Save Me Episode 14

My Thoughts — Save Me — Episode 14

Nutshell Summary:

Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) and her father talk in the worship room. A man whose mother was beaten during “fire prayer” and is in debt to loan sharks for the donations she’s given the cult, enters the church with two cans of gasoline. He spreads the gasoline over part of the room. Sang Mi’s father orders him to stop and gets thrown to the ground. Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) enters the room from a side door and pins the man. He shoos away Sang Mi and her father. He knows the man who can’t believe Dong Cheol is a member of the cult. Dong Cheol assures the man he’ll bring the cult down brick by brick very soon. He orders the man to hit him as members rush in. The man runs and the members give chase. Cult leader Father Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seong Ha)and deacon Jo Wan Tae declare Dong Cheol a hero.

Dong Cheol overhears Wan Tae give a physical and verbal reminder to faithful leader Kang Eun Sil that she owes him for cleaning up the mess when she killed her abusive husband by injection. He orders her to increase the member donations so he can line his pockets with cash.

Dong Cheol tells Sang Mi’s mother to lay low and continue to pretend she’s under the influence of the drugs Eun Sil has been giving her to keep her docile.

Dong Cheol searches the doctor’s office and finds a patient file on Sang Mi diagnosing her with depression including a prescription for drugs. He shows his findings to the undercover reporter and Sang Mi. They deduce the nursing home has all followers as patients to increase their government subsidies and allotment of prescription drugs. The undercover reporter declares she can take this to her boss as sufficient evidence to begin an investigation into the cult.

Unfortunately Eun Sil is suspicious of the undercover reporter and stops her from leaving the grounds to meet with her boss. Eun Sil has two followers shove the undercover reporter’s head into a washing machine. Eun Sil then drugs the uncover reporter.

Sang Mi puts an a performance for Father Baek, her father, her mother, and the faithful followers to show that she’s one of the body and ready to assume the role as Mother of Spirits.

Eun Sil shows Father Baek the patient file the undercover reporter had in her position. Since the undercover reporter has been Sang Mi’s primary support during her training, Father Baek tells Eun Sil they need to test Sang Mi’s faith.

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) and Choi Man Hee (Ha Hwe Jung) wonder where their friend Jung Hoon is. When the deliverymen reports that Jung Hoon was last scene in the cult’s van, Sang Hwan texts Dong Cheol his concerns that Jung Hoon is in the clutches of Wan Tae. Dong Cheol remembers an outbuilding that might be where Jung Hoon is.

Sang Hwan and Man Hee appropriate a friend’s car and head to the cult to retrieve their friend.

Sang Mi is brought by her father to Father Baek and Eun Sil. The drugged undercover reporter is there too. Sang Mi is asked about her association with the undercover reporter. Sang Mi denies knowledge. The undercover report declares her innocence. Father Baek declares the undercover reporter Satan. Her father urges Sang Mi to pray for the woman. Father Baek elevates Sang Mi’s tasking and orders her to lay on hands (beat the woman) while praying for her. Sang Mi is horrified at the request. But when the drugged reporter begins to talk about Sang Mi’s mother, Sang Mi pushes her to the ground and strikes her to keep her quiet. The undercover reporter screams in pain as Sang Mi delivers blow after blow as she calls the woman a devil.

Dong Cheol interrupts the process when he reports seeing young men heading to the outbuildings. Sang Mi’s father, Wan Tae and a gaggle of followers run into the woods to capture them. Meanwhile, Sang Hwan and Man Hee have found the beaten Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee) and free him. The followers pursue them to the care. Dong Cheol “tries” to stop them. He orders Sang Hwan to hit him so he can let them escape. Sang Hwan hits him twice and they manage to escape with Jung Hoon much to the chagrin of Wan Tae and the others.

Jung Hoon thanks Sang Hwan and Man Hee for saving him. He declares the cult will destroy their town if left alone.

Dong Cheol is thanked by Father Baek, Sang Mi’s father, Eun Sil and Sang Mi for trying to capture the young men. When Sang Mi gifts Dong Cheol with life water she mouths the numbers “554”.

Wan Tae tells Father Baek that the cult is undergoing too much scrutiny. He declares they need to close up shop and move to another town. But Father Baek won’t stop until he possesses Sang Mi. He tells Wan Tae if he can’t take the heat, he should leave the cult. Wan Tae doesn’t like that, not one bit. He reminds Father Baek that he shouldn’t believe his own hype and that he’s a common criminal who he protected in prison. He almost hits Father Baek who dares him to do it. Instead Wan Tae stalks away.

Sang Mi tells her father she had a dream from god that she needs to pray for her mother in person.

Sang Hwan and Man Hee tells the police detective about Jung Hoon’s treatment. Sang Hwan pressures him to finally bring charges against the cult. The police detective decides he needs to kick the dust of this small town off himself and return to Seoul a hero for exposing the cult. He warns Sang Hwan that his father the Governor will try and suppress any actions against the cult. Sang Hwan texts Dong Cheol that they will take Jung Hoon to the hospital tonight and press charges with the police tomorrow.

Sang Hwan visits his mother and tells her he will take action against his father. Sang Hwan’s mother moves her hand but he doesn’t see it.

Sang Mi and her father visit her mother. Sang Mi gets a moment alone with her mother and tells her it’s almost over.

The undercover reporter is tied up in the basement. This isn’t her day.

Sang Mi tells Dong Cheol she believes the undercover reporter is being held in the basement. He goes to find the undercover reporter.

Jung Hoon recalls his father taking money from Wan Tae. He shakes his head that his father’s silence was purchased. He loves his flawed father anyway.

Eun Sil prepare to inject the undercover reporter with a knock out shot. Dong Cheol stops her and in the struggle Eun Sil is injected.

Dong Cheol helps the undercover reporter to the edge of the property. He tells her to wait for his friend at the bridge. She shuffles off to the bridge. Dong Cheol calls Sang Hwan to pick up the undercover reporter.

But the undercover reporter’s day goes from bad to worse when Wan Tae finds her before Sang Hwan arrives. Wan Tae drags her away. This can’t be good. Sang Hwan arrives but the undercover reporter isn’t there.

Sang Hwan gets the shock of his life when his mother calls him.

My Thoughts

The cult feels the pressure now. While I despise the evil Wan Tae, he’s right that the cult should shut down. But Father Baek believes his own lies, and sees himself as god’s right hand man. More importantly, he won’t leave Sang Mi when he’s so close to marrying her. Eun Sil also believes the hype but Wan Tae choked her into remembering that he’s in this for the money and she better deliver. Finally as suspected the undercover reporter wasn’t able to escape the clutches of the cult. Wan Tae had to do his own dirty work and dispense with her. Everything is coming to a head…only 2 episodes to go.

Sang Mi was forced to beat the undercover reporter. She had plenty of practice watching her father beat/pray over followers. This must have been a dreadful moment for Sang Mi, yet she had no options. She couldn’t let the drugged reporter say anything about her mother and everyone was waiting for her beat/pray the reporter.

Sang Hwan and Man Hee saved Jung Hoon. It took Sang Hwan a minute to realize that Dong Cheol wasn’t trying to turn them in but rather prove his loyalty to the cult. Sang Hwan got in two good punches and drove away to safety. I’ve enjoyed the comradely between Dong Cheol and Sang Hwan these last episodes. Thank goodness for cell phones, how would they communicate without them?

When Dong Cheol slipped his glasses off he transformed himself from Clark Kent to Superman. As a Dong Cheol fan, this episode showcased his efforts to juggle and kept the efforts to nail the cult going forward while luring the cult leaders to trust him more and more.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank the episode 13 as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The fifth song of the OST “Endless Tears” by Hwayobi is released and continues the creepy overtones of this OST:

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7 comments on “Save Me Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Does PURE SOUL = Gullible?

    Lalalalalalalalala is New Heaven’s language. The sadness in Mama Im’s face when she saw her daughter rambling and gesticulating, realizing both she and her husband have failed to protect their surviving child.

    OMO the Deaconess is a Murderess. I wondered if the Deaconess would kill the reporter as well. I can hardly believe the EVIL leaders coerced Sang Mi into give “hands 🙌 on” prayer to the reporter. In the end it looks like Wan Tae was on cleanup duty again. Oh how I wish Sang Hwan would have made it to the bridge first. I wonder how much longer my Dong Chul will be safe. My fear 😱 is Dong Chul will not make I out alive

    Dong Chul’s bold actions are making me nervous for his safety. I thought for sure Wan Tae was going to find his cell, good thing he took it with him. I can’t help but think someone will see Dong Chul on the phone and rat him out. How long will the Deaconess be in a drugged 💉 stupor?

    OMO Father Baek REALLY believes his own hooey, but is ready to jettison Wan Tae from the cult or is he? Make Wan Tae the Father of Spirits…what does that mean…another scapegoat or a mate for the Mother of Spirits? ✳GAGGING AT THE THOUGHT✳ Father Baek better watch his back if he gets on the wrong side of Wan Tae … Oh I can’t wait for that to happen. ((🙏)) ✳RUBBING MY HANDS TOGETHER IN ANTICIPATION✳

    HOLY 🐄 COW! Jung Hoon witnessed and videoed his father taking the drunk to Guseonwon, who later died and was buried on the property and saw the bribe! I ask again: is every adult in Muji County corrupt?


    • Mother Im must shudder in revulsion at what her husband has become.
      Sang Mi was in a no win situation and had to beat the reporter. It must have turned her stomach.
      If Dong Cheol dies I will be disappointed but it could be done in a noble way.
      Wan Tae is watchable, he is “open” about his evil among the trio. And that hair..


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yup, Sang Mi was between a rock and a hard place and made the best possible choice to protect them all; the reporter was going to be beaten regardless. I choose to believe Sang Mi adminstering “hands 🙌 on” prayer was less brutal than someone else may have been.

        I see your point about Wan Tae being open about his evilness, at least when he is among the evil 😈👿😈 trio, he is still putting on a mask 🎭 for the congregation. Within the trio of evil 😈👿😈, Wan Tae is living in reality of the con. Father Baek is caught up in the fantasy of being the anointed of “New Heaven’s Sovereign” and Deaconess Kang in her fantasy of being saved by “New Heaven’s Sovereign”, regardless of her evil actions, which we now know include 💉 murder.

        Do you think Father Baek thinks he IS actually “New Heanen’s Sovereign”⁉


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