Criminal Minds Episode 10 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 10 Recap

The Criminal Minds Team finds a failed kidnapping victim. The mother and the young son are interviewed by Min Young, Team Lead Kang, Sun Woo, and Hyun Joon. The mother describes her son being taken but the gray van stopped and pushed her son out the door. They ask the son who the driver was. The child picks out Mrs. Oh’s son, Jin Oh. Team Lead Kang declares they have the 3rd accomplice identified.

Min Young, Team Lead Kang, Sun Woo, and Hyun Joon hypothesize why Jin Oh would work with his kidnappers. Is it Stockholm Syndrome? Hyun Joon suggests the kidnappers are the only family Jin Oh can recall. Team Lead Kang realizes that it was JO that push the child out the door of the minivan. Team Lead Kang suggests that JO feels responsible for protecting the children, a stance that has cost him. Team Lead Kang wonders what is the thread that ties the kidnappers to the targeted children.

The parents of the kidnapped children are livid that Mrs. Oh’s son is an accomplice. They berate her. Team Lead Kang informs them without Mrs. Oh’s determination, they would not be working to crack this case. Team Lead Kang states if they belittle Mrs. Oh they can leave.

That’s one instance where Team Lead Kang’s matter of fact manner was very helpful.

Min Young comforts Mrs. Oh who admits being grateful that Jin Oh is alive without concern if he is an accomplice. Min Young tells her to concentrate on being reunited with her son.

Professor Lee, Min Young, and Na Hwang realize what lured the little girl to the kidnappers. They tell Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon that the van was labeled as an animal welfare organization.  They quickly determine that the parents of the kidnapped children had been at festivals held by the animal welfare organization. Team Lead Kang continues to be perplexed why the kidnapping were in public places versus discrete locations.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon search the animal welfare organization but they are too late. The prime suspect’s head has been bashed by someone driving the van labeled as an animal welfare organization. Sun Woo wonders if the kidnappers are hoarders who collect children. They give Team Lead Kang the update. Team Lead Kang declares they must find out everything about Jang Jin Hwan.

They learn that Mr. Jang was adopted as well as another girl, Lee Sang Hee, who was called his sister when he was 7 years old. Beatings were commonplace.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo arrive at Mr. Jang’s apartment. The doorman states Mr. Jang only collects mail, he doesn’t live in the apartment.

Na Hwang finds more details about the brother and sister. They were abused by their parents with frequent hospitalizations. Their parents abandoned them at an amusement park. Team Lead Kang realizes that’s why snatching children at an amusement park is prime location. Na Hwang finds a writing of the Ms. Lee which are lyrics to a song. Team Lead Kang guesses this is the song her mother sang when she abused the Ms. Lee. Team Lead Kang notes Mr. Jang and Ms. Lee are really husband and wife who clung to each other over their shared abuse. Team Lead Kang says the logical place is where their parents lived.

Sun Woo guesses the Mr. Jang and Ms. Lee killed their adoptive parents and took over the house.

Mr. Jang and Ms. Lee gag the children. When one of them tries to stop them from gagging the little girl, Mr. Jang drags the child away. Later it appears that Mr. Jang and Ms. Lee (singing the song) are burying a marker and a rose for the child they just killed.

That’s creepy. I hope each flower does not represent a child they’ve killed.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon arrive at the adoptive parent’s house. Hyun Joon shows his prowess and jumps the wall. He unlocks the gate for Sun Woo. Mr. Jang opens the door. Hyun Joon and Sun Woo enter and sees pictures of children. They ask where the children are. Mr. Jang claims the children are out with their mother. Mr. Jang grabs a wrench but Hyun Joon pulls a gun on him. They ask again, where are the children? Mr. Jang asks if they have a warrant.

Jin OH drives the car with Ms. Lee holding a syringe to his neck. The children are gagged and crying.

The dogs sniff the grounds. They point out the flower bed. Mr. Jang closes his eyes. They find markers for all the dead children hidden among the flowers. Min Young, Professor Lee, and Team Lead Kang are stunned by the number of markers.  Team Lead Kang finds Mr. Jang dead in the bathtub after slitting his wrists.

And then there was one abusive parent left, but she has the children.

They find the entrance to the basement where the children were kept. There are blood stained walls and clothes.  Professor Lee finds the mirror room. Min Young finds the pictures of all the children. Hyun Joon finds a bulletin board of the children dressed in the clothes to go into the mirror room. They are stunned and repulsed by what they’ve found. Na Hwang calls with a location of an animal funeral home Ms. Lee used in the past.

Ms. Lee ushers the children into the funeral home. Ms. Lee puts the little girl into a casket. She starts the incinerator.  Jin Oh remembers trying to stop Ms. Lee before with a syringe. He pulls out the syringe and stares at Ms. Lee who tends the little girl. Jin Oh stabs Ms. Lee. She whirls on him. She passes out.

The Criminal Minds Team team arrives. The children sob their relief.

Mrs. Oh is afraid to meet her son after an 8-year absence. Min Young urges her to tell her son she misses him.

The remaining children are reunited with their parents. Awk! Tears! Finally, Jin Oh comes through the door. He stares at his mother. He walks to her. She stares back. She asks if he knows her. He sobs and hugs her. The parents of the recently killed child, scream in anguish. Awk! Tears!

I realize that was done for maximum emotional impact, but not taking the parents of the dead child out of the room as not to witness all the happy reunions that they would not experience, was cruel.

One of the children give the parents of the dead child a favored toy. She tells the parents that Jin Oh brought the toy. The mother thanks Jin Oh and asks about their child. Jin Oh explains that their child was killed trying to save the newest kidnapped victim. The parents sob. Awk! Tears! Jin Oh apologizes for not being able to save their child.

Team Lead Kang’s voiceover utters the Friedrich Nietzsche quote “Hope in reality is cruel because it prolongs the torment of man.”

I look up the quote, it was from the US Series Season 5 Episode 16 titled “Mosley Lane”.

Jin Oh explains to a shrink how he and the other children were abused. Team Lead Kang waits outside the office. He asks Jin Oh to help him be able to deliver the remains of the dead children. Jin Oh works with a sketch artist describing the dead children.

The Criminal Minds Team attends the memorial service for the last child killed.

Hyun Joon asks Sun Woo to meet him at a mystery address. She arrives at a play area. Hyun Joon is there with Team Lead Kang’s son, Han Byul. Playing with him is restorative to both Hyun Joon and Sun Woo.

 At Team Lead Kang’s house, Hyun Joon and Sun Woo grid themselves to tells Team Lead Kang about his wife’s earrings found with Go Young Mi body’s. But Team Lead Kang already knows this and that reaper is the killer. Hyun Joon asks why Team Lead Kang didn’t tell him he knew. Team Lead Kang counters with the same question for Hyun Joon and Sun Woo. Team Lead Kang tells them to cease and desist investigating the reaper. Team Lead Kang must walk the path alone. He warns Hyun Joon and Sun Woo their continued involvement will put them at risk.

That night Hyun Joon studies the case files. He recalls Team Lead Kang admitting he has a plan to catch the reaper and no one must know.

It’s good that the reaper is discussed by this primary profiler trio. Of course, Hyun Joon won’t back down. In fact, he’s smart enough he might have ideas that Team Lead Kang would not have considered.

And the next case begins…Two young couples have dinner. A hooded man watches them from the outside. He says he doesn’t want to do this. A man with a modulated voice tells him he must enter the house. While the occupants are bidding good night to their departing friends, the hooded man enters the house. When the couple goes upstairs, the hooded man calls the emergency call center to warn them the home owners are in danger from another. The hooded man is knocked away. The modulated voice man tells the operator the executioner is here. We hear the screams from the couple.

Min Young explains to the Criminal Minds Team that the couple was killed 1 hour ago per the call to the emergency call center.  Min Young displays the book left at the scene. Professor Lee recognizes the Dike, the Greek Goddess of Justice. Na Hwang says the book’s chapter on greed was highlighted.  Sun Woo explains the book highlights the seven deadly sins. Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang concur the killer won’t stop killing these that represent the seven deadly sins unless they are caught.

The hooded man looks at the blood on his hands and freaks out. He yells they did not get justice, they committed murder.

The next day the Criminal Minds Team listen to the emergency call. Professor Lee realizes that the first man was under duress. They discuss the accomplice and the executioner. Team Lead Kang assigns everyone a task. They must find the connection to the murderer.

Professor Lee and Hyun Joon go to the murder site. They discuss the case with the local police officers.

Sun Woo visits the coroner.

Professor Lee and Hyun Joon reenact the murder with the local police officers. The husband was killed first then the wife by slashes to their throats. The police officers wish the first responders had gotten to the house faster. Professor Lee and Hyun Joon assure them the under 5-minute arrival time was sufficiently quick but the murderer would not be deterred.

Na Hwang watches a video and calls Hyun Joon. She asks about the sofa in the bedroom. It matches the video. She tells him about the website where illegal and disgusting videos are made available. Na Hwang believes she’s watching a video of the couple’s murder. That gets Hyun Joon’s attention. Professor Lee points out the laptop on the dresser. Hyun Joon sees the webcam is on. The murderer is watching them.

The hooded man watches the murder video and gets upset. The executor tells him the world is a strange place. He says their work as just begun.

My Thoughts

The cycle of abuse is a common theme in police procedurals. Per the child welfare website “One-third of all individuals who were abused or neglected as children will subject their children to maltreatment. This cycle of abuse can occur when children who either experienced maltreatment learn to use physical punishment as a means of parenting their own children”. I hadn’t felt much emotion until the parents reunited with their children. I maintain it was cruel to let the parents of the latest victim watch all the other parents reunite and realize their child was dead. It was touching to watch the parent’s gratitude to Jin Oh for bring their child’s toy.

Sun Woo watched Hyun Joon deftly jump the wall to open the gate. She and Hyun Joon worked together just like partners.

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 couldn’t hid his horror when the children’s markers were found in the flower bed. Professor Lee was kind to allay the police officer’s guilt about not saving the murdered couple.

Min Young couldn’t hide her horror when the children’s markers were found in the flower bed. That was a shocking moment. The realization at the number of children that were represented was chilling.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, video conference into a team meeting. Her hacking skills from her previous life, found the murder video.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) told Team Lead Kang about the earrings but that was old news. Hyun Joon can’t stay out of investigating the reaper. In this matter, Team Lead Kang could use another brain to bounce ideas off of.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) told Hyun Joon and Sun Woo not to involve themselves with the reaper or they would be in danger. No mention of PTSD, medication, or headaches this episode. I liked Team Lead Kang’s idea to work with Jin Oh about the murdered children. However, weren’t there photographs of all the children found in the house?

Writer Hong Seung Hyun ratchet up the emotion when the children were reunited with the parents.  No mention of the reaper or the river murder case. I still want this delved into.  I must say Team Lead Kang was right, the Criminal Minds Team deals with the worst humanity has to offer.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.


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2 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 10 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    LJG’s expertise in going over the wall was noteworthy, then I thought he probably perfected his wall scaling skills filming “Iljimae”, where MANY walls were scaled.

    I think the small containers the killers buried contained the murdered children’s ashes. How convenient for the murderers to have access to a crematorium to dispose of the murdered poor little innocent souls. It was chilling to see the numerous markers in the flowerbeds.

    I concur with KJT that “not taking the parents of the dead child out of the room as not to witness all the happy reunions that they would not experience, was cruel.”

    I was glad to see this case end.

    A thought went through my head with the newew case with the Seven Deadly Sins killer. is it possible that the killer who called 112 (oh yes, I was thinking of “Voice”) is the only killer? The other freaky voice we heard made me think that maybe the killer has schizophrenia or multiple personalities. We shall see…

    • How convenient for the murderers to have access to a crematorium to dispose of the murdered poor little innocent souls. It was chilling to see the numerous markers in the flowerbeds.
      Convenient is correct. Small markers for small innocent people.

      I was glad to see this case end
      Concur. The criminals were showcased equally as the long term captured child Jin Oh.

      The other freaky voice we heard made me think that maybe the killer has schizophrenia or multiple personalities. We shall see
      Interesting thought.

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