Criminal Minds Episode 11 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 11 Recap

A man looks at the 7 sins book, a justice scale, and the justice mark his father branded on his forehead. The memory is upsetting.

Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) tells Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) they must determine why the couple killed was selected to represent greed.

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) says the couple was butchered. Na Na Hwang(Yoo Sun) shows them the uploaded video of the murder.  Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) believes the killer is being controlled by another. Professor Lee notices the killer’s laptop’s camera is on. They stare at the laptop and the killer stares at them. The other man tells the killer that the police will try and thwart them. The killer sends text to the laptop screen telling them not to stop him. The Criminal Mind Team agree they must stop the killer before the 6 other sins have victims.

The killer finds his next victim when she calls him for computer support. He gets remote access to the computer. He watches the woman make love with a man. The controlling man tells the killer they must be punished.

The Criminal Mind Team tries to understand why the killer called the police and how he finds his victims.

The Criminal Mind Team learns the next victim has been found. It is the man the woman was making love to. The man was a tennis instructor. The woman is nowhere to be found.  At the body, they find a note indicating the man was killed because of adultery. Hyun Joon wonders why the woman was abducted and not killed.

The controlling man is the killer’s father. He tells his son they must kill the woman. She pleads for her life. The son apologizes for what he must do. He releases a dog who lunges to kill the woman. His father videotapes the event.

The Criminal Mind Team hypothesizes that the killer has imagined his controlling personality. Na Hwang shows them the videotape of the latest murder. They realize that location is a dog breeding spot.

Min Young and Sun Woo arrive at a house where the killer lives, but no one answers. They split up to search the grounds.

Hyun Joon finds information about an illegal dog breeder that could be their man. They see the man has a son.

Team Lead Kang realizes that Min Young and Sun Woo could be in danger.

Sun Woo notices there is no cell phone service. She hears dogs barking. Min Young searches the grounds. Min Young finds the latest victim. The dogs charge her. Min Young hears the shots. A man knocks her out.

The police and the remaining Criminal Mind Team arrive. They search the grounds for Min Young and Sun Woo. They find a dead dog. They find Sun Woo who is freaked out. She tells Hyun Joon that Kim Min Soo is the killer. She worries about Min Young.

Team Lead Kang and Professor Lee find the killer’s lair. The killer drives away with Min Young in the front seat of the truck.

When Min Young wakes she sees the killer. She asks who he is. He reminds her he called the police. She asks why he brought her here. The killer says the verdict has been rendered. She protects the law but has done something wrong.

Na Hwang arrives to assess the killer’s computer systems. Hyun Joon notes the killer is obsessed with the law. Na Hwang doesn’t find anything. She notices each of the monitors is labeled with one of the 7 deadly sins. They realize the victims have been identified.

The killer tells Min Young that justice begins with blood. He brandishes a knife.

Team Lead Kang and Professor Lee study the killer’s lair. Professor Lee finds a strong antidepressant that the killer used. Team Lead Kang wonders what trigged the killer to begin killing. They find more victims in the caves.

The killer offers Min Young food. She asks if he is Kim Min Soo. He says his father called her and is very strict. Min Young asks if he’ll untie her hands so she can eat comfortably. The killer refuses. He fills a syringe with drugs. Min Young tells him she doesn’t want the drugs. The killer injects Min Young and promises that it won’t hurt. The killer morphs into the father personality and declares Min Young must die.

Sun Woo examines the killer’s daily journal. Team Lead Kang notices that the killer discusses the need to kill his father, months AFTER his death. Team Lead Kang guesses that on the blank day in the journal, something traumatic happened. Hyun Joon declares one of the killer’s personality is his father.  Team Lead Kang guesses that the killer couldn’t kill his father so he created another personality, the Executioner.  Team Lead Kang states the Executioner has all the rage from the abuse his father metered out.

Hyun Joon asks Na Hwang if she can log onto the killer’s father’s account. When she does, an image of Min Young tied up and drugged appears.  Team Lead Kang realizes that the killer knows they are watching.

The killer tells Min Young to pick the next person to kill with her coworkers watching. Min Young refuses stating he hasn’t proven their guilt. The killer orders to pick or they all will die. He switches personality and calmly states she must die. He puts a knife to her throat and she agrees to pick a victim but she wants to pick two people that will live. Min Young asks if the young children will be killed. Irritated, the killer cuffs her.

   The Criminal Mind Team rewatches the tape and realizes that Min Young is telling them she’s in a hunting cabin. Team Lead Kang sends the police to secure the family the found in the killer’s list of clients.

The killer declares Min Young must die at 11pm. They narrow the search area and call for backup to search for Min Young.

While Min Young talks to the killer he morphs to another personality. She promises to protect him. He unties her.  The he morphs back to his father. Min Young tries to disarm him but the syringe of drugs he plunges into her renders her unconscious.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo work out with Na Hwang’s help where the killer has Min Young. They arrive and find the killer’s truck. Sun Woo says they’ll have to proceed without backup. Hyun Joon agrees there isn’t time to wait.

They find Min Young at the end of the noose. Hyun Joon goes to save her and the killer fights him. Sun Woo shoots the killer. Min Young wakes. Sun Woo hugs her.  Professor Lee and Team Lead Kang arrive has Min Young is carted into the ambulance. Team Lead Kang tells Hyun Joon he did well. Sun Woo rides in the ambulance with Min Young.

My Thoughts

Multiple personalities are a staple for criminals.  Writer Hong Seung Hyun put Min Young in the clutches of a crazy killer. No way I’d want that job. Think of the nightmares you’d undoubtedly have.

Sun Woo showed emotion and caring for Min Young. She was open about her feelings for which as a refreshing change for this stone cold sober character. I applaud her “one shot” take down of the killer.

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 deduces as well as the other profilers on the team. Professor Lee has a touch more humanity.

Min Young was abducted, drugged, and almost killed. That was a bad day. She managed to keep it together providing the team clues to lead them to her location.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, had to work on the killer’s computers. The fact that he was watching preselected victims through their computer cameras was creepy.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) fought the killer to save Min Young. Hyun Joon struggled for a moment with the crazy killer who had a knife at him but Sun Woo’s sure aim eliminated the threat.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) is more of a team player now. In the initial episodes, he directed the team like a general. Now there is much of collaboration, which I like.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.


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2 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Poor Min Young, despite the trauma she has been through, she managed to keep her wits about her to prolong her death 💀 sentence.

    Well, I called the multiple personalities. Once this episode started and revealed the killer ran a dog ‘farm’, I recognized this episode from the US series. We had a Korean 🇰🇷 shake up with Min Young being the captive instead of the Boy Wonder AKA genius Lee Han. In the US version the resident genius was held for a longer period of time and became addicted to the pain 💉 killer. His addiction was a side story for many episodes; we’ll have to see if the writer follow that plotline.

    For the last couple of episodes Sun Woo has been a bit warmer ♨ and emotional; I concur this is a welcome change.

    I’m also encouraged that TL Kang seems to be doing better as he has embraced 🤗 his team members opinions.

    Nary a mention of the Reaper or the River 🏞 murder case. Hmmm, I wonder why they have been teasing us for so long when there haven’t been ANY development for a couple of episodes.

    • Well, I called the multiple personalities. Once this episode started and revealed the killer ran a dog ‘farm’, I recognized this episode from the US series.
      You were correct. The road rage killer had a flavor of multiple personalities too plus he “saw” his dead relatives.

      I’m also encouraged that TL Kang seems to be doing better as he has embraced 🤗 his team members opinions.
      Agreed. It’s the Criminal Minds TEAM.

      Nary a mention of the Reaper or the River 🏞 murder case
      That’s one of nitpicks with this writer. It would be better to weave this throughout the series.

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