Bride of the Water God Episode 13 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 13 Recap

While Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) walks home she talks to CEO Shin. She turns the corner. She stops. She stares. She drops the phone. She sees Lord Habaek waiting for her. She starts slowly walking towards him tears running down her face. Then she runs into his arms. She sobs against him. He cradles her head. Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) murmurs she shouldn’t have stayed out this late. She sobs. He holds her offering the needed comfort.

CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) turns the corner. He stops. He stares. He glares. He retreats.

Lord Habaek chides So Ah for not taking care of herself. He smiles and says he likes it. If she had looked blissful, he was heading back to his world. He reminds her there’s no cure if she falls in love with him. He spots her phone on the ground and goes to retrieve it.

He doesn’t see CEO Shin around the edge of a wall. Lord Habaek walks back to So Ah and tells her they should go home. He puts his arm around her. She puts his arm around him. CEO Shin watches them walk away arm in arm. He’s not happy.

CEO Shin wordlessly relayed his disappointment and frustration. I loved that Lord Habaek was happy to see So Ah not looking her best. Don’t we all hope those we left behind are miserable without us in their lives?

Soo Ri tells So Ah they were sent back on assignment. Lord Habaek’s task is to discover the significance of something. Soo Ri explains that Lord Habaek was quiet upon returning to his world. The high priest tasked him with finding out why the god stones exist in the human world. Soo Ri wonders if anyone can find the answer.

So Ah and Lord Habaek go into his room. He notices that nothing has changed. He comments she didn’t deactivate their cell phones. He asks what she’s been doing since he left. So Ah asks him about his assignment. Lord Habaek envelopes her in a back hug and tells her he doesn’t care about that. He was worried about her and had to know if she was doing well. He admits he must return, he cannot escape his fate. He wanted to give her a proper goodbye. “I want to love you without regrets”. Swoon! He assures her that if she’s not ready for this level of intimacy, he’ll leave her alone. So Ah says, “Loving me before leaving me make no sense, but I want it.”

So Ah notes that she never loved herself, so finding others to love her was difficult. She admits having Lord Habaek in her life has made her the luckiest girl in the world. Lord Habaek spins her saying her kindness drew him to her. So Ah muses it is like a fairytale if the nice girl gets the handsome prince. Lord Habaek corrects that he’s a god. He kisses her. She kisses him back. He pulls back and then deepens the kiss. She’s all in.

CEO Shin stares into the night sky outside So Ah’s house and leans against the wall. He sees the brick with Lord Habaek and So Ah’s name. He recalls Moo Ra urging him to bind So Ah to him. CEO Shin muses that was easier said than done.

So Ah wakes in her bed. She goes to Lord Habaek’s room and finds it empty. She finds Lord Habaek and Soo Ri on the deck and smiles in relief that they are still here. Lord Habaek asks if she was looking for him with a grin on his face. Love it!

The pleasure he took at her relief at seeing him, made me smile.

Soo Ri asks if she’s going to work. So Ah says she’s temporarily closed the clinic. This surprises Lord Habaek. So Ah jokes she doesn’t have to work when the all-powerful Lord Habaek is back. Soo Ri admits Lord Habaek’s powers have not returned. So Ah can’t believe it. He told her he’d get them back. Lord Habaek admits he got them back but had to leave relinquish them to return to the human world.  Lord Habaek flashes back to his irritation at the High Priest’s inflexible conditions to return to the human world. So Ah can’t believe he left his powers behind. Lord Habaek states the High Priest would not give an answer why he loses his powers in the human world. Lord Habaek tells So Ah he did bring something wonderful. So Ah is excited thinking they can turn water into heaps of money. But no, Lord Habaek and Soo Ri proudly display their official ID (Soo Ri) and driver’s license (Lord Habaek). Ha! So Ah can’t believe this is the something wonderful. Lord Habaek assures her he’ll take over driving. Soo Ri assures her he’ll work the part-time jobs.

Cute, cute, cute! The way they practically strutted proudly displaying their ID!

Bi Ryeon chides Moo Ra to treat her manager better and to answer his incoming call. Moo Ra answers the phone only to hear that thanks to Bi Ryeon, the producer is willing to wait to film the kiss scene whenever she is ready. Moo Ra hangs up. Bi Ryeon teases that he exists for her. Moo Ra grouses that he leaves her often. Bi Ryeon asks if she misses him when he’s gone. Moo Ra denies it. Bi Ryeon smiles and declares that life without Lord Habaek isn’t bad at all.

Inside her bedroom, Moo Ra practice her love scene with the blow-up doll Bi Ryeon got her. He chuckles. He muses that he’ll have to show her how it is done. He puts his arm around her waist, pulls her to him, and kisses her soundly. Then he spins her against the wall. Moo Ra doesn’t respond but she doesn’t shove him away. Bi Ryeon tells her that is what she should emulate. Moo Ra tries to hit him but he stops her. Bi Ryeon reminds her that he is her fiancé. He smiles. She orders him not to bring that up again. Bi Ryeon reminds her that once she begged him to tell Lord Habaek they were engaged because she was jealous of the human Lord Habaek loved. He further reminds her he had to dump his girlfriend at the time. Moo Ra counters that his girlfriend new he was a player. Bi Ryeon counters that player can love. Bi Ryeon hugs an unwilling Moo Ra. She stills when he murmurs they get along well. She tries to hit him but he stops her. Moo Ra tells him not to talk to her again. She strides away.

I like the pairing of Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon had some smooth moves when he drew Moo Ra into that kiss. I especially liked the spin move putting Moo Ra against the wall. Moo Ra isn’t ready to admit the attraction between them. She’s like a prickly porcupine.

Geol Rin finds CEO Shin asleep on the couch in his office. CEO Shin apologizes for calling Geol Rin again. Geol Rin notes that the Sky god wanted Geol Rin to bring CEO Shin to him when he was born but Geol Rin didn’t want to. Aha! Bi Ryeon’s father is CEO Shin’s father! Geol Rin didn’t want to lock CEO Shin in the cave when the Sky god ordered him to do so. Geol Rin knew CEO Shin could spent eternity in the cave. Geol Rin tried not to get attached to CEO Shin. Geol Rin came to the human world to escape CEO Shin, but that didn’t work. Geol Rin reveals he wears a wig. CEO Shin chuckles and says he looks better without the wig. Geol Rin urges CEO Shin to tell So Ah the truth about himself and reveal the real man. Geol Rin says if it doesn’t work out, then it wasn’t meant to be.

The timing seems wrong. Why would CEO Shin reveal the truth about himself to So Ah when Lord Habaek is back in her life? CEO Shin knows So Ah’s is into Lord Habaek. Big reveal that Bi Ryeon and CEO Shin share the same father.

Lord Habaek can’t believe the So Ah no longer has a car. He wanted to drive fast and do it legally! Ha!

Lord Habaek tells Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra that he has a new assignment. Moo Ra is angry Lord Habaek came back. She walks out of the room. Bi Ryeon asks if Lord Habaek will go back. Lord Habaek confirms he will return to his world. Bi Ryeon asks why Moo Ra isn’t the one for him. Lord Habaek counters that’s not what Bi Ryeon wants. Lord Habaek tells him to man up. Bi Ryeon counters when Lord Habaek becomes King he needs to let him have free reign. Bi Ryeon says they must be enemies. Bi Ryeon leaves.

Bi Ryeon sees So Ah arriving as he leaves. He’s disappointed in her. He declares he’s not on her side, nor is he on Lord Habaek’s side. His allegiance is to Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon admits he’s the one that made her family become god’s servants. He explains that Moo Ra was livid that Lord Habaek fell for the long-ago ancestor, so making her family servants was his revenge. So Ah is surprised.

So Ah asks Lord Habaek if Bi Ryeon will give him the car. Lord Habaek states Bi Ryeon got rid of it but he asked Bi Ryeon to get him a new one.  Lord Habaek admits Bi Ryeon refused. So Ah isn’t surprised.

So Ah and Lord Habaek walk. Lord Habaek can’t get over that buying a car isn’t as simple as he thought. Geol Rin watches them then springs in front of them. Geol Rin recalls CEO Shin admitting that he almost connected with So Ah but Lord Habaek returned. CEO Shin knows he can never compete with Lord Habaek. CEO Shin says the confidence he felt when Lord Habaek returns home was immense. But that’s over now that Lord Habaek is back. Geol Rin tries to kiss Lord Habaek but he easily side steps him. Geol Rin says the kiss is necessary to undo Lord Habaek’s curse. Lord Habaek decides to allow it. But neither man wants to kiss the other. Lord Habaek declares the kiss won’t happen. He warns Geol Rin that he’ll punish him in the future for this moment. Geol Rin scampers away. Bi Ryeon calls Lord Habaek and reports he got the car by talking down the price. Lord Habaek is pleased.

Bi Ryeon can’t find Moo Ra. He calls Jin Gyeon to locate Moo Ra.

Geol Rin tells CEO Shin that Lord Habaek has no powers, the first time he came to this world or now. Geol Rin speculates this is part of the secretive process of becoming king. He suggests CEO Shin take advantage of this. Moo Ra arrives and Geol Rin hides his face. He quickly leaves. CEO Shin asks why Moo Ra has come. CEO Shin informs her he knows that Lord Habaek is back. This surprises Moo Ra. She quickly discerns that CEO Shin witnessed the reunion between Lord Habaek and So Ah. Moo Ra pledges her support to CEO Shin. She recommends that if CEO Shin can’t get So Ah to change her mind, then he must steal So Ah’s heart and isolate her. CEO Shin counters that stealing a heart by force is dangerous. He knows that Lord Habaek has no powers. Moo Ra’s eyes widen in surprise. CEO Shin is clear, in the human world, he’s more powerful than Lord Habaek. CEO Shin rejects Moo Ra’s help. He tells her to stay neutral. He warns that if she helps Lord Habaek, then he’ll come after her. CEO Shin doesn’t want to use his powers in the human world, but will, if forced.  Bi Ryeon arrives and demands to know why Moo Ra is there. Moo Ra stands to leave and stumbles. CEO Shin steadies her. Bi Ryeon punches CEO Shin and warns him not to touch Moo Ra again. Bi Ryeon tells CEO Shin to go into hiding so he’s not tempted to teach him another lesson. Bi Ryeon grabs Moo Ra and pulls her out of the office.

Moo Ra doesn’t understand why Bi Ryeon is acting this way. Bi Ryeon says CEO Shin is different from them. Moo Ra knows this. Moo Ra recommends that Bi Ryeon ignore CEO Shin and the fact that he’s half human/half god. Moo Ra doesn’t understand why Bi Ryeon gets enraged around CEO Shin. She knows he’s keeping something from her. She demands he tell her. Bi Ryeon counter he cannot to her, above all. He’s angry that Moo Ra went to CEO Shin for help. Bi Ryeon declares he’ll seduce So Ah. His power can make her lose reason. Moo Ra slaps him. She can’t stand that his intended actions forced her to slap him. Bi Ryeon leaves. Moo Ra calls to Jin Gyeon. He appears. She orders him to tell her why Bi Ryeon is acting this way. She threatens him if he doesn’t comply. Jin Gyeon tells her Bi Ryeon’s actions are because of him. He refuses to explain further. Moo Ra glares at him.

I didn’t expect Jin Gyeon to claim he was the cause. Didn’t we learn that Bi Ryeon’s father is CEO Shin’s father and they are secret half-brothers? That’s more than enough to cause Bi Ryeon to hate CEO Shin.

So Ah is uncomfortable with Lord Habaek driving. They joke about it. Lord Habaek admits he got the license to put her at ease.

So Ah stares at Lord Habaek and tells him if his return is dream she doesn’t want to wake. Lord Habaek holds her face and says it’s real. So Ah leans into his touch and smiles. Embarrassed they pull apart. So Ah suggests things they could see together. Lord Habaek wants to know what So Ah wants to do and where she wants to go. So Ah retorts that doing what she wants requires money. She’s unemployed. Where will they get the money?

Lord Habaek calls Moo Ra and tells her to get money and a lot of it. She hangs up on him.

Soo Ri visits Yeom Mi in her TARDIS-like office. She’s surprised he’s back. Soo Ri tells her they returned.

Yeom Mi continues to be surprised when she arrives at So Ah’s house. So Ah tells Yeom Mi that Lord Habaek returned because he missed her.

Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek that Yeom Mi’s powers fluctuate and Soo Ri helps. He chuckles that he helped a human too. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri he needs money.

Yeom Mi tries to grasp the he came back to break up concept. Yeom Mi cries for the pain So Ah must endure. Yeom Mi only wants So Ah’s happiness. They hug. Lord Habaek sees them hugging and crying and declares women strange.

Lord Habaek tells So Ah he’s going to see Moo Ra. She wants to know why. He won’t divulge the details. Lord Habaek asks if she’s jealous. So Ah denies it. Lord Habaek counters that he gets jealous of her with other men. So Ah admits she gets jealous too.  Lord Habaek smiles. So Ah says she’s going to meet another man and work a part-time job. She hangs up. Lord Habaek sputters.

Sang Yoo surprises So Ah with the news that the building has been sold and the new owner is happy to let them stay. Even better, the security deposit was decreased. So Ah can’t believe it. Sang Yoo says the new owner will stop by soon. They toast their good fortune.

Moo Ra puzzles why Jin Gyeon said the Bi Ryeon’s rage at CEO Shin was due to him. Moo Ra’s manager can’t believe that Moo Ra refuses the fan’s gifts. Moo Ra calls Bi Ryeon and asks him to come to her shoot. He agrees. Lord Habaek arrives.

So Ah arrives at CEO Shin’s office. She’s happy that her clinic can now stay open explaining the new landlord is wonderful. CEO Shin smiles. CEO Shin knows she’s busy now, but he’ll wait until she’s free. He escorts her out of his office.

Bi Ryeon arrives.

CEO Shin tells So Ah the landlord must be handsome and kind. He brushes a stray hair from So Ah’s face. Bi Ryeon sees this and strides forward. So Ah asks why Bi Ryeon is staring daggers at CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon comments that So Ah is busy lately. Bi Ryeon doesn’t want So Ah to talk because it annoys him. So Ah doesn’t understand. Bi Ryeon asks So Ah if CEO Shin is her rebound man when Lord Habaek leaves. So Ah doesn’t understand. Bi Ryeon grabs her wrist. CEO Shin grabs Bi Ryeon. So Ah tries to intervene but Bi Ryeon pushes her to the ground. When she looks up, they are gone.

Good moment between the half-brothers. Bi Ryeon emotes rage well.

Bi Ryeon and CEO Shin end up in a field. Bi Ryeon suggests they fight without their powers. CEO Shin asks why he hates him. Bi Ryeon retorts CEO Shin’s existence is sufficient to anger him. CEO Shin is unmoved by that. Bi Ryeon declares even if he must rewrite the laws of the gods, CEO Shin will pay for his sins. CEO Shin counters he’s done nothing. Bi Ryeon hits him. Bi Ryeon pulls CEO Shin up. He sneers that CEO Shin doesn’t know what his sin is. Bi Ryeon hits him again. Bi Ryeon declares he hates himself because of CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon hits him again. Bi Ryeon says he hates CEO Shin. That’s it, CEO Shin hits him back. Jin Gyeon arrives. Bi Ryeon orders him not to interfere. The fight begins. Jin Gyeon grabs his cell phone and starts to dial.

Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek she won’t give him money. Lord Habaek tells her as King he’s ordering her to give him money. She scoffs. He warns her she’ll pay when she returns to their world. Moo Ra doesn’t care. So Ah calls Lord Habaek and tells him that Bi Ryeon took CEO Shin. Jin Gyeon calls Moo Ra and tells her that Bi Ryeon and CEO Shin are fighting.

Bi Ryeon and CEO Shin fight. They glare. They stare.

CEO Shin suggest they stop. Bi Ryeon doesn’t want to stop until they are on the brink of death. CEO Shin reminds Bi Ryeon that he has the power to kill him. Bi Ryeon uses his powers to knock CEO Shin down. CEO Shin stand and shoots his dark energy at Bi Ryeon. Jin Gyeon takes the blow and falls to the ground. Bi Ryeon yells at the unconscious Jin Gyeon. CEO Shin is shocked when he recognizes Jin Gyeon from the cave. Then he recognizes Bi Ryeon from the cave. Bi Ryeon taunts CEO Shin that his restored memory will clarify what his sin was. CEO Shin shakes in horror. Moo Ra and Lord Habaek arrive.

So Ah stands alone while the gods engage in their business.

My Thoughts

We get more answers. I was surprised Writer Jung revealed that much, details have been metered out at a snail’s pace at times. But we are in the last quarter of the episodes. Plot progress must be made.

  • CEO Shin decided to wait for So Ah knowing Lord Habaek would eventually leave. But his touch of So Ah’s face incensed Bi Ryeon.
  • Bi Ryeon’s hatred of CEO Shin was partially explained. I believe that CEO Shin and Bi Ryeon share the same father which Bi Ryeon is ashamed of. Jin Gyeon’s connection confused me but it appears that CEO Shin struck down Jin Gyeon in the cave angering Bi Ryeon. Why was Bi Ryeon willing to incite CEO Shin to use his dark energy power when it could kill him? Why take the risk? What is the gain?
  • Bi Ryeon’s interactions with Moo Ra continue to please. Frankly I loved the moves he used when kissing her. Moo Ra isn’t ready to get involved with Bi Ryeon, at least her head isn’t ready. Seems to be a theme in this show.
  • Moo Ra was livid when Lord Habaek returned. She considered his tasking from the high priest an excuse. She’s not wrong. I like it when Moo Ra denies Lord Habaek’s requests. She tried accommodating and didn’t get what she wanted. It’s time for a different tact.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) returned to So Ah to give her a proper goodbye. His explanation was convoluted but it convinced So Ah to deepen their relationship. Lord Habaek not having his powers while he works through these issues must be the lesson that the high priest is teaching him. However sometimes I wish he’d have flashes of power. He’s so dependent on others. But maybe that’s another part of the lesson. You can’t command others, you must convince them to do your bidding.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reconnect with Lord Habaek. I don’t blame her. Her heart is his. Why not admit it and enjoy the time they’ve got? She was miserable without him. Why not ignore the future misery to grab the brass ring? I was surprised she didn’t guess that CEO Shin was her benefactor. Who else could it be?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

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8 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Our OTP’s love 💕 goes beyond reason as So Ah stated “Loving me before leaving me make no sense, but I want it.”. I 💗 that they both yearn for each other. I can’t blame So Ah for wanting to reconnect with her Ha Baek honey 🍯, even knowing he will return to the heavenly 🌙☀ realm.

    Finally a little bit of reasoning for Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s hatred for Hoo Ye. They share a father, which did not 🎊surprise🎉 me, but Hoo Ye killing Jin Gyeon’s twin in the past did. I wonder if the twin was doing the same thing – protecting 🛡 Bi 🌧 Ryeon. Is Jin Gyeon alive or dead⁉. When Bi 🌧 Ryeon KNOWS Hoo Ye has a killing 💀⚡ power, why did l continue to goad Hoo Ye❓. Shouldn’t Bi 🌧 Ryeon bare some of the responsibility for Jin Gyeon❓ Is Bi 🌧 Ryeon simply trying to justify killing Hoo Ye❓ I gather Jin Gyeon is a lesser god; would Hoo Ye’s dark power blow have the same impact on Bi 🌧 Ryeon❓ My 💓 goes out to Hoo Ye for killing Jin Gyeon’s twin in the past (Hoo Ye only recalled the dead twin when he saw Jin Gyeon lying on the ground) and hurting or possibly killing innocent Jin Gyeon. I cannot imagine he maliciously tried to harm Jin Gyeon’s twin; Bi 🌧 Ryeon ‘s relentless harassment most likely made Bi 🌧 Ryeon the target of Hoo Ye’s rage.

    On a side 🎵 the Battenburg lace on Bi 🌧 Ryeon ‘s chambray or denim shirt was WAY TOO feminine; it is the bête noire 👎 that haunts my fashion sensibility, possibly more than Ha Baek’s ruffled shirt in a recent episode.


    • Shouldn’t Bi 🌧 Ryeon bare some of the responsibility for Jin Gyeon❓ Is Bi 🌧 Ryeon simply trying to justify killing Hoo Ye?
      Good questions.

      I cannot imagine he maliciously tried to harm Jin Gyeon’s twin
      Agreed. Hoo Ye goes “hulk” and the dark energy flows.

      chambray or denim shirt was WAY TOO feminine
      Agreed. In addition, Ha Baek’s bow tie blouse/shirt affronted my sensibilities.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I appreciate that Korean 🇰🇷 designers go for Avant Gard, but these frilly men’s shirts may be worse than last year’s oversized plaids. Last year’s “Note to self: if it looks it could be on a sofa or chair, do NOT wear it!!!”. This year’s advice to men would be: If you want to look masculine, do NOT 🚫 wear shirts that look like they came from your sister’s closet (unless she is a crossdresser) or the Liberace Collection.


  2. imberreader says:

    I watched Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra’s kiss scene and I was pleasantly surprised how gentle he is. I thought he’d be more aggressive/passionate, but instead he went for soft and loving. He obviously tries to play it off as just being usual him, but the true feelings shine through amazingly. The moment before he smirks/laughs in disbelief is basically him looking awestruck he actually got to kiss her and how amazing the moment was, even if he knew it was all about to detonator.
    All kudos to actor and scriptwriter, also for the line “Stop hitting me, it hurts.” She never actually lands a blow, but the attempt itself hurts him, coming with all that contempt from her. My heart gave a pang for him. I also loved his veiled-not-veiled pointing out about his feelings and how long they have been playing this I don’t know game.

    Haebak’s and So Ah’s moments are always lovely, so I can fawn over them without extra rant-expression, haha.


    • imberreader says:

      *Deteriorate, not detonator. Silly spellcheck. (Though amusingly it conceptually fits as well.)


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Bi 🌧 Ryeon and Moo 🐮 Ra are perfect for each other.


    • I watched Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra’s kiss scene and I was pleasantly surprised how gentle he is
      I too was pleased at that moment. Moo Ra is drawn to him, but does she have feelings for him? Bi Ryeon’s interactions with Moo Ra are increasingly satisfying. The blow up doll to practice kissing never fails to make me smile.


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