Save Me Episode 7 & 8

My Thoughts — Save Me— Episode 7 & 8

Nutshell Summary:

On a mission to respond to Sang Mi’s “save me” request our trio scales the wall of Sang Mi’s house under the cover of night. But when they scale the wall, they make noise. Father Im comes outside to see what made the noise. He doesn’t find them as they are hiding on the roof. Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taecyeon) makes a final pass around the house and sees Sang Mi in her room. They decide to call the police and report that Sang Mi is being abused.

The police come but take Father Im at his word that Sang Mi is asleep in her room and investigate no further.

Father Im finds Sang Mi trying to escape. He vows she will never leave. Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) screams that her father is the crazy one, not her.

The next day faithful leader Kang Eun Sil, deacon Jo Wan Tae and mute leader Jo Wan Duk (Wan Tae’s brother) pick up Father Im and Sang Mi and take them to church. Sang Mi declares she’s going to visit her mother first.

Mother Im has visions of her dead son (Sang Mi’s twin brother) and believes the church is her path to join her son in heaven. Father Im fetches Sang Mi reporting that Father Baek wants to see her.

Cult leader Father Baek Jung Ki (Cho Seong Ha) tells Sang Mi that the time has come for her to become his bride. Like a cornered rat, Sang Mi is terrified. She breaks a glass front cabinet and grips a shard to stave off capture. Father Baek approaches her. She nicks his face with the glass shard. Father Baek motions for the side door to open. Mother Im is revealed. Father Baek is blunt, either cooperate or you will lose the most precious thing to you. The implication is clear and Sang Mi is bested.

Sang Hwan hangs with Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee), and Choi Man Hee (Ha Hwe Jung) wonder how recently released from jail Dong Cheol is doing. Sang Hwan goes to where Dong Cheol works, but is turned away. Sang Hwan goes to where Dong Cheol lives, but Dong Cheol avoids him. Sang Hwan finally tracks down Dong Cheol. They fight until they are exhausted. Seok Dong Cheol (Woo Do Hwan) tells Sang Hwan not to see him again. Sang Hwan can’t let go of their friendship. Dong Cheol doesn’t care about their friendship, not after Sang Hwan’s betrayal (he choose to follow his father’s wishes versus saving Dong Cheol from prison). Sang Hwan agrees to leave but dangles the news that he ran across Sang Mi and she asked him to “save me”. That gets Dong Cheol’s attention.

Sang Mi finds her mother in a prayer room, a creepy corridor of room where church members work themselves into a frenzy in prayer. She’s disgusted by Wan Tae’s familiar treatment of her. He pulls away at the last minute knowing she’s slated for Father Baek. Sang Mi tells her mother that her dead brother wants her to leave this place. Mother Im agrees if that’s what her son’s spirit wants.

Sang Hwan, Jung Hoon, and Man Hee boldly sneak onto the cult church grounds. They spy Sang Mi and her father talking to Father Baek. Unfortunately for them, Father Baek spies them. They run. Father Baek meets them where their car is parked. Sang Hwan confronts Father Baek about his intentions. Father Baek warns Sang Hwan that those that try and take what is his, will suffer the consequences. Sang Hwan counters that he won’t run away. Father Baek says death may be a consequence of their foolish notions.

Sang Hwan visits Sang Mi’s house and communicates silently with her via text on his cell phone to confirm she’s trapped and needs his help. He gives her the opportunity stop him from helping. Sang Mi asks for his help. He promises her he’ll be back and whisk her away.

Dong Cheol agrees to help IF Sang Hwan is serious and won’t abandon Sang Mi. Sang Hwan pledges to take it to the end. The four musketeers are reunited. Dong Cheol agrees to meet them at dawn outside Sang Mi’s house. Dong Cheol’s work buddy tells Sang Hwan that his father’s influence will protect him should something go wrong but Dong Cheol has no one in his corner. Later Dong Cheol’s work buddy tells Dong Cheol that he’d be better served walking away from his former friends, as they run in different socioeconomic tiers. Dong Cheol decides to stick with his friends.

The next morning the church van comes to pick up Sang Mi and her father. Sang Mi spots Sang Hwan’s car and pretends not to feel well. Eun Sil, Wan Tae, Wan Duk and her father won’t let her stay in the house alone. They inform Sang Mi that she’s moving back to the church grounds to be trained to become Father Baek’s bride. Sang Mi has no options but get in the van. Sang Hwan, Jung Hoon and Choi Man decide to follow the van. Dong Cheol calls and tells them to stop the van before Sang Mi is back in cult’s compound. They boldly stops their car in front of the church van. They get out ready to fight. Wan Tae and Wan Duk do the same. It’s a face-off!

My Thoughts

Father Im decided the time was right for Sang Mi to become his bride. Father Im has waited longer than expected to take this step. He saw that Sang Mi would never willingly submit so he forced her agreement by threatening her mother. Father Im knew the Sang Hwan, Jung Hoon and Choi Man would be trouble. I have no doubts murder is in Father Im’s arsenal. He considers Sang Mi his and won’t give up keeping her in his clutches.

Sang Mi’s resistance was crushed by the threat to her Mother. She’s in a horrible situation. Both her parents are brain washed by the church. Her mother is chemically dependent and refuses to leave the church so she can be with her dead son in heaven. Father Baek exploited her Achilles heel, her love for her mother. She had a sliver of hope when Sang Hwan told her he’d save her. I liked the communication they had through her bedroom window using his cell phone for his side of the conversation. Now it is dire. Father Baek considers her his property. He is ready to force her to marry him. Wan Tae loves to taunt and torture her brain. Her father has sold her to the church with the lure of salvation for his family.

Sang Hwan tracked down Dong Cheol. It wasn’t a warm reunion between the two former friends. But pummeling each other to exhaustion was the path to expending pent up anger and dealing with their past. I like Sang Hwan’s determination to connect again with Dong Cheol and save Sang Mi. He needs Dong Cheol’s help to save Sang Mi and Dong Cheol agreed to help. Both Sang Hwan and Dong Cheol are knights in shining armor for Sang Mi. But do they have what it takes to battle the crazy cult?

Dong Cheol avoided Sang Hwan and his former friends as long as possible. But Sang Hwan’s determination to reconnect could not be denied. I was thrilled to see the four friends bond once again. Dong Cheol has been alone too long. His memories of his Grandmother’s memorial proved he is alone in this world. His friends are all he has left, he has to let them back in his life or he’d have no one. Are you thinking that Dong Cheol has a crush on Sang Mi just like Sang Hwan does?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank the episode 7 as good and episode 8 as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The first song of the OST is titled I Am by INKII:

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6 comments on “Save Me Episode 7 & 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    After Sang Hwan and company reported to the police 👮 that Sang Mi was being abused, I was appalled that the police 👮 took the word of the potential abuser that she was fine, without even seeing Sang Mi, especially since these officers had previously witnessed Father In knock the “devil” out of her to the point she collapsed and seemed to be unconscious. I could tell the female officer wasn’t as convinced and could hardly believe Jung Hoon’s dad tell her that she doesn’t know a father’s heart. ✳SHAKING MY HEAD AS I DEEPLY SIGH✳ Police 👮 negligence.

    OMO, that was NO veiled threat; the pastor blatantly threatened the safety of Sang Mi’s mother, in front of her father, no less, for Sang Mi to be the “mother of spirits”. Is anyone else’s Spidey 🕸 senses tingling or at least your skin crawling❓. Sang Mi’s mother has lost it and her father drank the Kool aid. ✳SHAKING MY HEAD AS I DEEPLY SIGH✳ Parental negligence and Cult abuse.

    What is up with Eun Sil’s flashbacks 📸 to her daughter Luna, who seemed to resist the cult like Sang Mi? Was Luna the previous intended “mother of spirits”? Was Luna’s drowning an accident, a murder (I’m thinking Won Tae), or a suicide❓ Eun Sil seems to be a true believer and concerned for Sang Mi’s safety, except where Father Baek is concerned.

    Color 🖍 me pleased in pink that Sang Hwan sought out our hero, Dong Chul,and reconnected in a violent 👊💢 but satisfying way.

    I have to say that as much as I like Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, as Dong Chul, is my hero in this story. While I was watching the INKII contribution to the OST, I saw Dong Chul falling 💕 for Sang Mi St the same time as Sang Hwan. Dong Chul was man enough to out his money where his mouth was and stood up for Sang Mi from the beginning and paid the price by serving a prison sentence.

    I was glad Sang Hwan and company stood up for Sang Mi at the end of the episode, but unless my hero Dong Chul shows up, these guys may not be enough to beat the 💪 brothers. Even if they suceed in getting Sang Mi away from the cult, the cult won’t stop until the leadership leaves or the followers discover the leaders are frauds.


    • ✳SHAKING MY HEAD AS I DEEPLY SIGH✳ Police 👮 negligence.
      Truly annoying to watch procedure get tossed to facilitate a relationship. 🤦

      ✳SHAKING MY HEAD AS I DEEPLY SIGH✳ Parental negligence and Cult abuse.
      Ditto. Plus another for the manipulation by Father Baek. Sang Mi had no chance.

      What is up with Eun Sil’s flashbacks 📸 to her daughter Luna, who seemed to resist the cult like Sang Mi? Was Luna the previous intended “mother of spirits”?
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      I have to say that as much as I like Taecyeon, Woo Do Hwan, as Dong Chul, is my hero in this story.
      I’m totally crushing on Dong Cheol, his looks and heart are A+.

      I was glad Sang Hwan and company stood up for Sang Mi at the end of the episode, but unless my hero Dong Chul shows up, these guys may not be enough to beat the 💪 brothers.
      That’s “our” hero Dong Cheol. I am willing to share.


  2. Beez says:

    Dong Chul reminds me of a younger version of Lee Min ki. The shape of their faces and eyes and how their faces have a gravitas about them until they smile.


  3. CS says:

    Sorry, don’t know where to post andd ask this question, but does anyone know the song that plays at the very end of episode 7? I have been looking and cant find it. Thanks !


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