Criminal Minds Episode 7 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 7 Recap

Team Lead Kang realizes that Mrs. Joon is the accomplice that planned all the abductions.

Mrs. Joon tasers the police officer leading her out of the building. She gets a determined look on her face and takes the police officer’s car and drives away.

Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) can’t believe battered Mrs. Joon is actually the mastermind. Team Lead Kang tells her to focus so they can save the victim that still lives.

Team Lead Kang tells Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) that going to the police was Mrs. Joon’s way to control her husband.  Min Young is impressed by Mrs. Joon’s moxy.

Team Lead Kang, Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) and Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) decide the best way to break Mr. Joon ties to his wife. Hyun Joon suggests fabricating evidence to make it appear that Mrs. Joon is framing Mr. Joon.

The team learn that Mrs. Joon was a victim of abuse from her stepfather at 15. The police investigation was halted when Mrs. Joon retracted her testimony after being pressured by her mother. Thus, the hatred of mothers was born.

Team Lead Kang interrogates Mr. Joon stating evidence has been found that she’s the killer. Mr. Joon doesn’t believe it. Team Lead Kang piles on the logic. Hyun Joon brings the evidence to further unsettle Mr. Joon. Team Lead Kang receives the call the evidence is ready. He leaves the room. Mr. Joon gets more agitated. The fake evidence is revealed. Team Lead Kang returns to explain that Mrs. Joon used him to achieve her goals and has made him expendable. Team Lead Kang starts to leave but Mr. Joon demands to know if Mrs. Joon really framed him.

The Criminal Minds Team team race to the remaining victim.

Mrs. Joon arrives and sees the victim is alive. The victim begs for mercy just like Mrs. Joon begged for mercy from her abusive stepfather. She takes the victim to her car and drives away.

She drives past Min Young and Professor Lee. They pursue Mrs. Joon.  It ends in a standoff with Mrs. Joon holding a knife to the victim with Min Young and Professor Lee training their guns on her. When Min Young lunges for Mrs. Joon, she is cut in her arm. Just as Mrs. Joon prepares to stab Min Young, Hyun Joon grabs and apprehends the woman. Mrs. Joon screams at the victim that she’ll never be able to live a normal life now.

When the police bring Mrs. Joon to the police station a horde of reporter are there. Mrs. Joon is surprised to find her mother there as well. Her mother apologizes. Mrs. Joon holds her head high and walks into the police station.

That was interesting having Mrs. Joon’s mother there. A bit odd to have the confession in front of the press, but it affected Mrs. Joon as she straightened her shoulders and unmasked her face.

Min Young feels a modicum of sympathy for Mrs. Joon but Na Hwang declares sympathy should only be given to the victims and their families. The quote by Socrates is “those that hurt others, hurt themselves the most”.

Team Lead Kang praises Min Young’s profiling and her bravery that saved the victim. Min Young vows to be a profiler of the same caliber as Team Lead Kang one day.

Sun Woo searches a filming location. Little does she know that she’s being watched by a hooded person. She hears a woman scream. The hooded person moves. The man hurting the woman is strangled. Sun Woo finds the woman bloody and on the bed. Is the woman dead?

The Criminal Minds Team (minus Sun Woo and Team Lead Kang) drink and play pool together. Professor Lee brings up the cold river murder case. He asks who was the strangest suspect. Hyun Joon says it was Go Young Mi surprising Professor Lee with this knowledge. Hyun Joon says he was once a suspect. They don’t believe him. Hyun Joon steps aside and calls Sun Woo, but she doesn’t answer.

Sun Woo sees Go Young Mi next to the woman’s body. She demands to know if it was him 14 years ago. Go Young Mi denies it. He says another man asked him that same question. Go Young Mi says the man was never him after him. Before completing his thoughts, Go Young Mi falls to the bed. Sun Woo grabs his head and scream at him to tell her who he was working for. The police burst into the room. Go Young Mi falls to the bed. Sun Woo screams her frustration.

The hooded man photographs Sun Woo as she waits outside with the police.

Reporters swarm an older man and ask about Go Young Mi. He gets into his car and drives away.

The next morning Hyun Joon sees the files strewn on Sun Woo’s desk. The older man shows up at the Criminal Minds Team offices. Min Young gets a call that Sun Woo needs to see the chief. She arrives and finds the older man talking to the chief. As she heads down the stairs, the old man says they need to talk.

Is he Sun Woo’s father?

The man warns Sun Woo to watch her actions. Sun Woo warns the man never to visit her at work again. Hyun Joon seems to be aware of their conversation.

Hyun Joon watches a news report on Go Young Mi’s death. He gets out the river case cold file. He calls a man, Kang Ho Young, but no one answers.

Sun Woo learns from the coroner oddities about Go Young Mi’s death and body. She goes to forensics for additional details. She learns these details including photographs were sent a police officer at another precinct. Hyun Joon has the photos because the police officer called him. The police officer told Hyun Joon about an upset female agent at the scene of the crime.

Sun Woo, Hyun Joon, and Team Lead Kang all think about Go Young Mi. Team Lead Kang thinks about giving his wife earrings. Through flashbacks we learn the reaper was his murderer and mentor. And that’s the tie-in we needed to make this case relevant.

Team Lead Kang visits a former mentor profiler turned murderer in prison. He knows Team Lead Kang is there to learn what the reaper wants. He’s blunt. The reaper is targeting you and everyone you love. He will be relentless. He will rip your heart to shreds. The profiler offers a way to catch the reaper IF he is released from prison to help. Team Lead Kang states he can’t make that deal.

Excellent scene. Let’s face it, the reaper is the overarching villain that this series must focus on. The fact that he’s connected with the river murder case is even better.

Professor Lee discusses Go Young Mi cases with Sun Woo. He warns that often the culprit is the last person you’d expect.

Hyun Joon’s friend, Kang Ho Young, returns his call. Hyun Joon asks if he knows about Go Young Mi’s death. He does and asks Hyun Joon to meet him.

Kang Ho Young searches the abandoned building and finds a long-hidden package. Another person has followed him in and attacks him with a pipe. He puts Kang Ho Young’s body in his trunk. It is the reaper? When Hyun Joon arrives, his friend is nowhere to be found.

Interesting the building has been used before with the parole officer murderer case.

He stares at the river where the girl’s body was find. A young Kang Ho Young was there on the day of the murder. We see the bracelet that Kang Ho Young sports was given to him by the girl before her death. We learn a young Hyun Joon saw the girl walking with a man he didn’t know.

Hyun Joon goes to the police station to look over the witness file in the river case. He sees a photograph of the first witness in the case. Flashback to the witness discovering the body. Is the witness a young Sun Woo? Hyun Joon flashes back to Sun Woo looking at the photo of himself and the river case victim.

Hyun Joon goes to Sun Woo’s apartment. He asks how she knew Moo Ji Un. He asks how she could keep the fact that Team Lead Kang’s wife’s earrings were found with Go Young Mi body. Sun Woo says she couldn’t bring more pain to Team Lead Kang. Hyun Joon realizes that the reaper is not only targeting Team Lead Kang but the entire Criminal Minds Team to ramp up Team Lead Kang’s suffering.

It’s true. The reaper now sports the bracelet that Kang Ho Young wore.

A man is in stop and go traffic when he gets a call from his boss that doesn’t go well. Stupidly he doesn’t pull over to call his boss back and the lady in the car behind him honks when the traffic starts to move but he doesn’t. He gets livid at the slight. He grabs a shotgun out of his turn and follows the woman. He shoots the gun at her passenger side door while she drives. Her car flips over. The man drives away from the scene.

When the man gets home his daughter leaves ignoring his pleas to stay in. His wife returns home and ignores him. The man goes to his basement and grabs a shotgun. He puts the barrel in his mouth.

Hyun Joon and Professor Lee conduct target practice. Hyun Joon offers Professor Lee tips. But Professor Lee is a dreadful shot anyhow. Sun Woo is also at the range thinking about her previous encounter with Hyun Joon. They see each. Hyun Joon urges her to tell Team Lead Kang about the earrings. Sun Woo claims she will. Sun Woo sees the news report about the road rage incident.

The road rage man does it again. He smiles at the feeling of power.

The Criminal Minds Team receives a briefing about the road rage case. The connection between the two victims is there age and sex.  Hyun Joon wonder if there are two culprits because the gun wound is a different size in the second victim. Team Lead Kang believes the shot gun was sawed off creating a larger wound. Flashback to the man sawing off his shotgun.  Hyun Joon realizes the man is getting a taste for murder. Team Lead Kang agrees saying they need to capture the man.

Hyun Joon hypothesizes that the culprit made his own shotgun. They look at the crime scene photos again.

The man returns how and sees his face speckled with the blood of his victim. He takes the shot gun and smashes the window. He smiles at the altered reflection.

My Thoughts

The reaper is back. I’m glad. He’s the villain that matters. All the other cases, while having interesting aspects, pale in comparison. Now the reaper appears to be connected to the river murder case. The resolution to Mrs. Joon and Mr. Joon were okay. I’m finding the 15 minute wrap up of the case that was intriguing from the previous episode to be too pat. I like that actor that is portraying the road rage killer, which enhances my interest in the man belittled by women who takes his revenge by killing women that look like his wife.

Sun Woo got to Go Young Mi just before he died. He started to tell her about the other man (the reaper) but died before he could. Sun Woo’s frustration released itself in scream. That was burst of emotion was unusual. Emotions are something Sun Woo and the actress, Moon Chae Won, that portrays her suppresses. Unfortunately, that makes her boring and unsympathetic.

Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 can’t figure out how to shoot a gun straight. I liked Hyun Joon’s easy comradery with Professor Lee.

Min Young shined as she apprehended Mrs. Joon a wound in the process. Her vow to become a profiler as good as Team Lead Kang made him slightly uncomfortable considering the PTSD he is suffering.

Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, had no sympathy for Mrs. Joon. I can’t fault her logic. While Mrs. Joon’s backstory of her mother forcing her to return to the home with her abusive stepfather is sad, what she did to subsequent daughters and mothers was unforgivable. The fact that she was able to manipulate the men in his orbit to become partners with her to conduct the torture made her more interesting.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) realized the reaper is targeting not only Team Lead Kang but the Criminal Minds Team. Hyun Joon is smart, personable, and caring.  Lee Joon Gi’s portrayal is good but this character is still a cardboard character. I’m hoping as the river murder case unfolds, especially now that the reaper is involved, that the emotional impact improves. I like watching Lee Joon Gi strut his looks, his smiles, etc. but I want more than a pretty face and brilliant mind for Hyun Joon. I want emotional depth.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) visited his former mentor in prison. That was a terrific scene. Team Lead Kang is living on the edge. His former mentor knew the reaper was targeting Team Lead Kang and casting a wider net to everyone he loves. His former mentor offered Team Lead Kang a way to catch the reaper for the freedom to execute the plan. I hope Team Lead Kang acquiesces. Working with his former mentor would be interesting. The two actors had chemistry.

Writer Hong Seung Hyun’s ties the reaper to the river murder case. The reveal was a good one. The reaper is imminently compelling. Every episode could be about him and his toying with the Criminal Minds Team. But the procedural format forces the crime of the week criminals to garner a large chunk of the plot. The crimes of the week have been interesting but not riveting.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    They finally explained how River murder case ties Sun Woo and Hyun Joon together. I’m surprised they didn’t know each other before, like in highschool.

    My question is was the Reaper originally part of the River murder case or did he insert himself as a way to get at the team? I thought the Reaper put Ho Young’s body in Hyun Soo’s trunk. If so, hasn’t it been long enough to smell? If not, where is Ho Young’s body, why would the Reaper want to conceal it?

    KJT you just articulated why I’m not particularly fond of Moon Chae Won: “Emotions are something Sun Woo and the actress, Moon Chae Won, that portrays her suppresses. Unfortunately, that makes her boring and unsympathetic.”


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