Save Me Episode 13

My Thoughts — Save Me— Episode 13

Nutshell Summary:

Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) has a moment alone with cult leader Father Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seong Ha). She demands to know why she and her family were targeted. Father Baek recalls watching the happy foursome eating supper together and his lust for Sang Mi flaring because she looked like a girl he had but lost. He tells her that once he cared for a girl but didn’t wait long enough. He hasn’t made the same mistake with her. Sang Mi is repulsed that she was targeted because she looked like someone else. Father Baek won’t take no for an answer and slams Sang Mi to the ground. His hand goes up her skirt. Sang Mi stares at him in horror. She manages to stop him by telling him that she accepts that she will have to do what he wishes. She asks him to give her more time so she can come to him of her own free will.

The undercover reporter tells Sang Mi’s mother not to take the drugs. When faithful leader Kang Eun Sil arrives and gives Sang Mi’s mother her pill, she appears to dutifully take it. But after Eun Sil leaves, Sang Mi’s mother spits out the pill. Later when Sang Mi’s father pushes Sang Mi’s mother around the ground, she’s horrified to discover her husband wholeheartedly supports giving their daughter to the creepy Father Baek.

Eun Sil suspects something is up with the undercover reporter and follows her when she claims to need to go home for her mother’s birthday. Instead the undercover reporter meets her boss. He tells her the pill she provide is a psychotic drug. He wants her to leave the cult. She refuses saying she’s close to getting even more evidence to use against the cult leaders. Little does she know that Eun Sil watches her leave, then her boss leave in a car marked with the news outlet’s name.

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) kneels before the police detective and begs him to further investigate the cult. Before he knows it, the police detective agrees, and finds himself playing second fiddle while Sang Hwan leads the investigation. They find out the church where Father Baek, deacon Jo Wan Tae, and Eun Sil used to worship at was the beginning of the cult. Father Baek was discovered to be a fraud, Wan Tae was discovered to embezzle church funds, and Eun Sil was discovered to have a relationship with Father Baek as she struggled with her abusive husband. Later Sang Hwan and the police detective learn that Wan Tae is the single land owner of all the land around the cult. They realize cult members have donated the land and Wan Tae has transferred the land into his name. Unbeknownst to Sang Hwan and the police detective, a cult member works at the land office and calls Wan Tae about the line of questioning.

Wan Tae orders his mute brother Jo Wan Duk to find the three boys that took Sang Mi or else. Wan Tae learns there’s a youtube broadcast about the cult. He watches it and decides to submit information to lure the boys into his clutches. Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee) takes the bait and arranges to meet with the informer. What he gets is kidnapped and beaten by Wan Tae and Wan Duk. They store him in one of the out buildings handcuffed and gagged.

Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) continues to investigate the cult by exploring the grounds. He receives a note from Sang Mi about Father Baek’s background which he passes on to Sang Hwan. He follows Wan Tae and Wan Duk as they go to the out building where Jung Hoon is held captive. He watches while Wan Tae enters the building and then exits. Wan Tae sees him and warns Dong Cheol his curiosity isn’t always good. He leads Dong Cheol away. Little does Dong Cheol realize his Jung Hoon is being beaten by Wan Duk as he walks away.

Sang Mi and her father stare at the alter. Sang Mi asks if she’ll have to sleep with Father Baek when she marries him. Her father denies this. Sang Mi sighs and says she’ll have to do whatever Father Baek wants. A man whose mother was beaten during “fire prayer” and is in debt to loan sharks for the donations she’s given the cult, enters the church with two cans of gasoline. He spreads the gasoline over part of the room. Sang Mi’s father orders him to stop. Dong Cheol enters the room from a side door.

My Thoughts

Finally there is hope that the cult may not win. We learned some background of the evil cult trio (Father Baek, Eun Sil, Wan Tae). Father Baek has phony credentials as a pastor, Wan Tae embezzled church funds, and Father Baek turned his eye to Eun Sil who had a troubled marriage. The inference is that Father Baek and Eun Sil had a relationship. If they did, then Father Baek turning his lust to Eun Sil’s daughter is even more repulsive. The moment when Sang Mi uttered the same reproach to Eun Sil as her daughter did when she was groomed to wed Father Baek was a full circle moment. But Eun Sil’s desire for salvation for herself and her dead daughter overrides any pangs of conscience she has. Wan Tae was shown to be overtly a known criminal among the criminals of town. I’ve wanted the evil trio’s background, this snippet was sorely needed. I did enjoy when Father Baek forced Wan Tae to give back some land a recently deceased member gave to the cult.

Sang Mi was hopeful that her recordings of Father Baek and the support  of the undercover report and Dong Cheol et al may topple the cult. She wants to escape the cult with her mother. I’m glad that Sang Mi’s mother is coming out of her drug induced stupor. Sang Mi’s mother is fooling Eun Sil and her husband that she’s still drugged.

Sang Hwan’s interactions with the police detective were the best part of the episode. I loved how Sang Hwan took control of the investigation with the police detective into the background of the trio of evil. Sang Hwan and the police detective were an odd couple but they totally worked. What will Jung Hoon’s bribe-taking police father do when he finds out that Wan Tae is beating his son? Don’t you love the irony that the Wan Tae’s bribe money keeps Jung Hoon’s father from doing his job to respond to complaints about the cult yet he doesn’t realize Wan Tae is beating his beloved son? To be clear, Wan Tae doesn’t realize he is beating the bribe-able police officer’s son either.

Dong Cheol is curious, something Eun Sil and Wan Tae wish they could “turn off”. Last episode he was shocked learning the life water was discarded washing water from Father Baek. This episode he drank the life water then learned what it was. Anyone thinking the undercover reporter may not survive this series?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank the episode 13 as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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5 comments on “Save Me Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    So the Evil Cult 👿😈👿 Trio are just being true to who they are. Has Wan Tae been embezzling 💰 from the Father? Is that why a cult member’s property is now in his name?

    I ❤that Sang Hwan told people THEY were the police 👮. It is good to see the detective do some actual policework.

    I do wonder if the undercover reporter will make it through the series alive, Deaconess Kang is on to her deception; I hope that some of her documentation of the cult has made it out of Guseonwon.

    I was very disappointed Jung Hoon’s father brought another drunk to the cult and accepted a bribe from Wan Tae. Jung Hoon’s father has no clue that he accepted a bribe from the very person who kidnapped his son with nefarious intent — yup, it is ironic for the father, but most unfortunate for Jung Hoon. Is every adult in Muji County corrupt?

    I wonder if Dong Chul is going to reveal his true identity in stopping his friend from burning 🔥 down the church ⛪. If Sang Mi or other innocents were not present, I wouldn’t have as much concern about the church bring burned to the ground.


  2. Beez says:

    I am totally hating the police detective. And it’s so funny because I loved him (Jang Hyuk-Jin) so much in Suspicious Partner.

    Similarly, Mr. Jo (Jo Jae-Yun), I am so glad I watched Mad Dog first because I hated him so much in this show that I don’t think I could’ve liked him so much in Mad Dog. He’s got me curling my lip when I even think about him. And I’ve seen Jo Jae-Yun play irredeemable characters before, but mostly he just annoyed me and I was glad when Jin Goo popped him a good one in DOTS, but here, I just wanted to beat him with my own two hands into little pieces with the shovel he used to bury his victims.

    Amazingly good actors.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Yep, when actors successfully portray characters you love and others you hate it shows they have skill. I saw “Mad Dog” right after I finished “Save Me” and I could hardly believe how quickly I warmed up to Jo Jae-Yun after playing such a nasty 💩 excuse of a human being. Jo Jae-Yun is talented and he was adorable in “Mad Dog” … NOT do much in this series.


      • Beez says:

        It surprises me because there’s only a handful of western actors that can totally become so different like that for me. But maybe Hollywood typecasts/pigeon holes actors more so they don’t get the chance to show us these complete opposite sides.


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