Strongest Deliveryman Episode 8

My Thoughts — Strongest Deliveryman— Episode 8

Nutshell Summary:

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) hugs Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) and confesses that he missed her and can’t get her out of his head. She pushes him away and refuses to let him continue.

Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) and Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) bicker when she declares she like Kang Soo.

Ji Yoon’s mother tells Jin Gyu that IF he can make his store the biggest success of her new stores she’ll be able to promote him. That’s a tall order considering Grandmother’s eatery has the deliverymen on her side. Kang Soo tells Grandmother to fight the eviction and not give in to people with money.

Everything Kang Soo does seems to annoy Dan Ah.

Ji Yoon isn’t happy that Kang Soo hasn’t seen her since getting out of prison. She goes to his room and surprises him when he enters. She declares they are over. But when she spies the bag with the dress (that Dan Ah got Kang Soo when she thought he was a cross dresser) she assumes Kang Soo purchased it for her. Her spirits lift and she skips out of his room with glee. Kang Soo tries to let her know he doesn’t like her romantically but she shushes him and scampers away.

Jin Gyu brings a bottle of booze and he and Kang Soo repair their friendship. Kang Soo notes that Jin Gyu is a nicer guy than he lets on. Kang Soo wisely tells his friend that he must apologize to the no-longer-comatose Hyun Soo. Kang Soo and Jin Gyu visit Hyun Soo in the hospital. It takes Jin Gyu two tries but he does apologize for his role in Hyun Soo’s health issues.

Dan Ah can’t get Kang Soo out of her head. She won’t let herself get involved. She’s emigrating in 230 days. No relationships or her plans could go up in smoke.

Ji Yoon gets kicked out of her efficiency. She has to find lodging within her budget. Her co-worker suggest she sell some of her designer products to raise the security deposit.

The chef of the eatery Jang Dong Soo (Jo Hee Bong) has a crush on the prickly Soon Ae (Lee Min Young) watches her try and tutor Kang Soo on how to be commanding with Dan Ah. Kang Soo flees while Dong Soo substitutes himself in the play acting. Soon Ae isn’t impressed with either of them.

Hyun Soo and his mother discuss where he will live when he leaves the hospital. Hyun Soo wants to stay near Kang Soo. His mother chides him asking if she’s less important than his friend. When Hyun Soo describes his friend his mother still knowing it sound just like the son she left behind. When Hyun Soo shows her a photo of Kang Soo she’s gobsmacked. The child she left behind is nearer than she ever imagined.

Former gang members visit Dong Soo. They want their former leader to return to the fold. Dong Soo refuses. But when the leader dangles the identity of the man that hurt Soon Ae long ago, Dong Soo is tempted.

Jin Gyu watches Ji Yoon reduce her prices on her designer merchandise every time someone gives her a pleading look or sob story. He takes over but finds himself affected by the pleading looks or sob stories too. They laugh that they finally have something in common. Ji Yoon is disappointed that she only made 25% of the amount she’d hoped from selling her design merchandise.

 Kang Soo manages to talk Dan Ah into a movie date. They see a horror film and Kang Soo turns out to be the one startled and frightened much Dan Ah’s amusement. Kang Soo doggedly feeds coins into the crane machine to win Dan Ah a stuffed animal that he clips to her backpack. Dan Ah gives Kang Soo shoes and tells him they can’t be involved. He’s leaving the neighborhood soon as his two months is almost up and she’s emigrating to America.

Ji Gyu is pleased when Ji Yoon waves goodbye when she snipes goodnight. He’s pleased at the progress.

Kang Soo considers the next neighborhood to go work for. He stares at a picture of himself and his mother. Dong Soo posts a help wanted sign for his next deliveryman. Dan Ah cries over Kang Soo’s departure.

When Dan Ah comes to the eatery she sees Kang Soo’s bike is gone and the help wanted sign posted. She goes inside missing Kang Soo. She stunned when he’s there. Kang Soo declares he can’t leave.

My Thoughts

This series is enjoyable to watch. Writer Lee Jung Woo revealed Kang Soo’s brother Hyun Soo and his mother. Kang Soo doesn’t realize he has a brother too. Writer Lee has crafted characters that are nice but NOT boring. No one is pure evil. This series is a refreshing change of pace.

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) had to deal Dan Ah’s rejection and his self-imposed deadline to stay in a neighborhood. We know that Kang Soo stays in a a neighborhood for only 2 months so he can thoroughly search for his mother then moves onto the next one. But this time, Kang Soo put roots down. He cares for Dan Ah. He cares for Hyun Soo’s Grandmother (who is also Kang Soo’s Grandmother) and wants her to fight the eviction. Grandmother was right to wonder, how did someone like Kang Soo get put on this earth? He is kind, honest, funny, every trait a “nice guy” would have but he’s not dull or someone that can be overlooked. It’s a pleasure to have a leading man with ethics and consideration for others. I was pleased to see the bromance between Kang Soo and Jin Gyu back on. Kang Soo firmly nudged Jin Gyu to apologize to Hyun Soo. Kang Soo was open about caring for Dan Ah. His interactions with Ji Yoon are more like that of a big brother versus suitor. Kang Soo is pleasure to watch.

Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) rejected Kang Soo to save herself pain when she emigrates in 230 days. She broke down and agreed to a single date. Their movie watching was role reversal as Kang Soo flinched at the scary bits while Dan Ah was unfazed. She couldn’t help but pleased when Kang Soo won her the stuff animal. He astutely noted she couldn’t reject a simple gift like that. Dan Ah got Kang Soo the dreaded gift of shoes. Recall the lore is giving someone shoes will make them to walk away from you. She was sad when he left. She was stunned when he didn’t leave after all. Will Dan Ah be willing to pursue a relationship?

Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) got the boot from her apartment. I had to chuckle that note writing Ji Yoon was flagged as a disturbance because of her teeth grinding. I thought when she snatched the dress Dan Ah had given Kang Soo, the two women would finally meet and Dan Ah would recognize the dress. but no, we have 50% through the series and these two ladies haven’t met yet. Jin Gyu was sweet to try and play hardball when Ji Yoon was selling her belongings for cash but he was just as much as a soft touch as Ji Yoon.

Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) apologized to the no longer comatose Hyun Soo. He didn’t want to apologize. He tried to leave but couldn’t exit without apologizing to Hyun Soo. He and Kang Soo have an easy comradery. Jin Gyu is a better man for having Jin Gyu in his life. He and Ji Yoon are building their relationship slowly but surely.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Strongest Deliveryman Episode 8
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, Hyun Soo is Kang Soo’s brother❗ Kang Soo’s mom is closer than he realizes and he has already been helping his Granny. I don’t think Granny can legally hold out on moving out of her restaurant.

    Jin Gyu feeling compelled to apologize to Hyun Soo is a great measure of his evolution and maturity. He is finally acting like a man 💪👨.

    I find it interesting that both Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu are soft ☁❤ hearted; I’m starting to feel they could be a match. I suspect Jin Gyu is going to have a hard time following mama Jung’s business policy of crushing the competition.

    I’m pleased to see Kang Soo staying put to work things out with Dan Ah. I concur I was 🎊surprised🎉 now Ji Yoon took the dress 👗 Dan Ah gave Kang Soo that our leading ladies haven’t met each other… I’m sure it will happen before ⏳ too long.


    • OMO, Hyun Soo is Kang Soo’s brother❗
      That reveal surprised me.

      Jin Gyu feeling compelled to apologize to Hyun Soo is a great measure of his evolution and maturity. He is finally acting like a man
      Perfectly put.

      I concur I was 🎊surprised🎉 now Ji Yoon took the dress 👗 Dan Ah gave Kang Soo that our leading ladies haven’t met each other… I’m sure it will happen before ⏳ too long.
      Not sure I’ve watched a series where the first and second female leads haven’t met at the halfway point in the series.


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