Criminal Minds Episode 13 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 13 Recap


Yeo Jin hugs the painting of her son. She sees the picture of him as adult is missing. When Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) enters her cell, he hands the picture back to her. He states Yoon Hoon (her serial murdering husband) is dead. Team Lead Kang says now her son can come out of hiding and learn the gift she gave him when she sent him away 15 years ago. Yeo Jin won’t change her mind. She knows the stain of a father who is a criminal. It taints one’s life. Team Lead Kang counters that he can’t let her die for crimes she did not commit. Yeo Jin counters with the question – would Team Lead Kang want his child to learn that his father was a serial murderer?

While I understand that Yeo Jin is going to die for crimes she did not commit and this frustrates Team Lead Kang, isn’t honoring her sacrifice to shield her son from the shame of his parents important?

The Criminal Mind Team discovers that Yeo Jin’s former students were the likely escape path for her son. Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) finds that three student families adopted children in the same year Yeo Jin made her son disappear. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) and Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) leave to investigate the address that is closest to Yeo Jin’s mother’s house.  Na Hwang finds that child is a cello prodigy (just like in the photo).

Team Lead Kang and Professor Lee rush to stay the execution of Yeo Jin. The prison manager cannot stay the execution unless he receives official orders. Team Lead Kang states they are retrieving Yeo Jin’s son (whose “murder” is the reason she’s on death row) and have altered the ministry of justice. Team Lead Kang tells Yeo Jin that soon she’ll be able to meet her son.

The prison manager declares he cannot stay the execution. Hyun Joon and Sun Woo race against time. Yeo Jin tells Team Lead Kang to stop trying. She’d prefer her son never know about her or his father. Team Lead Kang declares he will save her life.

When the parents and son (Yeo Jin’s son) arrive at the house where Hyun Joon and Sun Woo are waiting, Hyun Joon asks the father about his son. The father doesn’t recognize his son’s birth name. Sun Woo tells Team Lead Kang they’ve found the son.

Team Lead Kang tells Yeo Jin they’ve located her son. Yeo Jin pleads with Team Lead Kang NOT to involve her son, not to ruin his well-ordered life by revealing who his birth parents are, NOT to make her son her husband’s final victim. Team Lead Kang stares into Yeo Jin’s eyes. He can’t deny a mother’s last wish. He tells Sun Woo to back away, this is not Yeo Jin’s son. Tears filled Yeo Jin’s eyes. Hyun Joon and Sun Woo apologize for the disturbance. They start to their car. The father calls and comes to them. He thanks them for the choice to leave his family intact.

  Team Lead Kang takes Yeo Jin’s hand. Her gratitude is evident. She thanks Team Lead Kang.

She asks him to be there so the last face she sees before she dies is his. She walks into the room where she will die. When the curtain is drawn back Team Lead Kang is there in the room of observers. Yeo Jin smiles at Team Lead Kang was hood is lowered to over her head. The noose is place around her neck. Team Lead Kang closes his eyes as she dies.

Awk! Tears! That was touching. A mother’s love is a powerful force. Team Lead Kang made the correct choice to honor Yeo Jin’s wishes. I have to agree with Yeo Jin. Her son’s life would be shredded if he learned the truth about his biological parents.

Team Lead Kang takes his son, Han Byul, to listen to Yeo Jin’s son play cello.

The quote is “The most beautiful things in the world, cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt with the heart”. Helen Keller.

That quote is from Season 6 Episode 12 titled “Corazón”.

Visiting his hometown, Hyun Joon places flowers at Mo Ji Eun’s memorial tree. Hyun Joon is shocked when he is arrested for murdering Kang Ho Young.

The chief finds Team Lead Kang packing his desk. He tells Team Lead Kang is was hard to make the decision that he needed a break. Team Lead Kang plans to spend time with his son and his mother. The chief declares they need to have a team dinner.

They join Sun Woo, Professor Lee, Na Hwang and invite them to a team dinner. Min Young rushes in and shows the video of Hyun Joon being arrested in his hometown. The team dinner is scrapped and the Criminal Mind Team bus travels to Hyun Joon’s hometown.  The circumstantial evidence against Hyun Joon is strong; he was the last to speak to the victim before he was killed, video footage of Hyun Joon leaving the suspected murder spot, fingerprints, etc. Sun Woo offers a potential motive – Kang Young Ho was a suspect in the murder river case. She reveals Hyun Joon was once a suspect in the murder river case.

Hyun Joon tells the arresting officer that he’s been trying to pin the murder river case on him for years because he couldn’t solve it. That doesn’t over well. The arresting officer is chewed out when their boss arrives.

Sun Woo recalls her friendship with the murder river victim. She recalls finding her dead body.

The arresting officer recalls suspecting 17-year-old Hyun Joon after the murder river victim was found but his boss didn’t believe Hyun Joon could be the murderer.

The Criminal Mind Team arrives. Team Lead Kang tells the boss that arresting Hyun Joon without informing him was a cheap shot and alerting the media an even lower blow. The arresting officer gives Team Lead Kang the profile he made years ago. He states Hyun Joon fits the profile. The arresting officer lays out his case against Hyun Joon to his co-workers and the Criminal Mind Team.

Min Young, Professor Lee, and Team Lead Kang believe the murderer was watching Hyun Joon and framed him when he learned he was going to meet with Kang Young Ho.

Team Lead Kang tells Hyun Joon that the circumstantial evidence makes him took guilty. Hyun Joon doesn’t know why Kang Young Ho wanted to meet him. Team Lead Kang asks for what Hyun Joon hasn’t revealed about the murder river case. Hyun Joon doesn’t like being profiled. Team Lead Kang counters they are trying to help him and the untold details can only help.

Sun Woo recalls Kang Young Ho stating another person (the reaper) wasn’t after only him. Sun Woo recalls Hyun Joon stating the reaper was after the entire Criminal Mind Team.

Team Lead Kang asks Na Hwang to investigate Hyun Joon’s past to present. Sun Woo tells Team Lead Kang she thinks the reaper is involved. Team Lead Kang does not reject the possibility but knows clearing Hyun Joon is the first order of business. Team Lead Kang states they must find out what Hyun Joon is hiding, that is the key to why he is being framed.

Min Young and Professor Lee go to where Kang Young Ho’s body was found. Professor Lee believes the killer “held” the body for 2 weeks, so it would be easily found. Professor Lee wonders if a bird watcher unknowingly snapped a photo that would be helpful.

Na Hwang finds evidence of an old fire. Team Lead Kang directs her to look at it further.

Sun Woo returns to the High School.

Team Lead Kang goes to where Hyun Joon and Kang Young Ho were to meet. Flashback to Hyun Joon arriving and Kang Young Ho watching. As Team Lead Kang walks through the abandoned center we see the flashback to the night of the murder as he retraces the steps of the participants. Team Lead Kang suspects that Kang Young Ho had something hidden in the abandoned center he wanted to show Hyun Joon. We see Kang Young Ho killed after he retrieved the hidden item. The head of the center claims the past murder has nothing to do with Kang Young Ho’s current murder. The head of the center is sure that no one who worked at the center is involved with the murder.  Sun Woo and Team Lead Kang suspect that something happened before the river murder that the head of the center doesn’t want uncovered.

Na Hwang finds that 18-year-old Choi Sang Woo was a suspect in the fire in 2004 and his sister committed suicide in that timeframe.  They wonder if his sister was sexually assaulted at the center. They wonder if the river murder victim was sexually assaulted too. Team Lead Kang tells Professor Lee to investigate that angle.

Sun Woo can’t get the thought that maybe the river murder victim was sexually assaulted.

Team Lead Kang and Min Young arrive to talk to Sang Woo who doesn’t want to talk to them. Team Lead Kang asks if he set the fire long ago. He denies it. He doesn’t want to answer why his sister committed suicide. When Team Lead Kang suggests his sister was sexually assaulted he gets upset and orders them to leave.

Team Lead Kang says that Sang Woo is heavily medicated, and could have bipolar issues. Team Lead Kang doesn’t think he set the fire. Na Hwang calls Team Lead Kang and reports the Sang Woo’s sister committed suicide due to issues at the center and school violence.

Sun Woo recalls seeing Sang Woo’s sister with a boy at the center. Team Lead Kang calls and says they need to find out what happened at the center that led to Sang Woo’s sister’s suicide. She wonders if she knows than she realizes.

Hyun Joon recalls the shock of Dae Soo and he felt when the murder river victim was found.

My Thoughts

The wrap up to the death row inmate was satisfying.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun allowed Yeo Jin’s wishes to be honored when Team Lead Kang withdrew Hyun Joon and Sun Woo from telling her son about his birth parents. I agree with his choice. I agree with her choice. A mother’s love can be boundless even to the point of offering her life for her child.

Arresting Hyun Joon as the river murderer was jarring.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun hasn’t even hinted about the river murder case since episode 7. The gap between when we saw Kang Young Ho die at the center and now seems like a lifetime ago. That span of time was long enough that arresting Hyun Joon and showing him steadfastly hiding some tidbit per the old request of his friend Dae Soo made Hyun Joon look almost foolish for not coming forward when Team Lead Kang pressured him to reveal what he was hiding. I don’t like Hyun Joon being suspected. I don’t like the inference that sexual assault was occurring at the center but it was never tied to the river murder case OR that Sun Woo turned a blind eye to it. I’m not saying that Sun Woo thought sexual assault was occurring and ignored it. Rather she didn’t realize the ramifications. None the less, I’m irked that Hyun Joon is hiding something, Sun Woo is trying to put the pieces together and the reaper is could be in play to frame Hyun Joon. The reaper has not been involved in sexual assault that I can recall so that is likely a separate issue with the head of the center a suspect or knows the suspect.

Sun Woo delved into her memories to find clues she didn’t know she had. She told Team Lead Kang that the reaper could be framing Hyun Joon.  I’m glad she’s ditched her belief that Hyun Joon was guilty. Can she help save him?

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 realized Kang Young Ho’s body was staged. Professor Lee saw that the murderer placed the body where it would be sure to be found to frame Hyun Joon.

Min Young and Team Lead Kang worked to find evidence of what happened long ago. The pairing of Min Young and Team Lead Kang during this episode worked.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, was upset at Hyun Joon’s arrest. Her emotional response to Hyun Joon’s arrest is appreciated. Everyone else kept their reactions behind their poker face.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) is hiding something. Doesn’t he know that secrets always hurt? Hyun Joon keeping an old secret seems unnecessary all these years later. If he’s protecting his friend Dae Soo, why is willing to do so? What is the secret?

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) had his break from the team stayed when Hyun Joon was arrested. He realized Hyun Joon was hiding something. He wasn’t surprised that the reaper could be involved. But he kept his eye on the main goal – find out what happened in the past and what Kang Young Ho knew that got him murdered.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    While I was sad that an innocent person was executed, I think Yeo Jin truly made a loving ❤ choice to protect her son. It was the best possible choice for her son to lead a happy 😊 life. If the son had been dragged into the mix, I can only imagine what the power of “Asian Guilt” would do in his life.

    I was relieved that TL Kang finally relented on finding Yeo Jin’s son. I concur that “honoring her [Yeo Jin’s] sacrifice to shield her son from the shame of his parents” was very important‼

    It’s about freakin’ time they got back to the River 🏞 murder case‼

    We are on the same page about being annoyed 😟 that Hyun Joon is hiding something. I don’t think the Reaper was involved with the past at the Youth Center or the River 🏞 murder case, but rather the Reaper inserted himself by killing Ho Young as a means to take down possibly 2 members of the team.


  2. swati says:

    Hi I’ll what the series this weekend… i wanted to see all the episode at one time… this drama is too much for my nerves to wait week by week… 🙂 Plus Lee Joon Gi makes me restless and worried…

    Also wanted to ask… will u be watching While you were sleeping… it started yesterday. It has lee joon suk and suzy 🙂 Let me know 🙂


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