Strongest Deliveryman Episode 16 (Final)

My Thoughts — Strongest Deliveryman— Episode 16 (Final)

Nutshell Summary:

After finding his goodbye note, Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) runs into the night and calls Kang Soo’s name but to no avail. Kang Soo returns to his hometown via a a train.

Not willing to wait for Kang Soo to come to his senses, Dan Ah calls his friends and gets the word out that Kang Soo is missing. His friends invest more in Strongest Deliveryman so the company won’t go under. She follows the recommendation that Kang Soo may have returned to his hometown. She finds Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) and asks shows him the account balance for the company and declares his friends won’t give up on him or his dream. She asks him to return with her. Kang Soo refuses and walks away. Dan Ah cries. Kang Soo cries.

Kang Soo is surprised to find Dan Ah still at his home when he returns. She puts a homemade seafood stew in front of him and orders him to eat. She gives him the book he wrote about starting Strongest Deliveryman. She leaves.

Dan Ah finds Kang Soo’s mother staring at the house as she exits. Kang Soo’s mother tries to explain her presence as visiting a friend. Dan Ah gently tells his mother to ask Kang Soo for forgiveness. His mother can’t take another round of rejection and heads to the bus stop. To her surprise and his, her son (Kang Soo’s half-brother) arrives to see Kang Soo. He knows something is between his mother and Kang Soo and demands she tell him the truth. Kang Soo’s mother finally shares the truth about her relationship with Kang Soo.

Dan Ah sits on the train to Seoul alone. Kang Soo turns her frown upside down when he asks to sit next to her. He apologizes for fleeing. Dan Ah accepts his apology.

Kang Soo is surprised to find out that his team discovered that Jung Family foods bribed an mom and pop eatery employee into switching the high quality ingredients for lower quality ingredients. They manage to find video to prove this. Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) tells Kang Soo to guard against the ups and downs of the food industry, the company should deliver all kinds of products such as flower, laundry, etc.

Jin Gyu meets with his father and mother. His father declares that he’s impressed that Jin Gyu was a manager for Jung Family foods. He asks his son to return to the family business. Jin Gyu looks at his fickle, cruel father and decides he doesn’t want to be under his father’s thumb again. He refuses the offer and leaves.

Soon Ae (Lee Min Young) learns where her thieving ex-husband is. She takes Chef  Jang Dong Soo (Jo Hee Bong) with her and tells her ex-husband he has 10 days to return the money he stole from her when he deserted her.

Kang Soo takes the video to Ceo Jung and demand she close down her business. But Ceo Jung blames her manager claiming she had no knowledge of the rouge actions of her employee. She fires the manager. Kang Soo asks the fired manager to explain the situation to CEO that cancelled their food service contract. The CEO appreciates the explanation but declares he cannot void the new contract with Jung Family foods based on their assertions.

Kang Soo et all mange to get the bribed mom and pop eatery employee to tells the press about Jung Family food tactics to destroy Strongest Deliveryman. The news report goes viral and public sentiment swings against Jung Family foods. The CEO cancels the food service contract and reinstates the food service contract with Strongest Deliveryman.

Kang Soo and Dan Ah enjoy the even keel and are playful with each other. When Dan Ah tells him about his mother visiting his hometown, Kang Soo doesn’t want to hear it.

A drunken Kang Soo’s half brother finds him. Kang Soo puts him to bed to sleep it off. When his mother comes to see find her son and wants to explain what happened to Kang Soo, but he doesn’t want to her hear why she left him and his father all those years ago. But the story comes out. Pursued by debt collectors Kang Soo’s mother married Kang Soo’s father to get his money. But she came to care for him and got pregnant. Everything was fine until the debt collectors found her and she fled.

When Kang Soo’s half brother wakes the next morning, they hug it out.

 Things get better when Kang Soo and the Strongest Deliveryman team learns that Jung Family food defaulted on their loan and went bankrupt. Finally, the underdog wins!! They all gather to celebrate.

   Sweetly Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) supports her mother after her downfall. She urges her to start again. As her mother and father move out of their home, Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu are there to help them relocate.

Dan Ah and Kang Soo playfully wash dishes together.

Ji Yoon and and Jin Gyu run a kindergarten.

Kang Soo runs into his mother outside Grandma’s reestablished eatery. They treat each other with kindness.

Kang Soo watches Dan Ah handle admirers at school. When she walks to his motorcycle Kang Soo takes Dan Ah into his arms for a resounding kiss.

My Thoughts

Kang Soo was once the mouse battling the diving eagle food conglomerate operated by the Ji Yoon’s mother. But it turned around and Kang Soo et all ended up defeating Jung Family foods. Writer Lee Jung Woo had Kang Soo return to fight and beat Jung Family food thanks to the support of his friends. We all love an underdog. Is it because we think he’s going to win? Is that why we believe the the odds are against him?

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
1. Kang Soo returns to triumph over CEO Jang. Granted. Kang Soo did not win in a solo fashion, he had the support of Dan Ah and his friends. Kang Soo addressed the uncomfortable emotions like humility, fear, and dealt his issues with his mother and half-brother.
2. Dan Ah reunites with Kang Soo. Granted. Her support didn’t waiver. He finally opened his heart to her by showed his vulnerability.
3. Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon become a couple and help Kang Soo triumph. Granted somewhat. They weren’t critical to Kang Soo’s success, but the important part was their agreement to face life together.
4. CEO Jang schemes fall apart. Granted. She even showed she had a heart when Ji Yoon reached out to her.

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) got over his fear and beat the big guy. Kang Soo saw that he should accept the support of his sea of friends and Dan Ah. I was pleased to see Kang Soo deal with his mother and half-brother. I enjoyed Kyung Pyo in this first leading man role. He had a sweet appeal.

Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) got through Kang Soo’s defenses. Her support forced him to reevaluate why he walked away. I found it interesting that Kang Soo dealt with his family that the distance remained between Dan Ah and her family. Considering we’d seen her family be in debt and beg for her money, that was likely the best choice for her. Soo Bin and a gentle chemistry with Kyung Pyo.

Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) supported her mother when she hit rock bottom. It was a sweet moment when Ji Yoon reminded her mother she was a fighter and could begin again. I enjoyed Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu. I wished they’d had more substance and story in the latter third of the series.

Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) turned down his father’s offer to return to the family business. Jin Gyu rejected going back to a life where he would be under his father’s control. Instead he supported Ji Yoon and they forged a future together. I liked this character and wished the writer would have weaved a stronger friendship between Kang Soo and Jin Gyu in the latter half of the series. That was a missed opportunity.

Ranking the final episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The 12th song of the OST “My Star” is sung by Ki Ryun.  The 13th song of the OST “Twenty Years Old Wish” is sung by Ahn Soo Ji. Check it out these songs:

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4 comments on “Strongest Deliveryman Episode 16 (Final)
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO KJT, I think you got one of the fulfillments of you wish 🍀 list with this final episode. I know how we both 💗 happy endings.

    I was glad Dan Ah not only found Kang Soo, but was persistent in persuading Kang Soo to return and rallied 🙋 Kang Soo’s friends into investing in Strongest Deliveryman. This hard-working OTP we’re great for each other‼ I ❤ that the gang persevered on their own to discover the source of the domestic food 🍲 switch and then Jin Gyu came up with alternative delivery options to keep the revenue 💰 flowing.

    I was glad Hyun Soo found out Kang Soo was his brother. I was VERY dissatisfied with explanation Kang Soo’s mom gave for abandoning him. She absconded with the family money 💰 … 🎵🎶 Woo ooh take the money 💲 and run 🎶🎵. However, I was pleased Kang Soo was civil with her in the end … I feel that was consistent with the forgiving nature of Kang Soo’s character.

    I was proud that Jin Gyu turned down his father’s offer to come back into the family and be an heir. Jin Gyu became his own man with the influence of Ji Yoon, Dan Ah and Kang Soo and relying on the strength of his brainstorming skills. He proved to be a fantastic idea 💡 man. I ❤ Jin Gyu’s transition from an entitled, spoiled chaebol 🤑▶😌 into a hard-working young man and he became increasingly more likeable with the changes.

    You gotta ❤ Jin Gyu’s concern for Ji Yoon about the impending 📉 failure of Jung Foods. After Jung Foods declared 🚫💰 bankruptcy Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu were sweetly 🍭 supportive of Ji Yoon’s parents. Ji Yoon sowed maturity and compassion encouraged her mother to start over. I feel like Ji Yoon’s mother got justice ⚖ for her evil and illegal actions, but also received mercy from Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu, whom she tried to control. I ❤ this sweet 🍭 couple‼. I concur I would have liked to them being a bit more pivotal in Kang Soo’s success. Color 🖍me 🎊surprised🎉 Ji Yoon’s lineage was never revealed to Kang Soo or Dan Ah; it seemed like a natural plot device.

    I enjoyed this series and your recaps of it. THANKS 🙇


    • I know how we both 💗 happy endings.
      So true, so true. Why invest X hours only to be sad at the end of it?

      I was glad Dan Ah not only found Kang Soo, but was persistent in persuading Kang Soo to return and rallied 🙋 Kang Soo’s friends into investing in Strongest Deliveryman. This hard-working OTP we’re great for each other
      Dan Ah’s perseverance was her strength. She was the perfect support for Kang Soo. He in turn gave her hope about her home country.

      I ❤ Jin Gyu’s transition from an entitled, spoiled chaebol 🤑▶😌 into a hard-working young man and he became increasingly more likeable with the changes
      Perfectly put.

      I concur I would have liked to them being a bit more pivotal in Kang Soo’s success. Color 🖍me 🎊surprised🎉 Ji Yoon’s lineage was never revealed to Kang Soo or Dan Ah; it seemed like a natural plot device.
      I felt like these likeable second leads got less and less airtime as the series progressed. I grew to like both of them so I felt their under utilization. It was a waste for Writer Lee Jung Woo to build these characters up then largely ignore them.

      Glad you watched and commented throughout. Makes the recapping more worthwhile to have the dialog. 👍Thanks!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        KJT I really appreciate the time you take to recap these series and provide the links for the OST. I enjoy the dialog too; it’s like the water cooler chat at work about what was on TV the night before. I only have my eonni to discuss these with and she usually won’t watch anything unless it has the JT seal 💮 of approval, which means I have already seen it and liked enough to watch it again. Other Kdrama fans don’t have anyone to discuss kdrama with face to face, so I know I was lucky 🍀 to get one kdrama convert.

        I can wait to hear your take on “Save Me”. Are you going to finish blogging “Criminal Minds”? I stopped watching at 14 because I didn’t want to get too far ahead of your recaps.

        You may want to consider “Black” starring Song Seung Hun – Beez will likely be watching for his abs. Being a CNBlue and Jung Yong Hwa fan, I’m going to watch “The Package”. “Revolutionary Love” is on my list too I’m hoping Choi Si Won can pull off sexy and goofy again like he did in “She was Pretty”.


        • I absolutely agree being able to share my love for dramas with like minded folks is wonderful. No one I know watches kdramas, so this blog is my outlet.

          Just finished Save Me. Final recap will post tonight.

          I will finish Criminal Minds. I turn to that show next. Thank you for waiting for me. Work and travel has slowed me down lately.

          I’ll be blogging Mad Dog (your suggestion) and Revolutionary Love (Beez’s suggestion) next. Looking forward to them.


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