Criminal Minds Episode 6 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 6 Recap

Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) panics when he doesn’t see his son, Han Byul, in the car after the afternoon picnic. He imagines the reaper watching them.

The psychologist tells Team Lead Kang that seeing things that aren’t there isn’t a good sign. He must deal with what happened when the reaper killed his pregnant wife. But Team Lead Kang isn’t interested. He has things to do.

The chief struggles with what to do about Team Lead Kang’s lack of progress.

The Criminal Minds Team is thrilled to have Professor Lee back at work.

A young woman is studying for the civil service exam. She takes a break and finds a study guide on the floor and a man walking away. She picks up the study guide and follows him into the stairwell calling that she has his study guide. The man stops and as she nears, he tasers her and drags her unconscious body down the stairs.

The young woman’s parents get a DVD in the mail. It contains video of their daughter being tortured by a man in a mask.

Team Lead Kang and Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) view the DVD. Team Lead Kang flashes back to the mask the reaper wore.

Team Lead Kang gathers the Criminal Minds Team. They are appalled by the video. They learn the young woman has been missing 3 to 5 days. She would study nonstop for days and turn her cell phone off. When she was abducted is unclear. They task Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) enlarge the pattern on the man’s wrist and separate the voice from music in the video. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) notes that filming torture comes from the need to show dominance. Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) agrees. Team Lead Kang notes what matter is who receives the video. Team Lead Kang explains a past series of murders where the bodies were placed purposely so their mothers would find it. Min Young says the pain of watching a child be tortured would be extreme.  Min Young receives the call the young woman’s body has been found.

The young woman’s body is in a stream. The team wonders why the killer abandoned the body in a post where her parents didn’t find the body first. Hyun Joon wonders why the body was left here. He searches the woods and finds a marker with an item from the victim.

The young woman’s mother identifies her daughter’s body. Grief grips her.

The young woman’s mother shares her daughter’s beloved dog is buried near where they found her body. They notice she wears the same ring as her daughter. They realize the mother is also a target in this crime.

Professor Lee studies the torture video and realizes the killer is aware of someone watching him. Team Lead Kang agrees and states there are 2 criminals, the one torturing and the one filming the torture. Professor Lee says both criminals feed off each other’s darkest desires. Team Lead Kang notes one of them is the dominant criminal.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo view the CCTV footage from the study room hallway. They realize the criminal used the blind spots in the camera to avoid detection. They wonder why the young woman followed the criminal into the stairwell. Sun Woo realizes the woman picked up a notebook and followed the criminal. Hyun Joon and Sun Woo agree the woman was abducted in the stairwell.

A young woman is walking home at night. She sees a man with a crutch stumble and his groceries spill. She helps the man. He tasers her. The second criminal pulls up with the car. They deposit the unconscious young woman in the back seat.

Hearing about the next victim, the Criminal Minds Team begin profiling the criminals. They realize the mother is as important in the pattern as the victim. The young woman’s mother pleads for the criminals to return her daughter on TV.

A man in a wheelchair watches the new report about the crime. When he son comes out of his bedroom, he barks the police will catch him. The son leaves.

Professor Lee wonders if the S tattoo on the criminal’s wrist (that Na Hwang successfully enlarged) is related to a pornography investigation.

The mother finds the envelope with the DVD in her door. She almost watches the video. Instead, she brings the DVD to Min Young. The mother explains her daughter was out that night because she had to work her the store she owns. The mother is upset that she told her daughter to trust other. Min Young promises to find her daughter.

Professor Lee and Na Hwang watch the torture video. Professor Lee realizes the torture table is the same in a particular pornography video. Na Hwang can’t track the video because the pornography site used overseas servers. She realizes something and dashes out of the room.

Na Hwang goes and visits a former fellow hacker. She gets him to send her the information she needs.

Na Hwang shows the team the picture of the man, Mr. Kang, that heads the S pornography group. He’s been in prison for rape multiple times.

Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang head to Mr. Kang’s apartment. They note Mr. Kang’s mother left him years ago and his sadistic tendencies were documented during his time in prison.

Sun Woo and Min Young find the shipping container used by the S pornography group. They find a man beating a woman and filming it. Min Young takes pleasure in taking the man down to the ground.

Mr. Kang’s father (the man in a wheelchair) tells Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang that his son isn’t there. But when the son rushes from his bedroom and out the window, Hyun Joon chases him. Mr. Kang ends up on the roof’s edge. He tells Hyun Joon he won’t return to prison. He falls backwards. Mr. Kang has the S tattoo.

Team Lead Kang tells his father his son jumped from the roof and died. Team Lead Kang asks to search the son’s room to find clues about the current victim.  Team Lead Kang realizes Mr. Kang was the subservient criminal to the dominant one.
Hyun Joon joins in the search. They find a photo of Mr. Kang with other men.

They send the photo to Sun Woo who is interrogating the man making the film. The man maintains the girl wasn’t really being beaten it was just for show. Sun Woo shows him the photo. He recognizes one of the men in the photo, Mr. Joon.

Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang arrive at Mr. Joon’s address. A woman answers the door. She’s Mr. Yoon’s wife. She doesn’t know where her husband is. She confirms Mr. Kang was a friend of her husband. Team Lead Kang says Mr. Kang was a suspect in a serial murder case. The wife gets nervous when they spot the bruises on her arm. Team Lead Kang leaves his card should she remember anything. They leave.

Team Lead Kang believes Mr. Joon is the dominant criminal. Hyun Joon believes Mr. Joon trained his wife to be subservient. Hyun Joon decides to stakeout the apartment. The wife escapes through a window.

Team Lead Kang worries that if Mr. Joon’s wife alerts him, the victim will be killed.

Mr. Joon’s wife comes to see Team Lead Kang. She tells the team she searched for her husband. She told her husband that the police came. Team Lead Kang urges her to tell everything she knows. She claims her husband only beats her when he drinks. Sun Woo notices the wife’s ring. She realizes the ring came from the last victim. The wife is horrified and pulls the ring off her finger.

The team searches from Mr. Joon in the gambling places he likes to frequent. They find him. They find masks in the back of Mr. Joon’s car.

The Criminal Minds Team gathers and notices that Mr. Joon looks cocky and confident. Team Lead Kang says he won’t confess easily. To unnerve him, they turn down the lights and turn off the A/C. Mr. Joon starts to sweat.

Hyun Joon begins his interrogation.  He shows him a box full of evidence.  Mr. Joon smiles and refuses to admit anything. Hyun Joon details how Mr. Joon and Mr. Kang split the duties. Mr. Joon won’t admit anything.  Hyun Joon shows the S culture picture. Hyun Joon tells him to drop the pretense. Mr. Joon tells Hyun Joon to convict him with evidence.

Team Lead Kang asks Na Hwang to persuade Mr. Joon’s wife to cooperate.

Na Hwang talks to Mr. Joon’s wife. She shares her own story of becoming a hacker to make a man happy. Then she realized her actions killed a man. Her lover left her high and dry. Mr. Joon shares that the abuse began slowly and she accepted it because she had no one but Mr. Joon to take care of her. Na Hwang urges Mrs. Joon to help so save the latest victim. Mrs. Joon is frightened. Na Hwang assures her that she can be strong and help.

Mrs. Joon sits across from her husband. She tells him she wants to help the current victim. She asks if he’s a murderer. Mr. Joon says this isn’t her business. Mr. Joon tells the police to get his wife out of there. Mrs. Joon tells her husband he should have listened to her when she told him Mr. Kang wasn’t nice. She asks where the current victim is. Mr. Joon maintains this has nothing to do with her. He yells at her to leave. Mr. Joon swears he’ll never talk.

Mrs. Joon leaves the room. Na Hwang and Min Young comfort her. She can’t believe she lived with a murderer. She steps out to get some fresh air.

Team Lead Kang tries to understand why Mr. Joon did this. Why was his trunk not as neat and tidy as his house? Team Lead Kang realizes when Mrs. Joon talked to her husband she wasn’t scared. They realize she was talking to her husband about crimes they committed. They realize when Mr. Joon said “they want to frame us for murder”, he meant himself and his wife. They realize Mrs. Joon is ordering Mr. Joon not to talk. Team Lead Kang now understand that Mrs. Joon appeared to be a victim. He sees that Mrs. Joon is the accomplice that planned all the abductions. Na Hwang finishes separating the audio and realizes the accomplice’s voice belongs to a woman.

Mrs. Joon tasers the police officer leading her out of the building. She gets a determined look on her face.

My Thoughts

Great twist at the end of the episode. I didn’t see it coming. Turning Mrs. Joon into the other half of the killing duo was great. She looked like an abused wife. That gave her the perfect cover. I thought it was odd that they wanted Mrs. Joon to talk to her husband to extract where the current victim was being held, but it set up the scene that was interpreted one way then reinterpreted another.

The criminal mind team:
* Sun Woo was more in a support role this episode.
* Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 came up with the pornography connection to the S Tattoo. I like watching his mind work.
* Min Young appears to be studying to become a profiler too.
* Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, was front and center this episode. She had an affinity with Mrs. Joon sharing her own backstory of being used and left by a former lover. Little did she know, Mrs. Joon was the criminal mastermind.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) watched the criminal he chased commit suicide. Prison must have been bad when Mr. Kang chose death over returning to prison. Hyun Joon was more in a support role in this episode.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) is hallucinating and having headaches. He appears to be waiting for the reaper to reengage him before he seeks the help he needs. With the death of his pregnant wife, Team Lead Kang is a former shadow of himself.

Writer Hong Seung Hyun’s husband and wife criminal team was a surprise. The reveal that Mrs. Joon was the other half of the crime pair was a a twist I did not see coming. What is Mrs. Joon’s backstory with her mother? Will Writer Hong ever start the cold case river murder that ties Hyun Joon and Sun Woo?

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Having the “abused” wife be the mastermind of these abduction murders was a good twist 🔀. It seemed like decent writing ✍ when I feel pity for the minion who committed suicide 🏢⤵. I thought I remembered a similar episode in the U.S. series where the handicapped ♿ person was the mastermind. Did I remember wrong or did I get my wish of shaking up the episodes with a Korean 🇰🇷 twist?

    I 💗 that we got to know Na Hwang a bit better. I’m hoping 🙏 we will see a story surrounding the quirky hacker 💻 that was in the U.S. series. There were a series of compelling episodes with the Prof. Lee character too. Didn’t you think Na Hwang looked almost like another person in her flashbacks 📸? TL Kang looks like he is cruising for a full-blown meltdown. Looking 👁👁 for more Hyun Joon…


    • Didn’t you think Na Hwang looked almost like another person in her flashbacks 📸?
      Yes. Amazing what a short dark wig to her looks.

      Did I remember wrong or did I get my wish of shaking up the episodes with a Korean 🇰🇷 twist?
      I hope so. It will make the viewing experience better for you.


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