Criminal Minds Episode 12 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 12 Recap


The chief visits Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) who seems to be packing files to take a break. But no mention of that is made. Instead the chief informs Team Lead Kang that the death sentence has been reinstated and the female student murdering couple are the first two sentences. The Criminal Mind Team has been tagged to determine if there are additional murders that were unknown. The chief knows this will be scrutinized by the public.

Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) and Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) discuss Yeo Jin’s (female murderer) unwillingness to reveal details. Hyun Joon notes that once the couple dies, other victims can never be confirmed.

Yeo Jin is lead to her special solitary confinement cell 36 hours before her death. She asks to see the moon instead of having a last meal. That isn’t allowed.

Yoon Hoon (male murderer) is lead to his special solitary confinement cell 36 hours before his death.

The Criminal Mind Team reviews the facts of the case with prison officials. Yeo Jin lured female students to their home, with a claim of a job to be Yoon Hoon’s assistant. When they arrive Yoon Hoon took over, photographed the victim, murdered the victim, and buried the victim in the backyard. When about to be caught he ordered his wife, Yeo Jin, to kill their son. Prison official warn Yoon Hoon has not be forthcoming with additional details.

Min Young and Hyun Joon see the shed where Yoon Hoon committed the murders. He has a background of abuse. Yeo Jin’s mother has been silent and they decide to interview her.

Team Lead Kang meets with Yeo Jin in her cell. He finds her looking at paintings she created. Team Lead Kang tells her the families of the victims need to know why they were killed.

Min Young and Hyun Joon meet with Yeo Jin’s mother. She claims her daughter was sweet until she met and married that scumbag Yoon Hoon. She admits her husband was rough with Yeo Jin. She admits she didn’t leave her husband because she didn’t think she could make it on her own with Yeo Jin. She offers a just received letter stating now she knows who tipped the police off about the murders.

Yeo Jin and Yoon Hoon just happen to meet being transferred between cells. Yoon Hoon yells at Yeo Jin to remember all he told her. They will be remembered forever. The prison guards pull him away. Yeo Jin looks at Team Lead Kang in disgust and asks if he arranged that encounter.

While Team Lead Kang and Professor Lee interview Yeo Jin, Min Young calls Team Lead Kang and reads him the letter Yeo Jin’s mother received. Team Lead Kang echoes the words so Yeo Jin hears her own private words to her mother. She tries to grab the phone from Team Lead Kang. The prison guards settle her back into her chair. Team Lead Kang asks why she’s allowing herself to be killed for the murders her husband committed.

Everyone gathers to discuss Yeo Jin and agree that she didn’t murder the victims or her son, that was Yoon Hoon’s doing. The guilt over the murders led her to tip off the police and accept the death sentence punishment for crimes she was accomplice to but did not physically commit. Team Lead Kang wants to prove the Yeo Jin didn’t kill their son so her death sentence can be rescinded.

Team Lead Kang meets with Yeo Jin. He provides proof that she did not lure female students to their home. Team Lead Kang asks why she made a false confession to the murders. Next, they discuss the location of Yeo Jin’s child’s body. Yeo Jin won’t admit to killing or not killing her child but states he’s in a better place.

Min Young and Hyun Joon meet with Yoon Hoon who is aroused by Min Young. In return for information Yoon Hoon asks to smell Min Young’s hair. She allows it. He is visibly entranced. Yoon Hoon then declares there are no additional victims. Knowing they were played, Min Young and Hyun Joon prepare to leave. Hyun Joon tells Yoon Hoon that Yeo Jin won’t be killed, only him. Yoon Hoon freaks out and yells that he knows the location of their son’s body.

The police search the grounds and find a body but it isn’t the son, it’s a college student Yeo Jin once tutored. Team Lead Kang believes that Yoon Hoon wants his wife to die as his final victim. Team Lead Kang goes to Yeo Jin and tell her about the latest victim. She’s shocked to learn who the victim was.

Hyun Joon asks Yoon Hoon how many victims remain undiscovered. Yoon Hoon tells Hyun Joon to leave him alone. Hyun Joon vows it isn’t over.

Team Lead Kang asks Yeo Jin is her son is alive and where she has hidden him. She asks the guard to remove Team Lead Kang.

Team Lead Kang tells the team they must find Yeo Jin’s son to prove that she isn’t a murderer and stay her execution. Hyun Joon realizes that long as Yoon Hoon is alive, she won’t reveal her son’s location.

Team Lead Kang gets the chief’s agreement for 5 minutes in Yeo Jin’s cell. Yoon Hoon enjoys laughing in Hyun Joon’s face.

Yeo Jin stares at the full moon and thanks the chief for granting that wish. She wonders if her son remembers a fairy tale she told him once.

Team Lead Kang trashes Yeo Jin’s cell while he searches it.  Behind one of Yeo Jin’s painting he finds a picture of Yeo Jin’s son.

Yoon Hoon puts on the uniform he will die in. He calls to his wife that he’ll wait for her. He declares he killed 19 times. Hyun Joon asks why he kept that to himself.  Hyun Joon tells the police Yoon Hoon just confessed to 6 more murders than the 13 they know about.

Yeo Jin hugs the painting of her son. She sees the picture of him as adult is missing.

Yoon Hoon is strapped to the chair. The curtain is opened. He’s asked if he has any final words. He looks at Hyun Joon and declares he won. Hyun Joon holds up the picture of his adult son. He says his son is alive. Yoon Hoon doesn’t believe it. Hyun Joon says he lost. Yoon Hoon scream his son is dead. His wife will die. He starts ranting that he’ll never say where the others are buried. Yoon Hoon’s face is covered. The noose is placed around his neck. The button is pushed to hang him.

My Thoughts

This cerebral episode was a respite.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun gave us a break from graphic crimes and someone on the Criminal Mind Team being in danger. I shake my head at how shoddy this show makes previous police work look. If Yeo Jin was innocent and NEVER killed anyone, was her admission and guilt by association sufficient to put her on death row (physical proof not required)? Yoon Hoon was a certified nut job and death was warranted.

Sun Woo was a team player this episode. She couldn’t get through to Yoon Hoon. She withstood his attempts to unnerve her.

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 found the previously unknown victim. Professor Lee saw that Yoon Hoon’s drive to kill was due to abuse from his mother.

Min Young let Yoon Hoon sniff her hair for an exchange of information. That was a creepy sniff. Yoon Hoon reneged on his offer to provide information. The pairing of Min Young and Hyun Joon during this episode worked.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, was a team player this episode. Her emotional response to crime is appreciated. Everyone else has a poker face.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) got the last jab on Yoon Hoon and it was satisfying. Hyun Joon informed Yoon Hoon that Yoon Hoon’s wife had NOT killed their son. Yoon Hoon refused to believe that his wife, who he thought he controlled, had lied to him about killing their son. Did Yoon Hoon realize in his last moments that his wife stayed by his side to keep their son safe?

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) realized that Yeo Jin did not kill her son. The race to exonerate her was on. She refused to help because keeping her son safe while her psycho husband was alive was more important than her life. Team Lead Kang felt comfortable sharing personal details because he sensed Yeo Jin wasn’t the evil woman that everyone that. But it has to be clear, if she knew her husband was a murderer, then she was an accomplice by not revealing his crimes before she tipped off the police.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Yeah teamwork‼ With each passing episode our team is gelin’ and synergizing their efforts.

    I think I saw in another drama that prisoners with red patch numbers are death row inmates. I thought it was interesting Yoon Hoon was wearing white PJs for the execution. I found it to be reminiscent of Joseon prisoners who were left with their white underwear layer of clothes and those who were executed died in this same white clothes.

    Yoon Hoon was soooo creepy, especially when he was sniffing Min Young’s hair; it seemed like he was aroused….✳BLECH✳. It was awesomely satisfying to see Hyun Joon snatch his victory at the last moment.

    I get the feeling that even though with Yoon Hoon dead, Yeo Jin will not take any steps to exonerate herself.


    • t was awesomely satisfying to see Hyun Joon snatch his victory at the last moment.
      Concur. Take that Yoon Hoon!

      I get the feeling that even though with Yoon Hoon dead, Yeo Jin will not take any steps to exonerate herself.
      She has her reasons to walk that path.


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