Strongest Deliveryman Episode 13

My Thoughts — Strongest Deliveryman— Episode 13

Nutshell Summary:

The Strongest Deliveryman team building trip offers Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) and Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) a private moment. Kang Soo takes the opportunity to ask Dan Ah if she’d consider staying in Korea and not emigrating. Torn between her dream and the man she cares for, Dan Ah can’t give an answer. Kang Soo stares in her eyes and kisses Dan Ah. She kisses him back. Both of them think about the kiss all night. Kang Soo is dreamily pleased. Dan Ah knows her dream of emigration may be dissolving.

Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) has her father’s henchmen abduct Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) to her new apartment (just under Dan Ah’s). She declares his days of sleeping on park benches or at the sauna are over. Adorably she ties him up with pink ribbons and forces him to sleep at her place. Jin Gyu still is directionless since walking away from the manager position provided by Ji Yoon’s mother. Ji Yoon’s stalwart support of Jin Gyu is charming.

As expected Ji Gyu’s second in command manager steals his idea for serving breakfast declare it hers when the early service is successful.

Kang Soo’s half-brother (who does not know he and Kang Soo share the same mother) come to Seoul and stays with Kang Soo. His mother wants him to come home. Kang Soo initially supports his half-brother desire to stay but when his mother comes to Seoul he sends his half-brother home.

   It had to happen eventually…Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon return from a shopping excursion to find Dan Ah and Kang Soo outside the apartment building. Shocked, Dan Ah quickly realizes they are living together. Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon are stunned and wonder how they can extract themselves from the situation.

Kang Soo tries to come up with a plan to defeat the food conglomerate run by Ji Yoon’s mother. Even with the insight from Ji Gyu that the low prices will only be maintained for 6 months, it doesn’t alter the negative stream of customers from the mom and pop eateries and eliminates their need for the Strongest Deliverymen service. Kang Soo and Dan Ah even go so far as to blackmail the building owners into not increasing rents on the eateries. Kang Soo also secures a promise of reasonable loans so the mom and pop eatery owners can pay off their bank loans requiring immediate repayment. Even with these efforts, it isn’t enough to keep the mom and pop eateries in business. Bottom line – no customers means no money. Kang Soo is stymied and frustrated that he cannot best the food conglomerate. Things are dire for the Strongest Deliverymen service.

Dan Ah urges Kang Soo not to give up. She wants to believe the nice guy can win in a country where the rich get richer. She declares her love to Kang Soo rendering him speechless.

My Thoughts

Kang Soo is like the mouse battling the diving eagle food conglomerate operated by the Ji Yoon’s mother. Writer Lee Jung Woo had Kang Soo help the mom and pop eatery owners in every way possible but to no avail. Without customers the eateries will fold. I appreciate Dan Ah’s desire for Kang Soo to win. But what can Kang Soo do to return customers to the mom and pop eateries?

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) business magic may be snuffed by the food conglomerate. I share his frustration that big business’s deep pockets are poised to defeat the hard working mom and pop eateries. But for consumers, price matters, and we vote with our wallet. Established businesses can fail when consumers are lured away with cheaper products and services. The rise of Amazon in the US is a testament to that. I want Kang Soo (the nice guy) to win. But desire doesn’t create a viable plan, he needs a creative idea (or two). Will Kang Soo brainstorm with Jin Gyu to find a way? Kang Soo has yet to deal with his mother or his half-brother in a concrete manner nor has he shared this secret with Dan Ah.

Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) admitted her love for Kang Soo. I was a bit surprised that she made her declaration while urging him to keep trying in the business arena, but if she was looking for a shot in the arm for Kang Soo, that should do it. I continue to wish for more interaction between Dan Ah and Ji Yoon than the show provides.

Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) kidnapping and forcing Jin Gyu to live with her sounds both scandalous and silly but it worked. She acted on her genuine worry for Jin Gyu and plucked him from the sauna and into her apartment. Her pink ribbon bonds were adorable. She has a sweet enthusiastic nature. You can’t help but be charmed by this character. When will she and Jin Gyu migrate to romance?

Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) was forced to live with Ji Yoon and he perked up a bit. Jin Gyu is still reeling from Ji Yoon’s mother’s revelation that she only wanted his family’s connections and he was replaceable in her company. I hoped that when Jin Gyu advised Kang Soo about the company’s 6 month initial pricing that might lead to more collaboration between them but that didn’t happen. I continue to want more for this character to do.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The eighth song of the OST “Home” is sung by So Hyang. Check it out this ballad:

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3 comments on “Strongest Deliveryman Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    KJT, you aptly decribed Kang Soo’s battle against Jung family foods “Kang Soo is like the mouse 🐀 battling the diving eagle”. Jin Gyu gave Kang Soo good advice about hanging in for 6 mos. When JFF would raise ⏫💲 their prices, but unfortunately Kang Soo cannot do this on his own. Now he has Dan Ah imploring him to succeed to make her stay…NO PRESSURE THERE‼

    I thought when Ji Yoon recommend Jin Gyu to be hired to Dan Ah, that the gears ⚙⚙ would kick into place. Jin Gyu has insider info that could help Strongest Delivery in their strategy. The manager who stole Jin Gyu’s ideas will be up a creek 🏞, when those ideas 🚫💡 run out and she is expected to continue to deliver good ideas.

    I 💓 Ji Yoon’s persistence in being independent and going after Jin Gyu and helping him get out of his funk 😔😕😯😏😊. Thet seem to be well suited for each other. I wonder if Ji Yoon’s dad has a clue 🕵 that she is using the guys who are supposed to be keeping an eye 👁 in her for such scandalous purposes as kidnapping Jin Gyu to live with her. I ❤ that he came back to Ji Yoon after he intended to leave.


    • I 💓 Ji Yoon’s persistence in being independent and going after Jin Gyu and helping him get out of his funk 😔😕😯😏😊. Thet seem to be well suited for each other…I ❤ that he came back to Ji Yoon after he intended to leave.
      I agree that this pair is well suited for each other. Do we have to wait until the final episode before they realize it?


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