the police detective to steal the voice recorder. The loyal police detective cringes but does his bidding by out sourcing to the local thug. Sang Hwan tries to defend himself but the thug chokes him until he is semi-conscious and takes the voice recorder.

The police detective present the voice recorder to his father. But as his father listens he realizes his son let him steal another voice recorder NOT the voice recorder with his damming confession.

Jung Hoon’s father’s partner confronts cult leader Father Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seong Ha) about bribing her partner. Father Baek turns the table on her and claims that keeping quiet is the only option to save the reputation of her partner. Stymied she can only leave the cult frustrated. Father Baek goes to a homeless man in a cell and offer him freedom IF he silences satan in the form of Jung Hoon’s father.

Jung Hoon wakes to find himself alone. He goes to the police station to speak with his father who he knows is being bribed by the cult. He examines his father’s desk but doesn’t find the hush money. When his father returns to the police station Jung Hoon lies that he just stopped by. His father gets a call from his partner, pales and leaves immediately.

Jung Hoon’s father argues with his partner about his accepting bribes. The homeless man attacks them and Jung Hoon’s father is wounded in his hand. Jung Hoon is relieved that his father wasn’t badly injured when he arrives at the hospital. Jung Hoon’s father realizes he needs to confess his failings to his son. He pats the bed and asks Jung Hoon to sit next to him. He confesses his weakness.

Meanwhile Dong Cheol can’t find the locked up prisoners. Neither can Sang Hwan when he brings the police detective and other officers. Frustrated Sang Hwan and the officers are forced to leave. A gleeful Tan Wae watches them go. Dong Cheol puts himself between an angry Sang Hwan and Father Baek. His reward for his bravery is to be partnered with the thug Sang Hwan’s father has sent to the cult to do Father Baek’s bidding.

Father Baek thanks Dong Cheol and the thug for protecting him and his team by offering a front row seat on the ship to salvation. Duly noted but not overly impressed, they accept the new role. In the hallway Dong Cheol warns the thug to watch his back in this cult. Wan Tae is not happy when Father Baek tells him to leave the cult.

Sang Hwan has one more trick up his sleeve. He lures Wan Tae to meet him. When Wan Tae arrives he orders Sang Hwan to stop bothering him and the church. Sang Hwan tells Wan Tae that he knows he killed the reporter. Thinking no one can hear, Wan Tae admits he did. But Wan Tae doesn’t realize that Sang Hwan has recorded him. Just as Wan Tae tussles with Sang Hwan, Man Hee and Jung Hoon. The police detective arrives and arrests Wan Tae. When Sang Hwan plays Wan Tae’s admission to murder, Wan Tae realizes he’s in big trouble. Wan Tae manages to escape the police custody.

Sang Mi declares to the congregation that she’s ready to become their “mother” and save them all. Father Baek is pleased by Sang Mi’s devotion to the church.

Faithful leader Kang Eun Sil wakes from her drug that Dong Cheol injected her with.When Dong Cheol finds her he asks if she really believes Father Baek is who he professes to be. Dong Cheol suggests that Eun Sil remain quiet about her suspicions about him IF she any doubts about Father Baek’s true status.

Sang Mi tells Dong Cheol she plans to marry Father Baek. His job will be to stop Father Baek from getting physically intimate with her. Dong Cheol promises to help her.

Eun Sil listens to Sang Mi’s father spout the promises Father Baek made about Sang Mi becoming his wife. Eun Sil remembers the same promises being made to her in exchange for her daughter.

Sang Mi stands in for Eun Sil at the church service. When Father Baek enters she pleases him with her devotion. She declares she’s ready to become his wife. She kneels and kisses Father Baek’s hand. He can hardly wait for the next day when Sang Mi will be his forever.

My Thoughts

A plethora of activity set up the finale episode. Evil Wan Tae protected the cash cow of the cult when he murdered the uncover reporter. I LOVED it when Father Baek dismissed him. I LOVED it when Sang Hwan recorded him and he was arrested. I disagree with Wan Tae openly admitting he killed the reporter. He’s a oily scummy guy that smiles and never admits his misdeeds, so the easy confession did not ring true. Dong Cheol surprised me when he offered Eun Sil the option to see Father Baek for what he is. Even more surprising was her reflection on the parallel between Sang Mi and her daughter. I considered Eun Sil’s eyes wide open to the “feet of clay” of Father Baek but willing to ignore it for the promise of salvation. Frankly, this is another twist that doesn’t resonate as completely authentic for his character. Father Baek chortled with glee as he stood on the precipice of getting what he lusts for…Sang Mi.

What’s my wish list for the final episode?
1. The cult comes crashing down. Father Baek is flayed open in the final episode and exposed for the charlatan he is. Wan Tae doesn’t wiggle away from justice. Eun Sil turns on the other two of the evil trio. I don’t want her to go unpunished for the horrible things she has done in the name of the cult.
2. Sang Mi is saved. While I love it when the heroine saves the day, Sang Mi will need to rely on superman Dong Cheol to extract herself from the clutches of the cult. I want her to reunite with her mother. I’m ambivalent about her father. I know he’s brainwashed but his treatment of his daughter and actions for the cult have been deplorable.
3. Dong Cheol is a hero and lives. He’ll save Sang Mi. He’ll live.
4. Sang Hwan sees his father tumble and his mother returned. Sang Hwan’s personal redemption is completed when the Sang Mi is saved, and his parents get their just dues.

Sang Mi decided marriage was the only option. Her allies’ effectiveness dwindled. The undercover reporter was killed and Sang Hwang’s visit with the police yielded nothing. Dong Cheol offered himself up but Sang Mi continued with her plan to take matters into her own hands. The final image of the episode with Sang Mi kneeling before Father Baek and kissing his wrinkled hand while declaring her devotion to him was striking.

Sang Hwan was a busy bee trying to take down his father and the cult. Things didn’t go quite as planned when his father whisked his mother away and the dungeon at the cult was clean and empty of prisoners. I respected Sang Hwan’s willingness to take down his father with the voice recording. Sang Hwan finally sees his father for the lying self-serving person he is. The realization that he gave his allegiance to his father 3 years prior when he should have supported Sang Mi and Dong Cheol fueled Sang Hwan’s unrelenting activities. How many times did he text Dong Cheol? Their trust in each other is satisfying. Jung Hoo’s support of his father inspite of his failings was sweet.

Dong Cheol was a busy bee inside the cult coping with the domino events that unfolded. My admiration for Dong Cheol grew as he calmly coped with each new circumstance thrown his way. He is smart and has never been fooled by the evil that leads the cult. His support for Sang Mi is unwavering. He doesn’t like her plan to offer herself to Father Baek but he will support it with his life.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank the episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

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7 comments on “Save Me Episode 15
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    What a great episode‼ Although there were some things that left me less than happy:
    🔸 Undercover reporter being murdered
    🔸 The Governor sent thugs after his son to get the voice recorded evidence
    🔸 Sang Mi placating the creepy Father, even if it is part of her plan (it could go wrong so easily)
    🔸 Evil people continuing to get away with their machinations

    I found several things 🎊 surprising🎉 in this episode:
    🔹 Father Baek had the cajones 🎱🎱 to dismiss Wan Tae; I’m sure Wan Tae has enough evidence to destroy him, although Wan Tae would destroy himself in the process
    🔹 Sang Hwan’s mother had the wherewithall to record her husband’s evil words, revealing the Governor’s true colors to Sang Hwan
    🔹 Sang Hwan’s willingness to destroy his father
    🔹 Jung Hoon’s dad came clean with his son; little did he know Jung Hoon was already fully aware
    🔹 Dong Chul left it up to Deaconess Kang to reveal his identity or not
    🔹 Deaconess Kang did NOT give Dong Chul away

    My favorite moments this episode:
    🔸 Sang Hwan reuniting with his mom and being able to communicate, even if it was short-lived due his father’s dastardly relocation of his mom
    🔸 Catching Wan Tae with a recorded confession, even if it was out of character; although this was short-lived due to Wan Tae’s escape … Why do they bad guys keep winning?
    🔸 The Governor hearing Sang Hwan’s voice on the recording stolen from him by thugs and seeing the look in the Governor’s eyes knowing he is in trouble despite having thrown away his own son
    🔸 The comrodery between Dong Chul and Sang Hwan to save Sang Mi

    I couldn’t agree more with your wish list‼


    • 🔹 Father Baek had the cajones 🎱🎱 to dismiss Wan Tae; I’m sure Wan Tae has enough evidence to destroy him, although Wan Tae would destroy himself in the process
      That definitely proved that Father Baek believes his own lies. Wan Tae is clear, he’s in it for the cash, Father Baek sees himself as god-like

      🔹 Sang Hwan’s mother had the wherewithall to record her husband’s evil words, revealing the Governor’s true colors to Sang Hwan
      A welcome surprise. As we’ve commented before Sang Hwan’s Father is the parallel to Father Baek.

      🔹 Sang Hwan’s willingness to destroy his father
      I couldn’t be more pleased to see his hesitation and unfortunately hope gone.

      🔹 Jung Hoon’s dad came clean with his son; little did he know Jung Hoon was already fully aware
      Nice that Writer Jung had “shades of gray” characters (as everyone is in real life)

      🔹 Dong Chul left it up to Deaconess Kang to reveal his identity or not
      I did not see that coming

      🔹 Deaconess Kang did NOT give Dong Chul away
      Pleasant surprise


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Wan Tae was a clear-cut villain with cash as his motivation and sadistic violence as a side benefit. Father Baek and the Governor were a bit more ambiguous. Their selfish desires for power and to some degree fame, were their main motivations. The parallel between the two power mongers was uncanny:
        🔹 Lust for pretty young women: the Governor for his assistant and the Father for Sang Mi
        🔹 The fervor in campaigning for constituates or congregation members
        🔹 Either would do ANYTHING to keep their followers
        🔹 No compunction in using ANYONE to further their cause or eliminating ANY opposition, even if involved injuring or killing others.
        🔹 Unholy alliances as long as their own cause was advanced

        Hmm, come to think of it…the both make me want to vomit an cause my skin to crawl.


        • Excellent comparison on the evil leaders! 👍


        • Beez says:

          Um, JT, I agree with the parallels been Gov. Han and Father Baek except Gov. Han’s assistant in no way qualifies as an innocent young girl. That is one greedy, opportunistic (W)itch south a capital “B”. I’m glad A
          Sang Hwan recognized her for what she is right away.


          • Jane Tilly says:

            Beez, the governor’s agreed was NOT innocent, but she was “pretty” and “young”. Sang Mi was pretty, young and innocent.


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